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  1. kea,
    sports talk is enough why this? are you creating kea cricket and kea non weather ,sports talk is enough for both no need this page

  2. The Eiffel Tower went dark briefly to mark Earth Hour, the campaign to raise awareness about climate change.

    The five-minute dark-out on Saturday night was a symbolic gesture in the City of Light. Cities around the world also marked the event, with other landmarks like the Kremlin and the Empire State Building going dark.

    France has been preparing for months to host an international climate conference in Paris at the end of the year, pressing nations to set attainable goals for reducing greenhouse gases and mobilizing international finances to fight climate change.

    Earth Hour was launched in 2007 by the World Wildlife Fund to encourage awareness of environmental issues. The idea is to turn off lights for an hour not possible for safety reasons for the Eiffel Tower.

  3. Signs of alien life will be detected by 2025, while “definitive evidence” of extra-terrestrial beings may be found within the next 20 to 30 years, top Nasa scientists say.
    “I think we’re going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade, and I think we’re going to have definitive evidence within 20 to 30 years,” Nasa chief scientist Ellen Stofan said.

  4. Japan has again demonstrated its prowess in high-speed rail travel with its state-of-the-art maglev train setting a world record of just over 600km/h (373mph),

  5. Ideal Topic on World’s Earth Day.

    A new research found that the World’s Epicentre is under the foot of Chidambaram’s Nataraja Temple’s IDOL. Yesterday tamil daily Dinamalar published an article on that.

    This would be ideal on World’s Earth Day. Yes the Earth’s Magnetic Epicentre Lies under the foot thumb of Chidambaram Nataraja. This research was revealed long back by some foreign researchers, but now it is confirmed by Indian Scientists too.

    Chidambaram temple was built 6000 years before, the base is the depicting Human Body.

    It thoroughly researched by a tamil scientist named Thirumular around 5000 years before. To understand his writings, it will take another 100 years for modern scientists.

  6. A sad news to share about CMRL negligence.

    A person called Mr Giridharan who is from my Wife’s native and my in laws family friend died today morning at 09.00AM,

    This accident was happened when he was driving a bike and crossing Chennai Metro Rail station near Officers Training Academy, a rod fell on his head from the upper level. He was spot dead since that ROD was very heavy.

    The CMRL stopped project in that site long before and it is abandoned for longer time.

  7. Robot kills worker at Volkswagen plant in Germany

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