395 thoughts on “2nd driest August in past 7 years coming to a close

  1. Thatz wat he already told us..he has deployed some secret friends on the banks of Talacauvery who will be in the guise of dhobis or cattle rearers..once the drizzle starts, they wud start measuring the amount using handy instruments and transmit the data live to Data Man..thatz how entire World is able to see the rainfall figures of Talacauvery with a delay of few minutesโ€ฆ. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    Best lines of dash so far…..cant stop laughing

  2. Rainfall Challenge

    Rainfall amount till tomorrow morning 8.30 am

    Weather underground – 9 mm
    TITU – 6 mm
    Foreca – 1mm
    Cola – 0 mm
    Kea – 0

    For the first time kea and cola agree on same thing……Foreca predicts more than Cola….


    Dash and Kea’s and the young kids comments are welcome.

  3. Data man’s new statistics

    Top commentators in KEA’s Blog (last 1000 comments)
    originaldashman – 165
    Pradeep John – 151
    keaweather – 128
    jon – 117
    ashwinds – 59
    Sudharshan Madhavan – 42
    emnomc – 39

    Dash we are no.1 and 2

    (Note pls dont ask source for this….kea can authenticate)

  4. Another superb data from data man……

    Do you guys know who made the first comment on this blog…..here is the answer

    By: Venkat on August 5, 2009 at 11:00 am

    you can see KR’s comment in the first post


    I have atlast put the source….otherwise….you people will bug me…!

    These are the HISTORY of our blog…please remember it….!

    Only myslef, kea and jon are the only 2009’rs in the blog still active..!

  5. Another history for new guys

    Regular members of this blog in 2009 posted by jon

    keaweather (nungambakkam)
    karthitbm(aka raghavan),
    karthigdy(aka narayan),
    karthimt(aka johnny),
    pradeep john annangr,
    sujatha adyr,
    jon mount
    inferno velachery,
    nostro kilpauk,
    ajuravi manapkm

  6. All time statistics (Featured name in comments)

    Total Comments in Kea blog – 66,959

    jon – 10357 (First post 23rd October 2009)
    keaweather – 5878 (First post 19th October 2009)
    Karthik Raghavan – 5636 (First post 10th October 2009)
    Pradeep John – 3089 (First post 4th November 2009)
    originaldashman – 2132 (First post 25th February 20011)
    arjunlv – 467 (First post 7th October 2009)
    Super sai – 285 (First post 19th October 2009)

    no time to compile others…..arghhhhhhhhhh

    Note It is not total commentposted by a user…it also includes the comments others post and refereeing their names

  7. @Pradeep,

    Come on…This August is not Bad for chennai..its only for Nungambakkam….Meenambakkam has got 177mm this august…almost equal to its 2010 and 2011 augusts…Meena already some 150mm ahead of Nunga…And for the first time a normal to excess september forecast for TN,(after two deficient years in 2010 and 2011),Meena’s lead is only going to extend….And btw this blog is crashing for me in Google chrome since the past 10-12months…so only if its very interesting i turn on to this blog nowadays….

  8. And this year so far the top 3 wettest day of SWM for TN are in this order….

    1.July 15 – Around 14mm
    2.August 25 – Around 12mm
    3.August 26 – Around 10mm

    There in no doubt that these top 3 places will be replaced this september..

  9. Lol…Going back to the first comment of mine in this blog ….Usually people will feel embarassed going back and looking at their old comments…But i am pleasaantly surprised that my comment was precise and with a good english language some 3 years back..i was 15 then!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    “Mr.Venkat i think its rather called the north EAST monsoon.The sudden spurt in temperatures is mainly because of clear skies rather than anything else.
    You cant expect cool weather in chennai being near the equator.If not for the SW monsoon chennai would have been very hot right from 15 March to 15 October.
    But definitely, this year,we can see that the southern and south western suburbs of chennai have got pretty heavy rains,especially in the months of july and august.This includes Tambaram,Airport,Pallavaram and the surrounding areas.As of now 10-Oct the rainfall data is-

    Minambakkam โ€“ 49cm

    Nungambakkam โ€“ 27cm”

  10. There was a lovely band surrounding the moon some 15 mins ago..did anyone notice it? a moon band… sign for a heavy rain…read in an article long time back..i reckon… can anyone explain this phenomenon?

  11. Pradeep, History of originaldashman for u..hope u have not forgotten it !!!

    I stared appearing with the name originaldashman in Feb, 2011 as mentioned by Data. But i was active from 2010 itself..with various names just for fun (even i don remember how many ๐Ÿ˜› )..after a long time it was finally discovered by Kea..

    Later i started posting as ‘-‘..then many existing members had fun posting as double dash, triple dash and quadruple dash and started spoiling my reputation..even there was an historic spat between KR and jon..according to KR, jon was the Single Dash..jon would plead to Kea to prove that KR was wrong…still invokes laughter in me when i think about it! That was the time Guna Sir came to my rescue and supported me…

    The confusion prompted Kea to jump into the scene and give a “Brilliant” idea..ban anonymous posting method and introduce mandatory Registration for posting in Kea blog !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Since more people are asking their stats here is the updated stats

    jon and Johnny โ€“ 11357 (First post 23rd October 2009)
    keaweather โ€“ 5878 (First post 19th October 2009)
    Karthik Raghavan โ€“ 5636 (First post 10th October 2009)
    selvanfun & Selcyclone โ€“ 4208 (First post 16th December 2010)
    Pradeep John โ€“ 3089 (First post 4th November 2009)

    martin – 2412 (First post October 26th 2009)
    thunderjove – 2139 (First post 16th December 2009)
    originaldashman โ€“ 2132 (First post 25th February 2011)
    Vinodh and Vinodh1986 – 2112 (First post December 11th 2009)
    Guna โ€“ 1154 comments (First Post 7th October 2010)

    Mani and s.s.mani – 896 (first post 26th october 2009)
    rajkmr – 529 (first post 10th november 2010)
    sriram and Templetravel – 482 (first post 11th November 2009)
    Gopal666 – 476 (First post 18th may 2010)
    arjunlv โ€“ 467 (First post 7th October 2009)
    vjyanand and vjyanand76 – 401 (First 16th November 2010)
    keerthivasan and keerthivasan123 – 375 (First Post 12th June 2010)
    Super sai โ€“ 285 (First post 19th October 2009)
    gtaman2 – 165 (First 30th October 2010)
    jupijove – 60 (First post January 18th 2012)

  13. Steps to become thunder kid-

    1)Give an idea for a poll

    2)Stop posting for days

    3)Lose a game and fast till you are declared the winner

    4)Complain everyone is disliking my comments on purpose

    If you follow all these steps, you can be the thunderkid of KEA Blog

    TRY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Rainfall in the Chennai region from Jan 1 to Aug 31,2012

    Meenambakkam – 362.02mm
    Poondi – 353.08mm
    Tamaraipakkam – 295mm
    Tambaram – 281.4mm
    Korattur – 235mm
    Red Hills – 213.9mm
    Nungambakkam – 211.9mm
    Chembarambakkam – 209mm
    Cholavaram – 144mm

    For month wise break up refer https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AooAUH-PNgFTdEZDbnVIa083RW53R294R3VfYW9FN2c&pli=1#gid=0
    Incidentally Nunga and chemba were 180+ ..infact chemba 190+ in 2011….and C

  15. Last 5 years August and September rainfall in Meenambakkam – \

    August – 98mm
    September – 124mm

    August – 144mm
    September – 182mm

    August – 175mm
    September – 147.2mm

    August – 191.3mm
    September – 168.9mm

    August – 177.9mm
    September – There is every chance Meenambakkam that Meena can get more than 178mm this september thanks tthe absence of La Nina conditions like in 2010,2011 which caused deficient september ra rainfall in TN….2009 might well repeat itself

    • dude u are misinformed….Dont go by the averages that IMD chennai is providing …they are not having the same base year….for instance Nungambakkam has an average of 140cm on the 42 year period base….But in IMD delhi its 139cm from a 30 year base……Meena’s average on the same 42 year old average is 144cm,against the 140cm of Nungambakkam….

    • Here is my compilation of TN avergaes with constant base years….The usual normality is meena dominates for 4 years,and then 1 or 2 years for nungambakkam…..the last time nunga scored over meena before 2010 was in 2005 …so take my word,Meena will rule for the next for odd years

  16. @kar imd delhi says meena is 140cm ,kolkota 129 cm something else i saw said 138.I think last was mumbai.Where is it given 144?

  17. @kar, nunga beat meena in 2011, 2010 ,2007(i think meena didn’t get rains from dep) and 2005.But when nunga beats meena, it beats it by quite a large margin

  18. Ashwin Batting averages in his last 3 series

    Vs West Indies in India – 121 runs at 40.33
    Vs Australia in Australia – 143 runs at 35.75 (2nd best in that series)
    Vs New Zealand in India till now – 69 runs at 69.00

    Most of the runs came batting with Tailenders. Had he got time with regular batsmen he would have scored runs. He has the better technique than Dhoni in Swinging conditions.

  19. What the **** the rainafall continues for ….days in Karnataka

    in mm ending 8.30 am on 02.09.2012

    Arendur 198.4
    Dharmasthala 108.2
    Maranahalli 99.4
    Albadi 94
    Suntikoppa 91
    Hosakere 88.6
    Belthangadi 84.2
    Agumbe 84
    Amasebail 83
    Maageri 81
    Mudabidri 80.8
    Sangabettu 78
    Kukkala 74
    Sulkeri 73.2
    Kerveshe 72
    Hallibailu 66.2
    Mulky 64
    Aluru 63
    Sitanadi 63
    Kollur 62.6
    Hethur 60.2
    Kigga 59.4
    Rae 59
    Yelagith 58
    Kedinje 57.4
    Surathkal 56.8
    Byakody 55
    Araga 54
    Ulloor II 54
    Kundapur 53.6
    Nilkund 51.8
    Kogar 50.4

  20. @pradeep whats confusing is that there is no cloud in satellite image. its bad that imd don’t have a radar in mangalore, kochi and other swm places

  21. @pradeep yes its there,but hindu had it for most of TN from 2000. I remember seeing meena’s figures as 200~cm and nunga’s as 2572 mm or something

    • Cyclone Ogni 2006

      October 26th – 82
      October 27th – 14
      October 28th – 121
      October 29th – 189
      October 30th – 43

      Chennai total rainfall from Ogni – 449 mm

      Chennai AP
      October 26th – 143
      October 27th – 31
      October 28th – 139
      October 29th – 95
      October 30th – 58

      Chennai AP total rainfall from Ogni – 466 mm

  22. Kea pls store this – Wettest Cyclones for Chennai since 1995

    1.Cyclonic Storm BOB 02 in June 1996 – 690 mm in 3 days
    2.Deep Depression BOB 05 in October 2005 – 606 mm in 4 days
    3.Cyclone Ogni in October 2006 – 449 mm in 5 days
    4.Cyclone Phyan in November 2009 – 440 mm in 6 days
    5.Cyclone Nisha in November 2008 – 400 mm in 4 days

  23. All India SWM Rainfall Toppers – 01.06.12 to 31.08.12 – Cherrapunji maintain lead, Agumbe and Kollur are still in race.
    It is 90 days into the monsoon, the lead of Cherrapunji of nearly is around 2700 mm. In 2011, we had 77 stations which crossed 4000 mm mark till 31st August. This year the list has gotten shrunken to just 30 stations. Apart from Cherrapunji, only HRF places from two states (Maharashtra 12 stations and Karnataka 17 stations) are in the list.

    The 2011 link till 31.08.2011 is here – http://indianweatherman.blogspot.in/2011/09/kollur-and-agumbes-classic-fight-all.html

    Rainfall in mm (Minimum of 4000 mm)

    Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) – 8353
    Agumbe (Karnataka) – 5625
    Kollur (Karnataka) – 5481
    Kogar (Karnataka) – 5287
    Kitwade (Maharashtra) – 5095
    Amboli (Maharashtra) – 4976
    Dajipur (Maharashtra) – 4962
    Tamini Ghat (Maharashtra) – 4710
    Amgaon (Karnataka) – 4675 (till August 21st)
    Gaganbawda (Maharashtra) – 4505
    Patgaon (Maharashtra) – 4445
    Sangameshwar (Maharashtra) – 4436
    Dawadi Ghat (Maharashtra) – 4430
    Mulshi Dam (Maharashtra) – 4415
    Albadi (Karnataka) – 4412
    Kerekatte (Karnataka) – 4404
    Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) – 4334
    Shiragaon Ghat (Maharashtra) – 4310
    Bandal (Karnataka) – 4297
    Nilkund (Karnataka) – 4287
    Kasari (Maharashtra) – 4250
    Kanakumbi (Karnataka) – 4240
    Gavali (Karnataka) – 4207 (till August 18th)
    Castle Rock (Karnataka) – 4177
    Sitanadi (Karnataka) – 4144
    Talacauvery (Karnataka) – 4117
    Kerveshe (Karnataka) – 4095
    Mulikar (Karnataka) – 4091
    Arendur (Karnataka) – 4054
    Hosakere (Karnataka) – 4000


  24. Lets all hope its a repeat of sept 6th 2011 for whole chennai.(hail 45 kp/h winds and 548 mm/hr rain last year in nunga)

  25. Ashwin has 49 wickets in 8 test matches (including the ongoing).

    Philander got to 50 wickets in 7 matches recently and is joint second fastest ever.

    If tomorrow Ashwin gets the last wicket. He would be thethird fastest in the World and also the fastest Indian ever to do so. Hope Dhoni gives the ball to Ashwin.

    Kumble reached 50 wkts in 10 tests
    Hirwani – 11
    Harbhajan – 11
    Subash Gupta – 12
    Chandrasekhar – 12
    Prasanna – 12
    Venkatesh Prasad – 13
    Ojha – 13


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