Monsoon Continues to Pause

The Monsoon trough looks inactive with no active disturbances in the basin, leading to a Lull in the rains across most parts of India. The Low Pressure Area over eastern UP continues to seed meaningful rains over Gangetic Plains of UP and Bihar. Isolated heavy rainfall likely over foothills of Himalayas, parts of West Bengal, Sikkim and North-Eastern parts of India in the next 24hrs. Expect a considerable increase in temperature along the north coastal parts of Tamil Nadu.
02. Meteosat5
Chennaites need to battle another hot and humid day with max temp touching 38-39c. Evening may turn comfortable with the setting of sea breeze. Isolated thunderstorms can be expected by late evening across the city & suburbs

Coimbatore Continues to be amiable with a max temp of 32-33c. Possibility of thunderstorms during the evening hours.

Madurai will continue to swelter under the Sun with Mercury testing 37-38c. Isolated Thunderstorms may occur by late evening.

Break Monsoon Continues

The axis of the monsoon remains inclined to the Himalayan foothills resulting in the continuation of the break monsoon. This will lead to too hot and humid days over the peninsula. The west coast, excluding Kerala will have to contend with uncomfortable and humid days with sporadic showers over isolated areas. The low pressure which was over Bihar and adjoining Jharkhand will move across Uttar Pradesh setting up heavy rains over the Himalayan foothills and some parts of Uttar Pradesh. An upper air circulation may emerge out of the monsoon trough over North-west and adjoining North Bay of Bengal. There will be a marked increase in rainfall over Orissa, West Bengal, parts of Andhra Pradesh and the north-eastern states too. Some parts of Tamil Nadu will be quenched by localized thundershowers.
02. Meteosat5
Chennai – Another extremely hot and sultry day likely with a max temp of 39 C. Some respite in the form of thundershowers likely by late evening/night.

Coimbatore – A warm day by Coimbatore standards. Temperatures may touch 33 C. Light drizzles/showers possible.

Madurai – Hot day in store with max temp settling at 38-39 C. Isolated thundershowers expected by evening around the city.

Its interval time for the Monsoon Movie

The Monsoon axis has hit Himalayas soon after covering the entire country well ahead of time. As the monsoon axis is seen moving North-North West coupled with the seasonal low over Pakistan weakening to 1004 mb, the rains will be below par over entire country with exception of Eastern, North Eastern states and South Kerala. As the off shore trough along west coast weakens, Western Ghats areas will take a break from heavy rainfall.
The Long wait for Tamil Nadu may be over with Thunder storms expected over North interior Tamil Nadu in the evening shifting to coastal area by night.

02. Meteosat5
Chennai will have a hot and humid day with maximum temperature around 38-39C. City / Suburbs has chance of rains at night.

Coimbatore to remain pleasant with a max of 32C, breezy with isolated drizzles/light rains.

Madurai will test 37-38 C with slight chance of Thunderstorms by late evening in Suburbs.

Monsoon sprints to cover the entire country ahead of schedule

Southwest Monsoon has covered the entire country on 26th June, 2015, 20 days ahead of its normal date. The seasonal Monsoon trough which usually anchors in North India has moved a little north, closer to the Himalayas. An efficient Low Pressure system embedded inside this trough will trigger heavy rains across east and north eastern states of India. Another off-shore trough near Kerala and coastal Karnataka will lead to heavy rains along these regions. Meanwhile, large parts of TN will have to look up the skies for a thirst quencher, and can expect a slight drop in day time temperatures. Isolated areas of Coimbatore and Nilgiris districts.


Chennai will have a cloudy/humid day with maximum temperature of 37 C. Chances of scattered Thunderstorms across city/suburbs during late evening/night.

Coimbatore will stay much comfortable at 31 C, with chances of isolated rains.

Madurai could see partly cloudy skies with a maximum temperature of 37 C.

Monsoonal flow strengthens over Bay of Bengal

A disturbance has developed over northeast bay which has ignited the south west monsoon flow in Bay of Bengal. This monsoonal disturbance will bring heavy rainfall over West Bengal, northeastern states, Andaman Islands and parts of Bihar. TN will remain dry with scattered thunderstorm in a few places. Strong surface winds in bay would create rough seas along West Bengal coast.

02. Meteosat5
Chennai to remain Hot and humid with temperature around 38 C.

Coimbatore will be around 30C with scattered thunderstorm activity.

Madurai City will be mostly cloudy with the temperature around 35C.

Oppressive Weather to Continue in Tamil Nadu

The deep depression which has dumped very heavy rains in Gujarat will traverse the state and merrily proceed towards Madhya Pradesh. Western parts of Madhya Pradesh will experience widespread rains with some heavy falls. This Monsoon catalyzer will also script moderate to Heavy rains over parts of Rajasthan and Uttarakhand. There will be no respite for Tamil Nadu, except for some isolated showers.
02. Meteosat5
Chennai will face Hot and humid conditions with a max temperature of 38-39C. Late Evening Thunderstorms are expected to bring relief to some parts of Chennai.

Coimbatore continues to be Tamil Nadu’s blessed city with light drizzles making way for a nice evening and will not cross 31C.

Madurai will see searing heat and temperatures can touch 38-39 C.

Deep Depression in North Arabian Sea makes landfall

The Deep Depression in North Arabian Sea crossed the south Gujarat coast spurring heavy rains all the way up to the ‘Wheat bowl of India (Punjab)’ and the neighboring states during the next 2-3 days. This system will also drum up the Monsoon March into Northwest India ahead of its normal dates.Heavy rains will continue across the west coast and East Indian plains.Rains will continue to stay away from most parts of TN.

Chennai will experience a partly cloudy day with maximum temperature touching 38 C with an uncomfortable night. Isolated Thunderstorms expected over certain parts towards late evening.

02. Meteosat524
Coimbatore will have a pleasant, breezy day with light showers. Maximum temperature would settle close to 31 C.

Madurai will remain sunny with scattered clouds hitting a Maximum temperature of 37C

Dry Weather to prevail in the plains of TN

The Depression over Bay Of Bengal having made landfall in Odisha, will move further inland and merge with the monsoon axis thereby pushing the onset of monsoon over Chhattisgarh, MP, Jharkhand and West Bengal in the coming days.
Chennai can say bye to pleasant days with the max temperatures around 36-38 C. Nights will be humid, warm & very uncomfortable.