Heavy rains to continue in AP, Odisha and Telangana

The low pressure area (LPA) over Bay of Bengal is likely to intensify into well marked low pressure area (WML) in the coming days and is expected to leave a trail of heavy rains in AP, Odisha and Telangana. With the trough dipping down, North TN will get moderate rainfall in isolated places, while remaining part of the state will stay dry.

02. Meteosat5a

Chennai – Lots of cloud cover with maximum peaking around 35-36 C. Isolated showers are possible in some areas.

Madurai- Continues to sizzle as temperature rises to over 39 C with no chance of rains.

Coimbatore – Dry day with temperatures settling between 33-34 C.

Trichy- Competes with Madurai for hottest city as temperature expected to soar to 38-39 C.

Vellore – On and off cloudy day with temperature around 34-35 C.

625 thoughts on “Heavy rains to continue in AP, Odisha and Telangana

  1. Finally match started around 4:45 after 3 hours rain delay. For a change me, Naresh, Raghavendra and Rajesh were following New York radar. Raj was giving live updates from New York.

  2. Today expected to be cloudy with temperature hanging over from 32 – 34 with some rains expected in the evening

  3. Good morning all,

    No rain in sight, we might see rainfall again by 16th or 17th, that too with less confidence.
    The upcoming WML likely to become a D in the next 24-48 hours time and cross North AP coast by 16th. Once this system starts intensifying, the UAC over Central parts of India will start to weaken.

  4. LS Rathore, director general of India Meteorological Department, said the June-September monsoon season may end with a deficit of 12-14 per cent.
    This would make it the driest monsoon seasons in several years, barring the drought years of 2002 and 2009.
    Rathore said rainfall will improve to some extent in the days ahead with the weather office forecasting rainfall in the east, northeast, southern states and rain-starved Maharashtra. But dry weather is predicted in most northern and western areas.
    So far around 44 per cent of the country has received deficient rainfall, while 50 per cent had normal rain and only 6 per cent of the area saw excessive rainfall.

    Read more at:

  5. Rains cheated ap
    Machillipatnam – 4 mm
    Vishakapatnam – 4 mm
    Kakinada – 6 mm
    Hyderabad – trace
    Bhuvaneswar – 10 mm
    Kalingapatnam – 6 mm

    Forecast withdraw all heavy rains from north coastal ap..only light rains for next two days like above figures ll follow

  6. Today again look big TS approaching Chennai. See the rain predicted by GFS along the trough. Jeet again today we can track the TS.

  7. Nowadays chennai and tamil nadu blog is doing free service to andhra weather. Lots and lots of andhra weather info being shared here.

  8. Today central and coastal southern peninsula may see heavy rains under the influence of lpa…can expect many above 100 mm stations by tomorow morning

  9. There is a problem with my mobile. If i dont use it for nearly 5 minutes, it shuts down. Also when i receive a call, that time also it gets shuts down, after that i could not restart, even though i press the IO button for longer time. After several minutes of idle time when i press IO button then it is getting boosted.

    What could be the problem?

  10. Hats off to the Vagarai Panchayat in Dindigul, if every village / town follow this there will be no water scarcity.

    திண்டுக்கல் அருகே பஞ்சாயத்து தலைவர் ஒருவர், மக்கள் பங்களிப் புடன் பண்ணைக் குட்டைகள், தடுப்பணைகள் அமைத்து ஒரு முறை பெய்யும் 2.5 செ.மீ. மழை யில் 1.70 கோடி லிட்டர் தண்ணீ ரைச் சேமித்து, குடிநீர் பிரச்சினைக் குத் தீர்வுகண்டு சாதனை படைத் துள்ளார்.

    ‘வாகரை பஞ்சாயத்தில், தற்போது 2.5 செ.மீ. மழை பெய்தாலே அவர்கள் அமைத்த 30 பண்ணைக்குட்டைகள் மூலம் சுமார் ஒரு கோடியே 50 லட்சம் லிட்டர் மழை நீரும், ஒரு தடுப்பணை மூலம் சுமார் 15 லட்சம் லிட்டர் மழை நீரும், ஒரு கசிவு நீர் குட்டை மூலம் சுமார் 6 லட்சம் லிட்டர் மழை நீரும் மொத்தம் ஒரு கோடியே 71 லட்சம் லிட்டர் தண்ணீரை சேமிக்கின்றனர். இதே 2.5 செ.மீ. மழை ஆண்டுக்கு 5 முதல் 6 தடவை பெய்தால் 8.5 கோடி லிட்டர் தண்ணீரை இவர்கள் சேமிக்கலாம்.


  11. Kea,
    It seems PM Modi is going to meet Mark and attend town-hall session at FB HQ on 27th..they are encouraging ppl to post questions on their FB page or app…u can post your long pending doubt (which has been troubling u for a long time) and get it clarified…

    “How did FB allow a person to create a profile with the name originaldashman odm?” 😀

  12. Good Rains in Karnataka ending 8.30 am on 14.09.2015

    Gokarana – 118
    Karwar – 116

    Baad – 107
    Basgod – 106
    Aversa – 100

  13. last night had a 0.5 mm rainfall.. today cloudy afternoon, pleasant, no heat wave effect, mild breeze…hoping this evg / night turns rainy… LP should push some moisture patch of clouds to NTN

  14. South peninsula to get rains till September end: Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
    According to the latest extended range forecast of Pune-based Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), rainfall is expected to improve over south India and central India, including the drought-hit Maharashtra over next 10 to 15 days.
    This will give some relief to the drought affected parts in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
    Issued based on the initial conditions of September 13, the IITM forecast for next 15 to 20 days expects moderate to heavy rainfall over parts of Maharashtra, west coast and east coast till the end of the month.
    Read more at:

  15. Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalithaa announced her government’s decision to provide Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) to all households in Tamil Nadu, making use of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) licence obtained by the Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable TV Corporation.

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    more details on http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/tamil-nadu/jayalalithaa-announces-iptv-for-all-households-special-wheelchairs/article7651501.ece

  16. Meteoblue is a confused model. Predicting very heavy rains for Chennai on Thursday 63 mm and Friday 27 mm. But chance of rain only at 56%

  17. jupi, if the second one crosses at WB, then its too good for Chennai to induce strong hybrid VS-TS. This WB’s LPA will give perfect alignment in trough lines towards Chennai.

  18. Jeetu,

    During the morning hours the border of my balcony getting sun light until 09.00 AM, after that it completely covered under shadow. The shadow extends in the afternoon after my balcony and upto compound wall, which 6 feet away from my balcony.

  19. Noteable Evening Bulletin from IMD,

    Rain/thundershowers would occur at isolated places over remaining parts of
    the country, outside Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh &
    Delhi where weather would remain dry.

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