Rainfall likely to reduce in TN

South West Monsoon further withdrew from West UP and some parts of East UP, MP, Gujarat and the North Arabian Sea. The Upper air circulation over Lakshadweep is likely to move towards East Central Arabian Sea. The East-West shear zone will move away from 11N Latitude toward South Interior Karnataka.

Rainfall in Tamil Nadu likely to get reduced whereas heavy rain is likely over South Interior Karnataka and Rayalaseema in the next 24 hours.

02. India_Sat (1)

Chennai: The “Detroit of India” will remain partly cloudy, with temp touching 35C.

Tiruchirappalli: Sky to remain partly cloudy. Day temp likely to be around 35C.

Madurai: City to remain cloudy, day temp likely to be around 35C. Mild chance of rain.

Coimbatore: To remain cloudy with max temp to be moderate around 31C. Occasional showers possible.

Vellore: Day temp likely to be around 33C.

1,650 thoughts on “Rainfall likely to reduce in TN

  1. Good morning..Happy Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi.

    UAC over westcentral and adjoining
    eastcentral bay of bengal extending upto 2.1 km above mean sea level persists .The east-west shear zone roughly along latitude 11.0N extending between 3.1 & 5.8 km above mean sea level persists.Another UAC over eastcentral &adjoining southeast arabian sea and lakshadweep area extending upto mid-tropospheric levels persists . The western disturbance as an upper air trough in the mid-tropospheric westerlies roughly along longitude 70.0 E and of latitude 30.0 N persists.

    Parts of Interior TN districts and would have good rain.Chennai would have cloudy weather and some places would have medium showers today.

  2. Oct 02 2015 : The Times of India (Chennai)

    Monsoon ends with lowest rainfall in 6 yrs

    The monsoon season ended on Wednesday with a 14% deficit, making it the weakest monsoon since 2009.In terms of average countrywide rainfall during the season (June-September), this year was the third lowest since 1979, the other acutely deficient year being 2002.

    The country received 760.6mm rainfall during the June-September monsoon season as against the normal 887.5 mm, which is less than last year’s monsoon performance of 781.7mm. With this, the country has seen two back-to-back droughts, the first since 1986-1987.

    In September, despite a few late spells of rain in several parts of the country including deficit regions such as central Maharashtra, Marathwada, south peninsula and northwest India, the total rainfall was the lowest since 2005. The country received 131.4mm rainfall in Septem ber this year, 24% less than the normal and the lowest in the past 11 September months. In 2002 and 2009, the two worst drought years the country experienced in recent decades, the rainfall deficiency stood at 19.2% and 21.8%, respectively . In fact, 2009 was more than just a drought year; it was one in which the country reeled under the impact of global recession. The rainfall deficiency was 19% in 1979.


  3. Parumanchala in kurnool dist 179mm
    Poduru in WG 144
    Muruturu in WG 105mm

    Cuddalore 16
    Kozhikode 29
    Panjim 34 mm
    Kaki 30
    Machili 20

    • இன்னிக்கு எல்லோரும் ஒரே மொட்டை மாடி போட்டோதான்

    • கிட்டத்தட்ட நானும் இதேமாறி போட்டோ போட்ட்ருகேன்

  4. Great puzzle to all: Which will win in the fight between tropical systems and sub-tropical systems in most of the cases if they encounter face to face? What could be the reason??

  5. ஒரே சிலு சிலுன்னு காத்து சூப்பர்

  6. Uac over central bay ll weaken and giving chance low to develop near East central bay… It ll sustain for 2 days and fizzle outs in sea.
    Irregular Easterlies activities ( pre monsoon showers) ll be there for city for next few days…
    Hpa dominating central india ll makes withdrawal much faster than normal!!
    Strong easterly wave going to affect tamilnadu on oct 11-12
    It may intensify into low near gulf of manar..
    Hence, onset of nem ll takes place simultaneously

  7. Very cool and pleasant. Awesome weather with bright sunshine already some low clouds started to form over south

  8. Happy Gandhi jayanthi everyone! 🙂
    All set for India vs South africa clash from tonight😎
    Regarding rains..most of the models predict good rainfall from tonight!✌🏻️

  9. Hurricane Joaquin is now a Cat-4 storm,batters Bahamas and started moving away slowly!
    Location: 22.9°N 74.4°W
    Maximum Winds: 115 kt Gusts: 140 kt
    Minimum Central Pressure: 931 mb

  10. As we are heading towards the busy period for the blog please limit non weather chat here. Please use the sports page to discuss about cricket and the others page for movies.

  11. Good morning! Happy Gandhi jayanthi

    As the winds turn SW again today, evening thunderstorms might resume. There is abundant moisture available at all levels.

    • Night meena 24.9 nunga 26.5 …also it had rained at meena…guess easterlies triggering storm slightly interior…

  12. The South West Monsoon has further withdrawn from remaining parts of West Uttar Pradesh, most parts of East Uttar Pradesh, some more parts of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat state and north Arabian sea.

  13. Why tropical systems could not able to overcome the sub-tropical systems (ridge)’s effect??? Even after long battle tropical systems succumb to sub-tropical system’s effect. But surprisingly latest west pacific typhoon Dujuan overcome the effect of sub-tropical ridge effect.

    • Poor Atlantic hurricane Jaoquin (even after reaching cat.4), now going to face the brunt of very powerful STR that residing over entire USA😂😂😂

      • Lol😂😂where cool waters?? NW-Atlantic SSTA is in fuming😀😀http://www.ospo.noaa.gov/data/sst/anomaly/2015/anomnight.10.1.2015.gif

      • It’s very bad. As I hope that after 3 years (Sandy-2012), this hurricane will make similar track and cross the coast near NEWJersy so that I also can see the some direct effect from it. Unfortunately it’s going to move into open waters. Once again ECMWF rocks. GFS must be ashamed as it initial runs shown USA-east coast LF. But king ECMWF showing open seas track from starting onwards😂😂😂

  14. Happen to read dinamalar on weather In repor recent t reasons rain are due VS seems said by IMD staff but in their report they have said it as SWM lol

  15. Actually I hope on Partha’s word of +ve NAO pushing (due to Hpa block over North Atlantic) this hurricane in W/NW track towards USA east coast. But real time track going to miss entire USA-east coast😂😂😂

  16. Happy to see a few bloggers sharing early morning Anvil snaps.Lets credit Srivats for guiding us.I was crossing the Marina by 5.30am and the eastern sky had the silhouettes of the incredible anvils.I had not taken by DSLR and so had to use my mobile phone to capture that poetic moment.
    Srivats will be shortly announcing the NEM Photo contest and we encourage all bloggers to use their mobile phones / cameras / DSLRs generously and come out with monsoon delights.

  17. Usual lots of low clouds seen over west and east . Due to changes in wind , Ts will form afternoon in interior districts and some ts will move towards chennai

  18. Good morning all..net is looking with bubbly and chubby round little clouds rolling over skies…I like the post in DC as Detroit of India..kudus DC kea group

  19. Gopal666 Bn…its a good idea to conduct a photo contest in this nem…so pls go ahead for further make-ups regarding that

  20. GFS predicts a repeat of the conditions 2 days back next week lol.. With the exception of a circulation in NC BOB

    • It proves that the city needs have exponentially gone up and its not just an excess monsoon which can help us.Effective water management alongside RWH + restoring the old lakes ( that could be just be a pipe dream) + Desalination ( which already is in place) are critical to our long term survival

  21. Severe thunderstorms hit mumbai yesterday evening followed by hot and humid temperature…
    Hails reported in some parts of the city

  22. Why these AO/NAO forecasted to remain +ve even beyond next few days?? This is not good for NEM as per the literature😂😂😂

  23. I’ve read the keatured comment, but just want to remind everyone that Ind vs SA, a 2 month tour is starting today !!

  24. Why still that central bay low is not forming??
    If that forms it has to reach tamilnadu as gokul said..
    Tamilnadu aachae Ethae andhra / orrisa mean Epayo reach aairukum

  25. Nem can wait. The purattasi rains – if not disturbed by bob cyclones, really help the Deccan plateau. Like yesterday it rained from Kolhapur to Krishnagiri.

  26. Upper tropospheric ridge sitting aloft south Bangladesh has drastically reduced the shear underneath, southern periphery has the gradient and strong upper level winds…

  27. Cyclone phailin’s eye when passing over Gopalpur had resulted in an extremely calm state with wind speeds just 2 knots for a few minutes, just before that it was 115 knots..and soon after the eye crossed over it was back to 110 knots. Remember my team mate staying at Behrampur that night, he said the concrete house was vibrating and they stayed close to the door, to stop it from flying off at that midnight.

  28. Oh no… This time AO/NAO forecasted to be positive :o. Can it become negative??

    RSR , can u pull 1997 NAO/ AO data???

  29. “Vijay fan_saikrishna(Chepauk) • an hour ago

    KEA, Why in Most of The Topics The Pictures You Post Up are Only Satellite Pics Why Don’t You Try Different Precipitation Charts. Just My Suggestion!.”

    Can you recommend me any chart which is 50% accurate? I will put it up tomorrow.

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