Heavy Rains lash Tamil Nadu, more to follow

The Low Pressure Area (LPA) over North-Central India has merged with the monsoon axis and its associated Upper Air Circulation (UAC) lies over Uttar Pradesh-Bihar. This will make the monsoon clouds and the resultant rains shift east towards Bihar, Jharkhand, east Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, east Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal. North East India continues to get heavy rains with monsoon axis extending to Assam. Wettest place in the world, Mawsynram in Meghalaya received extreme rainfall of 409 mm in the last 24 hrs.

The equatorial waves such as Equatorial Rossby (ER) & Mixed Rossby Gravity (MRG) waves are seen to have established itself over Equatorial Indian Ocean and adjoining seas. The propagating waves have triggered a UAC over the Comorin sea and south east Bay of Bengal. This system will bring heavy rains to Kerala, Kanyakumari, Nilgiris, Coimbatore and other interior districts in Tamil Nadu as it traverses north towards the coast. Coastal districts will get only moderate rainfall.


Chennai will have a cloudy start to the day with max temp touching 34-35C. Rains are expected in parts of the city and suburbs.

Coimbatore will be pleasant throughout the day time with temperature around 31-32C and rains are forecasted later in the day.

Madurai is going to see a wet day with some places getting heavy rainfall. The max temp will be below normal at 34-35C .

Rainy Week ahead for South Peninsular/North/NE parts of India

A Weak Low Pressure Area (LPA) over North-Central India and its associated mid troposphere circulation is seeding rains over parts of Madhya Pradesh & UP, Another upper air circulation in the form of a Western Disturbance (WD) in the mid latitude is also causing rainfall in the extreme north western parts of the country. Interaction of this WD with the monsoon trough is preparing the Himalayan foothills to come under a heavy rainfall belt. Meanwhile two strong typhoons are expected in the Western Pacific in the coming days. It is still not clear whether this will impact our monsoon rains. Numerical Weather Models show Monsoon Intraseasonal oscillation wave taking shape in the Equatorial Indian Ocean is propagating slowly Northwards through the South Indian states. Expect the Southern Peninsula to see some action in the coming week. Increase in rainfall likely over parts of TN.
Chennai will see a hot day and expect max temp to touch 36-37c. Evening thunderstorms possible in one or two places around the city

Coimbatore will host a warm & partly cloudy conditions in the day time with temperature around 31-32C. Thundershowers are likely by late evening.

Madurai will touch a max temp 37-38c. Lookout for evening thundershowers in one or two places around the city.

Active Monsoon to present a wet Independence day to Central India

The Low Pressure Area (LPA) continues to move in a near westerly direction and now lies close to Madhya Pradesh and adjoining Uttar Pradesh. This is seen spinning with a buoyancy extending up to mid tropospheric levels, suitable to generate moist convection and cloudiness across the region and triggering heavy rains all across the core Monsoon region. To the north of this rain zone, easterlies/south easterlies impinging over the Himalayan foothills will generate another rain zone with the aid of Orographic mechanism to deliver monsoon rains. South-West India is spawning a weak off-shore trough which can generate rains along the Kerala and Karnataka coasts. Rainfall will gradually increase in the southern regions of Tamil Nadu, south interior Karnataka, Kerala and Rayalaseema.
Chennai would experience cloudy skies with a day time maximum temperature of 35-36 C. Light rains possible towards evening.

Coimbatore will see a cloudy day with a maximum temperature close to 31 C.

Madurai to remain partly cloudy with a maximum temperature of 36-37 C. Late evening storms may bring in some light rains

Monsoon perks up in Central India as LPA moves inland

The low pressure area (LPA) in Bay of Bengal off North Andhra Pradesh coast has moved inland towards Madhya Pradesh. This will enhance the rainfall activity in Central Indian States of Madhya Pradesh, Vidharbha, Chattisgarh. Extreme Rainfall will occur in one or two places. The western disturbance will continue to give moderate rainfall for North Indian states. Monsoon will remain active in west coast and rains are expected in the coastal regions of Karnataka, Kerala, Goa and Maharashtra.
Chennai will see its maximum touching 35-36C with rains expected later in the Night.

Coimbatore will have a pleasant day with temperature settling close to 31-32 C. Due to active west coast, it will be windy right through the day.

Madurai will see a hot day as temperature expected to peak at 38-39C.

Monsoon Cloud Zone shifts to east and adjoining central India

The Continental Monsoon Trough is seen south of its mean normal position with a Low Pressure Area hooked to its eastern end. The aforementioned Low Pressure area is currently located near north coastal Andhra Pradesh and adjoining Odisha, which would result in heavy and widespread rainfall in parts of coastal Andhra, Odisha, Telangana and Chhattisgarh. The day time temperatures in the region would be a few degrees below normal owing to the convective cloud cover associated with Monsoon Trough. Meanwhile, the active west coast off-shore trough would result in widespread heavy rains along coastal Karnataka and Kerala. Rainfall activity would gradually increase over Tamil Nadu and Rayalaseema in the coming days.


Chennai would experience a cloudy day with the maximum day time temperature settling close to 35-36 C. There is a possibility of rains during the late hours.

Coimbatore to remain cloudy and overcast with a benign maximum day time temperature of 30-31 C. Chances of passing shower/drizzles.

Madurai will see a partly cloudy day and maximum day time temperature could be a warm 37-38 C.

Low Pressure Area (LPA) off Indian East coast sparks Northwest Bay of Bengal

Under the combined influence of Upper Air Cyclonic circulation over W.Central Bay adjoining the Northwest Bay of Bengal and the dipping of the eastern part of Monsoon trough into the Bay waters, a fresh LPA has formed off North AP/South Odisha coast. Due to this disturbance, rainfall is likely to turn widespread and heavy over the Deccan region including districts of AP, Vidharbha, Odisha, parts of Eastern Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh. This system would slowly move W-NW to merge with the monsoon trough over the next 4-5 days, thus extending the widespread rainfall period for the next 3 to 4 days over the aforementioned states. West Coastal states which are running a deficit this year are likely to see some widespread rainfall for next 3-4 days especially Kerala & Coastal Karnataka with developing off-shore trough in response to active low pressure area.


Chennai – Partly cloudy conditions expected with a possibility of scattered TS in one or two places and temperature settling near 36-37C.

Coimbatore – Expect warm day with isolated evening TS in one or two places with max temp around 31C.

Madurai – Another hot day expected with temperature inching close to 39C

Low pressure to develop off Odisha and North AP coast

The weak disturbance which persisted over Northwest and West central Bay is likely to develop into a low pressure off the coast of Odisha and North AP.As a result of this system, widespread rainfall is expected over Odisha, Chattisgarh, East Madhya Pradesh and North AP. There will also be a slight increase in rainfall activity over Karnataka and Kerala due to the above system.

The interior area of North TN and parts of coastal TN will see an increase in thunderstorm activity for the next few days which is connected to the system in NorthWest Bay. South TN will remain mostly dry with some sporadic showers.


Chennai will witness max temperature moving closer to 36C.Sky will be cloudy with thunderstorm development likely during the later part of day.

Coimbatore will see max temperature lingering between 32-33C with cloudy skies.

Madurai to remain hot with max temperature reaching 38-39C.As a result of heat, Thunderclouds may develop and give rainfall in some areas during evening/night.

Monsoon takes a pitstop

With no active synoptic systems to generate large scale deep convection and precipitation, the sub-continent is currently in a so called weak/break-Monsoon like phase. But the situation might change over the next few days, as a pair of upper air cyclonic circulations near North Bay is seen merging together and the resultant Low Pressure system is likely to descend down at sea level, which is the case expected by numerical weather models too. This would bring in rains to central India in couple of days. Until then, rains are likely to be restricted to Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand along with coastal Karnataka and Kerala.
Chennai to experience a partly cloudy sky and the warm conditions will see mercury touching 36-37 C .Chances of light/isolated rains towards the late hours.

Coimbatore will be cloudy with a chance of a passing shower. Maximum Temperatures not seen beyond 30-31c.

Madurai could experience a hot and sunny day with maximum temperatures close to 38-39 C.

Monsoon to flex its muscle over north/central Indian states

With Upper Air circulations (UAC) at either end of the Monsoon Axis (Refer Satellite Image), the Monsoon is set to become active right from Himachal, Uttarakhand, West Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Odisha and parts of Andhra. The rains will gradually shift eastwards as the UAC in bay moves inwards. Meanwhile, the offshore trough may remain little active along Karnataka, Goa and North Kerala coast. Thunderstorm activity seen in North Tamil Nadu.
Chennai will have a cloudy start with maximum touching 36-37 C in later part of the day. There is a good chance of rains in city, suburbs and outskirts at night.

Coimbatore will remain cloudy with temperature peaking at 31-32 C. There is chance of light rains later in the day.

Madurai will be under relentless heatwave with maximum temperature settling close to 39 C.

Monsoon poised to take a break

The Indian Monsoon rains looks like heading for a break over the next few days. The rainfall activity will decline in the core Monsoon regions and would shift gradually towards the Himalayan foothills. Currently, several upper air cyclonic circulations are evident well above the surface filling up the air aloft the Indian subcontinent and waters surrounding as well. These systems could bring in cloudy weather with scattered moderate rains. Decent magnitude monsoon rains are to be confined to the western Himalayan states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and parts of Jammu and Kashmir. Meanwhile, scattered rains possible across north and adjoining coastal TN.
Chennai to remain cloudy with maximum temperature settling close to 36-37 C. There is a slight chance of rains towards the later part of day.

Coimbatore to remain cloudy with maximum temperature settling close to 30-31 C.

Madurai to remain hot and sunny with a day time maximum temperature peaking close to 37-38 C.