Rain Action shifts to West Coast

Yesterday’s Deep Depression that lay over Vidarbha and adjoining areas has moved in a westerly direction in the last 24 hours and is now located over Vidarbha and adjoining areas of West MP.As it continues its westerly movement, heavy to very heavy rains are likely to occur over Konkan & Goa, Saurashtra and Kutch along with parts of Gujarat. The remnants of Vamco, a tropical storm with origins in the South China Sea, has anchored a low pressure system over areas adjoining Andaman Sea and East-Central Bay. This would cause heavy rains in the Andaman Islands. North coastal districts of TN and south AP can expect some Rain/Thundershowers.

02. Meteosat5a

Chennai will see a partly cloudy sky with the day time maximum staying close to 36 C. A chance of rain towards the late hours persists.

Coimbatore will stay partly cloudy and the maximum temperature will stay close to 32-33C

Madurai will continue with its heat index soaring to the high thirties inching closer to 40 C.

Vellore will experience a fairly clear sky with the day time high settling close to mid-thirties. Isolated rains can occur in some pockets

Trichy will stay hot and sunny with a maximum temperature close to 37 C

1,395 thoughts on “Rain Action shifts to West Coast

  1. Yesterday widespread reached 15mm in several area of chennai. This way if continues September team reach its goal

  2. Many of them getting carried away by seeing the convection in bay is from vamco system..actually vamco remnant as lpa has an area of convection in it but not such a big rainband or a wide area of convection.. there is an hpa in vietnam/s.china sea extending into s.east bay causing high pressure gradient in parts of bay,forcing the atmosphere to produce deep convection/high winds along the regions where the interaction of HPA and low pressure trough happening.. Below pics shows the synoptic causing action

  3. Preliminary Rainfall figures in Chennai and surrounding Regions

    in mm ending 8.30 am on 19.09.2015

    Thamaraipakkam – 32
    Puzhal Agro – 28
    Madhavaram – 25
    Puzhal – 17
    Katupakkam – 14
    Redhills Lake – 14
    Thirukalukundram – 11
    Poondi Lake – 7
    Ambattur – 7
    Avadi – 6
    Guindy – 5
    Sriperumbdur – 5
    Nungambakkam – 4
    Minjur – 4
    Thiruporur – 4
    Kadambathur – 4
    Taramani – 4
    DGP Office Marina – 4

    Official figures

    (Nunga – 4.3 mm, Meena – 0.9 mm)

  4. Himayathnagar hyd – 41 mm
    uppal hyd – 39 mm
    Secunderabad – 37 mm
    DES office khairatabad – 22 mm
    imd hyd – 15 mm

  5. It appears Trivellore close to Chennai swallowed bulk of our SWM quota this year thereby denying legitimate due of Chennai. Is there anyone who can give total rainfall during this SWM this year

  6. got near exact answer for yesterday rain……south of nagari got rain around 30.5-40.5
    yesterday i predicted 35.562 mm…..looking at the pac chart i felt happy……hope it will be useful to pre-tell the amount of rainfall and the time it rains

  7. Portblair 105mm, bit unfortunate mumbai missed hvy rains.. Expected vry hvy rains dint happen even in gujarat it seems frm the initial reports

  8. FORMULA 1:
    to calculate the time it will rain=>
    time of rain(T)=( ( (length of the TS band(in kms)) *(RF FACTOR OF MAP IN RADAR) ) / (SPEED OF THE TS( in km/hr))
    amount of rain=((RAIN RATE(in mm/hr))* (TIME OF RAIN(in hr) ) )
    to convert cm into kms use 1cm=(1/100000)kms
    FORMULA 2:
    distance of lightning = 0.34*(time taken between lightning and thunder(sec))
    FORMULA 3:
    Using kinematics we can also derive the height of clouds from the ground and length of clouds

  9. by using the volume integral we can estimate the amount of water in the cloud


    we can have volume from the above formula

    density of water=1000 gm/cc


    volume of cloud was published yesterday…

    mass refers to total water present in the cloud….how much water will come if it precipitates…

    hope this will be useful….

  10. our NEM sister town in south AP i.e nellore has managed 40 CM since the start of the year. it has got 375 mm in swm. great going nellore. normal is only 275mm but it got 375mm

  11. Good afternoon folks
    From 21/22nd wind direction will be from SE…. So I’m expecting a dry phase for Chennai for the next fortnight. No major rains expected till NEM. However, surface westerlies would persist until SWM withdraws completely in October.

  12. Maharashtra has its best day in monsoon as Deep Depression pounds with very heavy rainfall

    in mm ending 8.30 am on 19.09.2015

    Rajur – 350
    Shirawate – 251
    Amboli Junnar – 188
    Karla – 183
    Dhasai – 182
    Aaptale – 180
    Pimpalgaon Joge – 178
    Lasalgaon – 177
    Bhudhawadi – 172
    Mulshi Dam – 168
    Ladsavangi – 165
    Manikdoh – 161
    Chankapur – 150
    Taloda – 149
    Wadaj – 149
    Khadkala – 149
    Kalwan – 148
    Dhargaon – 145
    Vaitarna – 145
    Dalwat – 145
    Junnar – 145
    Kanashi – 144
    Abhona – 143
    Kasbevani – 142
    Dingore – 141
    Nyahadi – 140
    Ambhai – 140
    Middle Vaitarna – 139
    Yedgaon – 136
    Makhmalabad – 131
    Palkhed – 131
    Ghotawade – 130
    Vadivale – 130
    Dolkhamb – 128
    Igatpuri – 126
    Ashte – 125

  13. want to know how much rainshadow effect in your place?? during SWM??
    then you may use this formula:
    %rain=( (average rainfall at your place*100)/(average rainfall at a place along west coast))
    % rainshadow=(100-(%rain))
    RAIN AVERAGE IN MANGALORE(reference point)= 2935MM
    %RAIN=(625*100)/2935 = 21.2%
    which means 21.2% of mangalore rains converges somewhere in between and creates rainfall in chennai……
    and we are living in 78.8% rainshadow region of SWM …..which means somewhere the hills are blocking and making the chennai rainshadow

  14. Hurricane Fifi-orlene was renamed Orlene after crossing Mexico and merging with another Pacific storm. The hurricane caused tremendous damage across Mexico and left 8,200 people dead in 1974.

  15. The fresh cyclonic circulation in the Bay of Bengal has intensified
    into a low pressure area and is in the process of getting more
    The system is presently marked over northwest and adjoining east-central Bay of Bengal, off the West Bengal and Odisha coas

  16. Why there is a late surge in SWM every year and not getting withdrawal in time? I think the withdrawal line is struck for long period from extreme NW India..

  17. Image courtesy:
    Jan Sutton‎Cloud Enthusiasts :-))) !!!
    Tall ship on the Solent, Hampshire, UK. September 18 2015, at 8.20am

  18. *** Song sung by Owner of September team (PJ Anna) in anger, disappointment and frustration ***

    Saththam illaadha August kaettaen
    Yuththam illaadha Gamesai kaettaen
    Players raththathil vaegam kaettaen
    Ragasiyamillaa ‘Dash’ai kaettaen

    Otrai mazhaineer thuliyai kaettaen
    Valigal seyyaadha hailstorm kaettaen
    Idigal illaadha maegam kaettaen
    Cloudsku sariyaana heightai kaettaen

    Pullin nuniyil hailstone kaettaen
    Nimbus madiyil padukkai kaettaen
    Thaanae dump pannum cumulus kaettaen
    Thalaiyai koadhum cool breeze kaettaen

    Midhandhu poaga kattumaram kaettaen
    Kidandhu urula deluge kaettaen
    Etti pidikka low clouds kaettaen

    Chennaikellam oru puyal kaettaen
    Puyalukkelam aayul kaettaen
    Septemberukku sama mazhai kaettaen
    Vaanam muzhukka minnal kaettaen

    Anvils ellaam uyara kaettaen
    Uchchandhalaimael mazhaiyaik kaettaen
    Ullangaalil floodsai kaettaen

    Nadungavidaadha thunder kaettaen
    TSil oru naal vasikka kaettaen
    Mazhaiyin sangeedham rusikka kaettaen
    Mazhayil mannum manakka kaettaen

    Mazhaithuli poal oru Sooriyan kaettaen
    Sooriyan poal oru mazhaithuli kaettaen

    Sondha uzhaippil runsai kaettaen
    mazhaiyai poanra porumaiyai kaettaen
    Sonnadhu kaetkum TS kaettaen
    Sonnaal saagum UAC kaettaen

    Frontai ariyum kangal kaettaen
    Chinna chinna thoalvigal kaettaen
    Seekkiram aarum kaayam kaettaen
    Kuraindhapatcha rainfall kaettaen

    Fuel illadaha Jeetai kaettaen
    Maadiku pogadha Sellai kaettan
    Para podatha Gokul keattaen
    Mumbai pesadha Thalayai keattaen

    Iththanai kaettum kidaikkavillai
    Idhilae edhuvum nadakkavillai

    Septembereh inimel vaendamendru
    October November December kaettaen……

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