Rainy days to continue in Tamil Nadu

A wind discontinuity runs from Rayalaseema to south Tamil Nadu. Intense thunderstorms associated with isolated heavy rains and possible hails are likely to occur in interior Tamil Nadu, Rayalaseema, south interior Karnataka and Kerala. Meanwhile, Bay is getting ready to host the next Low Pressure Area (LPA) near Andaman Sea as a result very heavy rainfall and rough seas are expected in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Rest of the country will remain mostly dry.

02. INSATx

Chennai – Another sultry day on cards with maximum hanging around 35C. Rains are expected in parts of the city.

Madurai – Rains later in the day will bring the much needed respite which has been inferno till date, maximum will be close to 35-37C.
Coimbatore – Sky will be seen with considerable clouds, as a result temperature will be slightly higher at 33-34 C. Rains are possible in the city.

Trichy – A rainy day on cards with temperature settling between 35-37C

Vellore – Temperature will be lower at 33-34C with a chance of rain.

1,348 thoughts on “Rainy days to continue in Tamil Nadu

  1. Superb Rains in north Bangalore

    Bettahallasooru – 159mm
    Jala itc – 146.5mm
    Chikkajala – 128.5mm
    Doddajala – 120.5mm
    Sonnapannahalli – 108.5mm
    Rajanakunte – 95.5mm
    yelahanka – 89.5mm

  2. As the winds are from N/NNW Today the Thunderstorms which forms in south interior AP should tilt towards Chennai. Thunderstorms which comes from north have much intense than any other direction possible for hails too in some areas of South AP and N.TN. Watchout for very early Popups

  3. congratulations, AUgust team for your spectacular win. We in september despite trying hard could hardly reach your numbers. I know, some of you guys never wanted us to win but inspite of that we mustered something. Hope we stop this fight for two more months and put united efforts to have bumper october and november. I want flooded chennai streets with media screaming rains here and there again.

    I want holidays to be declared for entire state for atleast 5 days in october n november. I want to forget heat and sultry evenings and enjoy beautiful cool breeze in marina beach and from top of light house. I want puddles of water for street children to send their paper ships. I want farmers to start screaming not to send any more kaveri water from mettur dam. I want all these things to happen in the coming months. Let us be positive and have wonderful days ahead.

  4. Today there is a definite change while starting to office. it is really windy and giving me a feeling that our charming lady is not a far away.

  5. Even if September team loses (hope may not lose), one has to think that it has lost only to make successful NEM for Chennai after recent failures๐Ÿ‘

  6. Flash news. This year no chance of having pre Nem meet inside RMC or associated offices due to strict orders of DDG Met Dept. No visitors allowed from October 1st till December 31st.
    -Novak nole (head shiva)
    But meet will be held, venue will be decided later with date.

  7. Chances of having Pre NEM meet inside RMC office will not be possible this year. Even RMC IMD associated offices like Doppler Radar centre in port Trust building from October 1st till 31st December due to strict orders from DDG RMC. Visitors will not be allowed during the said period.
    Hence our proposed visit to Doppler Radar centre can happen only after Jan 1st 2016
    We can have our Pre NEM meet elsewhere.
    One ideal location is ever ready.

  8. As per my thinking all charts will change drastically on 1st October. So let’s not conclude anything now. Did you see the charts making dd to low now on the upcoming system. The strong acc approach from nw making it tough for bay system to intensify. Hence no strong system expected.

  9. Iod values cannot be seen at this point. Swm withdrawal not going to get affected. Hence strong system not possible in bay. The values of positive iod to mean the wind anomaly still present over EIO.

  10. Because many people love rain and sometimes it turn to possession we sometimes look at Vela as odd person when he predicts very less rain..like for example last year november and this year september he predicted low rainfall..people thrashed him for fun or whatever but its happening..Even in this 2 days of september if chennai gets more rain it doesnt matter because his forecast is mostly accurate this september..Its my guess..Now he says 300mm for Oct,its great news..let see what happens..

  11. Sky looks dull and poor visibility without high clouds and some Cumulus and Cumulonimbus present nearby north and east.
    Looks like Umai Veyil (Silent Sunshine)

  12. One of all time favorites,
    Oct 2007 , ITCZ typically below 15 N,
    A spinning cloud mass in SW Bay , that was a developing Depression embedded inside ITCZ…The next day it was raining continuously for about 14-15 hours…
    Convection all along the belt even into Lakshadweep area…

  13. An upper air cyclonic circulation lies over Gulf of Siam & neighbourhood and extends upto midtropospheric
    level. under its influence a low pressure area would form over north Andaman sea and
    neighbourhood during next 48 hours.

  14. Whats happening, it is getting cloudy and slight darky… Typical NEM like conditions.
    Stage 1 – Dull White
    Stage 2 : Thick White
    Stage 3 : Slight Dark
    Stage 4 : Starts pouring.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. t present, an upper air cyclonic circulation is seen over
    west-central Bay of Bengal. The system is expected to further intensify
    and is likely to induce a low-pressure area over west-central Bay of
    Bengal in the next 24 to 48 hours.

    Due to this development, fairly widespread rain/thundershowers will occur over Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Gradually, this system will move in a west northwest direction and will increase the rainfall activity over Coastal Andhra Pradesh by October 1.
    The intensity of rain will further increase by October 2 and will
    cover most parts of Coastal Andhra Pradesh, many areas of Rayalaseema
    and some regions in Telangana and North Tamil Nadu. By October 3, the system will reach the Andhra Coast and may intensify into a well-marked low-pressure area.

  16. oh Action replay yesterday before Guindy Show. Big noise (adi thadi thunder) but nothing came out of it. Empty vessel makes noise

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