6 thoughts on “271 mm rainfall until October 1st is the least rainfall received in first 9 months in over 10 years

  1. Tough to believe that Chennai is reeling under such tropical conditions even during the month of August. Looks like Chennai is already bearing the brunt of the effects of global warming.

    Only a bountiful rainfall can save this city and its residents from the relentless heat.

  2. Such a drought is the least one can imagine during the already tough recession time!! With sky rocketing prices of essential commodites and a poor power generation due to drying water resources already causing a gloomy outllook..Only god knows how worse things are going to become when the full effects of this years drought is felt!!

  3. Really pathetic!! Is nt it?? I hope we all would remember once Rajiv Gandhi made a statement about Kolkata as a “Dying City”. Now I would say that Chennai has taken over this title. Now Chennai is in acute need of heavy rainfall to save its people from the clutches of severe drought conditions. But more pathetic is even if it rains for 1 hr continuously all the roads gets jammed making the traffic in the city even worse. There are considerable areas in Chennai where waterlogging has become very common and I am sad that the current govt. is busy in showcasing its so called “past glory” rather than taking some proactive measures to tackle this situation. All the projects and plans are in the papers but when it comes to implementation, the common man is hardly benefited. Only a godly miracle has to happen to save us from the current crisis.

  4. The SW monsoon rains were usually in the range of 330 mms in the worst case to even 678 mms in 2007 as far as the last decade was concerned… this has been a really poor SW monsoon for Nungambakkam, we cannot say chennai as a whole , coz Meenambakkam has got nearly 420 mms of rain… The reduction in rainfall only meant that more clear skies and excessive heat,which made the conditions oppressive, but i would say that Chennai wasn’t that very humid this year if compared to how Chennai would be on a normal day with 55% of hum during day, this year on so many days we saw hum dipping to as low as 35%… We can only hope for a good NE monsoon in Chennai…

  5. Even though Meenambakkam has received considerable rainfall during the South West Monsoon season, still many questions remain unanswered. While our neighbourhood states were battered by the heavy rainfall last week, here Chennai is experiencing invariably extreme temperatures during the first week of October. There is a significant change in the climate pattern because of various reasons and looks like Chennai is already on the receiving end. All said and done, the North West Monsoon should hopefully set during the 2nd or 3rd week of October and it should rain heavily and the monsoon should be copious. But is there any specific reason for such sudden spurt in temperatures during this time of the year?

    If it doesn’t rain properly during NW monsoon season, it will be a very tough time for this city. Let’s hope that the rain Gods wont let us down this time compulsorily.

  6. Mr.Venkat i think its rather called the north EAST monsoon.The sudden spurt in temperatures is mainly because of clear skies rather than anything else.
    You cant expect cool weather in chennai being near the equator.If not for the SW monsoon chennai would have been very hot right from 15 March to 15 October.
    But definitely, this year,we can see that the southern and south western suburbs of chennai have got pretty heavy rains,especially in the months of july and august.This includes Tambaram,Airport,Pallavaram and the surrounding areas.As of now 10-Oct the rainfall data is-

    Minambakkam – 49cm

    Nungambakkam – 27cm

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