Rains loom large over coastal TN

The Upper air circulation (UAC) in South west Bay of Bengal and neighborhood persists. Under its influence, a Low Pressure Area (LPA) is likely to form and expected to move towards Tamilnadu Coast in the coming days.
Interior Tamilnadu will get some thunderstorm today as well, with increase in rainfall for coastal areas of TN. Depression over Arabian Sea becomes a named system as “Cyclone Megh” and it is expected to move towards Yemen again.
Chennai – Ideal conditions for moderate to heavy showers in Isolated Places . Beautiful Cumulus formation to occur during day break. Robust winds are likely. Maximum Temperature would be around 32c.
Vellore – Chill morning expected and with some rains in evening. Maximum temperature would be around 31-32 C.
Madurai – Day Temperature will hover around 31-32C. Thunderstorm formation likely in the area.
Tiruchirappalli – Chances of few spells of moderate rains. Temperature will be around 32c.
Coimbatore – Day time will remain cloudy. Breezy conditions during the day. One or two spells of rain at isolated places. Mercury will touch 30 – 31c.

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