Scattered Thundershowers To Continue Over Tamil Nadu

The East-West shear zone persists roughly along Latitude 14.0°N extending between 3.1 & 5.8 km above mean sea level. An upper air circulation has developed near the Andamans embedded in this
East-West trough. Under the influence of these synoptic systems coupled with day-time heating, scattered thundershowers would be experienced in Tamil Nadu, Rayalaseema and Interior Karnataka.
Fairly widespread rains accompanied by winds, lightning, thunder and even hail would be experienced in Maharashtra and parts of Telangana. Some isolated rainfall activity would be observed over Odisha and Chhattisgarh.


Chennai – A cloudy morning might clear into a scorching and humid afternoon with the temperature reaching 35-36 C. Showers possible in the night.

Madurai – A warm day ahead with a maximum of around 36 C. Isolated showers likely in parts of the district.

Coimbatore – Warm and humid day likely with an expected maximum of 33-34 C. Light rains possible in the city.

Trichy – The city will experience very humid and warm weather with the mercury rising to 36-37 C. Isolated showers possible.

Vellore – Better weather likely at Vellore compared to other cities with a high of around 34 C. Showers likely in the evening.

942 thoughts on “Scattered Thundershowers To Continue Over Tamil Nadu

  1. IMD 22mm & metsite 20mm..Nunga missed those evening showers, its compensating here now..Good start to oct..

  2. yesterday evening thunders and today morning rumbling thunders is a typical aug/sep TS style..Nice to hear those after many days..

  3. Hi Guys,Its been a long time since we’ve met……….had a busy time because of 12th…….Just freed myself now…… 😛
    Heavy rain here! 🙂

  4. Fantastic rains , sustained spell right thru. Radar looking good for one more hour minimum.
    Btw. Nice to see early morning rains..The sesonal rains is it not…

  5. Gud morning blogerrs my area is still reciving rain .it touches 20 mm and it is one of the best nieght ever rain continuos from 12 am with its intensity increasing and decreasing hope it will touch atleast 25 mm radar looks good for atleast an hout.more on store from today onwards for chennai for atleast coupel of days. And iam eagerly waiting for our NEM to onset.;)

  6. Good morning guys!
    Foreca clearly predicted yesterday’s storm to continue till mrning and it’s just happening.Clearly shows why it is one of the best weather app! 🙂
    Official reading-
    25mm from yesterday night.
    17mm early mrning.
    Total 42mm so far..

  7. Good morning..

    “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”― Napoleon Hill

    The upper air cyclonic circulation over westcentral bay of bengal off andhra coast extending upto 2.1 km above mean sea level persists.The east-west shear zone roughly along latitude 14.0 N extending between 3.1 & 5.8 km above mean sea level persists. The upper air cyclonic circulation over eastcentral and adjoining southeast arabian sea extending upto 3.1 km above mean sea level persists .

    Many parts of Chennai city received 2 to 4 cm rain last night.Ameen reported 10cm rain at Hindustan University. North of Chennai had heavy showers.

    Chennai city continue to receive medium to heavy rain for another 3 to 4 days.

    North and northwest interior TN district including Salem ,Erode Krishnagiri ,Vellore Dharmapuri and other adjoining districts of Chennai are also expected to have medium to rather heavy rain for 4 days.

  8. As expected Nunga nears 30mm and Rains Continuing Still.
    Wat a Rains absolutely pelting down from 1.30 – 4am with variations in intensity and light rains continues now.

  9. Tonight going to be another Massive day for Rains In North Crore Dists. Expecting Good Widespread Rains

  10. BN has missed out on this early morning spell.RG shows only 8mm.Happy to see other areas benefitting.I am more worried about the bone dry lakes.These spells can help to keep it ready for the upcoming NEM

  11. Not much of rains yesterday at Pallavaram. Thunder and lightening was there but distant and not loud. Only drizzling at times heavy rains.

  12. Good morning!

    what a rains here!
    smashing rains at kk nagar today very early morning!

    My rg recorded 26mm!
    not bad!

  13. OMG Kelambakkam Hindustan University 95 mm.. Sathyabama 75 mm. Have to leave for school, see you later :p

  14. Heavy rains lashing south Andhra…..
    Yerpedu – 105 mm
    Gudar- 101 mm
    Peddamudiam – 100 mm
    Yerraguntla – 92 mm
    Ahobilam kurnool – 82 mm
    Venkatagiri -77
    Vampalle – 76 mm

  15. 34 mm ending 24 hours. Includes 5 mm rains yesterday afternoon around 2 pm.
    Overnight rains 30 mm till now.
    Decent start .

  16. Hail warning to Telangana and North Interior Karnataka …GFS indicates heavy thunder storms today and tomorrow

  17. There is a slight mistake in the D.C article by the author,2005 seen mentioned as Elnino year..actually it was not an elnino year, it was a perfect negative iod year with enso index falling to neutral-weak lanina.. Oceanic & atmospheric conditions mimicked negative iod state with a clean dipole structure in 2005 fall/winter..

    and regarding our recent analysis posted here in blog, i missed tat day so now i am thanking everyone for ur wishes..
    Two different ENSO and two different IOD years,each have their unique signature in certain part of the basin .Getting into the right track is crucial so we had a complete look into all oceanic /atmospheric conditions before concluding the years for our analysis which includes sub surface conditions,200vp anomaly, sea level pressure anomaly,equ winds burst,wind stress curl etc.. Undoubtedly only private weather org to do!! Thanks EHSAN for providing such a nice platform and bringing all like-minded weather observers around the world into a tight shell!

    • True @selvanfun:disqusThanks to KEA lot of importance is being given to Monsoon, Weather, Elnino & IOD etc. (For many readers – from the public point of view – they would have never heard terms like Elnino & IOD etc, Full marks to Key Stars like you and @gokultamilselvam:disqus and others highlighting and creating an awareness about weather . This is visible through Face Book , twitter and through media highlighting KEA + the number of visitors to this blog from across the Globe proves it

  18. Yesterday night me Asad, mouli, Oregon uncle……. . We were busy tracking TS we didn’t slept whole night 🌃. The thing is that radar was struck from 12 o clock to 5 o clock!

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