169 thoughts on “Heaviest rain of the year lashes Chennai

  1. Kea, but few hours of good rain is not what we are getting. Only 3 thunderstorms have given rain lasting for more than 1 hour this year

    • Ehsanji,

      After all that embarassment that you had to go thru in the past one and a half month,i didn’t think u would take a random post by a blogger more seriously than what Mr.YEA Raj had to say….Pls learn the normality to prevent yourself further embarrasments,u still seems to be overhyping…nunga will never get out of the losers list this year…It may even better itslef in that list…

  2. Rainfall in Coastal Karnataka continues unabated

    Rainfall in mm ending 05.09.12

    Aralagod 130
    Arendur 102.6
    Hosakere 93.2
    Kollur 90.4
    Dharmasthala 75.2
    Rae 70
    Kogar 69
    Aluru 68
    Hethur 66.6
    Bandal 66
    Kerekatte 65.8
    Kottigehara 63.5
    Surlabhi 61.4
    Bilur 61
    Gokarna 60.9
    Hallibailu 60.4
    Harle 60
    Linganamakki 57.6
    Mudabidri 57.2
    Maageri 55
    Naravi 54.6
    Mulikar 53.4
    Kundapur 50.8
    Kadra 50.4

  3. Very pleasant evening in chennai with continous cool sea breeze… Btw ,kea’s title enna mei maraka vaikuthu…. “Last month of swm”, tat is our boring days r getting over…so ellarum ready aagunga ,namma season “NEM” ,gala kata poguthu…

  4. Heavy rain lashes Kanyakumari district for the second day ending 8.30am on 05.09.2012

    Kurunthencode – 15
    Eraniel – 14
    Colachel – 12
    Thiruvattar – 12
    Thuckalay – 10
    Nagercoil – 10
    Mylaudy – 10
    Bhoothapandy – 10
    Kuzhithurai – 10
    Adayamadai 10
    Lower Kodayar 10
    Anaikidangu – 9
    Surulode – 9

  5. “If you save it hourly, it will be 8,760 images for the year. If you save them once every 4 hours it will be 1,460 images for a year.”

    From this it is clear that Kea watches Tamil movies..his favourite actor is Captain Ramanaa 😀

  6. Last year at this time, there was a storm which produced 548 mm/h rain and 3 cm in 5-10 mins.There was also 45 km/h winds and hail

  7. 1.30pm to 2.30pm saw steady showers..no frills like winds ..a touch of lightning and thunder..but a workmanlike rain ..it was as if the Clouds said that we have a job to do and went ahead with full focus..like a Rahul Dravid’s knock..easily 20-25 mm at Besant Nagar.

  8. Nungambakkam 3 mm
    Meenambakkam 14 mm
    Anna Univ. 21 mm

    Nunga is only 3 mm, but i think north nunga didn’t get rainfall. My area ,Mahalingapuram could have could 7-8 mm and T.Nagar 10 mm. There were lot of puddles when I woke up at around 6:30

  9. Ehasanwould

    Lol Cola was bang today…..i would say it as the heaviest spell Anna Nagar West Today. Rainrate to be around 150 mm/hr for last 15 mins

    surely it would crossed 40 mm in Anna Nagar by now

    And as usual….Ehsan says 4 mm Cola produced it wonderful storm…

    Heading for tomorrow……cola storms knock out kea target of 4mm in seconds….!

  10. Nunga has received its august month’s rainfall in 2 rainy days this septtember within a week……as i was telling this all time,2012 ia gonna be the first normalseptember in 2 years…..and as usual i expect SWM active in TN in today’s IMD rain report…..but this is not over……rainfakk will get heacier in Tn for the days to come……swm will get active over aTn…and thats pretty normal for september

  11. Preliminary Rainfall in mm in Chennai region so far from the biggest Thunder storm of the year 2012

    Marina DGP Office – 69
    Madhavaram – 68
    Guindy – 54
    Avadi – 51
    Nungambakkam IMD (Chennai City)- 50
    Nungambakkam Kea – 47
    Taramani – 50
    Ellapuram – 44
    Ennore – 42
    Kolapakkam – 30
    Meenambakkam IMD (Chennai AP) – 30
    Chemberabakkam – 28
    Kadambathur – 28
    Poondi Agro – 26
    Poonamalle – 25
    Sholinganallur – 25
    Thiruvallur – 18
    Sholingur – 18
    Katupakkam – 12
    Kancheepuram – 10
    Kaveripakkam – 10
    Katpadi – 10
    RK Pet – 10

  12. Hats off to Cola, excellent prediction. Never easy to predict weather in August or September.

    it predicted 47 mm we got around 50 mm.

    And someone also teased Cola by posting that 4mm is only possible…

    Dash expecting ur comments on the post

  13. N-NE looks really dark.New storms developing in N-W but we need storms to form in NNW to get rain.Drizzling for past 2 hours

  14. Cola once again proved it…. Wat else u expect other than tis.. Perfect!! Perfect..I remember Last week,by seeing gfs model,i was telling Sep 8,9,10 luks lik NEM days….yes it happened….

  15. i have noticed it several times,storm as soon as nears the coast its getting more stronger, does it have anything to do with sea breeze??

  16. Almost all model’s extended forecast r hinting at slightly positive IOD throughout winter til jan 2013… I think tis wil favour for us … IOD -NORMAL-ABOVE CONVECTION WIL BE SEEN IN N.IND OCEAN WATERS… For the past 20 days,am keeping an eye on tis map, it clearly shows increasing trend in SST over sw ind ocean ( near madagascar) , wich is a typical feature of IOD http://expert-images.weatheronline.co.uk/daten/proficharts/en/sst/2012/09/07/basis00/sst/12_12090700_0700.gif

  17. NEM Kerala Averages min 600 mm

    Kanjirapally – 927 mm
    Neeriamangalam – 897 mm
    Palai – 887 mm
    Pathanamthitta – 790 mm
    Mavattom – 768mm
    Peermade – 760 mm
    Konni – 745 mm
    Karingad – 730 mm
    Karikode – 722 mm
    Aryankavu – 694 mm
    Mavelikkara – 682 mm
    Chenganacherry – 678 mm
    Kuttiadi – 677 mm
    Adoor – 670 mm
    Nedumangad – 668 mm
    Thiruvalla – 653 mm
    Nilamel – 650 mm
    Chengannur – 644 mm
    Muvattupuzha – 642 mm
    Santhanpara – 638 mm
    Kottarkkara – 634 mm
    Kottayam – 633 mm
    Ambalapuzha – 626 mm
    Alleepy – 624 mm
    Haripad – 623 mm
    Perumbavur- 615 mm
    Kayamkulam – 600

  18. Nilgris and Coimbatore district stations which has above 600 mm average rainfall in NEM

    1.Sundakapalayam, Coimbatore – 1713 mm
    2.Kil-Kotagiri, Nilgris – 953 mm
    3.Conoor, Nilgris – 864 mm
    4.Adderley, Nilgris – 823 mm
    5.Curzon, Nilgris – 816 mm
    6.Kairbetta, Nilgris – 795 mm
    7.Glendale, Nilgris – 790 mm
    8.Havikkal, Nilgris – 757 mm
    9.Kotagiri, Nilgris – 739 mm
    10.Thiashola, Nilgris – 684 mm
    11.Siruvani, Coimbatore – 666 mm
    12.Kodanad, Nilgris – 613 mm
    13..Chinnakallar, Coimbatore – 600 mm
    14.Pillur, Coimbaotre – 600 mm
    15.Attakatti, Coimbatore – 600 mm
    16.Anaikatty Coimbatore – 600 mm

    • I was not able to update NEM 2012 properly yesterday because i was not able to get the images so i will just write down the models name from IRI and its forcast……

      Normal NEM

      Excess NEM

      Excess NEM 2005 record likely

      Normal to slightly above normal

      Excess NEM again showing a 2005 like monsoon

      These are some of the updates, more updates coming…..

      • Another NEM update
        OND 2012(October-December)

        Normal NEM

        Above normal in coastal areas

        Above normal in coastal areas

        Slightly below normal

        below normal
        NDJ 2012-2013(November-January)

        Normal for interiors and below normal for coastal areas

        2005 floods likely

        Excess for coastal areas and normal for interiors

        Above normal for coastal areas and normal for interiors

        Normal monsoon likely

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