Twin systems keep Monsoon active

The Low pressure area (LPA) over Saurashtra after sweeping Odisha, Chhattisgarh, MP, Maharashtra and Gujarat with much needed rains is expected to move north and merge with the Monsoon seasonal low over Pakistan. More rains with occasional heavy spells are expected in Gujarat, Rajasthan and the National Capital Region (NCR). The other LPA over Odisha coast is expected move up inland and dump heavy rains in Bihar, Jharkhand, parts of WB.

Tamil Nadu – Dry weather to prevail under the influence of a High Pressure Area moving from Central Bay of Bengal.


Chennai – Dry day on cards with temperature touching 35-36 C.

Madurai – Heat wave is expected to continue with maximum peaking to 39 C with no chance of rains.

Coimbatore – Temperature will range around 32-33 C without any possibility of rains.

Trichy – Miserable weather to continue with temperature touching 38 C

Vellore – will have pleasant weather compared to others with maximum at 34-35 C.

1,196 thoughts on “Twin systems keep Monsoon active

  1. Good morning!
    Very heavy rain lashed kk nagarfrom 11 35pm to 12 25 am …current gone and I was in wake but unfortunately j cannot come here!
    I am happy that my area got good raains!

    My rg recorded 26mm!
    Total = 2+57+26 = 85 mm(total sep rainfall)

  2. Good morning blogerrs from yesterday TS my area recived 44 mm .and my area touches 100 mm for this september with just two rainy days.;).

  3. Rock Rock Rock and a roll – September hi hi hi – Once again it is proved beyond anydoubt that organising ATP will bring rains

  4. Looks like yesterday inside 50km radius 500hpa played a role with TS which was from SW to NE which could be the reason for the storms to tilt towards NE. Infact all the Storms weakened while tilting towards NE and some overhead popups triggered by Intense Thunderstorm resulted in Some Showers over the City

  5. 62 mm Here !!! No Suprises. Most Of The Rain Could Be From First Spell… Which rained for more than 25 mins.yesterday’s small red dot Near marina pounded my area also. someone please provide DGP office reading.

    July – 1 (2 mm)
    July – 9 (6 mm)
    July – 10 (31 mm)
    July – 17 (21 mm)
    July – 18 (19 mm)
    July – 19 (21 mm)
    July – 22 (33 mm)
    July – 25 ( 4 mm)
    July – 26 (37 mm)

    July – 27 (29 mm)
    Aug – 01 (17 mm)
    Aug – 02 (4 mm)
    Aug – 04 (48 mm)
    Aug – 05 (15 mm)
    Aug – 21 (34 mm)
    Aug – 30 (19 mm)

    Sep – 10 (71 mm)
    Sep – 17 (4 mm )
    Sep – 19 (6 mm )
    Sep – 20 (62 mm)

    Wettest Day Of The Year !!! – September – 10 (71 mm)
    Wettest Day Of SWM – 2015 – September – 10 (71 mm)
    Wettest Day Of NEM – 2015 –
    <100 mm Days –

    Yearly Rainfall

    Jan – 2 mm
    Feb – 0 mm
    Mar – 0 mm
    Apr – 69 mm
    May – 9 mm
    June – 34 mm
    July – 203 mm
    Aug – 137 mm
    Sep – 143 mm

    Pre – Monsoon (Jan – May) – 80 mm
    SWM (Jun – Sep ) – 507 mm
    NEM (Oct – Dec )

    Total – 602 mm

  6. Good Morning All,

    4 days of gap looks like long time when i am logging in again today.

    Today is the day which completes 3 years since I joined KEA Weather. This 3 years thought me lot of learning about weather across the globe. Today I feel that i have made a right decision to join this blog, this gives lots of happiness and satisfaction. I still remember the first person to talk with was Selvan, he has thought me lot of things in which laid the platform for me to grow further. Thanks Selvan. People i have been interacting the most is Thala Shiva. He is always an enthusiast. He gives lots of energy to others, he has supported me in several ways. Thanks Shiva. Then GTS, he has been my latest teacher about weather, he has given me lots of inputs on how to read some charts etc, Thanks GTS. Then Ehsan, he is a leader by example, given lots of freedom and also supported me in many ways, he too laid platform to all of us in learning about weather, Thanks Ehsan. The Mr Shankar, he has helped me in many ways to grow in this blog, I cannot just say Thanks, he is wonderful friend and good administrator, we had spent more time in discussing about this blog and weather.

    Thanks to other bloggers also, who has shown patience in listening to my comments and making it valuable. It is really giving me lots of joy when i realise that i have completed 3 years. Lets take this blog to new highs and enjoy ourselves with our presence here without any disputes.

  7. Good morning..South and western Chennai suburban recorded more than 40-50mm rain while the most parts of city had average 20 to 30mm rain over night.


    Some parts of Chennai city may have light rain for couple of days due to convection and few heavy spells are expected in weekend.

    North Western Interior Tamilnadu districts including Erode ,Salem Namakkal and Dharmapuri will have medium to rather heavy rainfall from coming Wednesday to Saturday.

  8. our PJ and ehsan should be happiest people on this day. PJ must be happy, because he predicted yesterday’s rains accurately and ehsan for seeing some rains since he also wanted rains.

  9. Congratulations Rao ji and PJ sir for perfect prediction of rains yesterday. Rao-Ji ,your prediction based on VAMCO mihght not fail today. There is a good possibility of rain today also.

  10. This year too, the south-west monsoon is likely to spill over to October after a delay in its withdrawal, beyond the normal date of September 30. This is a trend that has persisted for the last few years. This makes it likely that the arrival of the north-east monsoon could get delayed over the southern peninsula.
    According to the extended range weather forecast by the India Met Department, India Institute of Tropical Meteorology and the Hyderabad centre of the India Council of Agricultural Research, rainfall is likely to improve over southern peninsula and parts of central India during the next 10 days.
    Moderate to heavy rainfall is expected over certain parts of Maharashtra, the west coast, and the east coast till the end of this month.

  11. The quantum of average monsoon across the country during June 1-September 20 has been 718 mm which is 14% less than the LPA of 839 mm.

  12. contrary to expectations, rains were not all that heavy. heavy spells concentrated tiruvalloor-kanchi pockets only. this is not usual september rains. any way something is better than nothing. few more 5 centimters are required in another 10 days.


  13. so swm is done for the year(hope there is no more late surge expected as w.pacific hosting a typhoon in coming days)..considering the aspect of monsoon covering all over india on jun 25th and monsoon withdrawal commencement over nw on sep 4th , july 10th was the most active day and jul 2nd was the least active day of this season wrt all india rainfall.. Attached the sat images of two contrasting days

  14. I was in Cheyyar from Thursday to Sunday. On friday and saturday there was just few drizzles, missed heavy rain on Saturday. Yesterday afternoon i left Cheyyar and reached Chennai by 17.30. They got good rainfall yesterday night, what a pitty…

  15. Preliminary Rainfall figures in mm in Chennai and surrounding Region, ending 8.30 am on 21.09.2015
    Tiruttani Agro – 68
    Tirutani PTO – 62
    Sriperumbudur Agro – 51
    Kadambathur (Near Tiruvallur) – 48
    Sathayabama University – 44
    Poondi Lake – 36
    Poonamalle – 23
    Meenambakkam – 23
    Tiruvallur – 23
    Nungambakkam – 22
    Kolapakkam (near Chennai AP) – 21
    Tharamani – 20
    Anna University – 15
    Ambattur – 14
    Madhavaram – 12
    Ennore – 11
    Cholavaram Lake – 11
    Puzhal – 9
    Redhills Lake – 9
    Chembarabakkam Lake – 8
    Tamaraipakkam – 8
    Minjur – 6
    Thiruporur (near Kelambakkam) – 6
    Avadi – 6

  16. Morning observation from meena station..cape value is recorded close to 788j/kg where as it was close to 1800j/kg yesterday for being a rainy day..

  17. 25th-27th poised well to set a massive day for few regions of salem,perambalur,tiruchi,nammakkal,cuddalore& delta districts.. watch out for 18km tall monsters..

  18. Thanks one and all for your hearty wishes!!
    One more special event today which no one mentioned yet. Today is the day, the sun start its downward journey crossing equator! (Dakshinayanam)

  19. The ITCZ maximum northerly location is at the Indian-subcontinent and adjoining China.. This is because of the intense heating of the land mass, much more in intensity and spread than other lands at this latitude.

  20. Moderate rains In NE India as Sellayah requests. (Minimum 20 mm)
    Cherrapunji – 81
    Khupa – 54
    Passighat – 42
    Chouldhuaghat – 42
    Kajigoan – 42
    Tawang – 31
    Dhubri – 27
    Miao – 25
    Guwahati – 24
    Arzoo – 24
    Gossaigoan – 23
    Nongstoin – 22

  21. Oh!! GFS expects LPA to still cross TN, however it is embedded in a trough with a stronger vortex on the eastern side crossing moving NW to cross Orissa/AP

  22. Last year, ECMWF was the first model to pick and perfect Hudhud, infact GFS didn’t even pick it till 1 week before!!

    (Incase you are wondering, I’m posting negative statements about GFS because of the current run.)

  23. The drastic change in GFS run is because of a dire change in the forecast for wind shear. Compare 18Z wind shear with 00Z(latest) run shear. Especially EC BOB

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