Monsoon to flex its muscle over north/central Indian states

With Upper Air circulations (UAC) at either end of the Monsoon Axis (Refer Satellite Image), the Monsoon is set to become active right from Himachal, Uttarakhand, West Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Odisha and parts of Andhra. The rains will gradually shift eastwards as the UAC in bay moves inwards. Meanwhile, the offshore trough may remain little active along Karnataka, Goa and North Kerala coast. Thunderstorm activity seen in North Tamil Nadu.
Chennai will have a cloudy start with maximum touching 36-37 C in later part of the day. There is a good chance of rains in city, suburbs and outskirts at night.

Coimbatore will remain cloudy with temperature peaking at 31-32 C. There is chance of light rains later in the day.

Madurai will be under relentless heatwave with maximum temperature settling close to 39 C.

679 thoughts on “Monsoon to flex its muscle over north/central Indian states

      • In Chicago, rain is considered pain..slippery and a colossal nuisance..but then there are no issues like mosquitoes etc..only ear infections and viruses and all…

      • True. But long workdays and constant travel takes a toll. It was not too hard in Chicago, here it is slightly disorientating. We only have a sales office in Chennai for now, Bangalore is hard to live in. Oh and they want me to visit Singapore next for couple weeks to hire some sales is no fun after a certain age.

      • They also have citronella buckets in their patios. But none in downtown, only in the ‘burbs in summer. And the west nile problem isn’t there in Chi.

      • I have seen mosquitoes in chicago. I lived there in 2004. Lots in the gardens..previals during July and August..

    • Yes,
      A red sunrise can mean thus indicating that a storm system (low pressure) may be moving to the east. A morning sky that is a deep, fiery red can indicate that there is high water content in the atmosphere. So, rain could be on its way.

    • Godspeed to your kid. I bet he’ll finish the marathon (forget winning, doesn’t matter..remember Chariots of Fire?).

      • Though I want to switch on AC, I dont want to do it fearing it is going to cross set 500 units which will make the charges double to atrocious levels. The govt method of charging the power is atrocious.

      • Ha ha ha in Chennai bills of 7-10k/ month are very normal…we have 3 ACs and one is on 15×7

      • Loose garments with proper ventilation at my home ..just fan ..very very comfortable. complaints abt wrather. ….too much of AC will make u unfit careful guys

      • Not at all…why don’t you come and see for neighbor’s temp gauge right now shows 19.2’c. And look at that Pride Orchid if you wish is bang on the main rd with vehicles and all..interior areas are much cooler..

      • Kalai, it is always quid pro quo. Chennai-ites want Bangalore’s weather. And Chennai-ites in Bangalore want Chennai’s infrastructure. There is no middle path.

  1. Are there 2 weatherbugs in blog? This morning he was in Chicago , now Bangalore, maybe dinner in Taiwan. He is making a fool of himself with his time travel.

  2. Hlo guys .today bbc, skymet are predicting rains for chennai in the evening / late evening can we belive them?

  3. Study smart, don’t study hard. We always used to sit in other colleges during college days and go to our college only for exams. And the list of mischievous things we’ve done is too long..

    But then one day you realize life hits really hard, then you become really serious. That is when you’ll go places.

    Mashallah, aapko khuda zaroorat se thoda zyada hi dega..

      • Meenambakkam is cooler than Nungambakkam due to hillocks and it received 1.9mm of Rain Yesterday that could be the other reason for huge Difference

  4. core city is very hot and high min temp because of less greenery and too much ACs whereas suburban chennai is still boasting some forests here and there which will also vanish in the coming years.

  5. Situations are exacty like June 2ndweek-3rd week. UAC is off the coast of chennai and near amd spoil the chances of TS and at the same time will not give the benefit of UAC also.. Hot and Dry heat today. It is not Humid heat.

  6. 2015 highest 24 hour rain comparison with highest recorded temperatures

    Hyderabad – sarrornagar imd 136 mm(24 hour rain) in june…….saroornagar recorded 46.3 degrees in this summer
    Kakinada – 196 mm(highest 24 hour rain) in june and it also recorded 47.8 degrees in may
    Manuguru – 165 mm and highest temp of 51.4 in may

      • 44 in may month is common in kurnool….Nandikotkur and Panyam are hottest places in kurnool…
        Nandikotkur recorded 46.1 degrees in may 2nd week but kurnool is a bit cooler

      • I happened to travel by GT during those summer months – and man i make it a point not to go out when the andhra stations arrive – have had a bitter experience – when i tried to fill my water bottle at the water dispenser, in those stations.

      • was it only heat the reason. Also I was suprised that people in andhra take too much chillies. I got a vada with a chilly in one of the station. funny indeed. hot people in hot climate taking hot foods.

      • My word andhra chilly is real chilly – no sarcasm there. It has a rich flavour and also gives your tongue the required ooomph factor.

      • We love chillies and onions….Rotti with ragi java my favourite dish always….our traditional dish too

  7. All stations relying on SWM who have had a high amount of rainfall during june are having trouble for the past two months. The
    SWm is playing a very unfair game – and giving tough time to the administration are for the forecasters as well.

  8. I think these high temperatures in AP will become all india phenomenon in another decade. And entire india especially south india except high reaches may become unlivable in summer.

    • Very true – in the name of development – we are cutting down our forests – eating up lakes and robbing river sand – the list goes on.

  9. Karnataka facing its worst swm….
    Badami – highest 24 rain till now in 2015 is just 26 mm
    Hampi – 18 mm
    Lepakshi (Anantapur – tumkur)- 76 mm
    Kalaburgi – 20 mm

  10. Because of some developed countries situated above the tropics, tropical countries like india are paying a heavy price. Tropical countries are the ones which gets max sun rays and will be affected the most due to climate change.

    • Climate change is something very gradual has been happening ever since the Earth formed. We can’t stop it. But if we are in the tropics, we can make excellent use of solar energy to generate current electricity. There are so many opportunities, but none get implemented..

      • but high temperature and global warming are because of recent industrial development susa. If not nobody would have talked about kyoto protocol and so many cuts in gases getting released.

      • Well, the world has always had periods of increasing/decreasing temperatures. This is a phase of increasing temperatures, but humans are contributing to it to a certain extent, not as greatly as everyone else hypes

      • I beg to differ. Only because of last two centuries industrial development, so much flora and fauna have faced extinction. So many island countries like maldives, kiribatti are begging developed countries to reduce their green house gas emission. Let us not find excuse or protect the real accused people.

      • It can all be done easily it needs the governments in power to bring in legislation and they could even provide subsidies to those who are willing to go with the solar energy systems at their residence – they could do away with the freebies.

  11. 2015 india’s highest temperature recorded in Bhattiprolu and dwarakatirumala…

    I think no other places in Rajasthan and marathwada recorded these

    Bhattiprolu (godavari) – 49.4 degrees
    Dwaraka tirumala (godavari) – 49.2 degrees
    Gannavaram (Vijayawada ) – 48.6 degrees

    • most atrocious thing, new capital of andhra is planned in the hottest region of andhra. vijayawada is called blazewada for its high temperature. And now AP is planning capital there which will make andhra capital as the hottest capital of india in no time.

      • Yes…now Amaravati is the hottest capital…
        Annual rainfall for Amaravati is 1000 to 1100

  12. OMG! Great news, latest ECMWF run indicates widespread thunderstorms for N TN, S AP and interior KTK today! Might be a blockbuster day ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  13. We have a remotest part of the world in our country where no arms of indian government have extended so far. Not even erstwhile british government which controlled that part. I am speaking about an island in andhaman and nicobar chain called “North sentinel island” which is not touched by any indian or any citizen of the world and the group of sentinalese are avoiding contact with outside world with fierce force.

    They still look like nomads with no signs of human civilization. After seeing their opposition, govt of india has avoided contacting these people and the land leaving it as a prized treasure. Satellite image shows no signs of houses or any construction. can we plan our future kea meet there?

  14. Light rains in AP and Telangana

    Luxxettipet (Adilabad)- 46 mm
    Amalapuram ARG – 45 mm
    Nandavaram (kurnool)- 36 mm

    • hello bro…………. im at jagtial heavily clouded and thundering around….enjoying such climate for the first time during this SWM…. forecast suggest rains for almost week from now…. hope for the best…… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. “โ™ฆ The upper air cyclonic circulation over north Bay of Bengal now extends upto 3.1 km above mean sea level.

    โ™ฆ The upper air cyclonic circulation over westcentral Bay of Bengal & neighbourhood between 3.6
    & 7.6 km above mean sea level persists.

    โ™ฆ Both the above systems likely to merge by evening of today, subsequently a low pressure area
    would develop over northwest Bay of Bengal & neighbourhood around 11th August.”

  16. Good afternoon and have a happy Sunday with your family and friends..

    Typhoon Soudelor made landfall in South China last night and was downgraded into a tropical storm as it moved across the interior region.Around 100 people feared to dead and many are still found missing.

    South Chennai had widespread rain last night.

    Light to medium rain is expected in parts of Chennai city tonight.

    North interior and part of western Tamilnadu districts will have medium rain today .This would continue for another couple of days.

  17. MJO has moved away, but it’s very weak so the suppressed convective phase won’t affect the Indian peninsula drastically.

  18. What happened to JMA.. It’s expecting Chennai to get good rains from LPA’s rainbands ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  19. Reasons for why the lightening frequency is low in Cyclones when compared to MCS on land..

    But Haiyan is quite exceptional to this due to its unresponsiveness to ERC too..It is such a strong typhoon that even the ERC activity could not hinder its strength

    Not much lightning occurs in the inner core (within about 100 km or 60 mi) of the tropical cyclone center. Only around a dozen or less cloud-to-ground strikes per hour occur around the eyewall of the storm, in strong contrast to an overland mid-latitude mesoscale convective complex which may be observed to have lightning flash rates of greater than 1000 per hour maintained for several hours.

    This lack of inner core lightning is due to the relative weak nature of the eye wall thunderstorms. Because of the lack of surface heating over the ocean and the โ€œwarm coreโ€ nature of the tropical cyclones, there is less buoyancy available to support the updrafts. Weaker updrafts lack the super-cooled water (e.g. water with a temperature less than 0ยฐ Celsius or 32ยฐ Fahrenheit) that is crucial in charging up a thunderstorm by the interaction of ice crystals in the presence of liquid water .The more common outer core lightning occurs in conjunction with the presence of convectively-active rainbands .

  20. Mumbai deficit continues to rise.
    Despite both Colaba and Santa cruz recording light rains the deficit is as follows
    Colaba – 255 mm
    Santa – 29 mm
    As Novak will say, its just 1 good day away all deficit will be erased.

  21. This is what IOD does during an elnino…..We are going to have positive IOD soon…
    At present Western IO is warming relatively more when compared to eastern IO…this will lead to positive IOD increasing our rainfall activity
    Till now we have Elnino + Neutral IOD

  22. Low level cumulus cotton clouds – Indicators of fine sunny weather. TS in evening is extremely doubtful..

  23. For the past two years, data annae PJ has posted SWM top rainfall data in middle of SWM. But this year that crucial data is missing.

  24. The convection along equatorial Indian ocean that was a significant zonal band for the past 2 days seems to have lost its identity today ….need to check on it before the visible imagery for the day ends…waters large specific heat capacity might take some time to transfer out its energy

  25. Under normal conditions,Generally Western part remains relatively cooler than eastern part of indian ocean like warm w.pacific and cool eastern indian ocean.. the term elnino & positive iod comes into pic only when the anomalous warming and warm area shifts twrds east pacific & w.Indian ocean respectively..

    • Due to less cloud cover and also the warm east to west moving currents are favouring the Warming of West IO and I think Somalian coast water sst is not taken into consideration

      • Somalia adjoining waters remain much cooler till the end of Swm season, along with waters adjoining Arabian peninsula. Only with shift of itcz down from mid October dynamics change…
        It is due to Somali low level jet..and some observed divergence

      • They may come in line to the mascarene high s outflows , but the mechanism is quite different

  26. Absolute scorcher today, sure shot of rains later in chennai with the help of accumulated heat of yesterday + today

  27. Finally… Met @disqus_4vdHXFeHae:disqus Today In MA Chidambaram Stadium During The IND A VS SA A Series!
    It Was Very Delightful to Meet Him…First He Had Seen Me But I Couldn’t Find Him Then I Made Call So That I Could Find Him and I Found Him !
    Thank You to KEA For Giving an Oppurtunity To Earn Very Good Friends Like Asad!

  28. Infact, the 2005 DD which dumped 423 mm in 24 hours in Chennai was named Baaz by the PMD and was referred to as Baaz by the media only for IMD to retain it as a DD..

  29. Gaje will compile tomorrow, I am coming from office at 10 pm daily, two people resigned my work load is super heavy

  30. Lot of Cumulonimbus Formed over SSW. Good Chance of Evening Rains over South of Chennai. Chennai will have Rains after 7pm

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