Evening storms set to return over North TN

The mid-level High pressure area which was suppressing the thunderstorm formation over most parts of TN for the past 24 hours will move westward and weaken. As a result of this process, the condition for thunderstorm formation will gradually improve over TN. There is also a new disturbance to develop in the north bay which will continue to keep the monsoon active over East and North east India. This disturbance also has a chance to develop into a low pressure area by the end of this week.


Chennai will see max temperature around 34C. Skies will be partly cloudy with a possibility of thunderstorm during late evening/night.

Coimbatore will observe max temperature moving closer to 34C with a chance of thunder showers during evening/night.

Madurai will witness partly cloudy skies with max temperature touching 35-36C. Isolated rains possible by evening/night.

1,527 thoughts on “Evening storms set to return over North TN

    • But more technical terminology like Rossby wave (ER) missing, which induced this CC. In real sense this ER wave saved west coast and parts of peninisular India to become completely dry due to raging twin super typhoons at WP.

  1. Gud morning blogers from today onwards the days of TS are going to return .so guys keep ur RG ‘s ready.;)

  2. Wow…my kea-poll selection for SWM cumulative index of 93% will become true? Would I emerge as winner in that Kea-SWM-poll?? It looks like that at this moment. Now most meteorologists coming conclusion that SWM may end around 90-93% of seasonal cumulative index, which can make SWM-2015 as meteorological deficit year (not an agricultural drought year). http://wap.business-standard.com/article/economy-policy/india-headed-for-climatic-drought-2nd-year-on-the-trot-115082000018_1.html

  3. Good morning..

    Correction does much, but encouragement does more-Johann Wolfgang

    Medium to rather heavy rain would occur over many parts of Chennai city from Friday(21st) to Sunday (23rd).Some places of city may have light rain tonight.So plan the weekend accordingly.

    Some parts of North interior districts may have medium rain for 2 to 3 days.

  4. Good Morning Guys.
    Some TS near Tirupati and 120km SE of Chennai. Cumulonimbus visible over NW and distant SE.

  5. Meghalaya’s historic rainfall continues.

    Mawsynaram Last 4 days rainfall

    16.08.2015 – 409 mm
    17.08.2015 – 198 mm
    18.08.2015 – 526 mm
    19.08.2015 – 745 mm
    Total – 1878 mm

    Khliehshnong Last 4 days rainfall

    16.08.2015 – 241 mm
    17.08.2015 – NA
    18.08.2015 – NA
    19.08.2015 – 569 mm
    Total – 810 mm (in two days)

    Cherrapunji Last 4 days rainfall

    16.08.2015 – 195 mm
    17.08.2015 – 162 mm
    18.08.2015 – 313 mm
    19.08.2015 – 472 mm
    Total – 1142 mm

    Mawkyrwat Last 4 days rainfall

    16.08.2015 – 190 mm
    17.08.2015 – 120 mm
    18.08.2015 – 383 mm
    19.08.2015 – 417 mm
    Total – 1110 mm

  6. Some expert in this blog asked which 21st we will get rains. I want to tell that person, today Chennai will get rains, hopefully he is wise and takes an umbrella rather than thinking very far away to October 21st.

    • This is my post….
      Weather Alert
      20th, 21st, 22nd August 2015, Chennai will record / register light to heavy rains at isolated places of Chennai and Chennai Suburban.

      21st August looks good for wide spread rain over Chennai City and Suburban.

      Please plan yourself with umbrella… Mostly rain will start after afternoon or in the evenings

  7. Good rains in Hyderabad…
    Chandrayagutta 10 km from imd 59 mm
    Widespread rains in kurnool too and its drizzling even now
    kurnool town 14 mm

  8. Cumulus Clouds started to appear and its movement from WSW to ENE. Good Signs for TS later in the day

  9. As per reports nearly 2 lakhs people affected in 280 districts in Assam floods, Megalaya also reported to have heavy rains

  10. Another day of massive rains in Meghalaya and Assam

    Aie N H Xing in Assam gets 295 mm
    Manas N H Crossing in Assam gets 216 mm

    Expecting huge numbers from Mawsynaram & Cherrapunji too.

  11. Guys,

    Dont expect too much for the day. If we get some light showers, it will be the most.
    Even though we have a support at 500 HPA levels, the lifting is tough from the lower levels, since there is not support at 700 HPA.

    It is tough to believe my forecast, still this is the reality.

  12. winds are still from south east, it has to change to northwest before afternoon to move thunderstorms towards coast. but conditions are better compared to last 3 days.


  13. 1. 8 KMS wind velocity now shifted to north west indicates chances for thunderstorms by late evening to reach the coast. condition is quite ideal now.


  14. Bijli provide some electrifying bijli to the weather so that it can bring some pounding rains to chennai:-)

  15. Heavy rains in Hyderabad…

    Rains in various places in hyderabad are as follows

    Hayathnagar – 86.8 mm
    Pocharam IT sez – 75 mm
    Chandrayagutta – 60 mm
    Saidabad – 54 mm
    Saroornagar – 47.2 mm
    Bahadurpura – 38.5 mm
    Fever hospital Amberpet – 34 mm
    Himayathnagar – 30 mm
    Golkonda – 16.6 mm
    Hyd imd – 14.4 mm

  16. Yesterday was a rainy day in many parts of AP and Telangana
    Overall Rainfall report
    minimum 40 mm
    Miryalaguda (Nalgonda) – 105 mm
    Nirmal – 92 mm
    Hayathnagar – 87 mm
    Mudhole – 65 mm
    Kampasagar – 59 mm
    Navipet – 55 mm
    Armur – 54 mm
    Balkonda – 54 mm
    Maganoor – 52 mm
    Musthabad – 50 mm
    Saroornagar – 47 mm
    Narayanpet – 46 mm
    Gummagatta – 44 mm
    Sirsilla – 44 mm
    Machareddy – 44 mm
    kalvakurthy – 43 mm
    Velpur – 41 mm
    Yacharam – 40 mm
    Ghattu – 40 mm
    Owk – 40 mm
    Nagar kurnool – 40 mm

      • Yes…if the same situation continues for another 10 days ..Varuna dev can save us from drought

        Hyd deficit reduced to 48 percent

  17. looking at this satellite picture NW is looking clear for the past 3 days ….line of SW monsoon clouds looks confined to EAST central and west coast…will the new systems enhance it back?

  18. Cherrapunji just 500 mm away for getting 10000 mm annual rain

    Till now from January 1 2015 Cherrapunji received 9500 mm nearly

  19. Parthaji updated on 18 th august, From August 21st to 24th – TS expected in Chennai
    From August 28th to 31st – Chennai will see some massive TS rains

  20. Electric storm (Sel and GTS batting) with “War of the Worlds” lightning strikes possible tomorrow…

  21. during the next 2 or 3 hours we can expect healthy formation near 50 KMS radius as sea breeze intervene with hot winds and develop convection. the most idealistic conditions just now back and normal august swm conditions return back.


  22. As I mentioned before if sea breeze sets power ful then our ts chance will be vanished. Till now sea breeze is very powerful.

  23. quite a few strong thunderstorms over west of sriharikota. it has to move further south east to target city. but more add ons might form near poondi-tiruvallur. soon.

  24. we need a strong formation near tiruvallur-poondi- arakonam pockets to reach central and north chennai. lot of chances as the time is in our favor.


  25. Sep team..alert!!! beware!!!
    Sel and GTS are back from high octane match practice in Agumbe Rainforest…cant wait for tmrw’s match…tmrw might be Agumbe special from Aug team πŸ˜€

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