TN set for a hot and dry day

Yesterday’s Well Marked LOW over South Odisha and North Coastal AP has moved in WNW direction towards Chhattisgarh and weakened into a Low pressure area. This is likely to move further in WNW direction. Widespread very heavy rainfall likely to occur over Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, East Madhya Pradesh, Marathwada, Vidharba, Madhya Maharashtra, North Interior Karnataka in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Under the influence of LOW over Bay, moisture incursion will take place over Arabian Sea causing moderate to heavy rainfall along the West Coast of India during the next 24 hours.
02. India_Sat17
Chennai – Partly cloudy sky with day temp likely to be around 35C. Rain or thundershowers possible towards evening or night.

Madurai – City will continue to be hot with max temp around 38C.

Coimbatore – Day to remain partly cloudy and temp likely to be around 33C.

Vellore – Max temp likely to be 34C.Light rain chances during evening or night.

Trichy – Clear skies with maximum temp of 37C.

1,054 thoughts on “TN set for a hot and dry day

  1. Battle of the day! Ecmwf vs jma/gfs. Both gfs n jma picking rains for s.ap coast and Chennai.In fact Jma shows a high probability of WS rains for Chennai/tvl Contrary to that ecmwf picking rains for one or two regions of tiruvannamalai,salem,villupuram,perambalur/ariyalur,tiruchi…

  2. After 174-km travel, Godavari meets Krishna

    First Major Intra-State River LinkingMajor relief for dry Rayalaseema, farmers to benefit

    India took a large step on Wednesday towards its long-pending goal to interlink major rivers with Godavari being officially connected to Krishna.

    The launch of the 174-km Pattiseema lift irrigation scheme in Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday formally connected the two rivers. This is the first major intra-state river-linking in the country .

    This linking, which comes after five decades of being on the cards, is expected to spell relief for Rayalseema in Andhra Pradesh, which is facing water scarcity. Now, four major rivers in Andhra Pradesh are connected to one another: Godavari-Krishna, Krishna-Pennar, Tungabhadra-Pennar.

    Chennai likely to benefit

    As Krishna augments Chennai’s drinking water supply, there is hope that interlinking of Krishna and Godavari will help facilitate release of water to the city. As per the agreement between Andhra and TN, the former will have to supply 12tmcft of water over eight months in a year. Due to poor monsoon this year, AP has not released water since June.

    • I had earlier commented on the Narmada Canal which is irrigating vast dry lands in Gujarat.Gujarat and MP worked in tandem.If you see the Godavari-Krishna connection,its time for TN to consider similar steps where we do not need to bank on other states.

  3. Good morning, Today expecting heavy rains for Core Chennai, specially for south Chennai. Hopefully the best in September.

  4. OMG…as per GFS & ECMWF, the depression forecasted to enter already SWM-withdrawal region (pink circle). In addition one can see that Vamco ready to enter BOB.

  5. Once again my words came true by seeing the nature of present Monsoon intraseasonal oscillation (MISO) evolution. I used to say that September is going to mimic June style. As per the expectation this September-MISO giving a lot of surprise in terms of rainfall events just like June-MISO, which also surprised everyone.

    If the present depression travels towards already SWM-withdrawal ANNOUNCED regions directly, then it will be biggest surprise in recent years for both IMD & Skymet.

    I never seen in recent years (as per my memory) any SWM-LPA that travelled into SWM-withdrawal regions, once after IMD announced SWM-withdrawal.

  6. Today we are going to reduce the gap with August. As sel said its battle between ECMWF and GFS. Hope GFS wins.

  7. ECMWF also agrees on Vamco crashing into West Bengal. These two models are not deviating in SWM. In NEM both will struggle.

  8. Tsunami in chile how the river helps. In Indian Ocean Tsunami Cooum, Adyar and Kosathalyar rivers saved Chennai

  9. Did anyone remember seeing evening TS often this SWM? I don’t remember..Most of the rains were late night after sunset and we missed the enjoyment of witnessing evening intense rains

  10. Over night depression rains in Telangana

    Jagityal – 274 mm
    Sirpur – 153 mm
    Karimnagar – 134 mm
    Jainoor – 122 mm
    Srirampur – 106 mm
    palthem – 105 mm
    kagajnagar – 103 mm
    Mallial – 102 mm
    Maddultha – 102 mm

  11. If Vamco pulse intensifies a bit on entering BOB, it will indirectly trigger very heavy rains in kerala and maybe even Sri lanka.. Infact I remember a GFS run some 1 week back indicating heavy rains for Sri Lanka.. Will be great if it comes true

  12. I can’t believe it!! First time this SWM, all districts in Kerala have received decent rains.. Usually Tvm gets left out!

  13. அணைவருக்கும் இனிய விநாயகர் சதுர்த்தி நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  14. மகிழ்ச்சியான விநாயகர் சதுர்த்தி !!!
    Happy Vinyagar Chaturthi To All !!!

  15. Chile Earthquake’s Exact Location!
    Magnitude: 8.3
    Location: 46km W of Illapel, Chile
    Time:Wed, 17 – Sep 2015 04:24:33 (AM) IST

  16. 1 hr | Overview: Casualties reported so far after Chile quake

    – 25-year-old woman killed in Illapel of Choapa Province after a wall collapsed at a restaurant
    – One person killed in Maipú of Santiago Province after suffering a heart attack when the earthquake struck
    – 20-year-old person killed in the commune of Monte Patria in Limarí Province after being crushed by rocks
    – An elderly person died at Carlos Van Buren Hospital in Valparaiso after suffering heart problems during the earthquake
    – A second, unidentified person also died in Valparaiso

  17. 3 people in the blog forecasted awesome rains tonight for us. Will it materialise or flop like other predictions this September?

  18. by this time. more than a lakh borewells would have already been dugged in all parts of chennai due to crippling water shortage.

  19. Many depression and cyclone are crossing odhisha
    Eventhough the state having very shortest coastline of just 485 km when compare to all indian coastal states which is having above 800 km

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