Low pressure to develop off Odisha and North AP coast

The weak disturbance which persisted over Northwest and West central Bay is likely to develop into a low pressure off the coast of Odisha and North AP.As a result of this system, widespread rainfall is expected over Odisha, Chattisgarh, East Madhya Pradesh and North AP. There will also be a slight increase in rainfall activity over Karnataka and Kerala due to the above system.

The interior area of North TN and parts of coastal TN will see an increase in thunderstorm activity for the next few days which is connected to the system in NorthWest Bay. South TN will remain mostly dry with some sporadic showers.


Chennai will witness max temperature moving closer to 36C.Sky will be cloudy with thunderstorm development likely during the later part of day.

Coimbatore will see max temperature lingering between 32-33C with cloudy skies.

Madurai to remain hot with max temperature reaching 38-39C.As a result of heat, Thunderclouds may develop and give rainfall in some areas during evening/night.

701 thoughts on “Low pressure to develop off Odisha and North AP coast

  1. Gud morning guys .from yesterday TS my area hardly recives 1mm.hope it gets something today. ;). Because lpa is going to form near odisha and N.ap coast so we can see 1 or 2 intense TS from today and tommorw.

  2. Good morning…
    “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any”. –Alice Walker.

    Light rain occurred in parts of south Chennai and north Chennai last night.

    Light to medium thundershower is expected in parts of City today during evening/night.Maximum temp would be around 36 to 37°c.

    Some north interior Tamilnadu districts may also have medium rain today.

    South west monsoon is active now and coastal Kerala,parts of coastal and interior Karnataka ,northern Telangana , Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, north Rajasthan would have heavy rain for another couple of days.

    The 2015 El Nino is now well-established and continues to strengthen. So south west monsoon is expected to affect further.

    • But in general SWM will be less effected in latter half of the season (September and August) with +ve IOD in proximity. Overall SWM gets effected somewhat till so far, but may not be effected dangerously/adversely this year like previous strong Elnino years.

  3. Monsoon axis dipping due to the LPA. Now the axis is dipping to South AP. Some serious rains can be expectd.

  4. Monsoon moods from Mumbai. (Bombay).

    Though I missed seeing the drenching rains the city is known for, felt happy to feel n experience the monsoon magic after s gap of 10 years to be precise.
    Last three days saw only intermittent drizzles punctuated with few heavy spells..

  5. Good Thunderstorm Activity expected in coming days for North & Central TN. Thunderstorm will be intense unlike Last few days and Temperature is expected to be around 36 in Chennai and parts of Central Tamilnadu and South Tamilnadu expected to be hot around 38 – 39.

  6. 200 hpa velocity potential anomaly shows subsidence across the Indian subcontinent for the 5 day mean from 5th to 9th August….

  7. Sky Met prediction for S.L Test series: “As far as weather is concerned, rain is likely to cause multiple interruptions and even washouts during this series.”

  8. Very pleasant climate today in Chennai.. are we in for a treat today???? 13N varum uhhh with loads n loads of bogies and passengers with super fast engine?????

  9. Can be proud of the diaspora- Vikram S Pandit(Citibank), Indra Nooyi (Pepsi), Sanjay Jha (Motorola), Sundar Pichai(Google), Sathya Nadella (MS) and Surya Mohapatra (Quest)

  10. Here are the satellite images(2.30pm) of the last few days where there was no significant intense ts activity observed. i hav marked the suppressed areas where there was no support for deep convective storms.. tis suppression might hav been due to suppressed ER wave or active mjo in pacific wich could cause sinking in indian ocean or may even from ELNINO but still there were one or two few exceptional cases .. Another images from NOAA showing the upper level convergence which normally hinders the divergence of the thunderstorm by creating the unfavourable sinking at low-mid -level .. http://s12.postimg.org/lbj82gu2l/er_s.jpg

  11. South Tamil Nadu has very good chance of rain from 16th.
    This rain likely to continue until 19th August.

    ER wave influencing below 10N latitude from that time. This
    one likely to bring an UAC over SW Bay of Bengal from 16th. This UAC likely to
    move in westerly direction as per NGFS towards GOM and TN.

    For Chennai – The conditions are better than yesterday, as i
    have said to you on 05th, we will get TS today. Yesterday the UAC was very
    close to us, it has pushed TS below 13N latitude and to interiors. Today the
    UAC likely to shift little further north or north east, this should bring TS to
    Chennai latitude for sure.
    – by Partha

  12. Tropical cyclones in the Pacific Ocean
    Super typhoon Soudelor (Hanna) and tropical storm Molave in the northwest Pacific
    Hurricane Hilda in the central Pacific

    Madden–Julian Oscillation (MJO) weak
    MJO was weak for much of the last week
    MJO unlikely to have major influence on tropical weather this coming week

    El Niño likely to persist into early 2016
    Ocean and atmosphere indicators remain typical of El Niño
    30-day Southern Oscillation Index value is −19.9

  13. Rain lifts groundwater, Chennai | Aug 11, 2015, 03.16 AM IST

    CHENNAI: Metrowater has fixed 4,137 hand pumps across the city to tap
    groundwater that has shown an average rise of 0.25m after the copious
    rainfall in July.

    It’s not just the availability, the downpour
    has improved the quality of groundwater as the total dissolved solids
    (TDS) count has gone down by about 200 parts per million (ppm) across
    the city. At Ambattur, TDS count in groundwater reduced from 1000ppm to
    800ppm, while at Madhavaram it went down from 500ppm to 300ppm.

    For drinking, TDS in water must be below 500ppm. Beyond 2000ppm, water
    is considered unfit for consumption. High TDS results in undesirable
    taste and may cause unpleasant odour. TDS includes minerals, salts and
    metals that get dissolved in groundwater. Some dissolved solids come
    from organic sources such as leaves, silt, plankton, industrial waste
    and sewage. Other sources are runoff from urban areas and fertilizers
    and pesticides used on lawns and farms.

    Dissolved solids also
    come from inorganic materials such as rocks and air that may contain
    calcium bicarbonate, nitrogen, sulphur and other minerals. Water may
    also pick up metals such as lead and copper as it travel through pipes
    used to distribute water to consumers.

    Rain Centre consultant
    hydrogeologist J Saravanan said, “The efficacy of water purification
    systems in removing total dissolved solids come down over time, so it is
    highly recommended to monitor the quality of a filter or membrane and
    replace them when required.” A Metrowater official said India Mark II
    pumps have been fixed in water deficient areas to make use of
    groundwater replenished by the monsoon rain.

    The water table
    recorded a rise of nearly 0.5m at Sholinganallur, while Kodambakkam
    recorded a rise of only 0.09m. Metrowater officials attributed this to
    rainwater harvesting structures and its water conservation campaigns.
    There are about 8 lakh rainwater harvesting structures in the city.

  14. circulation is seen now at surface level over west central adj NW bay… the convection associated with tat system seen south of it as usual!!

      • as far i understand it’s team unity, and keeping the uniform and the cap in high esteem, of course every team doing that, but Clarke once told, if he was asked to field in short leg, then he will not play for Australia, this is as per Hayden,

    • Clarke has been too emotional n gone into shell over last few months mentally since hughes incident… Remember tat sledging to anderson “get ready for a f***** broken arm” epic… n also with sachin tussle downunder few yrs bak.. 🙂

      • sledging is part and parcel of the game, especially for Australians,
        in June during an interaction with his fans on twitter, Michael Clarke revealed that Sachin Tendulkar is among five of the best players he played with or against in his career.The other four names he said were Australian bowling greats Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath, South African all-rounder Jacques Kallis and West Indian Brian Lara.

  15. ‘Universe is Slowly Dying,’ Say Australian Researchers

    The universe is dying but there is no need to panic as there is still about 100 billion years to go, reveals a group of Australian researchers.

  16. Mid tropospheric circulation associated to the bay LOW is seen just off-shore N.TN and S.AP coast….As usual tilted to the SW with increase in altitude…

      • It is always a common feature in Swm to generally have 2 TCZ – tropical convergence zones, one in continental India, and an other one near equatorial indian ocean…oceanic TCZ is associated with MJO in general. This one currently in EIO seems to be related to ER wave according to experts

  17. Some studies show that the Monsoons associated deep convection has its response in upper troposphere at around 15 km as an anticyclone generally locating itselves a bit to the NW of the deep convection…This upper tropospheric high is called the Monsoon circulation in Upper troposphere. Remember Selva posting it a few days back with an image …

  18. heavy rains over north coastal andhra. particularly vizag and surrounding areas. good to hear. they also need rains. chennai any chances for today ?? so far no big chance. but things would change.


  19. we need bright sunshine to get good thunderstorms. chances are less. moreover a system is over north andhra and it has to totally move away to bring some rains here. today & tomorrow chances are less.

  20. a low pressure area has formed
    over westcentral & adjoining northwest Bay of Bengal off north Andhra & Odisha Coast and
    extends upto mid tropospheric level.

  21. I thought u mentioned last week regarding rains on 9th and 10th. Not too sure. If not, then I am all alone in blog

  22. reports say another weather phenomenon called “Blob” can spoil this year elnino
    “The Blob is another patch of unusually warm ocean water, but right along the coast, running 2,000 miles from the Gulf of Alaska to Mexico. It was first noticed in 2014 and is probably being caused by the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge, a high pressure area that has for the most part refused to move out of the North Pacific for a couple years now, blocking storms from hitting the west coast and winds from cooling the ocean water”

    any idea on this.?

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