Another Active Rain-Day for South India while the Rest of India remain dry

The trough at lower levels from Interior Karnataka to Kerala continues to persist and will shift north to Maharashtra. This trough in conjunction with the Upper Air Circulation (UAC) in the Arabian Sea will continue to give rains to Karnataka, Goa, and Interior Maharashtra and also to the coastal areas of Kerala. Nedumangad (near Trivandrum) in Kerala has recorded a very heavy rainfall of 201 mm under its influence.

On the SE side, the twin UAC’s in the mid troposphere with one end near North Tamil Nadu with the other end in North-Central Bay of Bengal lies as an elongated trough. This, in association with the trough in the lower levels will bring heavy rainfall to north Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
Chennai – Typical September day with very high humidity and thus high possibility of rains. Temperature will peak between 34 – 35 C.

Madurai – A cloudy and warm day with mercury ranging below normal at 34-35 C followed by rains later in the day.

Coimbatore – Will have a cloudy day with a chance of light showers. Temperature will settle between 32- 34 C.

1,403 thoughts on “Another Active Rain-Day for South India while the Rest of India remain dry

  1. Congrats PJ!!!

    You were spot on with your forecasts yet again. You were always confident in the night we will get something even though radar wasn’t looking good. Few areas did receive drizzles.

  2. Gud morning guys after 7 days of no rain in my area . But today onwards chances are looking bright for chennai. Today entire chennai will be batterd . Lets keep hope ;).and now its drizzling in my area .

  3. Good morning guys. Expected rains atleast during the night. Nothing materialized. But things are changing fast. Good days for chennai and TN are on the cards.

  4. Gud morning… Today morning light rains occurred here around 5.15am.. lasted for 10mins & drizzles lasted for a hour..

  5. Surprise heavy rains in most parts of Interior karnataka in tungabhadra catchment areas and also very heavy rains in all the districts of Rayalaseema and Nellore prakasam Godavari Rangareddy Nalgonda mahaboobnagar districts..
    Intense cloud to ground lightening activity created menace in nellore prakasam Nalgonda krishna which killed more than 15 people.

    probably tungabhadra inflow gonna increase..
    Sunkesula dam in kurnool may receive heavy inflows due to overnight rains with 130 to 140 mm in catchment areas

  6. Yesterday’s rainfall figures Top 3 AWS readings

    Kambadur (Anantapur) – 130 mm
    Holagunda (Kurnool) – 126 mm
    palamaner (Chittor) – 124 mm

  7. Chances of rain tonight are pretty good as almost all models have removed heavy rains for us.
    Meteoblue – 0 mm
    WU – 5 mm
    Accu – 6 mm
    Cola – 3 mm
    Foreca – 2 mm

  8. GFS and ECMWF both got it perfectly right!! UAC embedded in right off N TN/S AP coast with early morning popups!

  9. Guys let us get on with our own work…let us wait for nature to act rather we keep predicting second on second…i do not see any use…

  10. for me 25 SEP
    SA – 1 is starting and ending on OCT – 9
    the most ultimate and happiest thing for me is that i will have vacation from 10 to 28th
    so that’s The When NEM can Onset !!!!

  11. how come 20 people will die due to lightning alone in nellore? Was there no lightning arrestors in adequate number. The governments are complete useless these days. IN TN, lighting deaths are getting reduced due to many installations of lightning arrestors.

    • Intense lightening in krishna district killed 7 people…All were working in fields…
      Lightening shower burned nearly 10 people to death in nellore…Mostly causalities reported from villages

  12. Heavy inflow to sunkesula……dam gates to be opened soon…..water to be released to kurnool kadapa canal..
    Hope TB dam above sunkesula gets full….still its 75 percent full
    Thanks to the heavy rains in bellary west kurnool raichur koppal

    • pls share information for any inflow into dams related to telugu ganga porject because chennai city depends on its supply as you are also aware that all our four city reservoirs has gone bone dry

      • Still Tungabhadra is not full….if heavy rains continue srisailam can expect inflows..presently srisailam dried up….need to see heavy rains like this for ten days to improve the situation

      • This time elnino made entire krishna basin bone dry affecting lackhs of hectares of agricutural land

  13. As per IMD Chennai T.N as a whole received 207.1 mm Rain fall during this SWM, which is 4% less than normal, except Tiruvallore, Thiruvannamalai, Theni, Perambalur, Erode, Kovai all other districts received less rainfall so far,

    • Amazing Typhoon Kilo on the right top may head towards Japan, and with JTWC’s numbered warning 70 going on..
      The track attached along, with official tracking of 18 to 19 days, this one may join the list of longer travelling storms in recorded history. Though it continues to track along the southern periphery of a deep subtropical ridge, it is exhibiting a robust poleward outflow…..

  14. Tungabhadra and sunkesula catchment areas received good rains….including kurnool

    sindigeri Bellary – 215 mm
    Gopalede – 195 mm
    Marlamadiki (kurnool) – 127 mm
    kolahal (chitradurga) – 124 mm
    mustur – 124 mm
    Holagunda (kurnool) – 120 mm
    Narayanapur – 110 mm
    Gulyam (kurnool) – 101 mm
    Halaharvi (kurnool) – 100 mm
    kosigi (kurnool)- 100 mm
    malur – 100 mm
    kotha (Raichur ) – 96 mm
    Raichur – 95 mm
    Bellary – 81 mm

  15. is their any update on veeranam?? r we getting veeranam water daily at chennai. the water shortage increase day by day. no big rains and even bores are drying up fast. no significant rains for the past 3 weeks. we need some heavy spells during the next 2 weeks to keep the bore-well to retain the present position.

    • site shows discharge of 70 cusecs daily is maintained . not sure whether it is for Chennai needs or agriculture purpose

  16. Typhoon Kilo 19th day Journey : Formed as a dep on Aug20th.. Travelled 2,800 miles ( 4506kms) from its formation point..Still moving on as a Typhoon towards east of Japan. as per may continue for 5-7 days travel.

  17. How Often Do We See This ???
    Who Cleaned This Clean ???
    Please Come And Clean The City!!! It Is Very Dirty?

  18. ohh!! we have to get 200mm min to be on safer side this swm….
    many of them thinking this is bonus rains…
    No its not…we are receiving 43% of annual rainfall from june-sep period….
    yes north east monsoon there,but difficult to believe that monsoon these days

    really i cant forget last year it was 21 continues dry days during november and 2012 nov- 40 mm …hope atleast this year bumper nem

  19. Periyakulam (Theni Dist)
    Mulanur (Tiruppur Dist), Yercaud (Salem Dist)
    7 each
    Muthupet (Tiruvarur Dist), Chatrapatti (odanchatra (Dindigul Dist)
    6 each
    Penucondapuram (Krishnagiri Dist)
    Devala (Nilgiris Dist), Aravakurichi (Karur Dist), Gudiyatham (Vellore Dist), Kodaikanal (Dindigul Dist), Melalathur (Vellore Dist), Pennagaram (Dharmapuri Dist)
    4 each

  20. Muthupet 6cm shocking.. I was in tvr dist for sometime yesterday there was nothing jst stray clouds.. Again some micro climate generated by the lagoons??

  21. Friends,i and My Family Had Planned For Wayanad On SEP-30 and Back OCT 4th Morning…Will I Be Able To Witness Any Drizzle Atleast? I Know Very Long To Go But Also Simply Asking?

    • Where in Wayanad. Wayanad is district. Near Sultan Bathery it will be plains.

      Book a stay near Vythri. Just 2 kms away is Lakkidi (it rains daily there) and Awesome pookot lake.

      • Not Sure With The Stay?
        I Will Let U Know…
        Thank You Very Much…I Will Check For Hotels Very Near Lakkidi.

  22. After that 3 days of june rainfall, there is no heavy rains (>70mm) in mumbai…very pathetic…
    Till now mumbai got
    colaba- 130 cm
    santacruz- 162 cm

    Mostly it ll ends with 100-150mm in addition this swm
    but sep last week- october 15 when winds changing, mumbai temperature to raise very high close to 36-37c with evening thunderstorms occasionally…

  23. Latest IOD value up to +0.7 from +0.57, if it maintains the same increasing trend in coming few weeks, BOM will declare positive IOD year.

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