Tamil Nadu To Benefit From Thundershowers

A hot day in Southern & Central TN will give way to an evening of thundery showers across various parts of Tamil Nadu. Rayalaseema and Kerala will experience some rains too. The low pressure area over the Bay of Bengal is likely to light up east Indian states including Odisha, West Bengal & Eastern AP with widespread showers. The former deep depression is likely to carry wet weather into many parts of Gujarat. Watch out for heavy rainfall accumulations in Saurashtra.


Chennai – Another sultry day ahead with maximum temperatures of 35-36 C. Decent chances of rain in the night.

Madurai – The city never gets respite from heat. Maximum temperatures in the order of 38 C are likely with evening rains in the surroundings.

Coimbatore – Warm and humid day on the cards with 33-34 C a good possibility. Evening showers could occur at other parts of the district.

Trichy – Brace for hot weather as temperatures would soar to 38 C with good chances of rains in the evening.

Vellore – Some tolerable weather likely here when compared to other cities at 34-35 C. Overhead thunderstorm formation likely in the afternoon and evening

2,602 thoughts on “Tamil Nadu To Benefit From Thundershowers

  1. Yesterday many said Chennai will receive rain…
    I got disappointed
    I slept that we missed the rains…..
    Overnight around 3am there was a very severe lightning and the rain started pouring…..
    Immediately I saw a near squall line passing tirupati….unfortunately my area missed entire action….but I immediately calculated rainfall using my calculations…I got near to 22mm….but actual rain in radar is 24mm….by adding evng drizzles it totaled 31 mm….yipeeeee…
    Finally we are heroes….
    Tirupati massszzzzz……

  2. Looks good here. Lets see if this happens. With Ehsan saying another dry day, rains might happen. Inside his heart Ehsan also wants rains badly.

  3. We may have just 10 days, looks like Ehsan celebrating victory for august. But this is the time for us to get more rains.

  4. Rare LPA forming near TN in end of the month. Hopefully it happens before 30th rather than go into Vela’s month.

  5. Just 23 messages from morning.. went through everything in just one scroll.. hope the trough dip revives our blog this evening.. NET looks good today

  6. Sangameshwara temple kurnool atlast getting into krishna water….as srisailam dam water reached 840 feet.It will be completely drowned by the time water level reaches 854 feet.This time it has got very late to submerge in krishna water

  7. vignesh, who taught u that when winds at mid-level changes to 500 hpa to easterly pattern we call them “Easterlies”

  8. Dont expect rains from tomorrow for next 5 days in Chennai. Today is our chance. We are going to under the influence of HPA from tomorrow. Dry Weather will prevail chennai till 25th till HPA moves away. Ehsan good days to taunt September team.

  9. Ajay Jayaram to face World No.1 Chen long in Korean Open Super series. Match to start in 15 mins in Star Sports 2.

  10. Exactly one month away for our NEM start hope she showers bountiful rains to parched lands of entire TN only time our state looks greenish

  11. Dont know how far this is true

    During Purataasi Month, we should not consume non veg food. Do you know why?

    புரட்டாசி மாதம் வெயிலும் காற்றும் குறைந்து மழை ஆரம்பிக்கும் மாதம்.
    ஆனால் பூமி குளிர மழை பெய்யாது. இத்தனை மாதமாக வெயிலால் சூடாகியிருந்த பூமி மழைநீரை ஈர்த்து வெப்பத்தை குறைக்க ஆரம்பிக்கும்.
    சூட்டை கிளப்பிவிடும் காலம் என்பார்கள்.

    When Purataasi starts, the sunshine and wind will decrease to start the rainy season. From sitthirai till Aavani ends, our earth will have been subjected to hot days. The heated earth will start to absorb the rainwater, causing heat waves during this period of time.

    இது வெயில் கால வெப்பத்தை காட்டிலும் கெடுதல் தரக்கூடியது.
    இந்த நேரத்தில் அசைவம் சாப்பிடுவது உடல் சூட்டை அதிகப்படுத்தி உடல் நலத்தை குறைக்கும். வயிறு சம்பந்தமான பிரச்சனையை ஏற்படுத்தும்.

    This heat is more dangerous than the the normal heat that we get by sunshine. So when we consume non veg, it increases our own body heat and spoils our Health,Stomach problems will start.

  12. We all are very much aware of the quite famous Tropical Depression 30 W (Wilma) of the year 2013. Famous for its one of
    the longest westward track and LF near Nagapattinam, having come all the way from West Pacific. Memories are still fresh and alive. And also reminded of Gaje’s entry here around that time, and his surprise about the system’s long track and Sel explaining it to him the very possibilities. An interesting thing is that, in the year 1992 , there was a similar named storm Tropical Depression 30W(Cyclone Forrest) , which almost tracked the same way across southern Philippines and thereafter slight changes , it entered BOB , and unlike 2013 Wilma, this one took a northward track under the influence of STR positioned near Myanmar and intensified to a CAT 4 system, and forced a massive evacuation 6 lakh residents in Bangladesh with the fear of an impending disaster.But Vertical Wind Shear came to rescue and weakened the storm and the storm made a drastic NE recurve and hit Myanmar. Here i attach the photos and satellite animations of 1992 and 2013. One more severe cyclone that hit TN and SL in 1992 just before Cyclone Forrest can be seen as well. Don’t miss 2013 , an interesting one though.

  13. Navi Mumbai – Water levels:-
    While the city got 21mm average rainfall, from 8.30am on September 18 to 8.30am on Sep ember 19, the catchment areas received comparatively more rainfall with Morbe get ing 63mm and the dam water evel rose up to 79.05 m.

    “Now we have enough wa er to continue the prevailing upply till April. We are expecting a few more spells of rain,“ said Arvind Shinde, NMMC water supply head.

  14. IMD
    -The low pressure area over Saurashtra & neighbourhood persists. Associated upper air cyclonic circulation extends upto 4.5 km above mean sea level also persists. The system may become well mark low pressure area during next 24 hours
    – The low pressure area over westcentral Bay of Bengal & neighbourhood now lies over westcentral and adjoining northwest Bay of Bengal off south Odisha and north Andhra Pradesh. The associated upper air cyclonic circulation extends upto midtropospheric level

  15. Last 10 days of sep looks threatening for TN, particularly interior districts of TN,central TN along with delta districts.. forecast is from ECMWF.

  16. This is the classic case HPA in mid levels and LWD in lower levels. Will it rain in Chennai i doubt it.

    Interiors may get something not Chennai for next 3 days

    on 22nd 850 MB- http://earth.nullschool.net/#2015/09/22/1800Z/wind/isobaric/850hPa/overlay=relative_humidity/orthographic=-278.73,8.09,1024

    500 MB – http://earth.nullschool.net/#2015/09/22/1800Z/wind/isobaric/500hPa/overlay=relative_humidity/orthographic=-278.73,8.09,1024

  17. ECMWF charts indicate good chances of thunderstorms today for TN and Chennai… Daily heavy TS activity begin by 23rd with Chennai’s best chances on 26th-27th

  18. System expected to emerge from trough extending SW.. Interestingly system expected to move WSW/SW as well by ECMWF

  19. I am posting this on behalf of Shiva, it’s his afternoon nap time.

    There will be a small meet happening this evening at Tower Park Anna nagar at 5:30 pm. NEM and September rains will be discussed followed by Coffee and Kulfi.

    Anyone interested can join. New and old faces welcome to attend.

    Any information please contact Shiva or Jeetender.

  20. Yesterday immersed Ganesha in BOB, around 7 pm. Was expecting some rain action , bit disappointed, radar looked tempted , but no action, hope this trend will change in 24 hrs..

  21. Narsapur just miss seen in Machili radar.. It can be seen whiskers to the NW of the dark red blob. Machili radar underestimates intensity. Idhulaye dark red na pathukonga.

    Open image in new tab

    • Why machili doppler is underestimating the intensity? Also, after hudhud, vizag radar performance is reduced drastically.

      • No proper appointment, employees scarcity so no overhauling… This has lead to pathetic situation, moreover they know that this year there won’t be any early Oct system

      • The beam of a radar is cone shaped and the diameter of the beam increases obviously as it travels.. So to accommodate for the gaps in between the beams, the beams expand covering a larger volume.. This decreases the efficiency of the beams and as a result we see storms far away from radar as coarse grained thunderstorms(the clarity of their reflection is lower compared to closer storms). HOWEVER, this is a problem with all radars.

        Radars like Machili which have weak beams, tend to have the energy of their radiations absorbed by other particles in the air. Because of this, the beams/signals turn weak naturally and reflections are underestimated. Radar like Chennai which have strong signals work properly

  22. SWM Song!

    Ennakena Yaarum Illaye

    Unaku(Mazhai) Thona Villaye
    En Bodhae Nee(Mazhai) Thaane
    Thaladuraen Naane Un Veppam Vendame Mazhaiye Podhume…

  23. Today September team should be active…..From tomorrow August team will taunt us for min 3 days then comes our finisher LPA which will take us across the line.

  24. GTS is asking the below question because he has other plans and matters this evening.. However he is willing to cancel those if many people come to TP.. So all of u should attend

  25. In 1996 a LPA moved near TN and rest was historic rains in Chennai. September 11th after 1.00 pm in afternoon. 163 mm by mid-night.

  26. Sry guys!
    Have a doubt!
    Next Sunday photo session is there are or not?
    I am confirm my coming for that!
    But this I do know

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