Respite from Hot Weather in TN to last one more day

The trough in the lower level easterlies extends from south Maharashtra to west Madhya  Pradesh. The trough in the lower level easterlies over equatorial Indian Ocean & adjoining areas of Southwest Bay of Bengal & Sri Lanka persists. This will result in some drop in temperature in Tamil Nadu both in interiors and coastal areas and is expected to rise in couple of days.
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City Forecast
Chennai – Due to the increased cloud cover nights will be uncomfortable at 25-26 C while day will see a high of 32-33 C.
Coimbatore – Cooler than normal day with temp settling close to  33 C while night will be above normal at 23-24 C.
Madurai – Will continue to be hot place in Tamil Nadu in the day at around 35 C and night will continue to remain warm at 24 C.

Trichy – Maximum will settle at around 34-35 C while the minima will be above normal at 24-25 C.

Vellore – Day will remain settle below normal at 33 C while night will settle above normal at 23-24 C.

March like Heat envelopes TN

Scattered low / medium clouds with embedded isolated weak to moderate convection lie over Arabian Sea. The trough persisting over Bangladesh and West Bengal continue to cause thunderstorms over these areas in addition to parts of Odisha, Chhattisgarh and MP.
A Western Disturbance is going to affect Jammu and Kashmir in the coming days. While back home in TN, the skies to remain partly cloudy with ample sunshine and sizzling heat. Days set to get warmer across Tamil Nadu.
ezindia1_day2 se4_snd_1320
City forecast:
Chennai: Hot days and pleasant nights to continue with a high of 33 degree C and a low of 25 deg C.
Vellore: Partly cloudy sky with a max temperature of 34 deg C and a min of 23 deg C
Trichy: Day’s heat to be at a high of 35 deg C and dropping down to 23 deg C by night.
Coimbatore: Max Temperature set to be at 34 deg C while nights will be more comfortable at 23 deg C
Madurai: Continue to be scorching at 36 deg C during day time, with nights at 24 deg C.
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Chance of isolated showers over South and Central interior TN

Chennai And Other Coastal areas of Tamil Nadu will have abnormal Morning Temperature. Moist winds associated with trough in Easterlies will show its influence over Parts Of South Tamil Nadu at the same time by resulting Rains. Evening TS Season Will Start in a Week in South Tamil Nadu. Thunderstorm and associated with Squally Rains Possible in the Areas of Jharkhand, North Odisha, North Chhattisgarh and East Madhya Pradesh.

ezindia1_day2 se4_snd_1320

City Forecast

Chennai – Glorious Morning Ahead with Presence of Dark Clouds over Sky. Max Temp Covers by 34 c . In Night Temperature covers by 26c.

Vellore – Dry and Clear Weather Possible. Max and Min Temperature Covers by 35c and 23c respectively.

Tiruchirappalli – Sky will be Clear with Hot and Humid Morning Expected. Maximum Reach By 35c with minimum of 24c.

Madurai – City Will see Warm Morning. With Follow of Slight Cool night. Max Temperature Covers by 34c and Minimum as 25c.

Coimbatore – Pleasant weather ahead. Maximum Covers 33c with Minimum as 23c.


Contributed by Paul Abraham

Splendid Friday ahead for TN

The trough from Assam to Gangetic West Bengal with embedded upper air cyclonic circulation over  Gangetic West Bengal & adjoining Jharkhand extending upto 1.5 km above mean sea level persists and it has triggered few thundershowers
over parts of Odisha, West Bengal and Bangladesh. The same pattern is expected to prevail for a day or two. Another Western disturbance, likely to affect Jammu and Kashmir from 27th onwards.
Down south, the above normal temperatures will continue till the weekend. Moist winds associated with trough in Easterlies  will show its influence over Isolated parts of south Tamil Nadu by bringing light to moderate showers.
Subsequently the said conditions will spread into interior south Tamil Nadu and some parts of North coastal Tamil Nadu. Remaining places likely to witness fair weather conditions.

ezindia1_day2 se4_snd_1320

City Forecast:

CHENNAI – Pleasant and warm day ahead to look out with a max of around 33c and a minimum around 23 C.
VELLORE – Slightly hazy morning leaving way to a bright and sunny day. A day max of 33 and a minimum of 22 degrees C.
COIMBATORE – A sun soaked day with a high of 35 degrees c. Nights to remain moderate with a low of 22 degrees C.
TRICHY – Fair weather likely over the region with a max of around 35c and a min of 24 C.
MADURAI – A hot day on cards with a high UV index in store over larger areas of the city. A high of 36 degrees C and a warm night with a low of 24 degrees C.


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Rain wave across East & North Eastern India

A trough seen extending from north eastern states into east central India through West Bengal, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh coupled with an Upper Air Circulation over Bangladesh and adjoining areas has induced a rain wave across East & Northeastern India. Isolated thundershowers accompanied with squalls have occurred over few parts of Eastern India and Bangladesh. This Unstable conditions is likely to persist for next 48-72 hrs and create rains over parts of east India and east central India.
Isolated parts of Odisha, west Bengal, Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh would see thunder showers and scattered showers might occur over North Kerala.

ezindia1_day2 se4_snd_1410


City Forecast:

Chennai: Max day temp continues to record a shade more than normal. A high of 32 degrees. Partly cloudy skies with warm conditions would prevail. A comfortable evening with cool breeze over the area.
Vellore: scattered cloud activity with max of 33/34c expected. Nights to remain pleasant with a low of 22 degrees.
Coimbatore: Another dry and warm day expected with a high of 35 c and a low of 22 degrees C.
Trichy/Madurai: Dry, warm conditions to continue over these two cities. Day max to hover around 35 degrees C.

Heat will continue to dominate the weather across India

Many places in India continue to remain hot with some parts under sweltering heat with day time highs recording in the range of 2 to 3 degree C above normal with parts of north-west India seeing maximum peaking 5 degrees above normal.
Much of the peninsular India will also experience hot weather conditions especially the interior districts. Meanwhile in east India parts of Bihar, Jharkhand, Gangetic west Bengal and Odisha will experience isolated Thunder squalls and hail storms which would give some respite. The trough of Low over the Comorin area and Maldives continues to persist at sea level, which could lead to some cloudy weather conditions along west coast.

ezindia1_day2 se4_snd_1410

City Forecast:

Chennai will see clear skies with slightly uncomfortable conditions around noon time. Maximum will stay around 33 C.
Coimbatore will experience hot weather conditions with maximum soaring up to 35/36 C
Madurai will remain bright and sunny with maximum settling around 35 C
Trichy will experience fair weather conditions with day time heat peaking up to 35 C
Vellore will experience dry and sunny conditions with maximum settling around 33/34 C

Searing heat to prevail across West Interior TN

Yesterday’s trough of low pressure over Mean Sea Level (M.S.L) persists and now lies over Maldives and adjoining Comorin area. The trend of above normal temperature is expected to continue over the next two to three days over most parts of Tamilnadu.
Extreme south Tamilnadu and adjoining Kerala can expect light to moderate showers over isolated parts in the next three to four days. North Tamilnadu will continue to remain dry with fair weather expected to prevail largely.

ezindia1_day2 se4_snd_1410

City Forecast:

Chennai – A warm morning with high humidity gradually turning into moderately hot afternoon. A high of 33 C and a low of 24 degrees C. The sky condition to be predominantly partly cloudy.
Madurai – Another warm day with a maximum of 35 degrees and a minimum of 25 degrees C with partly cloudy sky.
Trichy – Patches of cloud cover over the area. A maximum of 34 degrees and a minimum of 24 degrees C can be expected.
Coimbatore – A maximum of 34 degrees C and a much above normal minimum of 24 degrees C can be expected over the region.
Vellore – Mainly clear to partly cloudy skies, maximum of around 36 degrees C and a minimum of around 23 to 24 degrees C.

Bright warm start to the week for TN

Under the influence of a high pressure region over interior TN , a warm day can be expected across most of the state with brilliant sunshine especially in the interior parts. The trough near cape comorin and adjoining Sri Lanka still persists. Numerical models indicate possibility of isolated rainfall over parts of Kerala owing to a trough extending along the coast.

ezindia1_day2 se4_snd_1410

City forecast:

Chennai: Partly cloudy with a max of 34 degrees and a minimum of 25 degrees

Vellore: Clear Warm day with a max of 35 degrees and a minimum of 23 degrees

Trichy: Scattered clouds with a max of 34 degrees and a minimum of 24 degrees

Coimbatore: Partly cloudy with a max of 34 degrees and a minimum of 23 degrees

Madurai: Warm day with a max of 34 degrees and a minimum of 24 degrees

24 hour Highlight:

Nandigama in Krishna district, AP recorded the lowest minimum temperature of 15 degree Celsius

Sizzling Hot Days to Continue

The trough of low at mean sea level over Comorin area & adjoining Sri Lanka persists.
Scattered low/medium clouds with embedded isolated moderate to intense convection lie over East Arabian Sea. Meanwhile, Bay of Bengal looks clear and bereft of any synoptic activity. A western disturbance is however affecting western and northern parts of India. Fairly widespread showers can be expected over regions of Arunachal Pradesh and scattered showers over Assam & Meghalaya. Clear weather to prevail across rest of the country.
Kannur and Kozhikode in Kerala to sizzle with above normal max day  temperatures. Down south, Kanyakumari region will remain mostly cloudy. Some areas likely to get light rainfall.
ezindia1_day2 se4_snd_1410
City Forecast:
Chennai: Partly cloudy morning will give way to a feel like 39 degree C by afternoon. The day’s max will however be at 32 deg C and 24 deg C min.
Vellore: Hot days to continue with a day’s max of 34 deg C and a min of 22 deg C.
Trichy: Sky to remain partly cloudy with day time heat of 33 deg C and 24 deg C at night.
Coimbatore and Madurai to remain hot with warm sunshine. A high of 34 deg C to give way to a min of 23 deg C by night.
Forecast contributed by Cumulus Arjun

The famed heat is round the corner

The Trough at the Mean Sea Level over the Comorin Sea and adjoining Srilanka will continue to offer the opportunity of light showers over a few parts of South TN. The Rest of South TN will enjoy some cloudy weather. That relief evaporates as we shift northwards where Chennai and North Coastal TN will need to put up with a dry and hot day. A decent evening could still offer a window for moving out. So make the best of the weekend evenings before the famed heat catches up.
God’s own Country, Kerala is also set to gain some rains from the trough.
Western Himalayas could see some snow / rain & the Northern states will see a few thundershowers.
 ezindia1_day2 se4_snd_1410
City Forecast:
Chennai – A cloudy morning will give way to a dry and a warm afternoon. Strong breeze will make the day comfortable. Good day to soak in some outdoor sports. Max Temp could touch 33C.
Vellore – Will see a hot morning with few clouds. Max temp will be about 32C.
Tiruchirappalli -A warm day with a max temp of 33c will pave way for a cooler evening.
Madurai – Temple city will see a max temp of 34c alongside a pleasant night.
Coimbatore – Sky will be clear. Warm day on the cards with mercury scaling 32c.
Topic Contributed by Paul Abraham