Monsoon to be active in most parts of India

The disturbance, which gave flooding rains to Madhya Pradesh, persists and is expected to slowly move westwards. Under its influence, rains will continue for central India. Another feature which lies over North Bay and its adjoining areas would strengthen in the coming days, leading to widespread rainfall for West Bengal, parts of Odisha and north eastern states. These weather systems will pull considerable amount of moisture from Arabian Sea towards west coast for next few days. This process will strengthen the offshore trough resulting in active phase of monsoon for the entire west coast. Apart from the existing systems, a new disturbance is set to develop and bring torrential rainfall for Gujarat and parts of Maharashtra.

Extreme South TN and Nilgiris district has better prospect of getting thunderstorms due to the revival of monsoon in west coast, while rest of TN will remain mostly dry with some isolated thunderstorms.

02. Meteosat5

Chennai will witness max temperature around 37C with a possibility of isolated showers during evening/night.

Coimbatore’s max temperature will be 30-31C. Pleasant weather will continue for next couple of days.

Madurai is expected to be warm with temperature reaching 37-38C. Thundercloud development is possible in some areas during evening/night.

1,139 thoughts on “Monsoon to be active in most parts of India

  1. Good Rain possibility today in Chennai and Surroundings and max temp is expected to be 36 – 37

  2. Good morning pj…ur experience with enthusiasm energy eagerness makes u d entertainer of everyone…neighbours envy owners pride…my prayers to god to keep u rsrao Partha n all dedicated selfless persons healthy and happy forever…

      • Forecasting has a lots of ups n downs…mother nature loves to test our patience…people get excited when forecasting falls in line but gets frustrated when forecasting fails..not many can understand how tough it would be for u people too…u forecasters need a lot of strength to keep going..thats y such a post…hope July n Aug swm period turns to be a good one..

    • Sridhar, partha and Rao are very nice and soft persons. They can take pounding from everyone (evalavu adichalum thangauvanga) and yet they are dedicated and they move on. Thats their speciality. Unlike me who can be easily provoked. They are real selfless persons. Dont group me with them.

      • PJ, you are too kind hearted person and can easily forget the past and move on easily further. Partha is unique and has some special feature of easy going. Frequently I exhibit little temptation.

    • Sridhar-Have mentioned this before here..Pied-Piper of this blog…Plays the magic Rain pipe at the slightest smell of it…..Bloggers follow him..Eight of ten times gets it right..Strong believer in his observations and almost sticks to it..

  3. PJ,

    I could sense the change in temp for the past 2 days.

    When i wake up in the morning, i would come to hall and switch on the fan, but i would still sweat, but for the past 2 days, i feel the mornings are little comfortable that i don’t sweat immediately, it takes time. This may be due to late night rain consistently for the past 4 days, bringing down minimum temp.

    From now on we will see drop in night temp below 27C, both the stations will not witness 30C, when we think on this, it is giving more joy.

  4. experts, can u guys let me know the rain forecast for Mumbai for the next 2 to 3 days. there is a trip being planned. thanks in advance

  5. Shri,

    We just had some passing showers in and around TBM, but Sholinga would have got good amount, as i was passing the Sholinga lake, could see the dry areas have become wet and water increased.

    Raijin must know the difference in that lake, since his office is just opposite.

    This is the lake i was seeing for the past 2 years, it has some majik, even for small rain, it gets plenty of water, the recharge is unbelievable.

  6. Precipitation Accumulation at 08.30 AM shows, 2-3 CM rain in and around OMR, especially in Sholinganallur.

    As i said it was not widespread across the city, this trend will continue even today.

    We will get widespread TS from tomorrow overnight or 23rd early morning.

  7. Without Rains Min Temperature was 27 today early morning in Nungambakkam. Pleasant mornings are back after april. Next 9 months is going to be a joyful and comfortable with bumper NEM 😉

  8. i get very much happy whenever, and where ever, the 35 kms circle limit of chennai gets rains, since most people live here, and this circle is what failed to get rains often

  9. Gokul,

    When i was in T Nagar, if it rains overnight, i will come out in the morning and see the road for water logging, based on the water logging i will come know how much it would have rained.

    But here in our area, the water logging happens only in main roads, our streets are very clean and no water logging happens, hence it becomes tough to understand on how much rain poured.

    When i left home today morning, i saw the street road were wet on both corners, not even single drop held up. The same thing happened during Saturday rain, after smashing rain for nearly 1 – 2 hours, when i came down, i could see the road were clean, not a single drop stagnating.

    • Yes Partha , water never stagnates across our area, except for TBM-Velachery Main road. Even in 2005 , Baaz cyclone , 31 cm in some 9 hours , next morning i was able to see only a calm stream of water running side ways …no sign of deluge rains , possible reason should be the sloping terrain leading to many lakes around

  10. Shri,

    When you come to my house, you can see the plantations done around my flat.

    You can see this in all houses in my area, people leave some soil ground around their houses, where the rain water penetrates to underground. The same thing i did in my flat. Once the water goes into underground, the ground water recharges faster. Every one of should leave some portion as soil, should not make completely concrete.

    In my flat, If you see near the compound wall on the four sides, we have left soil and planted near 20 plants, it has to grow in next 2 years time, also the area is surrounded by lots of trees, hence it looks green.

      • that is useless flat i am having, that builder is a kathukuti, no space let out by him to leave soil.

        the only difference between Rajakilpakkam flat and Urapakkam flat is, the Rajakilpakkam flat has stilt but Urapakkam the flat is constructed at ground floor also, hence the space available only for car park near the gate, that too konjam push panna car gate kittal lighta idikkum, but we did rain water harvesting. The water falls in terrace will get into underground directly.

  11. just kidding, but dont compare me with many here, still i dont understand many factors in weather, but in those areas many are experts here.

    people like GTS, Selva, PJ, Rao, Jupi, Sudharsan, Guest11K, ODM, Jon, they are far far ahead of me, there is a huge gap between me and them, i am just trying to close in at least an inch, will make me very very happy.

  12. “just kidding, but dont compare me with many here, still i dont understand many factors in weather, but in those areas many are experts here.people like GTS, Selva, PJ, Rao, Jupi, Sudharsan, Guest11K, ODM, Jon, they are far far ahead of me, there is a huge gap between me and them, i am just trying to close in at least an inch, will make me very very happy.”

    Parthasir – Ponga..enna ellaarum romba pugazhreenga…

    Sellayya – Paaruyaa..Pugazhchi pidikaadha aaluya…ivara poi Kea blogla yaarukaadhu pudikaama poguma? indha maadhiri bloggers kedaikardhu romba kashtamyaa..namma blogku ivaru venumyaaa….!

  13. MSLP anomaly chart for last 4 days.. we could see Mascarene high strengthened as the anomaly seen a sharp rise from mean values and monsoon trough also deepened as well with presure fall was seen evident

  14. One doubt….if odm makes a comment you can find Novak (head Shiva) follows very soon with a lightning comment….so I feel something is matching

  15. Mr Pradeep John was mentioning that tomorrow onwards we will have drop in temperature – Even today though Sun appears to be very hot, but pleasant breeze compensating it

  16. pj,tis was their forecast issued last year during tis part of year(july) .. and we know how last year oct was .

  17. After a year Long hurdle..amb shankaran gets an opportunity ( a stepping stone) from the moderator.. I hope he will utilise this opportunity and he is elected unanimously as a CHIEF for keaadhar card operations committee

  18. Squall report by imd

    squall from Northwesterly direction with maximum wind speed reaching 53
    kmph ( 28 knots ) lasting for one minute passed over Chennai
    Nungambakkam at 1520 hours IST of 19th July 2015

  19. Last year during peak NEM Vikatan Tamil Weekly Magazine covered KEA

    மழையை கொண்டாடும் வானிலை வலைப்பதிவர்கள்

    இவை வானிலையில் ஆர்வம் கொண்ட அமெச்சூர் வானிலை நிபணர்களால் நடத்தப்படுபவை. அமெச்சூர் நிபுணர்களே தவிர, விவரங்களை பகிர்வதில் இவர்கள் காட்டும் சுறுசுறுப்பும் வியக்க வைக்கும். சரியாகவும் இருக்கும்.

    தளத்தை தெரிந்து கொள்ள வேண்டும். கியா வானிலை

  20. Massive Rains in Maharashtra ending 8.30 am on 21.07.2015

    in (mm)

    Palghar – 476
    Boisar – 347
    Tarapur – 323
    Titwala – 266
    Kharbav – 231
    Kone – 231
    Safala – 230
    Agarwadi – 227
    Kudus – 226
    Wada – 219
    Chinchani – 213
    Bhimashankar – 198
    Kalyan – 195
    Bhiwandi – 195
    Angaon – 191
    Kanchad – 189
    Nadgaon – 187
    Padagha – 185
    Dehari – 178
    Tansa – 176
    Manor – 172
    Dighashi – 172
    Bhavli – 171
    Kalamb – 170
    Dolkhamb – 167
    Sakhar – 167
    Goregaon – 164
    Igatpuri – 161
    Saralgaon – 160
    Ghoti – 155
    Rajur – 155
    Ulhasnagar – 150
    Kasa – 150
    Saiwan – 149
    Mokhada – 148
    Ambernath – 143
    Balkum – 140
    Shahapur – 138
    Wasind – 138
    Dhamni – 127
    Kawdas – 127
    Dawadi – 124
    Talasari – 124
    Jawhar – 123
    Virar – 122
    Badalapur – 120
    Lonawala – 117
    MVaitarna – 116
    Welunje – 116
    Shahpur – 115
    Tryambakeshwar – 115
    Bhatsa – 115
    Walwand – 113
    Mulshi – 112
    Modaksagar -110
    Mumbra – 110
    Khodala – 110
    Dhasai – 110
    Kashele – 110
    Khardi – 110
    Vaitarna – 108
    Dhargaon – 108
    Kinhawali – 106
    Lonawala – 106
    Dahisar – 105
    Vikramgad – 105
    Harsul – 105
    Dingore – 102
    Vadivale – 101
    Peth – 100
    Kude – 100
    Murbad – 100

  21. According to IMD-Mumbai, rainfall recorded in the 24 hours from July 20-21 (8.30am-8.30am) in Colaba was 15.8mm and in Santacruz 61mm. This is the most rainfall received in a span of 24 hours since the beginning to July this year.

  22. We have to learn from mumbai imd
    They are highlighting the imd figures both from santacruz or colaba
    if santacruz gets higher rainfall than colaba, then imd ll come up with santacruz on that day
    if colaba gets higher means , imd ll comes with colaba…
    Same should be for nungambakkam and meenamabam,,sadly imd chennai showing trace eventhough meenambakkam got 3mm

  23. Heavy rains hit suburban train services in Mumbai

    In the Palghar district adjoining neighbouring Thane, schools were shut today due to heavy rains since last evening, officials said.
    The Palghar-Boisar road was closed due to water on road near ST Workshop, Umroli and Saravli.
    A total of 445 mm rainfall was recorded till 7 AM today in Palghar, according to officials at the district headquarters.

    During the last 24 hours, Colaba in south Mumbai received 15.8 mm rainfall while Santacruz weather station recorded 61 mm downpour. “We are having good to very good clouding at the offshores and expect good rainfall in next 48 hours,” IMD Mumbai centre’s director V K Rajiv said.

  24. Weekly Nino 3 index at 2.3C. Only two El Ninos since 1950 have had monthly Nino 3 values >= 2.3C (’82-’83, ’97-’98).

    – Philip Klotzbach ‏@philklotzbach

    • The electronic and print media gives least coverage for this part of India. The latest survey says – people are fed up with these media and they feel social media is far better today

  25. The 2015 El Niño continues to develop. Weakened (or reversed) trade winds have resulted in further warming over much of the tropical Pacific Ocean. All key ENSO ocean monitoring areas have been more than 1 °C above average for 10 successive weeks—two weeks longer than the record in 1997. The eastern tropical Pacific is now at or exceeding +2 °C. In the atmosphere, the past week has seen the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) drop to around −20, the lowest values of the event so far.

    • But expecting SOI to return neutral range in November or December similar to 1987 style though ONI in warm condition.

      • This holds good if Elnino warm tongue doesn’t extend southward in coming 2 months till Chile coast.

  26. The Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) is currently neutral. A positive IOD event remains possible, with three of the five international models suggesting a positive IOD is likely during late winter to spring. A positive IOD is typically associated with reduced winter and spring rainfall over parts of southern and central Australia.

  27. I am only worried how media will exaggerate it. They will find every non existing way to boost their TRPs

    Depressions will be termed as super cyclones 🙂

  28. train services from mumbai to gujarat/rajasthan/delhi severely affected due to breaches at palghar and boisar.. paghar lies on main line of WR

  29. Sky conditions not looking good for TS formation for Chennai. Cloud cover is very less say 30% and Cumulus Clouds are not towering up bad sign 😦

  30. Ehsan please dont compare india with SA . In september India are hosting SA for four test match series then we will see who is better

    • That sharp peaks, amazing !!! , resembles very much the limestone cave’s stalagmites and stalactites…only water can carve out such things …

  31. Next year T_20 W.C will be played in following stadiums

    1. Bengaluru (M Chinnaswamy Stadium) 2. Chennai (MA Chidambaram Stadium) 3. New Delhi (Feroz Shah Kotla) 4. Dharamsala (HPCA Stadium) 5. Mumbai (Wankhede Stadium) 6. Kolkata (Eden Gardens) 7. Nagpur (VCA Stadium) 8. Mohali (PCA Stadium) from 11 March to 3 April, 2016.

  32. During last month(June, 2015), the Mascarene High was not seen so strong, it was close to or less than its normal intensity. Only now, it is seen strengthening a while. whereas, the Australian High was pretty stronger than normal for the same time period . This is clearly evident from this pressure anomaly map of June,2015 …

    • One can see the positive anomaly close to the Australian High , upto + 6 mb, whereas close to Mascarene High it is normal to below normal pressure

      • MJO’s entry at phase 2 (even +ve IOD) Strengthening the SWM dynamics at WEIO (though temporary) at equator might automatically reorienting MH near to Africa instead of Australia. Once MJO enters west-Pacific/dateline (phases 5-7/ even if IOD turns -ve), then SWM dynamics will weaken near WEIO, which might be looking like MH settling near Australia. Note: MH is powerful or MJO/IOD powerful? Or can both work independlty each other? Working together?

  33. Nowadays, Imd aws temp is showing less compare to metsite..
    Oru velai water service pani irupangalo..:)

  34. The change in leadership in the BCCI sees the return of international cricket to Nagpur and Gwalior or Indore. The two host associations – Vidarbha Cricket Association and Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association – are controlled by Shashank Manohar and Jyotiraditya Scindia, respectively, who fell out with N Srinivasan, and consequently lost out on big matches for at least the last three years.

    The BCCI announced on Sunday that Ahmedabad, Delhi, Nagpur and Bangalore will host the Tests against South Africa in October and November this year. The board also confirmed the venues for the ODI and T20 games on the tour, and three T20s against Sri Lanka in February 2016, before the World T20 which will be played in India.

    Chennai, Kanpur, Indore/Gwalior, Rajkot and Mumbai will host the five ODIs against South Africa, while the three T20 internationals of the tour will be played in Kolkata, Mohali and Dharamsala.

    Sri Lanka will travel to India for three T20 internationals – to be played in Visakhapatnam, Pune and Delhi – which will be played in February next year prior to the Asia Cup and the World Twenty20. The venues were finalised by the BCCI’s tour, programme and fixtures committee that met in Kolkata on Sunday.

  35. what i said on the inaguration day, comes true, less patronage for metro during week days,
    இதுவரையில் மொத்தம் 7.5 லட்சம் பேர் பயணம்: விடுமுறை நாட்களில் மட்டுமே மெட்ரோ ரயில்களில் கூட்டம் – பயணிகளின் எண்ணிக்கை படிப்படியாக குறைகிறது

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