Widespread Rains to Continue Across the Southern States

The trough in the lower levels of the troposphere with its associated upper air circulation near Lakshadweep continue to persist, which will bring yet another day of wet weather for much of the southern peninsula. Heavy thunderstorms are expected to develop over Tamil Nadu, Interior Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and parts of Kerala. Moderate rainfalls with isolated heavy ones would be experienced along the west coast of Kerala and Karnataka with evening rains in the Ghats.

The upper air trough present over the Bay of Bengal could breed an upper air circulation over the area which would trigger thundershowers over Odisha. Convective thunderstorms aided by good upper level divergence due to the circulations could bring widespread rains over Telangana. Moderate rains with patchy heavy falls would continue over North-east India.

Chennai – A very humid day ahead with possibilities of rain in the night. Temperatures could peak at about 35 C.

Madurai – Wet weather around the region is expected to continue for yet another day with the thermometer rising to 35 C.

Coimbatore – Some showers would occur around the city with temperatures around 34 C.

1,503 thoughts on “Widespread Rains to Continue Across the Southern States

  1. Gud morning blogers .most awaited days are going to start .lets hope we will get atleast 100 mm. In those days. πŸ˜‰

    • Its going to start (approximatly) from today evening onwards. And then the chances increases for the next 4-6 days..eagerly waiting fr the first drop of rain to fall ;).

  2. Mr Pradeep John has said – September team join today – The entire rain team will certainly join wholehearted welcoming the rains with “Mela Thalathudan along with Vetrilai and Pakku”

  3. Monsoon retreat begins as deficit grows to 13%

    Even as the rainfall deficit for the season grew to 13%, the monsoon began to retreat from the country on Friday , leaving India staring at a second successive drought year.

    For September, IMD had predicted a huge 25% rain shortfall and Yadav said the monsoon’s performance was likely to be in that range. β€œSeptember rainfall usually has the highest correlation with El Nino,β€œ Yadav said.

    In other words, during an El Nino year such as this one, monsoon tends to be hit the hardest in September. The month, the last of the rainy season, accounts for 20% of monsoon rainfall in normal years.

    As on September 4, monsoon was deficient -that is, at least 20% below normal -in half of the 36 meteorological subdivisions in the country .The worst hit subdivisions were Marathwada, where the rainfall deficit was 52%, north interior Karnataka (45%), madhya Maharashtra (43%), east UP (38%), west UP and Punjab (both 36%), and Haryana (34%).


  4. Will it be the 2nd Depression / Cyclone to cross ever the SAP/North TN coast in September. Last time it was in 1924 and we got battered

      • Nope, Its Pyarr-2005. The forecasted Depression/Cyclone by mid of the September will be mimicking similar style of Pyarr-2005 track.

      • very destructive cyclone in terms of huge property loss and deaths. 110 people washed away & died only by derailing of delta-past passenger at Nalgonda district due to flash-floods. Its very unforgettable cyclone with unusual track.

  5. If the GFS forecast comes true then the forecasted mid-September Cyclone? (rare in SWM) will exactly mimics the destructive 2005-mid September SWM cyclone “Pyarr” in terms of unusual track and intensity.

    Pyarr-2005 by wiki:
    Cyclonic Storm Pyarr[edit]Cyclonic storm (IMD)DurationSeptember 17 – September 21. Peak intensity65 km/h (40 mph) (3-min) 988 mbar (hPa)

    A tropical depression developed in the South China Sea on September 12 and moved westward into central Vietnam on the next day. Continuing through Laos and Thailand, the system emerged into the northern Andaman Sea on September 15. Tracked continuously as a depression by the Thai Meteorological Department, it was classified by the IMD on September 17 west of Myanmar.[10] On the next day, the system intensified into a deep depression and later cyclonic storm, whereupon the IMD named it Pyarr.[1] It was the first cyclonic storm in the month in seven years.[3] Reaching peak winds of 65 km/h (40 mph), the storm took an unusual track to the southwest. On September 19, Pyarr made landfall just northeast of Kalingapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. It turned westward and weakened over land, deteriorating into a remnant low on September 22 over Madhya Pradesh.[1]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2005_North_Indian_Ocean_cyclone_season#/media/File:Cyclonic_Storm_Pyarr_on_September_19,_2005.jpg

  6. Cyclonic storm Chapala, a 2015 version of Pyarr-2005 is in due by this mid-septmber as per GFS??

    Chapala-2015 similar to Pyarr-2005??

  7. Looking like a nem monsoon day with heavy clouds filled with moisture in Mayiladuturai a snap. Winds have changed to sw ers clouds frm sw

  8. Action shifting to north coastal tn,south coastal ap, north interior TN ..Possibly Tis day could be the start for north coastal TN as pondi rajesh was keep on hinting on 6th sep from day 1.. watchout!! One or two areas among Tiruvannmalai,vellore,salem may see a record breaking thunderstorm..chennai,kanchi,tiruvallur also in the ring of fire

  9. Many missed my question to PJ last night at around 12:30. What’s different between this system and the previous rain systems which missed Chennai? Not much difference. It’s all in the luck factor. Don’t be suprised if it’s dΓ©jΓ  vu all over again.

  10. Cyclonic storm Chapala, a 2015 version of Pyarr-2005 is in due by this mid-septmber as per GFS??

    Chapala-2015 similar to Pyarr-2005??

  11. Tonight is the first show begins for Chennai in this sep and Expecting more than 30mm and max 70mm over few areas of western suburbs and lake areas.

  12. Vegetation over NORTH & NORTHWEST India before the monsoon outbreak (5th june)and after the exit of monsoon (5th sep)..miraculous escape for nw india being an Elnino year.. Damage is not much like how it was projected!!

    • unga levelae vera..intha comedy thaan nyabagam varuthu..

      Thirupugalai paada paada vaai manakkum…(myself)

      Goundamani: appuram aenda naaya pallu vilakkure? Thirupugala paadikitte pogavendiyathu thane? Ava avan computerla pallu vilakkuran(sel), ivanuga innum thirupugalaye paadikittirukanugada!

  13. senthamangalam 11 km from namakkal town getting heavy rains but getting 1 cm rainfall in namakkal itself is very rare nowadays..hope core namakkal,karur gets 5 CM in coming days

  14. Highlights of Yesterday’s EMBA (Extra Midnight Blog Association)

    Pitch report specialist: PJ
    Playing Conditions analysis: GTS / Rao
    Ball tracking specialist: Sel
    Dry Specialist: Ehsan
    Resources supplier: Jeet
    Analyst: Jon
    Anchor: ODM (IPL type anchor)

    Pitch report was very biased towards the current batting team. Lot of statistics, forecasts, co-relating with the playing conditions were demonstrated by our Pitch report specialist.

    Playing conditions were detailed by the experts, each coming up with their siddhuisms.. fighting for the best para man!!

    There was a fair amount of consensus towards this report among the other specialists.

    But none was able to convince our Bedi like Dry specialist.

    Supply of resources were not required as the main analysts took centre stage. However, his services cannot be undermined as the play starts – expectedly tonight.

    As usual our anchor started to regain form this season and will keep improving as the season progresses.

    Game set to start.. Let the best team win!!

  15. hope the september team will start the account from today. hope we will have enough to cover including Aug-2016 RF in 2015 sep itself

  16. A Cu/Cb tower which has a thin cross sectional area will have the highest vertical velocity inside the parcel, but the same also has the highest probability of environmental air entrainment under frictional conditions, which can reduce saturating capacity of the parcel..

  17. Nature(EL NINO) at its best!! what a contrast in rainfall in such a closed region.. Precipitation anomaly charts of JUN-AUG showing the area of max rainfall and area of minimum rainfall seen very close to each other..

  18. August team..beware!

    Dangerous Bijli’s secret weapon revealed! Dont take him lightly as a muffin baking kid. He may come out to bat with this today!!!

  19. Hey everyone. Posting after a long time.. it’s been a busy few weeks for me. Any ways, power play overs start today! AUG team.. its better to wear helmets as its going to rain sixes for the next few days πŸ˜›

  20. Omg massive ts formation along the coast just north of Nellore! At the moment the only hope is overhead pop ups. Hopefully the steering winds improve by evening

  21. Trough in the interior at lower levels and UAC in upper levels in the coast. Storms atlast reaching coast in South AP.

  22. Even though I am a member of august team..September team has high chances for thrashing august team with the current forecast!
    Interesting days ahead.

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