SW Monsoon books its return ticket from North West India

Finally, the South West Monsoon has started withdrawing from the extreme Western parts of Rajasthan. For the past few days, the North –North West regions were seen dominated by dry air and rainfall activity had ceased. The officials had a watch on this situation and have finally declared the withdrawal process after taking into account, the conditions. The withdrawal process will take place further over much of North West India during the next 36 hours.

With a low level trough in the vicinity of the Southern states, widespread rains to occur over interior districts of Western TN, south interior Karnataka and Kerala. Meanwhile, an upper air cyclonic circulation over the North Bay and the adjoining regions will keep Monsoon rains active across NE states as well.
Chennai to see a partly cloudy day and the day time maximum temperature settling close to 35-36 C. Chance of light rains persists.

Coimbatore to stay quite warm with 33 C as a day time high. There is a possibility of sporadic showers.

Madurai will see partly cloudy skies with a day time high settling close to 36-37 C. Light rains could be expected.

1,199 thoughts on “SW Monsoon books its return ticket from North West India

  1. Another active day in store for central interior tn, north interiors.. few places near madurai, vdu,nellai,ramnathapuram,kanya wud get decent storm activity… more action maybe seen along south interior Karnataka bordering tn/rayalaseema.

    • Dear friends,
      Every moment of life teaches us through someone or something but we should be open.

      So to me everyone is TEACHER.

      Wishing you a HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY with abundant abundance of happiness bestowed with success and goodness in all your endeavours of life.

      Loving you ever….

  2. Superb Rains in Bangalore yesterday.Data from KSNDMC and yuktix Aws ( min 40mm)

    Ramohalli – 89
    Anjanapura – 79
    Arakere – 74.5
    Gottigere – 70.5
    Uttarahalli- 65
    Kumaraswamy layout – 62.5
    Bilekahalli – 57
    Rajarajeshwari nagar – 57
    Chunchanakuppe – 57
    Sarraki – 51
    Vidyapeeta – 43.5
    Electronic city – 43
    Kengeri – 41.5
    Jigani – 40

  3. Slight adjustment in the blogging suspensions. Anyone caught blogging in another chennai weather blog will be suspended as follows,

    1st offence: 2 weeks ban
    2nd offence: 1 month ban
    3rd offence: 3 months ban

    4th offence: permanent ban

  4. Good cloudy morning, Kea has given some little positive forecast of light rains.

    I am Expecting medium showers today for Chennai core , The ants became more busy again after a very long time today,:)

  5. Dear All, Please limit ur discussion and arguments related to weather. No discussion on the keatured comment. Lets move ahead. I know it against freedom of free will. But sometimes hard decisions has to be taken. It is nothing to surpress anyone or anyother blog. Its just for maintaining un necessary complications here in this blog. We in this blog fight on sept or aug or meena or nunga. But we are one family. We get together soon. Everybody outside will not think the same.

  6. on teacher’s day, KEA has donned the mantle of strict teacher. It is really interesting how this man is taking so many decisions while running this blog. whether it is popular or unpopular, time will prove its efficacy.

  7. My advice to kea is ” dont get perturbed or affected”. It is very difficult to control anything by pressure. history is testimony to that fact. Loyalty to a blog should not be expected because we are not paid members.

  8. Congratulations Amb shankaran ji (Mr.flashu) So mod post is possible for you know, as PJ said all you have to do is just keature with keatured comments and hope for the best

  9. Update on 2015 Elnino: standardised MEI ranking for 2 months ,shows 2015 inching closer to 82/97 super elnino years ,if NINO 3 & 3.4 anomaly increase further in this sep ,will make it interesting.

    • 2015 attaining peak during late fall /early winter where as 1997 attained two maxima. one during JULY /AUG & other during NOV/DEC &1982 slipped into early 83 and attained peak

  10. Drought stares Modi’s gujarat.


    A month-long dry spell in Gujarat has farmers and the government worried as the State is now possibly staring at a drought with the monsoon deficit widening. The State received heavy rain in June and July, leading to floods in Saurashtra and North Gujarat, which killed over 100 people and thousands of animals.

    “There was not a single drop of rain in the whole of August so it looks like we already have a semi-drought in the State notwithstanding the rain in June-July,” a senior official says. The Cabinet meeting held on Wednesday discussed the problem, he adds.

    In the Saurashtra region, comprising seven districts, the situation is worsening with a continued rain deficit as the mainstay crops of groundnut and cotton are in a precarious position.

    “To save the standing crops, we urgently need fresh showers; or else, the crops will wilt,” says Ramjibhai Patel, a farmer from Rajkot district, who has grown groundnut and cotton on his 20-acre rain-fed farm.

    “It rained heavily in June. Since then, there has not been major spells of rain. Groundwater has also not increased. So we cannot even irrigate our fields from our bore wells.”

  11. Remember someone in our blog used to relate Cyclone’s movement towards warm water pools. Actually, scientists have worked in that regards and could not come to any firm conclusions. In BOB, during the post Monsoon Cyclone season, it is mostly observed that the ocean surface waters in north and central Bay are quite warmer in comparison to the overlying colder Northerlies to N.easterlies, and the warm surface waters tend to dictate the overlying air’s temperature field partially. When it comes to the southern Bay, at times these two components vary with respect to each other. The easterlies to S.easterlies remain more warm and moist in the event of an active wave propagating westwards into south Bay. These air sea interactions though have significance in intensity related aspects pertaining to secondary circulation of a Cyclone, the movement of a storm still much largely depends on the upper level heat core source ‘s position in response to the alignment and accumulation of the liberated latent heat of condensation…..

  12. This monsoon is one of the worst SWM west coast has faced. It is really pathetic, cochin, mangalore, goa and mumbai all in dark. We cannot escape by saying just el nino. some thing is wrong somewhere. A tropical country near equator should be blessed with rains infact bountiful rains. Areas closer to equator i.e south india should not face this anamoly.

  13. Tick, tick tick. clock is ticking for Tamizh nadu. This year we cannot miss. NEM should be bountiful. IF it is bountiful, entire south india stands to get benefitted.

  14. Entire drought hit south india is hoping NEM to help them tide over the crisis. Will the ever unpredictable ghost of NEM will reveal itself this time.

  15. One of India’s key missile testing facilities – Wheeler Island – located off the coast of Odisha, will be named after President APJ Abdul Kalam

  16. Two twin kids from Tamil nadu are making waves in Australian spelling contest. just enjoy it. I would love to get the accent.

  17. Good morning
    “Better than a thousand days
    of diligent study is one day
    with a Great Teacher…”
    Happy Teacher’s Day.

    Chennai is expected to receive rain from tomorrow. This week is going to be wet week for Chennai. Daily rains are expected. Heavy spell are expected between Sunday to Wednesday.

    Parts of Western interior districts including Salem, Erode,Tirupur, Coimbatore and Namakkal will have medium to heavy rain today.

  18. Interiors Pounded



    Mangalapuram Valparai taluk office Chinnakalar

    7 each

    Bhavani , Sendamangalam 6 each, Attur Thathiengrpet Madukkur

    5 each

    Thuraiyur , Erode, Denkanikottai , Naduvattam
    4 each

  19. As mentioned below,very heavy rains and deafening thunders in Bangalore yesterday.I am in Bangalore now.today also looks like a good day for ts

    • Chaos and more death. Even less than Cat 1 storm such as Nilam bought storm surge water into the Marina KS Road. Cat 3 entire Triplicane / Royapuram / Foreshore Estate / Thiruvottiyur has to be evacuated.

  20. Shankaran sir, if u want mod, u have to like all Ehsan post and say super Ehsan. Spot on like that. If u dont please ur boss u cant become mod.

    Only if u become mod u can delete my post and take revenge.

  21. Everyone expecting good rains for Chennai from tomorrow onwards. What is good rains only time will tell. How much rains city will miss out?

  22. There is a saying in Tamil literature “When Kavi Chakravarthi Kamban says “Pei” enral mazhai peiyum similarly when PJ at the helm of affairs in terms “rain” one can be sure there will be certain rain today. (Translation when Kambar famous poet says “pour” the rain will pour”)

  23. Dear Bloggers Keerthi Vasan is one of the oldest bloggers in Kea and been with us for very very long time.

  24. As expected the cloudmass is moving north west….is that the pop up showing in radar?
    Gave heavy drizzles..now stopped

    Cloudmass growing..
    Here is the image

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