Heavy Rains lash Tamil Nadu, more to follow

The Low Pressure Area (LPA) over North-Central India has merged with the monsoon axis and its associated Upper Air Circulation (UAC) lies over Uttar Pradesh-Bihar. This will make the monsoon clouds and the resultant rains shift east towards Bihar, Jharkhand, east Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, east Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal. North East India continues to get heavy rains with monsoon axis extending to Assam. Wettest place in the world, Mawsynram in Meghalaya received extreme rainfall of 409 mm in the last 24 hrs.

The equatorial waves such as Equatorial Rossby (ER) & Mixed Rossby Gravity (MRG) waves are seen to have established itself over Equatorial Indian Ocean and adjoining seas. The propagating waves have triggered a UAC over the Comorin sea and south east Bay of Bengal. This system will bring heavy rains to Kerala, Kanyakumari, Nilgiris, Coimbatore and other interior districts in Tamil Nadu as it traverses north towards the coast. Coastal districts will get only moderate rainfall.


Chennai will have a cloudy start to the day with max temp touching 34-35C. Rains are expected in parts of the city and suburbs.

Coimbatore will be pleasant throughout the day time with temperature around 31-32C and rains are forecasted later in the day.

Madurai is going to see a wet day with some places getting heavy rainfall. The max temp will be below normal at 34-35C .

771 thoughts on “Heavy Rains lash Tamil Nadu, more to follow

  1. Tamilnadu crystal clear as per satellite. Today good chance of Heavy Thunderstorms over South & Central Tamilnadu with few places of North Tamilnadu as well.
    In Cities Madurai and Coimbatore has good chances of TS today. Chennai and Trichy will have Moderate to Heavy Showers in few areas.

  2. Overnight rain lashes Bangalore.. East and south parts have got very heavy rains..

    Avalahalli (GP) 144mm
    Bidarahalli 126mm
    Kengeri 136mm
    Garudacharpalya 80.5mm

    courtesy – Praveen

  3. Serious Rains In South Bangalore!!!
    3 Places Crossed 100 mm
    Avalahalli (GP) 144mm
    Bidarahalli 126mm
    Kengeri(2) 136mm
    Garudacharpalya 80.5mm
    Lakkasandra 32mm
    Beniganahalli 55.5mm
    Pride Orchid AWS – 46 mm
    Banaswadi just 20.5mm
    Attugulipur chamrajnagar 108mm
    Sampaniramnagar only 22mm
    Blore City — 27mm

    Bangalore Rural – 74 mm

  4. SW Bangalore ramnagar hosur chennapatna srirangapatna mysore and entire south interior karnataka received very good rain.

  5. Kalasapakkam located south of Polur in Tiruvannamalai district after recording 91 mm yesterday gets 137 mm today. 228 mm in just 2 days that too in off season is awesome.

  6. Finally twin typhoons did the damage at the end… last week forecasted MISO is not going to establish in indian ocean so below normal rains likely .

  7. watchout for s.tn TS ,will be a high intensity ts. interiors like madurai,virudhunagar,,salem,tiruchi and coastal ramanathapuram surroundings to get battered

  8. Reports of heavy rains in Tanjore and surroundings yesterday. Its doing the rounds in Facebook as well. First intense rains of this SWM for the core Delta areas.

  9. Heavy overnight rains in South Bangalore after 30 min pelting in the first spell yesterday evening. Today looks good for some more rains as the Sun is out already.

  10. Officials of meteorological department and weather experts said Sunday’s spel was caused by an upper air circulation over south-east ern Bay of Bengal. “The circulation changed the wind pattern causing instability and bringing in moisture,“ said weather blogger Pradeep John. The rain would continue till Tuesday, and a second bout would hit the city on Friday .
    However, the city will have to deal with high humidity during the lull in rain. On Sunday , the humidity level stood at 86%.

  11. Showdown in pacific ,GONI getting stronger and stronger with displaying Pin hole eye..and also looks like it has double eyewall.

  12. Imd even today in its morning report does not mention any UAC in our region local , was it mentioned in any of the earlier reports…??

  13. Oh no , the rainfall that was forecast to be quite heavy along the west coast has now been drastically reduced…..and across India as well for this entire month…private agencies could have been cautious…

  14. when will the karaikal doppler will get ready or function?
    eager to see also the radar images that we follow for chennai till trichy latitude

    • Met officials said monsoon has remained low key in August due to absence of large scale rain systems typical of this time of the year. “In August, monsoon has remained mostly convective, that is, heat-related short period rain. The same pattern is likely to continue for another 10 days, with a few ups and downs. We may see a large scale revival by the end of this month or early September,” said D Sivananda Pai, IMD lead monsoon forcaster

    • Jupi I don’t think it a much significant factor, and more over it is normal to have low values of upper tropospheric humidity in that region climatologically…may be lower levels is where we need to look for..and that too still the window open a single NW ward propagating synoptic system can bring in changes…

  15. The ACC at lower levels has further moved in Westerly Direction along the Equatorial IO, this will further move in West and will be on the longitude of 62 to 65E, this will not allow the winds to reach KTK and Kerala Coast.

    Another ACC likely to form in South Arabian Sea at 850 HPA levels after 21st August.

    Northern part of West Coast likely to get good rainfall from 19th onwards to 25th August. Mumbai will be benefitted the most.

    Kerala and KTK likely to get rainfall after 25th August, till then the subdued rainfall likely to continue, that is below normal pattern.

  16. At present West pacific typhoons are not influencing us more…they are not even dragging any moisture at any level…
    Soon we can expect the intake of moisture into these from all the levels..
    Present convection waning off all over the country rapidly…
    I fear that August may be worst this time.
    But I feel the positive IOD chances may increase by september due to clear skies over West IO

  17. This time West bengal Odisha are very lucky to receive continuous daily rains which increased crop productivity to a greater extent

  18. Skymet has become the biggest Facebook weather page in India.
    Until yesterday KeaWeather was the undisputed leader. Somehow Skymet added 1,500 likes in 1 week to reach 8,128.
    We will fightback during NEM and try to retake the lead. They are just 550 ahead of us.

  19. Jupi,

    Positive IOD not possible in August. The equatorial jets have to change its direction from Westerlies to Easterlies. I think this is not going to happen during this month.

    The easterly alongshore wind near the Sumatra Island also enhances the
    upwelling in the eastern Indian Ocean, which contributes to the cooling of the SSTs
    off Sumatra. This will increase the SST over Western IO.

    Even though the Positive IOD emergence in September not going to benefit SWM.

    Also SWM Withdrawal not likely to begin in August, we need to wait until first week of September.

  20. Today ts shd hit chennai, can’t wait for any more…… Steering winds ll be good when compare to yesterday…. Already 3/4 th month gone….

  21. Based on NET.

    The Sun Movement is Happening, but not rapid as mentioned in the web of Date and Time.

    I am having my Balcony and that side outer wall of my Flat as the Criteria for Sun Movement. My Balcony is in Northerly direction, still the Sun in the morning hits my entire balcony wall which faces east, then in the afternoon the half of the floor in balcony gets sun shine.

    During the sun set the partial wall facing West getting sun light. When we stand outside facing West, the Sun still over WNW direction.

  22. India’s monsoon rainfall deficit has widened to 10 per cent as a
    strengthening El Nino weather pattern trimmed rainfall, the weather
    department said, raising fears of the first drought in six years.

  23. Jupi,

    June is the month which will have Sun Set very late, that is by 18.39, that is max. If you see for today, the Sun Set is 18.30 PM. Sun dakshinayanam time starts from Aadi 1, may be around July 17th. It has been just one month gone, hence you cannot expect massive movement southwards. See it in September middle, the Sun Set will be exactly West, means perfect West.

  24. jma is expecting high positive sst anomaly over w.indian ocean for sep, and they r expecting hyper active pacific in response to strengthening elnino .tis will be a big blow for indian monsoon.

  25. IMD Rainfall Update

    Tirupuvanam (Sivaganga Dist)


    Palacode (Dharmapuri Dist)


    Thali (Krishnagiri Dist), Thuvakudi IMTI (Trichy Dist)

    10 each

    Hogenekal (Dharmapuri Dist), Thanjavur (Thanjavur Dist)

    9 each

    Devakottai (Sivaganga Dist), Thalavadi (Erode Dist), Mudukulatur (Ramanathapuram Dist), Mettupatti (Madurai Dist)

    8 each

  26. Core Delta areas got good rains yesterday. Sivaganga district too got much needed rains. Forecasts look good for rains today as well.

  27. i would expect today wide spread rains for Chennai, yesterday kk ngr area was literally smashed with heavy drops of rains, and best part was the intensity which was never let down for half hour , actually intensity was increasing by time to time. hope to see for whole Chennai.

  28. With regards to equatorial wave modes, currently it is only the presence of an ER wave that is quite significant, with all other modes dying out and losing significant OLR filters. The current cyclonic circulation located in sw bay seen at lower levels and adjoining equatorial Indian ocean is being followed up by a high pressure clockwise circulation that will move westwards in a sine wave fashion, moving up latitude till Andaman and then moving down in a sw direction and then slowly dying out. But the may be associated mid level high pressure area is seen moving straight westwards, and is seen over chennai in about 2 days’ time. In the process of moving across south bay it would mostly suppress convection for the next three days. This could be observed in imd gfs rainfall forecast charts as well…

    • GTS,

      Yes i saw that for near future for Chennai, it is not good for rainfall. Except ER wave nothing else is significant to throw some precipitation. HPA likely to dominate for the next 4 days time. Chennai has to wait for some more time for the next rain.

      Heat will also be not excessive due to easterly wind prevails at lower levels, this might continues for next 2 days time, from then on once again heat will increase.

      • So chennai’s disappontment with UAc will continue.That is what you are telling right. Waht about other parts of TN. Will they get their share from uac?

  29. Rainfall in Tamilnadu Cities Yesterday

    Chennai – 0.9mm
    Chennai AP – Trace

    Madurai South – 50mm
    Madurai AP – 23mm

    CBE South – 30mm
    CBE AP – 24.5mm

    Trichy AP – 50mm
    Trichy Town – 20mm

    • August is turning to be one of the worst in terms of rainfall to chennai. Are you expecting any rains on 20th and 21 as forcasted earlier.

  30. Reports say heavy rains lashed parts of A.P and Telangana on sunday, Godavari river is flowing to the danger mark at Badrachalam,
    Also the skies rained fish, in Uyyarivaripalyam village in Guntur.

  31. Does anyone remember the last non rainy day in Mumbai?
    It has been raining everyday. Sad part is its very light and deficit is rising every minute.
    Current deficit
    Colaba – 340.7 mm
    Santa Cruz – 128.7 mm

  32. Cloud movement aren’t from ESE or ENE . its just seen west of us. But not moving to east as of now and it won’t move anymore.

  33. Finally imd mid day report sees a mention of the UAC in south west bay located between 1.5 km and 3.6 km above msl…

  34. The southwest monsoon has been vigorous over  Tamilnadu & Pudducherry  and active  over Sub-
    Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim, Chhattisgarh and 
    South Interior Karnataka during past 24 hours ending at
    0830 hours IST of today.

  35. PJ,

    850 HPA – Dry air of Andamans ACC and Moist Air from West colliding over Myanmar latitude. Also there is a dip in trough below Himalayas, this has given pressure to lower latitudes of North Odisha, WB, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Further running of wind after crossing Myanmar has become stalemate, this has increased Positive Vorticity Advection.

    Due to this rain pouring over Myanmar.

    See diagrammatic representation.

  36. Dr.rao Dinagar was so confident…infact he is more worried because none of the experts are caring about pondy

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