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      • yes same here… reduced…. looks like a small storm…. radar is showing only drizzles now all around….

      • Must have slowed down there also looking at radar. Expected few storms from east to reach here. But they dissipated ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • yes i was thinking the storm might spread, but looks like it is dissipating…. next one is pretty far away from bangalore….

  1. Weather online did not update city imd rainfall today for 8.30 pm as well as for 5.30pm..This is the first time it has happened I guess

  2. I have been following Keaweather for quite sometime as weather is one of my personal interest. I was in Chennai for long time and recently moved to Bangalore.Placed in ACES Layout. I observe sea change in weather, that too this year seems to be relatively more rains.

  3. 14mm from that second spell in sahakaranagar, slightly less than what I expected…. total 53mm for today…. light drizzle continues….

    • 52 mm in hebbal, sahakarnagar areas in North Blore.. There were severe hail storms here in North Blore imd data still not available

  4. Heavy rain brings Bengaluru to its knees again

    The strong winds accompanying the heavy rains brought down several trees across the city. The trees damaged electricity poles.
    Heavy rain on Sunday brought the city to its knees once again and exposed its poor infrastructure. The worst hit was Yelahanka and Vidyaranyapura areas, where the squall in the evening brought down more than 45 trees and branches.

    While Yelahanka did not see much rain, the wind speeds there touched 76 kmph (according to Air Force Base there) around 4.35 p.m.

    The core city also saw winds that touched a peak of 54 kmph. Overall, the city saw at least 70 trees or their branches falling down, said the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) control rooms, which remained under a deluge of complaints on Sunday evening.

    Apart from Yelahanka, neighbouring Darahalli zone saw eight trees falling; five tree-falls were reported in Jayanagar and Banashankari areas; three in Sanjayanagar; two in R.T. Nagar, two around K.R. Puram, among others. Trees falling on vehicles were also reported in some of these areas. A huge hoarding was reported to have collapsed at Varthur.


    A huge tree came crashing down at the busy Anil Kumble Circle, completely blocking one side of M.G. Road. Though the traffic police had to redirect vehicles through alternative routes, the vehicular pile-up on either side added to the frustration of weekend shoppers.

    Nearby, a tree-fall blocked parts of Lavelle Road; while a fallen branch saw traffic piling up close to High Grounds police station. Though Sunday evening saw fewer vehicles on the road, traffic was severely affected on major roads. Adding to the chaos was the inundation of underpasses and railway under bridges.

    Power cut

    With at least nine trees in north Bengaluru falling on electricity poles, power supply disruptions were common in areas stretching from Kodigehalli and Banaswadi to HRBR Layout, said Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom)

  5. Banaswadi 31mm beniganahalli 20mm city 24mm
    We got only 4mm in night spell whereas city got 15mm+

  6. Yuktix aws hebbal 71mm wow!! , gkvk 53.5mm!.radakrishna ward ksndmc 41mm it seems,surely it is undereporting nowadays ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Many KSNDMC rain gauges have begun under-reporting I think or dont work well…. Just sent a mail to KSNDMC requesting them to check Byatarayanapura (which is reporting 50% less from last 1 week), Kodigehalli and Doddabommansandra RGs ๐Ÿ™‚ I cannot believe how Kodigehalli RG can report only 43mm yday when RGs within 1 km radius on either side of it have got 53mm and 71mm….

    • ya may be…. yday there were terrible winds it seems…. saw 2 trees fallen down 2-3 roads away from my house…. Trees dont fall as frequently in sahakarnagar as they are relatively younger compared to other older areas of bangalore….

  7. Beniganahalli at 354mm and banaswadi at 380mm for the year.. Even hal has overtaken beniganahalli now.. Beniganahalli has badly missed last few rains looks like..

    • You need to have ur RG setup soon, may be ur place has actually got more rain ๐Ÿ™‚ somehow i have lost some confidence in KSNDMC RGs….

      • Yeah… Would take another 6 months.. by which time it would be winter here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ for next summer i would have them for sure..

      • I am also confused which RG should I take as my reference.. beniganahalli or banaswadi.. from banaswadi bbmp is only 1km or so from my house.. but few days it recorded much more than my place and few days much lesser than my place.. Only my own RG would provide an answer..

  8. Got a prompt reply from KSNDMC Director Dr.G S Srinivasa Reddy for the mail that I sent in the morning to them. He said he will look into my concerns ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Karnataka Top 5 till now this year as per IMD –
    1. Bangalore city – 48cm
    2. Mysore – 40cm
    3. Chintamani – 38cm
    4. Bangalore HAL AP – 35cm
    5. Hassan – 33cm

  10. Relative humidity is only at 45-50% in north bangalore yuktix AWS stations where as it is around 70% in South and South East bangalore yuktix AWS stations…. does it mean south bangalore has more chances of rain today?

  11. My observation (may be wrong) – when the storm movement is from N to S instead of E-NE to W-SW, then north bangalore is missing out on heavy rains…. happened 3-4 days during April too….

  12. Storms moving south no rain in JP nagar I phase…but raining heavily in bannergahtta road meenaksi mall

  13. Heavy rains for last 20 mins in E city. Temp must have plunged big time. It is really cool now with loud thunders. Strangely the sky is not at all dark and very clear and bright .

  14. Kea – just as I had got used to posting on main page about blore weather and started enjoying it you moved us to a seperate page again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Why this kolaveri.. I know I had only posted once when you had removed the seperate page asking why you removed it. Now I am asking why this separate page.. makes it difficult to track two pages at once..

    • yashwanthpur(abbigere area actually) 10mm, the highest in north bangalore…. i think you had posted yday evening that there were some heavy rains NW of your house, it seems to have fallen here….

  15. The clouds from UAC at Arabian sea and BOB meets at Bengaluru tonight…. Expect record rains tonight….???

  16. what makes above normal rainfall for last four years…..see this time also nearing 50cm in may itself

    • From yesterday rains are intense where ever it is raining.. hope we get hit by onegood ts today.. We ll get good numbers

  17. A tiny popup in Bangalore south should watch…?…..storms at kolar enlarging…should see whether they reach Bangalore east?

    • Yes..let’s see where it guess is it ll go down south..Our best chance is storms towards n or nne of us

  18. Oh no, saw the radar after 2hrs..not much positives..I was hoping that there would be some storms near Blore ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  19. If it doesn’t rain at least 1cm tonight , then we r very unlucky…lots of storm around..surprising that there isn’t anything forming N/Nne of us ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  20. Rajarajeshwarinagar – 15mm, Konankunte – 9mm, Girinagar – 13mm, Uttarahalli – 10mm, Jayanagar – 2mm…. from that spell….

  21. Rains to east yesterday to west today. Wen will it be our turn. My area becoming desert of blore ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  22. Today’s rainfall –
    RajarajeshwariNagar(1) – 70.5mm
    Rajarajeshwarinagar(2) – 58.5mm
    Nayandhalli – 57.5mm
    GaliAnjaneyaTemple – 44.5mm
    Herohalli – 52.5mm
    Hegganahalli – 47.5mm
    Hampinagar – 26.5mm
    Nagarabhavi – 23mm
    Yelahanka – 11mm
    Peenya – 21.5mm

  23. The Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD), also known as the Indian Ninoโ€”caused by the difference in sea surface temperature between parts of the western and eastern Indian Oceanโ€”is expected to remain positive.
    A positive IOD would mean greater chances of rainfall in the Indian subcontinent and counters the El Nino effect. In 1997, for instance, an El Nino effect that threatened to disrupt Indiaโ€™s monsoons was countered by a positive IOD.
    โ€œThe temperature in the Arabian Sea has been above the normal so far and we think that this can cause a positive IOD. That would balance the El Nino effect and in turn bring good rain fall.โ€ Palawat said.
    The IMD, however, believes that thereโ€™s โ€œabout 50% probability of neutral IOD conditions to continue during the monsoon season.โ€
    Skymet is also convinced that the chances of a back-to-back drought season are slim, given that India suffered a mild drought last year. โ€œIn the last century, back-to-back droughts have happened only three times,โ€ Jatin Singh, CEO of Skymet, told Quartz. โ€œOnce in the 1904-05, 1966-67 and in 1985-86-87.โ€
    โ€œSo, the chances of a back to back drought is only 3% and we believe that it wonโ€™t occur this year. We also relied upon our modelling techniques to come to that conclusion,โ€ he added.
    Indiaโ€™s monsoon rains are now finally expected to hit the southern state of Kerala on June 05, five days after it was expected to make landfall. By September, itโ€™ll be clear who was right.

  24. Pre-monsoon activities have begun over the region and meteorological department has predicted monsoon to arrive by June 15. Weather scientists, however, said El Nino threat over India may result in 7% less than average rainfall in 30 years.

    “Pre-monsoon activities have begun due to moisture incursion from Arabian Sea. The system, which was weak earlier, is becoming stronger and holds promise to deliver monsoons on time in state. However, confirmed reports can only be given after monsoon sets in Kerala,” said Indian meteorological department state branch director Anupam Kashyapi.

    Weather scientists said El Nino effect is responsible for dryness over India and Australia. Warnings have been issued and farmers asked to brace for poor monsoons, added weatherman.

    “We have asked farmers to undertake water harvesting seriously and go for crop insurance to deal with unexpected weather conditions. Farmers sowing rice have been suggested to keep two irrigation facilities in hand so that they are not completely dependent on monsoons,” said Kashyapi.

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