Deep Depression firing up the Monsoon Zone

The Depression that lay over south Chhattisgarh and adjoining Vidarbha has moved west-northwestwards during the past 24 hours and simultaneously has intensified to a Deep Depression and now lies over Vidarbha. This deepening system is tightly wrapping up intense cloud bands into its region of influence. Isolated heavy to very heavy with isolated extremely heavy falls is likely to occur over Konkan and Goa, and heavy rains across Vidarbha and adjoining areas. In the south, Kerala can expect some good rains as well. Thunderstorms can occur over north coastal and interior districts of TN.

Chennai will have cloudy day with a maximum temperature settling close to 36-37 C. Rain/ Thundershowers possible late during the evening/night.

Madurai will be sizzling hot and dry at 39 C.

Trichy will continue to be warm and sunny with a maximum day time temperature settling close to 36-37 C.

Coimbatore to stay warm too compared to its standards and the day time high will be close to 33 C

Vellore could be warm with a day time high settling in the low to mid thirties. Possibility of rain/ thundershowers post noon.

968 thoughts on “Deep Depression firing up the Monsoon Zone

  1. Tenth standard maths is a piece of cake . Study the all chapter and leave a tough chapter one or two ( like trigonometry, mensuration)

  2. Last night around midnight there was a secret emergency meeting of all September team members at PJ’S house after yet another dissapointing show. Of course August team had sent it’s spy too.

    It has been unanimously decided to put the blame solely on El Niño for the defeat. All members have also agreed that there is no chance of overhauling the August total.

  3. TS possibility for tday.. probability is quite high for one or two regions of the districts of pudukottai,sivagangai,ramanathapuram,Tiruvarur,tanjore to see a mighty t-storm.. chennai holds the chance as well.

  4. Yesterday the Depression instead of weakening into LPA intensified into Deep Depression and the core bands got tightly wrapped and convection was concentrated. the anticipated trough did not dip down. Today its not the case, the system has weakened and the trough will be active and we will get the thunderstorm from West. The chances of rain are too good. Yesterday failure was day to learn and not to get dejected.

    Hopefully, lets be positive of todays rains.

  5. I saw some comments from atchu yesterday targeting me which I feel is completely unwarranted. I requested kiran by using the word “please” which In no way targeting him. Infact i supported kiran and atchu in my comments which everybody in this blog knows. guys read this comment from this atchu. is he making any sense here. Does he want me to applaud kiran for impersonating someone. Why he is connecting two completely unrelated events. can he post my comments which he claims that i asked kiran to quit blogging here and this blog is for only chennai and TN people. complete nonsense he posted yesterday. If he is unable to understand something, he should get clarification from that person.

    At sunspot…
    U r talking much, pls low ur voice and carry on ur blogging..
    Don’t blame others..

    atchu 12 hours ago

    No ragha, he is completely targeting kiran for past three days…
    Two days back he indirectly said him not to blog here..
    It’s only for chennai and tn people

  6. Massive Rains in Maharashtra ending 8.30 am on 18.09.2015

    min (130 mm)

    Sillod – 262
    Wakadi – 220
    Bharadi – 180
    Aamthana – 180
    Patanbori – 170
    Korpana – 166
    Pandharkawada – 162
    Ajintha – 160
    Borgaon – 160
    Mandawa – 157
    Kamargaon – 157
    Mohide – 150
    Khondamali – 148
    Deulgaon-City – 147
    Shirajgaon – 145
    Rajur – 145
    Arthe – 143
    Bhalar – 143
    Wani – 141
    Shindola – 140
    Deulghat – 138
    Dhanora – 137
    Rasa – 137
    Shivani – 136
    Loni – 135
    Shahada – 134
    Shirpur – 134
    Mahuli – 133
    Ranala – 132
    Golegaon – 132
    Kalamanuri – 132
    Shindkhed – 132
    Mangrul – 132
    Nyahadi – 130
    Wagrul – 130
    Partur – 130
    Buladana – 130
    Nandgaon – 130
    Shembal – 130

  7. want to know about weather dynamics????
    s= rain falling at a particular place( in your rainguage)—-(mm)
    u= initial speed of rain(mm/hr)
    (u=(rain in mm)/(time in hr))
    v=final speed of rain(mm/hr)
    a= acceleration of rain drops (mm/(hr*hr))
    (a=((rain in mm)/(time in hr)(time in hr))
    now we can use

    from second formula we can find the height of cloud from the ground
    we can also find the speed of the cloud motion by using the three formulas at a time

  8. Asane – 84 mm and Velhe – 73 mm from morning 8.30 am in just 2 hours. High intensity rains lashing around pune region.

  9. Under the influence of upper air cyclonic circulation over Tenasserim coast &
    neighbourhood, a low pressure area has formed over north Andaman sea and adjoining
    eastcentral Bay of Bengal. A associated upper air cyclonic circulation extends upto midtropospheric

  10. Hopefully by tomorrow , the system near maharashtra should vanish and help swm withdrawal process soon. any more system is expected still in bay?

      • a new Lpa has formed in andamans which may become cyclone and finally play a horrible role like hudhud in sucking all the moisture.

      • If you see the next 3 days earth-null , I see no such indications.. Vamco remnants, which will form a LPA in North BOB is also a weak one.

      • Will the system travel westwards completely…the present one also moved almost westerly to NW…After Hudhud we had NEM setting right away…so anything similar of that sort likely to happen if this LPA from andamans move west to Nw

      • The models are not expecting any great intensification of these remnants as of now. It is expected to move NW wards quicker and dissipate as a broad Low.

  11. sun blast to the best since morning, no trace of clouds in morning, we can expect a super shower late night or early too, aided by DD ,moisture in hpa and cumulative heat of last few days..lets count as the day ends today…..get ready..

  12. Next Low will be forming as per GFS near TN in last week of September. How reliable it is God only knows. Its going to stay near TN coast for many days.

  13. Good morning
    The outlook for october from CFS is getting worse and worse, while november is getting better and better

  14. Westerly trough will push the DD and will not allow it move west make it to take a slight northerly curve. See the path defined for the DD to travel up

  15. The Indian squads for the three T20 Internationals and five ODIs for the upcoming series against South Africa will be announced in Bengaluru on Sunday (September 20).

  16. Rainfall for the period from sep 20 to sep 30 for last five years ..Inside bracket total sep rainfall for that year

    2014- 16.4mm (130mm)
    2013- 23.4mm (241mm)
    2012- 57mm (213mm)
    2011- 109mm (286mm)
    2010- 16mm (130mm)
    2009- 20mm (85mm)

    2015 if its rain 100mm in that period of days then its record breaking ..Lets watch furthur

  17. Andaman and nicobar islands getting battered.. hut bay,mayabunder,indira bazar RG’s shld hav recorded pretty decent amount of rainfall.

  18. This Day In Weather History

    Miami, FL (1926)
    The Great Miami Hurricane – center passed over city (27.61″) -123 mph (5 min.), 138 mph (2 min.) tide 11.7′ — 372 dead.

  19. Hurricane Ivan caused widespread damage across the southeastern United States during September of 2004. The storm made a large loop across the Southeast, triggering strong winds, tornadoes and flooding rainfall. Over 90 people were killed.

  20. Just came after suthufying in the hot sun .Gone through the postings including Meena giving 4.9mm (yes we had good rain yesterday) .Happy to see PJ’s postings featuring – a positive note – will be back at 4 pm after seeing NET through mottai madi . But all these postings gives lots of energy.

  21. Check Kolkata radar animation, looks like cold front moving from east 😛 The Cb embedded in stratiform bands and movement speed.. Rare to see those in SWM

  22. Another big mass in BOB appears to form into one more system and it will take all the moisture from TN and going to keep remaining days of september high and dry

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