Indian Monsoon Revs up

While Tamil Nadu’s wet days are likely to take a dip and go dormant, the South West Monsoon is going to go berserk over many parts of India. The low pressure area over East Rajasthan and adjoining Madhya Pradesh is likely to track west bringing very heavy rains to India’s famed desert consisting of parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, and parts of Madhya Pradesh the next couple of days.
At the other side of the country, a low pressure area is likely to brew off West Bengal coast and deepen significantly in a few days. This system is going to pulverize Tripura, West Bengal and Orissa with prolific rains. On the other hand, this system’s intensification will bring drier weather to Tamil Nadu and south Andhra Pradesh.

Evening thunderstorms are likely over Andhra Pradesh, western parts of Telangana and Interior Karnataka. Isolated thunderstorms would occur in Tamil Nadu.
02. Meteosat5
Chennai – The wet days are going to come to an end soon. A small shower is possible, but not too likely. Temperature would peak at 36-37 C

Madurai – Another hot day likely. Temperature could reach 38-39 C. However, parts of the city could experience thundershowers in the evening.

Coimbatore – Warm day likely with mercury rising to 32-33 C. Chances of drizzles/light rains.

1,999 thoughts on “Indian Monsoon Revs up

  1. It is not proper to call Rajasthan a desert anymore. Record rains over the past few years has led to greening of areas in and around Jaisalmer, and the Indira Gandhi canal is also full all the time..was a desert, not now. Maybe cities like Chennai Bangalore etc are facing desertification?

    • Thambi, Odisha Delhi ellam irukatum, I feel you think the outlook for Chennai is bleak 🙂 As we used to say in college and even while doing PG, “cha enna machi ipdi Chennai la mattitu kashta padarom..indha pakkam Gummidipoondi, andha pakkam Guduvanchery..naduvula irukura kuppaila nama avadhi pada vendiruke..oru sottu thanni illa..onnum illa..ana mattu kosu eralama iruku..” Those were the good ‘ol days..and all of us who said that moved on in life..

      Am eternally grateful to Chennai for teaching life’s lessons!!

      • very humble paternal grandmom’s native itself was Chintadripettai (original galeej)..never imagined I’d see half the world, and still counting..

        Don’t worry..keep following Chennai weather and all things Chennai..someday you’ll go places..that city..even though it is intolerable has a certain luck and charm which no other city in the world has..not even London..

      • Boss .been to many cities in india..feel chennai is much beter…even rainfall snnually is higher than many cities..just that we have more Warmer days unfortunately..

    • I hope they don’t turn Hosur into another Bangalore..the large aircraft repair facility in Hosur maintained by Taneja aviation may soon be turned into a mega int’l airport, acc. news sources. If it happens, entire Hosur region will have it tough like B’lore..

      • Actually Hosur Is More Colder Than Bangalore In The Morning
        at jan,feb time of the year in may also morning is cold only in hosur

      • Yes…due to less development we can feel more colder than bangalore..but it is not like that

      • ohhh ohh when i came to hosur in may last year
        in the morning i felt more cold in hosur and pleasant day!
        but in blore less cold and heat was felt
        dry heat that too

      • If u go outer areas of blore u can feel like that…we r 890m above sea level but they r above 900m..may be local factor u mighy felt like that..b

      • If u see difference between city and Hal ap minimum temperature Hal ap will be lesser by a degree most of the days. Central blore sees higher temperature due to heat island.

      • I read that too, but never underestimate a certain lady politician currently in charge of affairs in TN!! If she can manage to divert 80% of Koodankulam electricity to TN defying the Center, she can get anything done!!

  2. Remembering the Mumbai 2005 July26th floods!! Today marks the 10th Black anniversary… Sad news is tat forecast looks dangerous for Mumbai & surrounding regions from 28th to 31st.. another big day awaiting !

    • Y’day my friend was in Chennai- L&T Infotech Manapakkam and he was saying Chennai looks like a zilla parishad town compared to Mumbai.

      I politely reminded him Mumbai is forever in the grip of Malaria Cholera and everything dangerous..while Chennai-ites enjoy good health in spite of bad weather 365 days!!

    • The number 26 has got too many black days all around the world.. unfortunately I was born on 26th..

  3. Very very heavy rains to occur in West Central India today. Some precaution needs to be taken

    • Sad..areas of traditionally heavy rainfall remain dry..traditionally dry areas get downpours..maybe global warming is not a lie invented by crazy scientists, after all..

  4. Today’s DRHM 10k. Velayudham and Sampath took part. Hope more bloggers can take part in the Wipro Chennai marathon in December. Registration will begin shortly.

  5. Another Day of Possiblity of Thunder Storms Today over Tamilnadu. North Coastal Tamilnadu might Receive Good Spells Especially Chennai, Tiruvallur, Kanchipuram Dists and Some Places over South Interiors as well gets Moderate Rains.
    Today Temperature is Expected to be 36’C in Chennai

    • Next B’desh- RSA test match complete washout! South Africans might as well head home than waste time in B’desh!

  6. Rainfall in Tamilnadu till 8.30am Today in (mm)

    Kammapuram (Cuddalore) – 68
    Parangipettai – 54
    Pudukottai – 28
    Panruti (Cuddalore) – 24
    Tirumayam (Pudukottai) – 17
    Tiruvallur – 15
    Virudhachalam – 15
    Neyveli – 14
    Kandamangalam (Villupuram) – 13
    Madukkur (Tanjore) – 12
    Gudalur (Nilgris) – 12
    Narikudi (Virudhunagar) – 12
    Ponamaravathi (Pudukkottai) – 11
    Puzhal – 10
    Salem- 10
    Kvk Kattupakkam (Kanchipuram) – 10
    Thellar (Tiruvannamalai) – 10

  7. Lol Nungambakkam with 2 mm yesterday beat Pondy with 1.8 mm. Really bad miss for them because of the Airport’s northerly location!

  8. The write up today is quite discouraging(of course that’s the fact)… Wet days are going to end soon… Sounds like happiness will come to an end..

  9. Daily Rains continue, Rainfall from yesterday TS and around Chennai, suburban and outskirts ending 8.30 am on 26.07.2015

    in mm

    Tiruvallur Agro – 15
    Ellapuram (Near Thamaripakkam) – 11
    Puzhal – 10
    Katupakkam (Near Guduvancherry) – 10
    Ambattur – 8
    Thirukalukundram (Near Mahabs) – 8
    Kunnathur (Near Kelambakkam) – 8
    Acharapakkam (Near Melmaruvathur) – 4
    Avadi – 6
    Ennore – 6
    Madhavaram – 6
    Kadambathur (Near Tiruvallur) – 6
    Lathur (Near Kalpakkam) – 5
    Chithamur (Near Melmaruvathur) – 4
    Kelambakkam – 3
    Sholinganallur – 2
    Poonamalle – 2
    Nugambakkam – 2
    Minjur – 2

    • PJ Sir any stats for Melmaruvathur & Madhuranthakam?
      how check myself for Chitamur & acharapakkam? any stations available there?
      Please provide links if any for this interior southern kanchipuram district regions.

  10. North Interior regions will get intense TS again. There wont be break in TS formation. But will the TS manage to give something like yesterday. That will be the question mark today.

    • PJ, do the states in north India receive such rainfall?? I’m assuming that this year the monsoon has spread a huge blanket over the north. Will this backfire in the rest of the months to follow.. Your thoughts..

      • Yes past few years Rajasthan and Gujarat are getting extreme rains like this.

  11. Nagapattinam and Karaikal overall.. On the days of landfall, Villupuram, Cuddalore, Vellore, Salem, etc. got heavy rains

    • Sunday.. Late breakfast probably..
      There used to be time when i used to run home to escape getting drenched because these guys were flying around..

  12. By Going with IMD Forecast For NEM
    This 2015 Should Be Similar To 1896
    Oct – 75.4
    Nov – 831.9
    Dec – 436.9
    NEM total -1344.2 mm

    Courtesy – Data Don(PJ)

  13. I remember, as a little kid sometime in the early 90s, my father carried me to Vasanth & co. as I was crying, to get our first “color TV” and it was Bhogi and pouring. It also drenched people’s hopes of burning trash and polluting the atmosphere!

  14. We’ve seen a good start of monsoon this year, this will definitely help our farmers to grow kharif crops: PM Modi on Mann ki Baat

  15. @ kea
    First we bloggers needs kea-aadhar card, so that many good things might be done as a team, so we are looking forward for that to hppn soon

  16. சென்னையில் மழை தொடரும்: ஜூன் மாதம் முதல் 144.7 மி.மீ மழை பதிவு(Rain to continue in Chennai)
    ஜூன் 5-ம் தேதி தொடங்கிய தென்மேற்கு பருவமழை இது வரை சென்னைக்கு சராசரி மழை பொழிவை தந்திருக்கிறது. இது வரை சென்னையில் சராசரியாக 144.7 மி.மீ மழை பெய்துள்ளது.

    ஜூன் 1-ம் தேதி முதல் பதிவான மழை நிலவரப்படி நுங்கம்பாக்கத்தில் சராசரியாக(Nungambakkam) 163 மி.மீ மழையும் மீனம்பாக்கத்தில் சராசரியாக(Meenambakkam) 165 மி.மீ மழையும் பதிவாகியுள்ளது.


  17. “The low pressure area over northeast Bay of Bengal and adjoining Bangladesh & Gangetic West Bengal
    persists. Associated upper air cyclonic circulation extending upto 5.8 km above mean sea level also persists. It
    would concentrate into a depression during next 24 hours”

  18. ‘The birds are seen in fewer places than they were before 2005’

    Among all major Indian cities, Chennai and Bangalore have the least number of spots for sparrow sightings, according to a survey conducted recently by the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS). Surprisingly, Mumbai has the largest number of spots.

    Birds being the clear indicators of the state of environment, the BNHS conducted a survey in 2012, with support from the Ministry of Environment and Forests, and in association with the National Centre for Biological Sciences, the Nature Conservation Foundation and dozens of other partner organisations.

    The results of the survey, ‘Citizen Sparrow,’ allows for a closer evaluation of the widespread impression that sparrow populations have declined over the years. Thousands of citizens participated in the online survey and completed the questionnaire in eight Indian languages. Of the 5,730 participants, 25 per cent hailed from towns and villages, and the rest from large cities.

    “The sparrows are seen in fewer places now than they were before 2005. Where they are still found, the numbers are lower than earlier, and nests fewer … This suggests sparrows have indeed declined and the low number of nests might mean that they are continuing to decline,” says the report.

    Mumbai topped the charts with many more people reporting the presence of sparrows than those who did from Bengaluru and Chennai, where much larger participants said the bird was not found at all in their localities. Coimbatore and Pune came next, after Mumbai. Hyderabad and Delhi were intermediate.

    The north-eastern States like Assam and central States such as Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand have reported a greater sparrow presence than other parts of the country.

    The report concludes that the lifestyle of people from rural and semi-urban areas seem to be more conducive to bird survival as many reports of large flocks of sparrows having been seen have come in from towns and villages rather than from cities.

    “Aspects such as the type of human dwellings; eating and buying habits of people; and land-use could be impacting the factors for bird survival such as availability of shelter and food,” the report says.

  19. There is vast foresty type area from perambur carriage to icf (4km range radius wise)which got good numbers of birds without human interaction, so they often roam around nearby places..

  20. Why is the house sparrow getting rarer? What are the human developmental activities disturbing the house sparrow?

    Human population is growing at a frantic pace. As a result, development is happening too fast, and in way which doesn’t take issues like biodiversity conservation into consideration, when (the construction of) buildings, townships and development is undertaken.

    The new buildings and landscaped gardens which are being constructed are not at all sparrow friendly. The modern glass-clad match box shape buildings do not have cavities which are important for sparrows to make nests.

    We are also becoming increasingly intolerant as a species. For example, today people would not like sparrows nesting in their homes and dropping nesting material inside.

    The lifestyle of people has also changed. Women no longer sit outside their homes to clean grain or offer grain or chapatti, which was a daily routine once upon a time and this was a source of food for sparrows.

    As the habitat and food is shrinking, so are the numbers of house sparrows. Hence, we want people to take part in the creation of alternative habitats for house sparrows by adopting nest boxes and bird feeders.

  21. Just 6 days to go for the Annual Aug vs Sep Games (w.r.t Chennai).

    So guys, its time for you to choose your favourite group.

    Let the Games Begin. May the odds be ever in your favor !!!

  22. Dear bloggers,

    This Hunger Game is a “Fun n Learn” Game. The main idea behind conducting such a game is to bring out lots of stats, data and analysis for Aug and Sep rainfall for Chennai during SWM which will help us to identify various trends and patterns. So, lets learn with fun for the next two months.

    This is a great opportunity for all the Pa group members and this will be the first Games for most of them (except Susu).

  23. To whoever created the table for SWM deficit,

    Always create a table with opposite colours,if there are only two elements. Today’s colours are same family, so confusion persist. If red is used, use blue which is quite opposite to it.

  24. The low pressure area over northeast Bay of Bengal and adjoining Bangladesh & Gangetic West Bengal has
    concentrated into a depression over northeast Bay of Bengal & adjoining coastal areas of Bangladesh & West
    Bengal and lay centred at 0830 hours IST of today near Lat. 22.0°N and Long. 90.8°E, about 60 km southeast of
    Patuakhali (Bangladesh). The system is likely to remain practically stationary and may concentrate into a deep
    depression during next 48 hours.

  25. Why It doesn’t rain in Western TN in SWM ?

    In SWM many places in Western and south TN receive very less rain with the average SWM rain being below 100 mm.the SWM onsets over the tip of india in the early June period when the moisture laden SW monsoon
    winds touch kerala.the Western ghats plays a very crucial role for SWM rains in Interior TN these Big huge mountains block the moisture winds so clouds don’t move they hit the mountains and come back without giving rains to Interior TN.Whereas as chennai is concerned chennai is present in the Eastern coast of tamil nadu chennai receive almost 35-40% of their annual rainfall from SWM.chennai is not affected by the Western ghats and chennai receives Veppa salanam thunderstorms in the months of JUN-SEP these rains could be heavy if synoptic conditions support for Good TS Formation. Coimbatore is one of the most important city affected by the western ghats.they receive less rain in SWM.This SWM Covers whole india at the end of June and starts its withdrawing in the end of the monsoon axis sets south in the month of SEP if synoptic conditions suit chennai receives very heavy rain in SEP due to more moisture and this rain in chennai is called as the Pre monsoon showers for chennai.Chennai’s Monsoon NEM Which usually sets around in the 3rd week of october

  26. Lots of replies to my question. But nothing to answer it. How come in same report imd mentioned chennai rainfall as 2 mm and 3 mm?

    • How u say atchu?
      Its very tough for temp to go down below 22.5 unless it rains heavily for an hour.
      Dharmapuri and Tirupathur records 21 – 22 even without Rains.

      • Mouli,today heat radiation less than humidity… So dip of temp ll be intense if we see any strong ts near nungambakkam

      • Not like that mostly even with 33’C if it rain only chances for 21 in Meenambakkam not in Nungambakkam unless it rains heavy for an hour nunga holds 22.5 – 23.5.

  27. In my opinion, present depression in bay of bengal near Bangladesh would bring decent rain in Chennai and coastal southern Tamilnadu.Outer band of this system would bring medium to rather good rain.

    Odisha, west bengal ,north part of Telengana and part of Andhra pradesh would receive heavy to very heavy rain.

    As depression is stationary for some days, rainfall would be decent one for Bangladesh, west bengal and Odisha.

    System is expected to track north north west for few days.

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