SWM checks out from some more parts of East & Central India

The South West Monsoon (SWM) has further withdrawn from the remaining parts of East UP, North Chhattisgarh & East MP and most parts of Bihar. The East West shear zone runs roughly along 15N extending between 3.1 and 5.8 km above sea level. Rains will continue across most parts of peninsular India. Heavy falls likely to occur over isolated places in TN and Andaman & Nicobar Islands.


Chennai will see a cloudy day with maximum temperature settling close to 33 C. Rains possible in parts of the city.

Madurai to see a partly cloudy day with a day time high close to 32 C

Coimbatore will see a cloudy day, with a temperature settling close to 30 C. Rains to occur in isolated places.

Vellore will stay comfortable in the low thirties. Rains can occur at times.

Trichy will have an enjoyable day with a max temp of 30-31 C. Rain chances persists.

1,147 thoughts on “SWM checks out from some more parts of East & Central India

  1. IT NEVER RAINS BUT IT POURS- Velachery Tambaram Main Road -Vijayanagar Bus Stand. This place last two days I have been crossing worst drainage system and adding up woes to the people all major shopping centre located now here. I had to struggle crossing this place during the rain.

    • Lived there in 2005-2008 it used to be a nightmarish experience during rains…I can empathize your woes water used to stay on roads for weeks even for small rains

  2. Even before NEM could start this is the scene near Chrompet Railway/Police Station . Many bloggers from Chrompet aware of this place. During heavy rain Police use to stand near a manhole to guide motorist . Inspite of huge development in Chrompet this place yet to see the colour for ages.

  3. COIMBATORE: Weather experts have predicted that the North-East monsoon is likely to hit the district anytime between October 8 and 15. They have suggested the date to be closer to the end of the first week of October.


    The district usually receives around 380 mm of rainfall between October 15 and December 15, which is considered the season for the North-East monsoon. This monsoon accounts for 48% of the rainfall received by the district throughout the year. “South-West monsoon contributes to only 32% of the rainfall and summer rains 16%,” said an official of TNAU’s Agro-Climate Research Department. “Since, our summer rains were so heavy, we might even surpass our annual average rainfall this year,” said officials.

    The district, this year, will have to receive a minimum of 266 mm of rainfall during the upcoming monsoons to reach its annual rainfall target of 674 mm. ” The intensity or success of the North-East monsoons depends on the cyclones that will form over the Bay of Bengal this season,” says weather expert, T N Balasubramanian. “Currently, the receeding South-West monsoon has caused a low pressure trough to form and that is giving us rains.


  4. Good improvement expected in withdrawal in next 2-3 days along east india,as the line stretching below marathwada,chattisgarh,jharkhand and chances for Arb sea branch to hold on along s.guj

  5. Congrats to Shankar for attempting the 100 km Endurance TT ride. First KeaWeather blogger to attempt it. As I type he should still be riding.

    Hope the weather cooperates and he completes it within the cut off time.

  6. Tomorrow i can c a circulation over tamil nadu..is tat gng to bring heavy rains! if so wich ar the areas gng to receive the down pour!

  7. Vizag m dep…given heavy rainfall to occur in chittor kadapa nellore prakasam guntur districts…………. In next 24 hrs

  8. Air flow patterns as per BOM sees some cyclonic field in central bay…this is 00 UTC latest…still need to check imd

  9. Santa cruz 15
    Colaba 56
    NaSik 20
    Ratnagiri 50
    Calicut 29
    Kochi 13
    Trivandrum 20
    Cuddalore 27
    Nellore 24
    Bhubaneswar 23 in mm

  10. 22W MUJIGAE
    As of 12:00 UTC Oct 03, 2015:

    Location: 19.5ยฐN 113.3ยฐE
    Maximum Winds: 65 kt
    Minimum Central Pressure: 974 mb

    Heading towards north korea!

  11. 23W CHOI-WAN
    As of 00:00 UTC Oct 04, 2015:

    Location: 20.2ยฐN 160.6ยฐE
    Maximum Winds: 50 kt
    Minimum Central Pressure: 985 mb

    Choi-wan intensifying monster is getting ready to attack the(earthquake nation)

  12. India: a depression looks set to form in the Bay of Bengal midweek. A cyclone may also form in Arabian Sea. Chris F BBC

  13. Why SW winds moves north in bay of bengal and then north west and why not continuing in SW direction as in kerala

  14. Rainfall Update

    Gingee (Villupuram Dist)


    Thali (Krishnagiri Dist)


    Sathanur Dam (Tiruvannamalai Dist), Dharamapuri (Dharmapuri Dist), Denkanikottai (Krishnagiri Dist), Tindivanam (Villupuram Dist), Cuddalore (Cuddalore Dist), Cheyyur (Kancheepuram Dist)

    3 each

  15. Also gfs consistently showing good ne winds from 13th for last 3-4 updates which is a encouraging one for us but not showing a wet start as we saw in the previous year

    • Yep according to gfs we will be seeing ne winds earlier which will give isolated showers but not enough to conclude it as onset, so

  16. Arabian sea wind pattern is favourable for hosting any system compared to Bay during next 2 weeks. NE monsoon wind flow is hindered by pacific systems currently.

  17. AS cyclone still intense on this and still offshore to India and Pakistan coasts. Meanwhile in south this indicates a westward moving trough , a broad one …

  18. Pleasant weather to continue

    People hitting the roads for a long trip may want to check the highway forecast of the department that predicts a fairly better temperature level and thundershowers for Chennai, Puducherry and Vellore.

    Chennai may have some surprise showers during evening hours till Monday. Officials say with the Northeast monsoon around the corner, more weather systems are expected to brew over the Bay of Bengal as harbingers of the much-expected season.


  19. Latest ecmwf takes a stronger cyclone towards north Gujarat and adjoining Pakistan coast with central pressure of 955 hPa. Meanwhile, northeasterly winds are seen getting dominance across south China sea, MTC region, and we seem to have a westward moving equatorial wave activity along our region. Hopefully, it sets in favorable conditions for onset here between 15th and 20th October.

  20. chennai is definitely seeing a change in climate because of NE winds blowing above in 1-2KM. This is without any influence of any low in bay. That means NEM is on the way. let us enjoy the party this season.

  21. IMD’s 00 UTC analysis is in consensus with BOM’s analysis on the organizing low level circulation, with its center close to east central bay. The trough associated with it is large with westward extension…

  22. so AS system is going to play a light spoiler to NEM but better than having a cyclone in bay and moving to vizag, odisha and even bangladesh.

  23. Lot of Storms formed over S.ap and N.tn. Thunderstorms possible highly. Chidambaram to get battered in an hour

  24. Guys pls winds are from NNE/NE hope for a popup NNE /NE of Chennai we will get rains or hope for over head developments. All interior popups going in land

  25. Pic that explains the atmosphere response to water and land after day time heating. Cumulus seen all over land but not over tat particular waterbody.. Water has higher specific heat capacity than land.

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