Indian Monsoon Revs up

While Tamil Nadu’s wet days are likely to take a dip and go dormant, the South West Monsoon is going to go berserk over many parts of India. The low pressure area over East Rajasthan and adjoining Madhya Pradesh is likely to track west bringing very heavy rains to India’s famed desert consisting of parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, and parts of Madhya Pradesh the next couple of days.
At the other side of the country, a low pressure area is likely to brew off West Bengal coast and deepen significantly in a few days. This system is going to pulverize Tripura, West Bengal and Orissa with prolific rains. On the other hand, this system’s intensification will bring drier weather to Tamil Nadu and south Andhra Pradesh.

Evening thunderstorms are likely over Andhra Pradesh, western parts of Telangana and Interior Karnataka. Isolated thunderstorms would occur in Tamil Nadu.
02. Meteosat5
Chennai – The wet days are going to come to an end soon. A small shower is possible, but not too likely. Temperature would peak at 36-37 C

Madurai – Another hot day likely. Temperature could reach 38-39 C. However, parts of the city could experience thundershowers in the evening.

Coimbatore – Warm day likely with mercury rising to 32-33 C. Chances of drizzles/light rains.

Twins to keep Monsoon active

Two Low Pressure Areas (LPAs) will be rallying the Indian Monsoon this weekend. The 1st LPA has formed over Madhya Pradesh & adjoining East Rajasthan. This monsoon system is going to further dump huge amounts of Rainfall in central and northwestern parts of the country. The 2nd LPA is expected to form in North Bay of Bengal and this will continue to keep Monsoon active in entire East India. The off-shore trough in Arabian Sea remains feeble but will give heavy rains in parts of Western Ghats and Coastal areas in the west coast.

North and Interior Tamil Nadu will once again enjoy the Intense Thunderstorms in the evening and night. These rains will help in further reducing the deficit in these districts in this South West Monsoon and hopefully fill up the parched lakes.
02. Meteosat5
Chennai – Wet phase in Chennai is expected to continue with Rains expected towards evening / night. It will be windier than normal with Temperature revolving between 36-37C.

Coimbatore – With rains expected in evening/night, it is going to be pleasant day with temp settling around 30C.

Madurai – Temperature will be below normal at 35 C with rains expected by evening/night.

Monsoon to remain Active

Monsoon Dynamics continues to be in a favored state with good rainfall recorded in North, Central and Northwestern parts of the country. With the series of Upper Air Circulations (UACs) and an active monsoon trough, this momentum is expected to continue for Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and other north western states. Konkan areas and Goa are expected to see widespread rainfall alongside coastal Karnataka as the off-shore trough remains favorable.

Evening Convective Rainfall activity will increase in TN along the delta districts, Northern, Western and interior parts of the state.
02. Meteosat5
Chennai – expected to see clear sky and windy conditions with a scattered evening Thunderstorms for city and suburbs. Max temp will touch 36 – 37C

Coimbatore – Cloudy skies with temperature settling near 29-30C.Evening showers expected

Madurai – Likely to see a warm day with temperature peaking at 36C. TS expected towards evening / late evening.

Monsoon Trough workings its Mechanics and Dynamics across Central India

The Monsoon Trough positioned across central and adjoining North India will continue to execute its elements with its normal full time cranking duties to the parameters like cloudiness and precipitation. This Monsoon Trough is seen spinning up to 3 km into the Troposphere and is getting support from a few upper air circulations, bringing in the needed dynamics and moisture to fuel the Core Monsoon rainfall mechanism. Under its regime, heavy rains are likely across Gujarat, Konkan and Goa, parts of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha. At the same time, a weak off-shore trough will trigger rains along coastal Karnataka and Kerala. Northern parts of TN will see convective rains, with dry conditions prevailing in extreme S.TN.
02. Meteosat5
Chennai will see a partly cloudy day with a maximum temperature of 36-37 C and stands a fair chance of an evening/night rains.

Coimbatore will enjoy a cool/pleasant day with maximum around 29-30 C. The City has good chances of rains.

Madurai will be warm settling close to 36-37 C, with a chance of light rains.

Monsoon gets Active across India

The Low Pressure Area moving across Central India has got embedded into the Monsoon trough and has become a significant rain causing system for most parts of MP, UP, and W. Central India. This Synoptic circulation extending into mid troposphere has been dragging moist winds from Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea and is seen crafting rains for Central, North Central and Western parts of the country. In the west coast, the Off-shore trough is enhanced along Kerala and Karnataka coasts leading to increased rainfall along the coast for next 2 to 3 Days.

TN cities including Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai would see windy conditions and scattered rains in the coming days.


Chennai – Early morning windy conditions will give way to warm conditions by noon & max temp will settle around 36-37C. Scattered thunderstorms expected for suburbs and city.

Coimbatore will see a warm day. Temperature will see a max of 32c. Scattered rains are expected by evening.

Madurai will continue to remain hot peaking at 38c with evening Thunderstorms.

Monsoon to be active in most parts of India

The disturbance, which gave flooding rains to Madhya Pradesh, persists and is expected to slowly move westwards. Under its influence, rains will continue for central India. Another feature which lies over North Bay and its adjoining areas would strengthen in the coming days, leading to widespread rainfall for West Bengal, parts of Odisha and north eastern states. These weather systems will pull considerable amount of moisture from Arabian Sea towards west coast for next few days. This process will strengthen the offshore trough resulting in active phase of monsoon for the entire west coast. Apart from the existing systems, a new disturbance is set to develop and bring torrential rainfall for Gujarat and parts of Maharashtra.

Extreme South TN and Nilgiris district has better prospect of getting thunderstorms due to the revival of monsoon in west coast, while rest of TN will remain mostly dry with some isolated thunderstorms.

02. Meteosat5

Chennai will witness max temperature around 37C with a possibility of isolated showers during evening/night.

Coimbatore’s max temperature will be 30-31C. Pleasant weather will continue for next couple of days.

Madurai is expected to be warm with temperature reaching 37-38C. Thundercloud development is possible in some areas during evening/night.

North Tamil Nadu to battle Heat for Possible Evening/Night Rains

Low Pressure Area (LPA) over central India has given extreme rainfall to Madhya Pradesh with Narsingarh and Ujjain clocking 387 mm and 319mm respectively in the last 24 hrs. The LPA is seen merged with the monsoon axis and will continue to give very heavy rainfall to Central India and surrounding regions. North Eastern states need to brace for further heavy rains as Upper Air Circulation (UAC) continues to persist in the area. The west coast will be super active with rains from Maharashtra to Kerala.
North Tamil Nadu has got rains for last three days and tomorrow will be no different with thunderstorms expected again in the evening/night. Parts of Coimbatore, Nilgiris and Kanyakumari districts will get rains with active off shore trough in the west coast.
02. Meteosat5
Chennai suburbs and outskirts will fall in the line of thunderstorms with a moderate chance for core city to get rains. Temperature will continue to be high with maximum temperature around 38 C.

Coimbatore will have a pleasant, breezy and cloudy day with temperature between 30-32C. Expect light rains due to active monsoon in west coast.

Madurai will see temperature settling around 36-37 C with rains later during the evening / night.

Much Needed Rains To Continue Down South

The two upper air circulations over East India have merged to become one major upper air system. Widespread heavy thunderstorms are expected in Madhya Pradesh with scattered showers across the entire Northern Plains, West Bengal and Odisha.
Telangana and parts of Maharashtra including Vidarbha could witness some ordinary rainfall after a really long wait! Places along the Himalayan mountains and foothills would experience thundershowers for yet another day.
The rain spell will continue over the peninsula with rainfall increasing even more in coastal Karnataka and Kerala. Thunderstorms would form over North and parts of central Tamil Nadu in the evening. Konkan coast will receive rains that would break the ice, and slightly reduce the humongous deficit.
02. Meteosat5
Chennai could be in the path of thundershowers for yet another evening. However, little respite is expected from the heat as a humid day welcomes us with temperatures around 38-39 C

Coimbatore – A high of 32-33 expected with drizzles/light rains occurring owing to an active south-west monsoon spell at the west coast.

Madurai – Hot days to continue as unwelcome temperatures of 38-39 C are expected to boil the city. A thundershower or 2 might “pop” around the area.

Patchy Rains Likely In South India

The upper air circulation is likely to intensify and descend into a low pressure area over North Central India and move across Madhya Pradesh/ Uttar Pradesh border bringing heavy rains across central India, especially Madhya Pradesh. This circulation is going to embed itself in an upper air trough running across east India. This will result in thundershowers in the other states like Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Odisha. West Bengal too would witness thundershowers. Widespread heavy rains likely over North East India leading to possible floods, thanks to an upper air circulation harbored over the area. Another western disturbance and its interaction with the monsoon trough would trigger spotty rains over the Himalayan regions of North West India, Pradesh and Punjab. The NCR might witness a shower or two. Kerala and coastal Karnataka would experience much needed deficit-cutting rains. Tamil Nadu could see evening thundershowers after an uncomfortable afternoon.


Chennai – Yet another humid and hot day touching 39c, with possible showers later in the day.

Coimbatore – Light rains/drizzles would occur with temperatures not more than 33 C.

Madurai – Hot with little chance of rains. Readings could soar up to 39-40 C.

Heavy Rains to continue in North, East and North East States

Monsoonal Axis continues to run along the Himalayan foothills. Heavy to very heavy rainfall have been reported from Himachal Pradesh with Akri recording 240 mm, Uttar Pradesh’s Salempur 200 mm and Jharkhand’s Daltonganj 295 mm.

An Upper Air Circulation (UAC) persists in North West Bay of Bengal and may descend down to lower level as Low Pressure Area (LPA) in next 24 hrs. This will continue to give heavy rains along Foot hills, East and North Central India. With Western Disturbance in North India Interacting with the monsoon trough, Himachal, Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Punjab will get heavy rains. North East India will continue to get heavy rains and this will add to the flood woes in Assam. In the west coast, Kerala and Karnataka will continue to get rains.

Sadly, dry weather will continue in TN with the exception of light rains over northern part of the State.
02. Meteosat5
Chennai to see a warm day with Temperature settling close to 39 C. Suburbs and outskirts will have a chance of light rains later in the day.

Coimbatore will have a pleasant day with temperature close to 30 C with possibility of light rains.

Madurai will see maximum temperature of 36–37 C with showers later in the evening.