Depression pedals through Central India

The well-marked low pressure area that lay over Chhattisgarh and adjoining areas underwent a round of intensification and is now a depression. It will move west/southwestwards and weaken gradually in the next few days. Under its influence heavy rains will occur over Madhya Maharashtra, south Madhya Pradesh and Konkan Goa. This will be the only major rain bearing system for the core Monsoon regions. In the meantime, a Super Typhoon β€œSOUDELOR”, in the west Pacific seems to intensify rapidly and thereby gradually modulating the cross equatorial flow patterns close to south Bay, bringing a change in Monsoonal flows.

With regards to TN, isolated convective rains to continue in north interior along with coastal districts.

02. India_Sat

Chennai to remain partly cloudy with maximum close to 34-35 C, with a slight possibility of rains towards evening/night.

Coimbatore to remain pleasant at 29 -30 C, with cloudy skies.

Madurai to remain sunny with temperature settling close to 36 C.

1,249 thoughts on “Depression pedals through Central India

  1. At times,it is better to watch the torrents of comments from the sidelines!! Thoroughly enjoyed reading EACH AND EVERY comment…thanks, friends.

    It is people like YOU who keep weather interesting. Instead of saying “it’s raining”, the hyper-excitable comments make this blog TOO addictive! Thanks again!!

    As for me, my RG consists of an old bottle and a ‘mug’..figures from my house were ~ 7 cms which is not too unbelievable considering the intense localized heat build up in that part of T Nagar, and the subsequent release of all that pent up heat in the form of severe TS.

    And people like RS Rao, sitting in Greenland or Spitzbergen or Antarctica or somewhere, yet predicting Chennai weather within an accuracy of ~100%..what can we say except, Keep Predicting!!

  2. A total of 107mm in just 4 days!
    August 1st- 36mm
    August 2nd- 4mm
    August 3rd- nil
    August 4th- 63mm

  3. Good morning, Dr Rao.
    You prediction 100% accurate. The intensity also perfectly predicted by you.

    Hats off.

  4. Exactly as I’d said earlier, the last and the best storm flanked south to cover the entire of Chennai, widespread Rains is Chennai as a result, we can safely say city got an average of 4-5cm, although Nunga was a bit on the lower side comparatively.One of the best nights ever! Although it was 65 mm here, there was no major flooding which meant rainwater had enough time to percolate into the ground. This is a major boost for the ground water levels.
    The water in my rg was damn cool and refreshing.. even used it to wash my face! It was like water straight from the refridgerator πŸ™‚

  5. Amazing Rains Across Chennai…..South Chennai Gets battered
    Rainfall in mm
    LMOIS Kolapakkam – 68 mm
    Anna University – 57 mm
    Tharamani – 61 mm
    Madhavaram – 49 mm
    Puzhal – 46 mm (Hope waterflow is increased)
    Poonamallee – 35 mm
    Avadi – 42 mm
    Nungambakkam – 31 mm

  6. The last spell added the rain amount to my rg!!.superb squall yesterday..there was 2 squalls yesterday both came to my area!!

  7. Good morning.Heavy rain lashed many parts of Chennai city last night.Chennai meenambakkam airport reported 70mm
    Tambaram- 60mm+
    Nungambakkam- 30+mm
    Anna Nagar -30mm
    Overall south Chennai areas had heavy rains official figure of rainfall would be released soon.

    Further medium to rather heavy rain would occur in Chennai city for another 4 days from today in the evening/night.

    Many parts of north Tamilnadu districts would have medium to rather heavy thundershowers

  8. Was it a cloudburst yesterday? Super heavy rains with thunder lasted more than an hour hre at Pallavaram after 9.30 pm

  9. Chandra Mouli, Ambattur 11 hours ago

    August is worse than July till Now. No squalls or Major Storms Hitting us.

    After i posting this yesterday evening storms are very monsterous one. I expected this and Hopefully got it. yesterday north chennai battered from Single squall reaching close to 60mm and South Chennai had three squalls crossing which results up to 65- 70mm.
    Wat a Heavy Rains True colours of August which resulting widespread showers in and around Chennai.

  10. heaviest rains of the year lashed kk nagar!!!.

    I expected!!!
    cyclone Deepaak(kk nagar) β€’ a day ago

    moisture availability at chennai at 5 00pm

    so expecting very good rains at chennai towards evening/night!!..

  11. MY rg filled 3/4th amount of water..mostly has the capability of filling 9cms and its has filled 6cm more!!

  12. I hope everyone is monitoring this, the trough merged with monsoon axis dipping to TN. GFS is showing this for past few days. I know we have to wait. But if this happens, it is going to 100 mms at many places in TN thats for sure…….!

  13. Thanks. …I have all radar images, name the date and time i will give u any station radar image…ppv, vvp2 maxz……so on.

  14. great rains yesterday, should be 70mm in madipakkam and South Chennai areas. nice to see house flooded outside:) also happy NUngambakkam numbers are less.

  15. Why is everyone talking like nunga missed yet again? We got 30 mm last night and are above normal this swm.

    In all probability we will have a very good swm this year.

  16. OMG
    Ambattur – 66mm as per PJ Data :O
    Three squalls over south chennai has balanced with one strong squall over North Chennai πŸ˜‰

  17. Actually I am surprised that so called desert region getting 31 mm. infact IMD nunga reading should be higher also.

    • nungas comeback is fantastic…for a place which was in the bottom of the table until July first week.
      bubble storms are nungas backbone and i am sure that it will give good fight to Meena.

      Meena is a consistent performer nowadays.

  18. Gud start to August for Meena and Nunga and all parts of chennai and surroundings.
    RG are busy these days collecting severe intense TS rain droplets.
    power came by 230am in chilapakkam but happy that it rained.

  19. Another spot on prediction by kea bloggers Rsrao, Selvan and Partha last night. See partha’s forecast 8 days agom

  20. Kamayani Express, headed for Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi from Mumbai, was derailed near Harda town, 160km south of state capital Bhopal, just before midnight. Moments ago, the Janata Express (13201) en route to Mumbai from Patna had also derailed at the same spot.

    The mishap took place at Kudwa, about 18km from the district headquarters Harda, which is between Bhirangi and Khirakia railway stations.

    30 feared dead, several injured

  21. 200 hpa velocity potential anomaly for the month of july!! JUNE was completely dominated by intraseasonal wave so there was no clear ENSO signal but tis july showed the clear impact of ELNINO in indian ocean

  22. Save this image.. its a lovely one. Entire 20 km circle is filled with atleast 3-4 cm rains, with some places getting more than 8 cm! Going by this , southern parts of Adyar and Thiruvanmiyur would have received more than 70 mm

  23. Chennai Lake Areas get highest rains of the year ending 8.30 am on 05.08.2015. Atlaast they generate some inflow.
    The rains were widespread, north,south, west and central chennai got rains. Best day for chennai. Groundwater sure to be increased.

    in mm

    Chembarabakkam Lake – 88
    Tamaraipakkam – 88
    Kolapakkam (behind AP) – 68
    Ambattur – 66
    Tharamani – 63
    Chennai AP (Meenambakkam) – 61
    Redhills Lake – 59
    Tambaram – 59
    Marina DGP Office – 58
    Anna University – 57
    Poondi Lake – 51
    Madhavaram – 49
    Poonamalle – 48
    Puzhal – 46
    Kunnathur (near Mahabs) – 38
    Poonamallee AWS – 35
    Thiruvalangadu – 43
    Tiruvallur – 42
    Avadi – 42
    Cholavaram Lake – 31
    Chennai City (Nungambakkam) – 31
    Ellapuram (near Periyapalayam) – 26
    Sathyabama Univeristy (near Uthandi) – 21
    Arakonam – 20
    Hindustan University (near Kelambakkam) – 16
    Katupakkam (near SRM University) – 16
    Kelambakkam – 12
    Ponneri – 10
    Minjur – 10
    Ennore – 7
    Gumidipoondi – 6

    • very happy to see lake areas top especially when we are heading to a water crisis god given gift to chennaites!

    • PJ thanks for the readings.
      Meena should have missed the first spell i guess.
      waiting for tambaram readings

    • I think this s first widespread rains of the season for chennai..Nice to see our reservoirs got good rainfall..

  24. these rains are some consolation. not at all enough. the core city is left high and dry. 3 centimeter not all that big. we need quite a few 5 centimeter + till 30th september. The NEM has to bring at least 10 + for quite a few spells to bring back the water table to a comfortable level.

    As lakes are getting somewhat better rains, inflow for another 2 days could be good. we hope for more such widespread spells particularly in nights which is quite common in august/sep. In a way SWM never fails in chennai and we are getting closer to 50 centimeters in 3 months.


    • These rains are much enough in the coming days it could be even intense. See below how lake areas pounded much needed Rains

  25. we can take official imd readings just for calculation purpose only, not as real reflection of rains chennai surrounding got, TBM and surrounding areas, like pallavaram, chrmpet, madambakkam should have also reached the max amounts, y’day night it poured in 3 sessions, , i’m sure even some other areas in chennai surroundings in all directions, should have got more rains, not only this time, but every time, surpassing official readings,

    unfortunately we have to go with official readings only.

      • Yeah, it was one good wet spell, remember the entire atmosphere got soaked….affecting normal life

      • Chennai’s wettest day in last 4 years, TN rainfall ending 8.30 am on 18.10.2014
        The trough of low over southwest Bay of Bengal off Sri Lanka coast now runs from Sri Lanka coast to Tamil Nadu coast with a cyclonic circulation alo ft over south Tamil Nadu coast and extends upto 3.1 kms a.s.l.

        in mm (min 30 mm)

        Chennai Marina DGP office – 181
        Chennai City – 162

        courtesy : P.J

      • more over this was the first nem rainfall, after i started posting comments in this blog, which i would cherish through out my life

  26. Conditions very much perfect for intense Thunderstorms today. Some low level clouds started to form over west of Chennai.
    Heavy Rains possible by evening/night over North Tamilnadu and some places over south interiors.

  27. “Anu gundu vizhundhadhu pol oru satham”
    “Irundhalum vandum nittham”
    “Yellam mazhai magalai un sittham”
    “Aarugal iyangum varai oyakudadhu un yutham.

  28. Yesterday’s sea breeze front was quite dense and thick, and as it continued to creep inland , it triggered some overhead pop ups and interacted with one tower between Tbm and cgl and intensified the cell..

  29. Tis 2015 may end up as an unique year if positive iod fails to occur in indian ocean even after a strong elnino in pacific.. indian oceanic conditions failed to respond to ENSO so far although we could see the atmospheric response of elnino in indian ocean by all means tis may definitely light up a fresh debate among global experts on IOD whether it is the enso component of indian ocean or not..

  30. This image will better explain the interaction of sea breeze front and intensity gain…of the evening pop up ..

  31. Short video of the flashing lightnings with roar thunder sound.. While taking this phone got switched off immediately..What a deadly night it was..

    • To make it easy, it is an area of low pressure with elongated wind pattern. it can be E-W or N-S ..convection in and along the trough varies with different layer

      • Heating over land makes air just above to also heat , air expands and rises reducing pressure, thereby a trough forms…this is just a basic mode, there are many complex mechanisms too

      • Then there should be a cut off point rite? Or elsr the trough will form daily?

      • Actually troughs are not an immediate response to heating though, a lot many things come into action. Air subsidence can also lead to heating , there it becomes a ridge rather. Troughs form with relatively lesser pressure than the environment. They can also be seen at mid or upper levels, irrespective of surface conditions. Climatology of a place and prevailing winds are also important.

  32. OMG…what’s really happening??/Why MJO again and again trying to enter Indian ocean despite strong Elnino forecast that too under neutral IOD??

    As per latest MJO forecast, all models indicating MJO to recurve back towards IO especially around Phase 2 by 3rd week August. This MJO phase 2 has special feature as Chennai-rain maker (don’t know about the mechanism, but we already seen during July 2nd half explosive TSs).

    So from august 3rd week onwards there will be highest probability for Core-Chennai to receive continuous “explosive electric VS-TSs” till the MJO weakens.

  33. Lol I hope Komen’s grandchild doesn’t ruin Mumbai yet again..that city will crumble is hard to describe Mumbai in rains..doors get jammed..everywhere is squishy..moss and mold everywhere..and every breath you take is almost similar to a wheezing kind of feeling..

  34. 1965 is a strong Elnino year with neutral IOD.

    IOD indexes:
    1965 1 -0.118593
    1965 2 -0.237335
    1965 3 0.0174806
    1965 4 -0.0516374
    1965 5 -0.292395
    1965 6 -0.244566
    1965 7 -0.119003
    1965 8 0.098114
    1965 9 0.241956
    1965 10 0.441352
    1965 11 0.0674396
    1965 12 -0.0385502

  35. Swm rainfall in chennai…( very high possibility to reach normal rainfall still 57 days to go )Normal- 440 mm
    Till now
    chennai nungambakkam- 269mm
    chennai meenambakkam- 313mm

  36. Chembarabakkam

    Chembarambakkam arg

    8 each

    Kolapakkam arg

    7 each

    Chennai AP
    Taramani arg
    Red hills
    DGP office
    Anna uty arg

    6 each

    Madavaram AWS
    Puzhal arg

    5 each

    Hvf avadi arg

    4 each

  37. Flash..alert…this time ER wave going to weaken at the door steps of MTC (unlike July’s ER penetration till west-Indian ocean). So MJO after entering phase 2it will enter phases 3& 4 too? If MJO enters Phases 3 & 4 via phase 2, then oceanic tropical convergence zone (OTCZ) will be connected well with ITCZ (SWM-axis). This favorable good conditions will make entire southern peninsula with flooded rains from august 3rd week onwards.

  38. but season already entered in 2nd half, where southern India will receive bulk of the rains. This cloud pulling might be due to distant WP-typhoon (+distant ER). This cloud pulling will be weakened drastically once WP-typhoon weakens after making landfall only to set up much needed WC/NW BOB-depression πŸ™‚

  39. While it was pounding at tambaram-guindy sketch..the three storms merged together ..& pounded the catchment areas, & covered the whole chennai soon..

  40. Climatologically ther will be a break phase between aug 7th and 15th ..If it miss tat time period, aug 14th to aug 18th will be a break period.. experts call tis as “mid august break”.. so tis year it may b right with 1st case if we consider the ongoing conditions… wondering how those experts observed all tis and documented even before the satellite era

    • I always wonder how did people predict cyclones movement with just radisondes derived synoptic charts available only twice a day…and the process of locating center.

    • it was possible because mother nature remained unpolluted those days and the monsoon wasn’t that eractic unlike now. If we all remember, until late 90s before the high raise buildings started appearing, the rainfall pattern was very consistent with chennai. how many agree with me.

      • Until late 90s, we received consistent moderate rains starting late June..every single night..then something went wrong and now it either rains very heavily, or not at all

  41. While there was a debate b/w aug and sep rains ..just gave a info..Meena always gets smashed during august.

  42. Chennai wont have any break in rains irrespective how monsoon behaves. We have again gone into Daily Rains slot. Like the July 3rd and 4th week rains. This time there is no depression. But Chennai will get rains.

    Enjoy the golden period.

  43. One interesting observation regarding cyclones was that ,they found that cyclones have a spiralling nature, just by looking at the overall vegetation fall impacted by cyclones over hundreds of km. Those days there wasn’t a radar nor satellites..

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