Monsoon remains weak over most parts of India

The Monsoon has been weak for the past few days over most parts of India due to lack of significant weather system. Currently there is a weak circulation in the north bay which is expected to develop into a low pressure area in one or two days. This weather system would increase the thunderstorm activity significantly over West Bengal, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh in the coming days. The thunderstorm activity from this system could extend to Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh by the end of this week.

TN will remain mostly dry with some isolated thunderstorms. There could be a slight increase in thunderstorm activity from Wednesday.

Chennai will see max temperature around 36C with partly cloudy skies.

Coimbatore will witness a warm day with max temperature between 32-33C. There is a possibility of thunder showers during evening/night.

Madurai to remain hot and dry with max temperature reaching close to 37C.

720 thoughts on “Monsoon remains weak over most parts of India

  1. Good morning.
    “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
    – Lao Tzu

    Chennai might have medium rain between 28th to 30th Aug.Isolated light to medium rain would occur over some places of North interior Tamilnadu districts till 28th Aug.

    El nino has affected India’s rainfall very much.Many Indian states including Kerala and Karnataka have received below average rainfall till date in this south west monsoon.

    Let us recall about our atmosphere.

    Following figure depicts the relation between altitude,pressure and temperature of the atmosphere.

  2. 1998 back to back severe cyclones in bob and arb.. But nothing for tamilnadu.. All happened only during north east monsoon

  3. A recent extended range forecast of the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) Pune, states that the El Nino effect may dominate the remaining days of August and first week of September.The ongoing dry spell, which was expected to continue till August end, may get extended to the first week of September.Rainfall activity will therefore be mainly confined to the eastern part of India and the southern peninsula.
    In line with the IITM forecast, a recent India Meteorological Department’s (IMD) extended range forecast till September 8 predicted above normal rainfall activity over northeast and adjoining east India on many days till the beginning of September. It forecast normal rainfall activity over south peninsular from September 4 to 8 and below normal rainfall activity over plains of northwest and central India on many days.
    A met department official meanwhile said that a major part of the country will experience subdued rainfall till the first week of September.

  4. 1918 is one of the analog for this year. We had a tropical storm made landfall over CTN on 11th Nov in 1918.
    Now CFS picking up a system near STN around 7th Nov.

  5. APEC expecting weak positive IOD during NEM but BOM expecting moderate positive IOD during NEM and going by the BOM forecast we can expect good NEM.

  6. Can anyone tell when was the last september got 50 mm. Ehsan blowing trumpets with failure August Team.

  7. Continued typhoon activity in the northern Pacific Ocean
    – Typhoons Atsani and Goni (Ineng) continue to track through the northwest Pacific Ocean
    – Loke and Kilo likely to reach hurricane strength over the central north Pacific Ocean this week

    2015 El Niño
    – 2015 El Niño continues to strengthen
    – Sea surface temperature anomaly is very high (+1.9 °C)

    Madden–Julian Oscillation (MJO) still weak
    – MJO has been weak for several weeks
    – Unlikely to influence weather this week

  8. Cyclone Brothers ignore the previous Cyclone. Name this one. Wrong attachment the previous one. this is the Category 4 cyclone i meant

  9. the heavy intensity of the rain can be felt by shattering sound made from my office window shades at korukkupet

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