South West Monsoon (SWM) to start withdrawal

The SWM withdrawal is on the cards and is seen drying up the North and NE states. A trough, in the form of line of Wind discontinuity, extends from  Interior Telangana into South Karnataka and is bringing ideal conditions for Thunderstorm development over South Interior Karnataka & Rayalaseema. These conditions will also trigger heavy thundershowers over parts of Interior Karnataka, Kerala and Interior TN.

Interior TN especially Vellore, Salem, Perambalur, Ariyalur, Trichy, Madurai, Tiruvannamalai and the delta districts of Tiruvarur & Tanjore can expect evening thunderstorms.


Chennai: Max temp expected to stay close to 34-35C with good chance of rains in the evening.

Vellore: Day temperature could peak at 36C paving way to evening thunderstorms

Coimbatore: Another day of warm conditions

with temp settling close to 33C with fair chance of thunderstorm activities.

Madurai: A Hot day could be followed by couple of rain spells. Max temp may climb up to 37-38C during the day followed by couple of rain spells in the evening.

Trichy: Mercury could scale 37C during the day. The Rockfort city can expect evening thunderstorms.

Heavy rain to continue over a few places in Interior Tamil Nadu

The Upper Air Circulation (UAC) over Kerala and South Interior Karnataka which has bought thundershowers across interior parts of TN, is likely to weaken in the next 24 hours. The persisting UAC over Lakshadweep will seed heavy rainfall over isolated places of Kerala, TN & SI Karnataka in the past 24 hours. The low over Bangladesh has weakened and so rainfall is likely to reduce in the coming days over East and NE India.
02. Meteosat5a
Chennai – Weather likely to remain partly cloudy with day temp to touch 35C.

Madurai – Day will remain hot with a max temp of 38C. Rain or thundershowers possible towards evening or night.

Coimbatore – Max Temp likely to be around 34C. Light rain possible.

Vellore – Day temp likely to touch 34C with rain or thundershowers possibility during evening or night.

Tiruchirappalli – Another hot day on the cards with the max temp likely to touch 38C. Rain or thundershowers possible in few areas by evening or night.

Rainfall likely to increase over TN

The South West Monsoon has been vigorous over parts of J&K and some more parts of Western Himalayan region in association with an upper air Cyclonic circulation and a Western disturbance over the past 24 hours. Towards the Eastern Himalayas, a Low Pressure area seen close to North Bangladesh will trigger heavy to very heavy rains over parts of NE India and East India. In the south, an upper air cyclonic circulation seen over TN will increase the rainfall activity in the state, mainly the interiors, over the next few days.


Chennai to see a partly cloudy day with a day time maximum temperature settling close to 34-35 C. Isolated rains likely in some parts of the city and its outskirts.

Vellore will stay warm and maximum temperature would stay close to 35 C. Rain/T’Showers may occur in some isolated parts.

Coimbatore will continue to stay  hot going by its standards with a day time maximum close to 34 C.

Madurai will have to bear another hot day with maximum settling close to 38 C. Thunderstorms possible towards late in the afternoon/evening.

Trichy will continue to swelter under the heat  with mercury levels touching 38 C.

TN to stay dry

Two synoptic disturbances at two different ends persist & remain weak. The Low Pressure Area (LPA) over extreme North-NW India is seen interacting with a trough associated with a western disturbance which will bring heavy rainfall to parts of J&K, Punjab, and HP. Another LPA over Bihar is seen pulling moist winds from the Bay and creating a short sheet of rain wave along Bihar, Gangetic WB and foothills of Himalayas along the Northeastern states.

02. India_Sat

Chennai – Expect clear skies in the morning, turning partly cloudy as the day progresses. Max temp to remain around 34-35c

Coimbatore – Likely to remain warm with max temp nearing 32-33c

Madurai – Another hot day with temp of 38c with slight chance of showers in one or two places.

Vellore – Temp will be around 33-34c

Trichy – Likely to see another uneasy day with temp 37-38c

TN to remain mostly dry for the next 2 days

Yesterday’s Low pressure area (LPA) over Odisha now lies over Jharkhand and its adjoining areas of Bihar and Gangetic WB. This weakening system will bring heavy to very heavy rainfall for Sub-Himalayan regions of Bihar and WB in the next 24-48 hours, while Gangetic WB would get isolated heavy falls during the same period. There is also another weakening LPA over Saurashtra which will produce heavy rains over Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi in the coming days. North TN will be dry as a high pressure area is expected to dominate the weather events in the southern peninsula till Thursday whereas South TN may get some isolated thunderstorms. There would be an increase in rainfall activity over TN by the end of this week.

02. Meteosat5

Chennai: Chennai will see a hot day with max temperature moving close to 37C.

Madurai: There seem to be no respite from the heat with max temperature expected to stay 39-40C. Possibility of rain increases by middle of this week.

Coimbatore: Max temperature will be around 34C. Chance of rain is less.

Vellore: Dry weather with max temperature moving around 36C.

Trichy: City will continue to remain hot with max temperature reaching 39C.

Twin systems keep Monsoon active

The Low pressure area (LPA) over Saurashtra after sweeping Odisha, Chhattisgarh, MP, Maharashtra and Gujarat with much needed rains is expected to move north and merge with the Monsoon seasonal low over Pakistan. More rains with occasional heavy spells are expected in Gujarat, Rajasthan and the National Capital Region (NCR). The other LPA over Odisha coast is expected move up inland and dump heavy rains in Bihar, Jharkhand, parts of WB.

Tamil Nadu – Dry weather to prevail under the influence of a High Pressure Area moving from Central Bay of Bengal.


Chennai – Dry day on cards with temperature touching 35-36 C.

Madurai – Heat wave is expected to continue with maximum peaking to 39 C with no chance of rains.

Coimbatore – Temperature will range around 32-33 C without any possibility of rains.

Trichy – Miserable weather to continue with temperature touching 38 C

Vellore – will have pleasant weather compared to others with maximum at 34-35 C.

Tamil Nadu To Benefit From Thundershowers

A hot day in Southern & Central TN will give way to an evening of thundery showers across various parts of Tamil Nadu. Rayalaseema and Kerala will experience some rains too. The low pressure area over the Bay of Bengal is likely to light up east Indian states including Odisha, West Bengal & Eastern AP with widespread showers. The former deep depression is likely to carry wet weather into many parts of Gujarat. Watch out for heavy rainfall accumulations in Saurashtra.


Chennai – Another sultry day ahead with maximum temperatures of 35-36 C. Decent chances of rain in the night.

Madurai – The city never gets respite from heat. Maximum temperatures in the order of 38 C are likely with evening rains in the surroundings.

Coimbatore – Warm and humid day on the cards with 33-34 C a good possibility. Evening showers could occur at other parts of the district.

Trichy – Brace for hot weather as temperatures would soar to 38 C with good chances of rains in the evening.

Vellore – Some tolerable weather likely here when compared to other cities at 34-35 C. Overhead thunderstorm formation likely in the afternoon and evening

Rain Action shifts to West Coast

Yesterday’s Deep Depression that lay over Vidarbha and adjoining areas has moved in a westerly direction in the last 24 hours and is now located over Vidarbha and adjoining areas of West MP.As it continues its westerly movement, heavy to very heavy rains are likely to occur over Konkan & Goa, Saurashtra and Kutch along with parts of Gujarat. The remnants of Vamco, a tropical storm with origins in the South China Sea, has anchored a low pressure system over areas adjoining Andaman Sea and East-Central Bay. This would cause heavy rains in the Andaman Islands. North coastal districts of TN and south AP can expect some Rain/Thundershowers.

02. Meteosat5a

Chennai will see a partly cloudy sky with the day time maximum staying close to 36 C. A chance of rain towards the late hours persists.

Coimbatore will stay partly cloudy and the maximum temperature will stay close to 32-33C

Madurai will continue with its heat index soaring to the high thirties inching closer to 40 C.

Vellore will experience a fairly clear sky with the day time high settling close to mid-thirties. Isolated rains can occur in some pockets

Trichy will stay hot and sunny with a maximum temperature close to 37 C

Deep Depression firing up the Monsoon Zone

The Depression that lay over south Chhattisgarh and adjoining Vidarbha has moved west-northwestwards during the past 24 hours and simultaneously has intensified to a Deep Depression and now lies over Vidarbha. This deepening system is tightly wrapping up intense cloud bands into its region of influence. Isolated heavy to very heavy with isolated extremely heavy falls is likely to occur over Konkan and Goa, and heavy rains across Vidarbha and adjoining areas. In the south, Kerala can expect some good rains as well. Thunderstorms can occur over north coastal and interior districts of TN.

Chennai will have cloudy day with a maximum temperature settling close to 36-37 C. Rain/ Thundershowers possible late during the evening/night.

Madurai will be sizzling hot and dry at 39 C.

Trichy will continue to be warm and sunny with a maximum day time temperature settling close to 36-37 C.

Coimbatore to stay warm too compared to its standards and the day time high will be close to 33 C

Vellore could be warm with a day time high settling in the low to mid thirties. Possibility of rain/ thundershowers post noon.

TN set for a hot and dry day

Yesterday’s Well Marked LOW over South Odisha and North Coastal AP has moved in WNW direction towards Chhattisgarh and weakened into a Low pressure area. This is likely to move further in WNW direction. Widespread very heavy rainfall likely to occur over Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, East Madhya Pradesh, Marathwada, Vidharba, Madhya Maharashtra, North Interior Karnataka in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Under the influence of LOW over Bay, moisture incursion will take place over Arabian Sea causing moderate to heavy rainfall along the West Coast of India during the next 24 hours.
02. India_Sat17
Chennai – Partly cloudy sky with day temp likely to be around 35C. Rain or thundershowers possible towards evening or night.

Madurai – City will continue to be hot with max temp around 38C.

Coimbatore – Day to remain partly cloudy and temp likely to be around 33C.

Vellore – Max temp likely to be 34C.Light rain chances during evening or night.

Trichy – Clear skies with maximum temp of 37C.