1,900 thoughts on “Bengaluru weather – Sep 10 – Dec 31, 2015

  1. First comment in new thread 🙂 Observing yuktix weather stations, it looks like south bangalore is having higher humidity levels than n.blore today, so may be s.blore hads more chance of rain today….

  2. Lots of drizzle bands popped up in Radar. Are these pure SWM drizzle bands travelling all the way from W Coast (or) boosted by local conditions? Any experts, pls clarify.

  3. I have one doubt….when lpa forms in bay…it will create massive wind discontinuty in the interior ..these lwd will give good rains ..then why models are not picking up good rains in interiors?

  4. 2014
    Jan 1st to Sep 11th – 50 cm
    Sep 11th to Dec 31st – 66 cm

    Jan 1st to Sep11th – 84 cm
    Sep 11th to Dec 31st – ??? cm

  5. Now the storm that popped up above 13N on start of letter N has moved east. Wil Kasturi Nagar get a second spell 😉

  6. Today’s rains came as a pleasant surprise though intensity was not all that heavy. Good heating could have been the precursor!

  7. Nice coincidence

    2014 – Jun 1st – Sept 14th – 398mm
    2015 – Jun 1st – Sept 14th – 398mm

    2014 swm ended with 694mm thanks to that epic sept end , 295mm in 6 days b/w 23 -29

      • coastal karnataka got good rains yday and day before…. and getting heavy rains today too…. expect many 10cm+ tomorrow from coastal and ghat areas around bhatkal/shirali….

    • It’s very cool here in city as well. Strong westerly winds , cool low passing clouds during morning hours might be some of the reasons

  8. Lot of dragon flies enjoying the weather above today. Indication of rains. We want one sept 21 or 23 2014 type of rains one day this year.

  9. September started with a bang for Bangalore. But after Sept 7th evening’s rains, there has not been any significant heavy rains 😦 And the forecast for the next 4-5 days is also not good. Now everything depends on September last week. Hope it rocks like last year….

    • Yes very bad 10 days , Most of the days were like typical July day 😦 Thunderstorms expected from 23rd just like last year..Will history repeat itself ??? Atleast half of that will be good 🙂

  10. Absolutely cloudless sky like a winter morning. Looks like the depression has pulled all clouds away from us now 😦

  11. Radhakrishna ward 590.5mm till now this year..Desert of Bangalore 😦
    Jan (14.5) Mar(38) Apr(80.5) May(151.5) Jun(96.5) Jul(50) Aug(69) Sep(90.5)

    • really poor show…. or does it under-report a bit? need to check readings of surrounding RGs like V.Nagenahalli, IISc(yuktix) etc to confirm, but its a tedious job 🙂

      • Yes, tedious job but it ll be interesting to know their readings though.. Will try to sum up soon..But IISc readings are available only from may 13th

    • I did not note down Apr 12th readings..checked it now ,there was 16mm on that day , so it’s 96.5mm in Apr and 606.5mm for the year..

    • Both beniganahalli and banaswadi show 0 though. All roads got completely wet. Thought it must be atleast 1mm :-/

    • last few days coastal karnataka especially udupi and uttara kannada have got pretty good rains…. you may see atleast few spells of decent rain in Mangalore 🙂

  12. Today’s bangalore toppers till now – Machohalli off Magadi road – 12.5mm, Rajanakunte – 10mm, Hesaraghatta – 9mm….

  13. Intl AP’s min. temperature today morning was only 17.7C…. I think this is the least min temperature in the last 6 months….

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