North East States continue their Tryst with Heavy Rains

The Monsoon Axis stubbornly continues to persist along the foothills of Himalayas. The Upper Air Circulation (UAC) over Bangladesh and Assam continues to bring heavy to very heavy rainfall over NE States, WB, & Sikkim. Kokrajhar in Assam in last 24 hrs. has recorded 341 mm rainfall. The Western Disturbance (WD) induced UAC over Jammu & Kashmir has been pounding North India with heavy rainfall with Kangra in Himachal recording 174 mm and this scenario will continue tomorrow.

The UAC over North Bay will bring rains to parts of Andhra Pradesh and the trough from the system is expected to dip down to Tamil Nadu. This will bring rains to many places in North Tamil Nadu and Interior Tamil Nadu. Coastal regions will also get occasional rains.
Chennai – Pleasant day on the cards with temperature to remain below normal close to 33-34 C. Rains expected in parts of the city.

Coimbatore – Temperature will continue to remain close to 31-32 C. Very light rains expected later in the day.

Madurai – Rains are expected in the evening / night with temperature likely to settle between 35-37 C.

1,605 thoughts on “North East States continue their Tryst with Heavy Rains

  1. A YouTube video captures the terrifying moment a bolt of lightning struck a Delta plane on the runway at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, Georgia.
    Looks deadly! :O
    Everyone should watch this.

  2. Let’s hope the cloud cover clears soon and makes way for some sunshine. I’m starting to lose hope about heavy rains

  3. heavy flood water inflow to kalyani dam in lower tirupati
    papanasanam reservoir full upto the brim…..which is sufficient for next 5 months…..thanks to the rain god……it poured like a havoc in tirupati and surrounding areas…..
    whereas the areas like puttur and nagari remained dry….
    2 days rainfall:
    pulivendhula : 142mm(120mm+22mm)
    Kadapa(city) :131mm(128mm+4mm)
    Kadapa(rural) : 105mm(101mm+4mm)
    Nellore : 87mm(55mm+32mm)
    Tirupati(city) : 140mm(25mm+115mm)……this heavy rains resulted in heavy inflow from tirupati mountains….i am very happy to post this in the blog!!!!!!!

  4. Good morning.
    ” A rainbow was created with unique and different colors; together they standout as one whole beautiful thing. So are we”-Katya Bertrand

    Many parts of north and south Chennai received good rain last night.Some parts of central Chennai also had decent rain.

    Medium to rather heavy rain is forecast for many parts of Chennai city today as well. In south Chennai,Scattered clouds present at a height of 549 m and Broken clouds at a height of 3048 m now.So cloudy weather would continue till afternoon.

    Parts of North and western interior Tamilnadu districts would have medium to heavy rain today.

  5. There Has Been Many Misses For Nungambakkam This 2015
    These Were Some of The Misses In APR 2015

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  7. Happy chennnai day to all….we all proud to be in chennai as well….no other cities can compare with chennai in terms of many things…..chennai rockssss

    • Hope chennai gets washed by nature during this birthday that may be the reason of yesterdays rain failure!

  8. yesterday, rains missed us. Today is the last day of deluge prediction of raoji. hope we get atleast 3 cm for his sincere prediction.

  9. Chennai day is today. Hope our citizens keep our city clean and tidy. The present govt is doing something and we want all out action from people and govt

  10. How many of us know about the Cooum river which flows in our city? ,How can we clean it?
    History of Cooum is still not known to many of the people in Chennai. Watch this Initiative we Chennai Memes took to clean the Cooum river.
    Please spare few minutes of your time and watch this video. Your perspective towards Cooum river will change for sure.

    Please sign the petition in order to bring the change to clean the river -
    #BringBackCooum – A Cooum cleanup initiative by Chennai Memes

  11. Actually we have three major waterways in chennai. They are cooum river, adayar river and buckingham canal. Most of us say the river as cooum when we see any polluted stretch of waterways. That shows our knowledge and interests in our eco system.

  12. let me give you a quiz about chennai waterways.

    1. what is name of the water way near manapakkam in chennai just before porur?

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  14. By seeing PJ’s answers, we have more than one cooum in our city. So let us stop calling every thing as cooum. Infact adyar is much better than cooum. There is a plan to start water way transportation in bucking ham canal which runs from marakkanm to kakinada in andhra. But unfortunately MRTS construction inside chennai on this canal, is a biggest issue

  15. Remembering The best addition to modern chennai on its birthday…..Here is wonderful look of koyambedu metro station chennai set for make over in skyline with these projects!

  16. Yesterday I am travelling in bus from salem to Namakkal around 11..its pouring like anything in athanur,pillanur,aandalur gate,kalangaani,until pudhuchathiram like buckets of water poured from heaven but as usual core Namakkal left dry from mudalaipatti pudhur

  17. name the river which we see just after chengal pattu. where it is originating? Most of south chennai gets water from this river.

  18. Then: History says that, ‘Madras Egmore’ was previously a fort called the Egmore Redoubt, a place used to store ammunition for the British.

    Now: Even with CCTV cameras and round-the-clock security, Egmore Station still retains its old-world charm and calm(relatively) in the otherwise buzzing Egmore area.

    Old image: Wikipedia

  19. Then: Started by an English librarian named Abel Joshua Higginbotham, Higginbotham’s, arguably India’s oldest bookstore opened its doors around 1844. By the middle of the 20th century, Higginbothams expanded to almost all of the railway stations. Higginbothams remained the largest bookstore until the 1990’s.

    Now: A visit to Higginbotham’s is like stepping into a whole other world, going back in time, with the arterial Mount Road / Anna Salai outside constantly buzzing with traffic and the Metro Rail construction. What’s amazing is how they managed to maintain the building so well, even if it’s lost most of its customers to its competition.

    Old image:

  20. Then: Old ambassador taxis plying in and out, while the rest of the commuters preferring to take a cycle. Before its expansion in the 80’s, Madras Central station was a relatively calmer, charming alighting point.

    Now: A symbolic landmark of the city, Chennai Central looks as majestic as it ever was, but terribly buzzing with thousands of people who visit it everyday. And unfortunately, the Central signal has become a nightmare for those who’ve visited it(pretty much every Chennaiite)

    New image: Shot by © Raunaq Mangottil | I am Madras

  21. We have following creeks,

    Ennore Creek
    Cooum Creek
    Adyar Creek
    Kovalam creek just at border of Chennai


    Okkiyam maduvu Backwater (technically a lake)
    Muttukadu Backwaters draining into Kovalam creek
    & Mahabalipuram Backwater

    We are a blessed city.

  22. Then: Commuters stop by to check ongoing Test Match scores on the manually-operated scoreboard on the balcony of The Hindu office.

    Now: You can hardly stop for more than a minute outside the Hindu office today, thanks to the wonderful, constantly moving traffic. The traffic is such that it even warranted a subway to cross the road to the side that hosts the defunct Secretariat.

    Old image: The Hindu

  23. Then: Even in the 60’s, apart from Ambassadors, bullock carts frequented Mount Road. There’s no median, and you can see the Kashmir Art Palace, the Old Curiosity Shop and Agurchand Mansion leading to the LIC Building.

    Now: Do we really need to talk about the frustrating one-ways?

    Old image: The Hindu ( )

  24. Then: Constructed in a Neoclassical style, the all-white Madras Corporation building was one of the finest structures in Madras, with its own pond that you can see.

    Now: Off-limits to passers-by, it is now impossible to even stop and stare at the Ripon Building which is now shielded by the Metro Contstrucion blue sheets. Which makes this one of the toughest shots to catch!

    Old image:

  25. Then: There was no Burma Bazaar back in the day, yet, First Line Beach Road was one of the main commercial centers of Madras. And right opposite the line of buildings, the road would open up to the Beach Station and then harbour. Imagine walking on those roads with absolutely no traffic!

    Now: Traffic speeds by between the iconic SBI Buildings and Burma Bazaar, the haven for smuggled goods.

    New image: Shot by © Raunaq Mangottil | I am Madras

  26. Name the river we see just after villupuram. One can see this dry river when we travel towards trichy. This was a massive river once upon a time

  27. so we had two big rivers south of chennai in those olden days namely palar and then pennaiyar. Both these rivers originates in karnataka and one palar river flows through andhra. Both these rivers are heavily dammed and water flows rarely for major part of the year. It is purposefully made dry, so that sand mining can take place indiscriminately.

  28. Chennai And Their Rivers In 1915 Compared To 2012 and 2015.
    Courtesy:Someone @novak_nole:disqus I Guess Posted In WAP Group
    I Found It In My Mobile So Shared It Here.

  29. Yesterday chennai records 31.7 c, it’s ok…then relative heating in vellore, South ap also very less temperature during day time. There also very cloudy during day… Then how it can be Veppa salanam rains?????

  30. Chennai and surrounding Regions get much needed rains after a long break, rainfall ending 8.30 am on 21.08.2015
    Lake areas in the Northern belt got good rainfall.

    Min – 10 mm

    Kadambathur (near Tiruvallur) – 63
    Arakonam – 49
    Tiruttani – 49
    Thiruvalangadu – 45
    Vilivakkam Agro – 42
    Hindusatan University – 41
    Tamaraipakkam – 40
    Puzhal – 39
    Ponneri – 38
    Poonamalle – 37
    Kancheepuram – 36
    Tiruvallur – 36
    Tharamani – 36
    Avadi – 34
    Ambattur – 34
    Chengalpattu – 32
    Tiruttani PTO – 31
    Poondi Lake – 30
    Redhills – 30
    Kolapakkam -28
    Kunnathur (near Mahabs) – 26
    Anna University – 25
    Madhavaram – 24
    Kelambakkam – 24
    Chennai AP – 23
    Tambaram – 21
    Sathyabama University – 20
    Minjur – 20
    Ellapuram (near Tamaraipakkam) – 19
    Sriperumbudur – 18
    Cholavaram Lake – 17
    Uthiramerur – 17
    Chennai City – 15
    Mahabalipuram – 15
    Thiruporur (near Kelambakkam) – 15
    Thirukalukundram (near Mahabs) – 13
    Katupakkam – 13
    Ennore – 12

  31. chennai city again missed heavy rains. bad luck. most of the suburbs received more than 3 centimeters. chennai particularly IMD nungambakkam struggling to reach even one centimeter.


  32. The current Useless Air Circulation has given pounding rains. Where it matters in Lake and also city.

  33. People should not comment on UAC’s anymore. It deserves praise. There was so much pounding from senior guys like Jupie. But when it has given so much rains. Not even a word on the UAC

  34. Tamaraipakkam today has got 57 mm. Yesterday 40 mm. Chennai gets water from the wells there. 97 mm should have helped some recharge to the Aquifers.

  35. JMA latest mid range forecast is out and its not look encouraging till mid September but after mid September peninsular India especially TN, SI Kar, Kerala can expect good rainfall.

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