Rains to increase in interior parts of TN

A disturbance persist in east central Arabian sea off coast of Karnataka and it is expected to develop into a low pressure in the next 48 hours. This disturbance remains in a area of favorable wind shear due to the presence of an upper anticyclone positioned over it Sea surface temperature looks favorable,with a threat of dry air which would inhibit any significant development. Computer models are showing some slow development of this system as it moves westward in the coming days. Widespread heavy rain is likely for coastaland South Interior parts of Karnataka due to this system. Isolated Thunderstorms are expected for the north and central TN coast, while Interior TN would be getting widespread heavy thunderstorms.


Heavy rainfall districts:
Coimbatore, Salem, Erode, Karur, Dindugul, Salem ,Ghats along Nilgiris, Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri.

Moderate rainfall districts:
Thiruvanamalai, Vellore, Villupuram and South TN.

City Forecast
Chennai : city will see max temperature moving closer to 31C. Rains are likely in the afternoon time.

Coimbatore : Max temperature will be around 30C.Thunderstorms can be expected during evening/night.

Madurai : City will be pleasant as the max temperature will be inching close to 29C. Sky will be cloudy with a high Probability of thunderstorm during evening/night.

Vellore : Temperature will be around 30C.Chance of rain is high during evening hours.

Trichy : Thunderstorm are likely during later part of day with temperature settling close to 32C.

2,131 thoughts on “Rains to increase in interior parts of TN

  1. Good morning. .

    The very severe cyclone “Chapala” is expected to cross south Yemen coast today.
    An upper air circulation is located over east central Arabian sea off coastal Karnataka 3.1 KM above sea level. This is inducing a low pressure area in that region in 24 hours . Another upper air circulation is persisted over north Andhra pradesh coast 2.1 km above sea level.Due to the above factors,more rain is expected in coastal Kerala,Coastal Karnataka,North Tamilnadu,Western interior Tamilnadu,South Tamilnadu and North coastal Tamilnadu.

    Parts of North Chennai received rain yesterday. More rain is expected in Chennai and north interior Tamilnadu in coming days.

    Chennai will be cloudy today and few spells are expected in day time.

  2. Any one pls help me how to measure a daily rainfall ? Because my place 6 km south chidambaram & 6 km west kollidam so please tell me 1 simple method

  3. Nov 03 2015 : The Times of India (Chennai)

    Wet spell in city to continue for next three days Chennai: TIMES NEWS NETWORK

    The state is facing a rain fall deficit of 17% and Chennai a deficit of 19%.
    The northeas monsoon, which arrive last week, will continue t bring moderate rainfal over the next few days, th Met office said on Monday.

    Between 8.30am on Sun day and 8.30am on Monday Nungambakkam recorde 27.5mm of rainfall and Mee nambakkam, 55.7mm. Th maximum temperature was 31Β°C.

    β€œOffshore troughs alon the coast of Bay of Benga will continue to bring rain to the city ,β€œ Regional Meteorological Centre deputy di rector general S B Thamp said.

    The Met office has fore cast the next three days to b generally cloudy with th possibility of rain or thunderstorms. The maximum temperature is likely to re main around 30Β°C.

    The state is facing a rain fall deficit of 17% and Chen nai a deficit of 19%.

    Former regional meteor ological centre deputy di rector general Y E A Raj sai the deficit could be wipe out in a week if the onset o monsoon is sustained. β€œDy namic weather models indicate Tamil Nadu will have moderate rainfall over the next week,β€œ he said.

    The city’s reservoirs are close to empty but water resource managers have estimated that spells of intense rainfall with an average rainfall of 5cm a day could raise their levels.

    On Monday , Poondi Lake received 17mm of rainfall, Cholavaram Lake, 32mm, Red Hills Lake, 24mm, and Chembarambakkam Lake, 22mm. The combined storage was 355mcft against a capacity of 11,000 mcft. The city has received 240mm rainfall against a normal of 290mm. The northeast monsoon brings the city around 800mm rainfall of the annual 1,200mm it receives.

    • By tomorrow there will be two vortexes embbeded in a trough in s bay. One in s .c bay and one in s.Andaman sea

      • MJO at phase 2. Decrease in IOD and increase in SOI. Exceptional TCHP. All these favourable factors will strengthen our system to intensify to a tropical storm to travel in W/NW direction towards NTN (expecting some change in both GFS and ECMWF coming runs).

    Geeta Agnihotri, director-in-charge, Meteorological Centre, Regional Observatory in Bengaluru, said, “Monday’s rainfall is due to the onset of north-east monsoon along the Tamil Nadu coast over Bay of Bengal on October 28. Following the change in the weather pattern, the north-east winds will be sweeping over the Bay of Bengal and cause rainfall all along the eastern coast and South Interior Karnataka. The trend is likely to continue till mid-November or it may also continue for the entire month. Besides Bengaluru, adjoining districts too will witness light to moderate rainfall.”

    Bengaluru East gets flooded
    The showers lasting more than two-hours on Monday evening resulted in flash floods in many parts of the city. Areas in Bengaluru East division witnessed heavy rains. Sources from the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre revealed that Sampangiram Nagar and Pulakeshinagar received the maximum rainfall. “While the Sampangiram Nagar measured 89.5 mm of rain, Pulakeshinagar witnessed 80 mm rainfall. Similarly, Hoysalanagar witnessed 62 mm; and KR Puram witnessed 35 mm rainfall. HAL airport received 30 mm rainfall till evening on Monday,” a senior officer said.


  5. Glorious Sunny Day in Kodaikanal with temperature around 18Β°C. Really love this Nature good day for taking pics today. Past 2 days it was misty and Rains and it isn’t clear to take snaps of the mountain view with clouds. Have taken nearly 100’s of images will post later after my return to Chennai

    • Very lucky to get a sunny day at Kodai in Nov.Enjoy your stay.Hows the lake?Hope they are maintaining it well

  6. Wth ecmwf shows 93b as a depression /marginal tc again taking similar track to chapala, and one more circulation after crossing tn developing in arabian sea

  7. Lol finally GFS follows ECMWF😎
    Shows a cyclone making Landfall in CAP. I’m 100% sure they’ll finally show landfall in C/NTN.

    So yes diwali system is confirmed.

  8. Chapala on the verge of making landfall. It’s currenly a cat-1 storm with speed of about 140-150km/hr.
    Expected to weaken drastically as it makes landfall.

  9. Tropical cyclone activity over the Indian Ocean
    – Tropical cyclone activity moved from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea .
    – Very severe cyclonic storm Chapala, is currently impacting Yemen.

    Strong El NiΓ±o and positive Indian Ocean Dipole persist
    – A strong El NiΓ±o in the Pacific and a positive Indian Ocean Dipole are dominating the climate of countries bordering the Pacific and Indian oceans.
    – Typically, this climatic scenario produces rainfall deficiencies for much of tropical Australia and a later-than-usual commencement of the northern monsoon.

  10. Work has to be completed on the two desalination plants so that the city is not dependent on the vagaries of rain gods.But i don’t think this will be done in the next 2-3 years. Only then we can enjoy the monsoons without pressure.

  11. Bangalore crossed 100cms for the year yesterday(108cms now). Though it was expected to cross this magical mark last month itself, one of the worst October stopped it from doing so. With 15 to 20cms expected till end of the year, looks good to settle close to 130cms.

  12. Cholavaram storage until now is 0% inspite of few spells in the past few days, gross mismanagement and encroachment made the things still worse, nature will never cheat or at least will do it’s minimum , but ………

  13. OMG….Heavy downpours in Al makala and surrounding areas….seems some places already received above 250 mm…

    I dont think those regions will rainguages…usually it wont rain there…

    Places towards aden have annual rain less than 10 mm

  14. Though during the last 4 days, we get some useful showers, but still the NEM pattern of rainfall seems to be absent. UACS in different latitudes & arabian system to a certain extent did not allow the nearby bay of bengal conducive to normal NEM pattern. This has caused not good widespread rainfall across states. November is a very crucial month and we need lot of rains. big anxiety and our IMD people are also not that much confident, as unwanted arabian system turns against bay of bengal.


  15. Still central india recording 36-37 c in some places..
    No respite for mumbai too…
    Normal – 32 c recording -36 c…
    Same time, minimum temperature gradually falling in north india.
    Delhi with 17 c

  16. The area in south Andaman Sea, north of Sumatra and the adjoining Gulf of Siam has started showing signs of genesis. Needs continuous monitoring.

  17. what is wind pattern at chennai. any change compared to yesterday. still easterlies not fully back. but some change we notice compared to yesterday.


  18. I still remember Mr.Ramanan on TV saying “Vangakkadalil uruvagiyulla kaatrazhutha thazhvu mandalam melum valuvadaindhu…chennai kum nellore kum idaya karayai kadakkakoodum.chennayil pala idangazhil ganatha mazhaiyum oru iru idangazhil miga ganatha mazhaiyum peyyakkoodum.meenavargal kadalukku chella vendam…. ..” Good ol’ days! Will i hear it anytime this year?

  19. radar is quite clear – except for east of nellore in open sea. winds need to strengthen to bring showers for chennai. but position can change soon.

  20. Our former 93 B is set to ventilate freely under an upper level anticyclone that is seen overhead. Divergence has increased

  21. we now need some on and off showers at least make bore-wells some recharge. for the past 30 hours not even drizzling even one centimeter is enough on a daily basis, till we get a full pledged system which can bring water alone.

  22. Just recalling 1995 – 2k… 3 – 4 days of continuous moderate to heavy rain on NEM season, we used to play kallanga, dhayam for entertainment… my father prepared pori arisi, varutha ground nut etc for snacks. Visited our villlage lakes 2-3 times a day to check the inflow amt of water. Nowadays seeing 1-2hrs of continues rain itself kuthirai kombu 😦

  23. why all clouds moving from NW to SE during the NEM.. unusual active arabian sea causing this year monsoon failure.. Mother nature only knows what next in plate. Scortching sun during nov. huh

  24. as per ecmwf if system becomes a cyclone it has chance for rapid intensification as we expected before and happend in chappala system during this elnino year

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