2 months to go for NEM

SWM has a lot to make up over Chennai. Some good rains can be expected later in the week

5 driest SWM’s in Nungambakkam this century

175 mm (2012)

233.2 mm (2009)

337 mm (2005)

355 mm (2002)

360 mm (2004)

Can nungambakkam manage to get out of this list?

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  1. Cloud development seen over south east bay and moving up..

    All models promising excellent weather for Chennai starting from Friday…GFS shows some kind of system very close to Chennai coast next week..by looking at the forecast of Foreca, COLA and GFS, these r not going to be regular summer thunder showers..

  2. 2 years back…Aug 21,21,23 2010….

    A trough formed near Chennai coast and gave widespread rain for 3 days…especially areas around Tambaram received very heavy rains on Aug 23 afternoon..anybody remember???

    Even Bangalore received continuous heavy rains on Aug 21..

  3. I am not too confident about todays rain, but the following is the rain forecast

    accu – 22 mm
    Foreca – 70 % chance of late night rain
    Cola – 10 mm
    WU – 7.4 mm

  4. Looks like today is day for interiors. Nothing is coming towards the coast. It was mentioned in Business Line that the interiors will have good rains this week.

  5. some rains can be expected today. A small thunderstorm is developing near Arakkonam while I am posting this.
    A wet week ahead with scattered rains for coastal and interior tamil nadu as per Mr.Vinson kurien who writes for business line.
    So chennai will get some decent rains before this August ends.

  6. good news from hindu business line.its here under.
    The expansive monsoon session continued over northwest India, east and northeast India during the 24 hours ending Wednesday morning.

    Global model forecasts suggest heavy rains would continue to last parts of these regions over the next couple of days.


    Two back-to-back typhoons, โ€˜Tembinโ€™ and โ€˜Bolaven,โ€™ have been churning up the East China Sea to sustain the monsoon flows over the past few days.

    Models forecasts persist with the already articulated view that a comparatively drier climes over Central India would migrate to north India by the weekend (August 25).

    Ongoing rains in the north are expected to lose in intensity and withdraw themselves to the fringes of the north India adjoining the Himalayan foothills.

    Rains would also have lifted from West Rajasthan and adjoining Gujarat, even beginning to sign off from these regions marking end of the season here.

    In the meantime, some rain would find its way into peninsular India. It is expected to be more pronounced towards the east coast along Chennai and adjoining south coastal Andhra Pradesh coast.


    The wet spell is forecast to hold until midweek next week, these models suggest.

    India Meteorological Department (IMD) said in an update that the monsoon was active over Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim until Wednesday morning.

    Over northwest India, similar conditions persisted over Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Delhi, Chandigarh and west Madhya Pradesh.

    The causative โ€˜lowโ€™ was located to over south Uttar Pradesh and adjoining north Madhya Pradesh.


    A rain alert said that heavy to very heavy rainfall would lash the Jammu division, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and east Rajasthan during the next two days.

    Heavy rains have been forecast for Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

    An extended outlook by the IMD valid for the next seven days predicted some rain for the western Himalayan region, the west coast, east and northeast India.


  7. Hi Kea

    Foreca predicted rains yday and today but not a drop, and now according to its forecast expecting heavy rains tmorow and sat. Can it be true?

  8. Atlast , researchers clearly stated tat there is only very weak relation btween ENSO and NEMR… 1997-2010 NEM rainfall stastics wher considered for d analysis… The interested thing they hav concluded is tat, during the NEM season, diurnal rainfall peaks over land during late afternoon / evening and rainfall peaks during early morning over ocean or mid sea .. Positive phase of ENSO,IOD favours normal-above normal rain..

  9. Yesterday rain batters South Interior Karnataka. Rainfall in mm ending 8.30 am on 23.08.2012 are

    Hosadurga – 188
    Mulbagal – 102
    Thayalur- 96.2
    Kerekatte – 60
    Avani – 56
    Kolar – 54
    Duggasandra – 50.1
    Talya – 44.1
    Holur – 42.1
    Pulgurkote – 40

  10. preliminary Karnataka rainfall in mm on 24,08,2012

    Yesterday night it was a huge storm

    Kunigal 140.2
    Sira 135
    Badarli 120.2
    Batahalli 120
    Kurdi 110
    Kallambella 104.2
    Devasamudra 102.4
    Sindhanur 100
    Hoskote 97.2
    Ravihal 95.2
    Bellary 90.6
    Chitradurga 86
    Bellavi 84.6
    Rayapura 83.7
    Nagalamadike 82.2
    Siruguppa 82
    Nidasale 80.4
    Hireguntanur 78.4
    Chintamani 78.4
    Madhugiri 78
    Yelahanka 77.4
    Hebbal 76.6
    Kaladagi 76.06
    Thumbadi 75
    Manvi 73
    Irrigampalli 70.4
    Mysore 69.4
    Begur 68.2
    Huliyurdurga 66.4
    VatadaHosahalli 66
    Lingasugur 66
    Ramapur 65.2
    Byala 65.1
    Gurumittkal 65.1
    Pavagada 65
    B.G.Kere 63.6
    Kotagal 63.4
    Kaiwara 63
    Tekkalkote 62.2
    Dodda Kowalande 61.4
    Kadur 61
    Roonour 60
    Channarayapatna 59.4
    Santhepet 59.4
    Nelahal 59.3
    Ankasandra 59
    Y.N.Hoskote 58
    Kotagal 57.4
    Kencharahalli 56
    Kunnatgi 55.2
    Hosur 54.8
    Chelur 54
    Tumkur 54
    Mudabalu 53.8
    Yekkambi 52.8
    Thippagondanahalli 52
    Kodigenahalli 49.7
    Magadi 49.7
    Itakadibbanahalli 49.2
    Gogante 49.2
    Markandeyanakere 49.2
    Saligrama 48.2
    Gauribidanur 47.6
    Darinayakanapalya 47
    Sadali 47
    D.Marikunte 46.5
    Salgunda 46.2
    Jadigenahalli 46
    Mavathur 45.8
    Sosale (Hasuvanahally) 45.8
    Arodi 45.6
    Maski 45.4
    Nesargi 45.2
    Mudgal 45
    Aurad (B) 44.7
    Chikanandi 44.6
    Somayajalpalli 44
    Kolar Gold Field 44
    Kanva 44
    Thondebhavi 43.2
    Moka 43
    Marconahalli 42.7
    Thyamagondlu 41.2
    Baasuru 41.2
    HorakeredevarpurH.D 41
    Gokarna 40.9
    Chickjala 40.6
    Kolkunda 40.5
    Honnavalli 40.3

  11. Hurricane hunters from NOAA hav entered into the eye of the storm Isaac in carib sea …its likely to move into gulf region, may intensify n strike US PANHANDLE coast ..

  12. We haven’t had rains for the past 1 week. The humidity is at its peak for the past few days (reminding us of the torrid days in may-june). We badly need rains.

  13. “From whr do u get such an exhaustive list?”

    Praveen…..he doesn’t get these info from anywhere else..it gets generated and comes from himself..because he is “The Data Man” !!! :mrgreen:

  14. A HUGE TS Battering the Central TN….


    But Foreca predict it may reach us in early hours tomorrow…

  15. Reputation of “Spot-on” Foreca at stake tonite !!!

    Mount Jon will be speechless if it fails again! Can it come back to form and prove its worth with a monsterous downpour at 5 am tmrw? โ— โ“ ๐Ÿ™„

  16. Foreca prediction for the weekend a huge flop, not a drop of rain. The age old proverb always holds good in terms of weather. A Woman’s mind and weather predictions can never be predicted.

  17. Guess what. Dry phase coming up from Monday onwards according to the ever so reliable Foreca.

    What happened to all the wet weather forecasted for end of the month.

  18. Rain batters Tamil Nadu preliminary rainfall in mm ending 8.30 am on 25.08.2012

    Villipuram, Ariyalur, Perambalur, Dharmapuri, Karur, Salem and Sivaganga districts gets bountiful rains.

    Ariyalur – 89
    Kalrayanhills – 83
    Sathanur Dam – 77
    Karimangalam – 75
    Thiruvennainallur – 70
    Yercaud – 65
    Kandamangalam – 68
    Mugaiyur – 62
    Jayankondam – 61
    Vallam – 56
    Kanai – 50
    Thiagadurgam – 49
    Kallakkurichi – 41
    Veppanthattai – 42
    Thuvakudi – 38
    Mecheri – 37
    Vattalkundu – 37
    Manamadurai – 36
    Olakkur – 34
    Tiruchirapalli – 33
    Mailam – 30
    Thanthoni – 28
    Panchapatti – 27
    Kadaiyampatty – 27
    Harur – 27
    Vennandur – 26
    Madurai – 25
    Kodaikanal – 25
    Marakknam – 25
    Gingee – 25
    Periyakulam – 23
    Krishnarayapuram – 23
    Vanur – 22
    Polur – 22
    Vaigai Dam – 20

  19. Third day of good rains in karnataka

    Preliminary Rainfall in mm ending 8.30 am on 25.08.2012

    Maripalla 92.4
    Gokarna 80.9
    Bannur 80.6
    Madhugiri 78
    Mangalore 63.8
    Kukkala 63.6
    Kundakere 48.2
    Gurumittkal 48.2
    Bantwal 48
    Basgod 43.4
    Venoor 42.6
    Balehonnur 41.4
    Mysore 41.2
    Nandi Hills 41
    Naravi 41
    Kolkunda 40.5
    Koila 38.4
    Dudda 36
    Kagalavadi 35.2
    Mulikar 34.8
    Virajpet 33.4
    Yelawala 32.8
    Ulloor 32.4
    K.M.Doddi 32.2
    Chikkamagalur 31.4
    Dharmasthala 31.2
    Varana 30.8

  20. Massive massive failure by Foreca yesterday….it was correct in its prediction of storm formation (central tn near Villupuram)..but made error in predicting its movement..since the wind direction was from S/SE in Chennai for the past few days, it forecasted NE movement of the system..

  21. Nope just as i thought,the cloud lost its fibrous look .Now its starting to dissipate

  22. Tamil Nadu is now in Normal Category…..deficiency is only 18% now…see the image….yesterday’s rain was the second highest for Tamil Nadu this SWM.

  23. Thunder has also joined the party..pouring for the last 15mins..absolutely delightful downpour..how come Kea’s station is drawing a blank?!

  24. After the red dots,guess the orange dots are not skirting through us in Besant nagar!stupendous rains

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