Rains To Return for the Southern Peninsula

The remnants of the Cyclone Komen will track West-West Northwards through West Bengal, bringing in widespread rainfall with heavy thunderstorms in the northwestern parts of the state. The system would bring in heavy rainfall from the afternoon in Jharkhand and parts of Bihar. Scattered thunder showers would occur over Odisha, parts of Chhattisgarh, Eastern Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

The deep depression which dumped heavy rainfall over Gujarat would move North/North east owing to an incoming western disturbance, dragging the monsoon axis north along with it. Thundershowers expected in Punjab, Haryana and NCR. Isolated showers would be experienced along the Himalayan Mountains. The movement of the remnants of Komen westwards would re-activate the off-shore trough and provide a good influx of moisture bringing in moderate rains to coastal Karnataka, Konkan and Goa coast and light rains to Kerala.

Evening thunderstorms could bring in the much needed rains into Tamil Nadu, interior Karnataka and parts of Madhya Maharashtra.

Chennai – Temperatures could peak at around 35-36 C. Thundershowers might occur in the evening/night.

Coimbatore – A warm day likely with a maximum of 33 C. Light showers possible.

Madurai’s hot days aren’t coming to an end as relentless temperatures of 37-38 C are possible. But due compensation would come in the form of rains and thundershowers in the evening.02. India_Sat (1)

2,178 thoughts on “Rains To Return for the Southern Peninsula

  1. Heavy rain lashed tirupati ….Roads inundated with water…..some areas recorded 40mm+….hope this continues today also…..total rainfall in my rg this year=176mm so far…..there was intense lightning overnight….

  2. August rains in tirupati:
    2015-38mm(so far)…..tirupati always rocks in August…
    Swm total rains in tirupati:
    2015-78mm(so far)

  3. August open his account in the extra ball itself .i think my area would have recive10-15 mm from the late night TS.:)

  4. August showed its true colours at the start. It was a devastating one and huge lightning strikes and Thunders.
    But I feel yesterday South Chennai storms are more in thunders than wind but 3 days back North Chennai is like Cat 1 Cyclone very heavy winds with high RR but less thunder.
    Yesterday TS is the best one of this year by considering thunders and Lightnings. Lightnings are flashing almost by every 30 seconds and lot of Ground Strikes visibled over south from here in Ambattur.
    Unfortunately Ambattur missed and rains could be around 10mm.

  5. good morning everyone!!

    i just slept yesterday around 10 30 pm and waked up automatically by 11 58 pm midnight yesterday due to loud thunders..it was one of the devastating thunders that devastating rains..it felt many thunders felled….cracking sounds!!current gone!!And poured for 20 mins…I was very much feared about yesterday’s ts..grund strike was massive and continuous thunders(very loud)for 30mins!!

    good start to august!!
    my rg recored 26mm!!

  6. Electrifying start for the month!!! Thalaivar rajini style la sollanum na, ithu verum trailer thaan ma.. main picture two days la..

  7. roads are wet and fully inudated with rain water…..my rg recorded 38mm..
    initially rain started lightly
    around 9.pm it picked intensity and poured heavy spells around city upto 9.45pm….many places around tirupati recorded 40mm+
    tirumala recorded heavy rain….hope this will bring relief from scorching heat to tirupati

  8. Partly cloudy skies here in Trivandrum. No rains as such.
    Meanwhile, Anna Nagar West, has recorded 20.7 mm last night.

  9. It was exactly at 11.50 rain started with big thunder and lightening and continued of over 45 minutes. However the lightening thunder went on and on. Great show in our area and as expected certainly Meena stole the show. Waiting for complete details of rain fall.

  10. Is Madden-Julian your favorite trend? No reason, but I like European models. And the US way of forecasting is simple- It’s gonna rain/snow/etc..1-liners,crisp and accurate

  11. Aug starts with a bang.. After 2 days of boring weather.. Rains ☔ r back.. Typical august thunder ⚡ yesterday.. Flashing lightnings at midnight reminds the war of the world’s movie lightnings.. It was that much frightening ones..

  12. Raoji, you are right yesterday, Also congrats to PJ for being so confident on the rains. I thought TS will strike South of Tamabaram.

  13. Hello guys coming 5 months will be in our major rainfall season….. Already we faces very very deficit june and very surplus july…..coming months are much more interesting….. Finger crossed.. As we comes to august… Deficit rainfall is rare one which occurs once or twice in 10 years…but for past 5 years it’s completely above normal august

  14. சென்னையில் பல்வேறு இடங்களில் பலத்த இடி மின்னலுடன் நள்ளிரவில் கன மழை. மழை தொடரும் என வானிலை ஆய்வு மையம் தகவல்.
    கன மழை காரணமாக விமானங்கள் திருப்பி விடப்பட்டன பல விமானங்கள் தாமதம்.

    Many places in Chennai received Heavy Thunder Showers and its Expected to Continue – Meterological dept

    Many Flights have Delayed and Diverted to other Places due to very heavy rains

  15. Flash..high intensity electric TS alert… For whole (core) chennai: chances are very bright between August 3rd & 5th to get high voltage electric TS, which can yield widespread >50 mm rainfalls over most places of Chennai.

  16. July – 1 (2 mm)
    July – 9 (6 mm)
    July – 10 (31 mm)
    July – 17 (21 mm)
    July – 18 (19 mm)
    July – 19 (21 mm)
    July – 22 (33 mm)
    July – 25 ( 4 mm)
    July – 26 (37 mm)
    July – 27 (29 mm)

    Aug – 01 (17 mm)

    Wettest Day Of The Year !!! – April 15 (69 mm)

    Yearly Rainfall

    Jan – 2 mm
    Feb – 0 mm
    Mar – 0 mm
    Apr – 69 mm
    May – 9 mm
    June – 34 mm
    July – 203 mm
    Aug – 17 mm

    Total – 346 mm!!!

    • Yesterday i was supposed to stay in ADAM over night but i told if it rains in our place who will check RG
      and reached home but Wth !!! they got that much rains !!!

      • Ha ha.. it was the most brutal pounding for half an hour accompanied with thunder lightning and squall

  17. I am still confused about the contest. Imagine this scenario.

    Nunga august -50 mm
    Meena august – 100 mm

    Nunga September – 45 mm
    Meena September – 99 mm

    Who wins the contest?

  18. Flash..alert …skymet reversed its August & September forecasts. Earlier it expected good rains in August when compared to September. Now it seems they are expecting master blaster figure 112% for September when compared to only 92% for August. A big difference of 20% excess for September, which can make the winning prospects of September-team. Please read 4th & 5th paragraphs from the bottom in the following article. http://m.economictimes.com/news/economy/indicators/skymet-revises-its-monsoon-forecasts/articleshow/48300048.cms

  19. Adyar got 37 mm. The Tin rg missed quite a bit because of heavy winds . The reading is of the paint dabba RG

  20. Ehsan announce to the contest.

    1. September vs August based on Nunga.
    2. Wettest station in Chennai, suburbs, outskirts in august as per the list of stations maintained by us and shared yesterday in blog.
    3. Wettest station in Chennai, suburbs, outskirts in September as per the
    list of stations maintained by us and shared yesterday in blog.

    4. Wettest station in Chennai, suburbs, outskirts in September + August as per the
    list of stations maintained by us and shared yesterday in blog.
    5.Meena vs Nunga in August
    6.Meena vs Nunga in September

    Winners will get special prizes with sponsorship of Ehsan.

    I will update the google sheet open to public daily in transparent way.

  21. Now it is very clear September team appears to be the clear winners since August team facing the defeat even before the contest could start .Raising so many queries and trying incorporate new changes whereas none from Sept raised any issues. .September unopposed clearly

  22. I request the organisers (novak and ODM) to give your suggestions for the contest

    My suggestion is average of Nunga, Meena and Georgetown

      • It’s usual only.. Meena always gets more in August month than nunga..& in July also.. This year a little differ in July.. But Sep rains r specially made for Nunga with high voltage rains..

      • If Nunga has to catch up to Meena this year it has get more rainfall in September and get almost equal amount in August.. :p

      • yeh….but i really like to enjoy rains in south chennai areas especially Thiruvanmiyur Beasant Nagar Namangalam Reserve forest and areas near theosaphical society it is awesome with more of greenery!

  23. Start making your guesses on who’s going to top rainfall in West Bengal. I’m guessing Contai/Haldia.

  24. August is welcomed by a monster thunderstorm. Rainfall ending 8:30 am in Chennai and surroundings. September members get treat from August team as I correctly guessed the topper yesterday 😛
    Chennai Airport – 56
    Kolapakkam – 48
    Chembarambakkam – 45
    Timiri – 45
    Taramani – 44
    Poonamallee ARG – 36
    Guindy – 34
    DGP Office Marina – 18
    Thiruporur – 17
    Kadambathur – 15
    Pallipet – 13
    Kelambakkam – 12
    Ennore – 12
    Mahalingapuram – 11
    Minjur – 11
    Nungambakkam – 8

  25. My forecast
    Temperature would stay about 35-36 c…
    Sea breeze might sets btw 2.30- 3.30
    Scattered thunderstorms may form and hit central cum south. Chennai…. Isolated rains possible in north chennai…

  26. Good morning
    My aws has recorded 21.8mm till 8:30 am today!!! Yesterday night valasaravakkam recorded a thundersquall with winds reaching 43km/hr and with a rain rate of 230.4mm/hr!!!

  27. Sureshot TS today but I doubt whether it will be as powerful as yesterday. We need to wait till 5-6 PM to determine that. The amount of sweat that comes out of your body as you stand still at 6.00 PM (without a fan) will determine that. This is called BST. Body sweat Technology (Just kidding ).

    • Eventually BST will induce cumulus formation over our heads due to the moisture released 😛 and there we have it! An overhead popup

  28. What A Comedy!!!
    My Father’s Flight To Mumbai Has Been Delayed And Several Others Also Have Been Delayed Due Too Inclement Weather But No Channels Reporting It Exception For Tamil Channels!!!
    “Bombay lam oru flight delay aana le ella news layum varum aana 10-15 flights delay aana entha news layum varla!

  29. What I thought was was a tree falling down in the winds yesterday was actually a branch. And ppl cleared it off so quickly. Kudos to them. Else it would be chaos

  30. I am sure even international fligts would have got delayed yesterday . Most internation fligths to malaysia ,singapore and Dubai start at 11.30 to 1.00 AM time frame. It was a very violent TS. Very Risky.

  31. Whatever we missed in June ,Nature is showering back in July and august. But the ultimate month September is just on the horizon..Bonanza is waiting..

  32. A big concrete dish kept by blue Cross outside my building for the birds is now full with crystal clear rainwater. . Feeling happy as I see many birds feasting and bathing in it!

  33. Peninsula does not have the geographical advantage of cold air -meets warm air kind of stuff (as it happens in america). We get violent TS’s but not super cells. The biggest probabaility would be by May (after Agni natchathram). This time we missed that chance..

    • Yes.. Supercells are very very rare at the tropics. Our most violent thunderstorms occur in April-June and September-October period. Violent in terms of lightning, winds and rain rate. But supercells have been observed in TN. I’ve observed one in April 2013 and a supercell struck Chennai city on May 1st 2005.

      • There are some clear indicators. First and foremost is the shape of the storm. Supercells tend to take up a “hook” like shape which is referred to as a hook echo. You can clearly see the hook like shape North-east of Takkalom(TAK). This hook like shape indicates a mesocyclone where the storm circulates and there is a wall cloud at the centre of the hook. The wall cloud might produce a tornado.

        The 2nd feature is the anvil. The updraft is so strong that the anvil extends outwards and sometimes a “V” notch is formed in the anvil due to the updraft deflecting winds.

      • The comma shape fully develops after more cells develop around the supercell and it organizes into a squall and might turn into a Derecho.. But yea, a partial comma shape is seen with the supercell

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