Weather for newbies

11 thoughts on “Weather for newbies

  1. Upper Air Circulation:
    Yes. Circulation as we all know is an area of low pressure. Winds spiral into them from areas with higher pressure. They key point to note in a circulation is the fact that wind flows into it from all the sides because it is isobars are spread evenly and in a circular pattern. They are barotropic

    Upper Air Trough:
    Troughs dip only in one direction, like a hyperbola or a parabola. The axis of symmetry is more or less the axis of the trough. But, there won’t be a circulation pattern in all sides. Suppose there’s a low to the north, there will be a hyperbola like structure dipping south. The isobars will be semi-circular or hyperbolical and it will spread in one direction. The area near the axis will see convergence and thunderstorms if moisture is found

    Courtesy: Sudharshan

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