North East Monsoon Onset likely

The much awaited rainy season of Tamil Nadu, the North East Monsoon is expected to set in and commence during the next 24 hours aided by favorable conditions. The first spell of rains with the onset is expected as a result out of a churning Low Pressure Area which continues to persist near Sri Lanka and the adjoining SW Bay. Heavy showers/thundershowers are likely along coastal districts of TN along with isolated places in coastal Andhra Pradesh and parts of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Meanwhile , in the deep waters of the Arabian Sea, the spinning mass of convective clouds, associated with a well marked Low Pressure Area is likely to intensify into a Depression during next 48 hours. With these Low Pressure systems around, the fishermen are warned to be cautious while venturing out into sea along and off TN coast and Lakshadweep. An Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation is seen to persist near NW Madhya Pradesh, alongside a Western Disturbance to the North. Hail/Thundershowers are likely in parts of East UP.

Chennai will see a day break with clouds all around. Rains to occur in several parts through the day. Maximum temp. will stay around 32 C.

Coimbatore will stay partly cloudy with a mild chance of rains and will see a day time high settling close to 32 C

Madurai to stay cloudy , with rains at pockets of the city and surroundings. Maximum may inch close to 33 C

Trichy to witness cloudy skies , with rains around at times. Temp will stay close to 33 C

Vellore will see cloudy skies as well, with occasional rains as well. Maximum will settle in the low thirties.

2,678 thoughts on “North East Monsoon Onset likely

  1. Will there be rains today? Last night around 7.30pm there were few showers in kilpauk for about 20 mins. And then it’s totally dry…

  2. I had doubts about rainfall for today since the weekend. Looks like we need to be content with the isolated shower here or there. Nothing widespread is expected.

  3. Good morning to all πŸŒ….

    The much waited Nem onset possible today .
    Coastal areas going to enjoy the showers today like last year . Later the day progress , Ts will form more and target the Chennai , so lets leave it to nature . Imd gfs model doesn’t looks good for Chennai only for next 7days . But forecast will change soon 😁.

  4. City can expect monsoon magic from today

    According to officials at the Regional Meteorological Department, Chennai, the city β€œmay experience heavy rains with thundershowers on Wednesday.

    The news has come as a welcome relief to residents who have been struggling due to depleting groundwater resources as well as the rapid decline in storage levels at the city’s principal reservoirs supplying drinking water.

    In Chennai, the sky will be generally cloudy.

  5. With nothing much near our shores in Radar, we need to wait till noon to get WS rains. Things look tough for IMD to announce onset.


      • Widespread in Any Particular Regional Coast has been Taken for NEM Onset.
        It can be Either North Coastal or Central Coastal or South Tamilnadu, Last Year Onset has been Declared with Heavy Rains from Nellore to Pondy and Especially Chennai.

  6. Very good thunder shower during wee hours at east tambaram…all damp and wet around typical NEM days arrived…30 mm would have fell last night

  7. I get a feel that onset is very much possible today given the pre monsoon weather prevailed yesterday. Like last year’s onset which bloomed out of nowhere, this year’s onset may throw another surprise. Noon looks probable for onset!

  8. The much awaited typical nem day is here. I can smell it in the air and moreover temperature also has gone down rapidly. Sky is covered with clouds completely. A couple of good spells today and imd might announce the onset

  9. Heavy rains early morning in ChitlapakkamI could see many empty grounds with rain.water usually it gets filled only for heavy rain.

  10. Sun news flash!
    Indru vadakelaku paruvamalai thodangerathu!
    tamilakathi iravu paravalana malai!
    Chennaiyil sila idingalis malai peithathu!

  11. Current Conditions of Radar Resembles Last Year Onset day where the Rain Bands first Reached ECR and Heavy Rainbands moved from SE to NW and thereby Onset has been Declared

  12. Water had been stagnated throughout my area even in upper level areas… means there have been heavy rain in early morning…

  13. 1st spell of NEM Rainfall in Chennai, Chembarabakkam Lake gets heavy spell
    The band which moved from SE hit South chennai around mid-night / early morning.

    Preliminary Rainfall in mm

    Chembarabakkam Lake – 51
    Sathyabama University – 24
    Thiruporur (Near Kelambakkam) – 23
    Hindustan University – 19
    Katupakkam – 16
    Minjur – 15
    Chennai AP (Meenambakkam) – 14
    Kolapakkam – 13
    Kadambathur – 13
    Thirukalukundram – 13
    Avadi – 8
    Taramani – 7
    Poonamalle – 5

    • Among private aws, karthik Raghavs tambaram station recorded 70mm and Raijins thaiyur station recorded 28mm

  14. Only two stations missed yesterday rains – Nunga and DGP Marina. Machili 94 mm, Kaza 95 mm, Tarakaturu 74 mm

  15. Sober Onset. Normally, DGP and Nunga gets something on onset. Ehsan is going mad, depressed. He expected a lot.

  16. Waiting for rain from midnight… But we can’t receive any single drop… Present climate is also similar for yesterday… Fully overcast but no rainy clouds…

  17. We expected bang rains but remember last year onset, on the onset day rains commenced at 2pm on one Thursday and lasted till that Sunday. So keep hope.

  18. As predicted by someone, we had good rains in many parts, post midnight. Though core of chennai missed out. This, aftr thanjai, ariyalur etc had good rains. This is a good sign

  19. OMG!! its 7.6 cms from midnight rain..overall 9.3 cm from yesterday till 8.30 am..vey good start for tambaram areas..

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