Much Needed Rains To Continue Down South

The two upper air circulations over East India have merged to become one major upper air system. Widespread heavy thunderstorms are expected in Madhya Pradesh with scattered showers across the entire Northern Plains, West Bengal and Odisha.
Telangana and parts of Maharashtra including Vidarbha could witness some ordinary rainfall after a really long wait! Places along the Himalayan mountains and foothills would experience thundershowers for yet another day.
The rain spell will continue over the peninsula with rainfall increasing even more in coastal Karnataka and Kerala. Thunderstorms would form over North and parts of central Tamil Nadu in the evening. Konkan coast will receive rains that would break the ice, and slightly reduce the humongous deficit.
02. Meteosat5
Chennai could be in the path of thundershowers for yet another evening. However, little respite is expected from the heat as a humid day welcomes us with temperatures around 38-39 C

Coimbatore – A high of 32-33 expected with drizzles/light rains occurring owing to an active south-west monsoon spell at the west coast.

Madurai – Hot days to continue as unwelcome temperatures of 38-39 C are expected to boil the city. A thundershower or 2 might “pop” around the area.

1,706 thoughts on “Much Needed Rains To Continue Down South

  1. Ambattur recorded 11mm from yesterdays spell as per My RG. Total Rainfall in this July is 88mm

  2. Dear Bloggers,
    Since the decision to take the “Kea Metro ride” was taken yesterday afternoon giving very little time and chance for many to make it, it has been decided to postpone the Joy ride tentatively to next Sunday 26th July. Timings will be informed during the course of the week. Apologies to those who had made up their mind to join today. Let’s make it happen very soon..
    Thanks for your patience.

  3. Flash…core Chennai rainfall alert…As per earlier forecast Core Chennai rainfall to be peaked on 19th July. Despite 2 continuous rainy days at Core Chennai, still conditions look better today also (even far better to past 2 days).

    So as per the earlier forecast, today the strength in rainfall must be “high & wide-spread” to previous 2 days. Lets hope for the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. MJO triggered massive easterly wave at African-Atlantic coast, which is precursor to Atlantic hurricane under favorable conditions. Need to see whether this easterly wave will become hurricane at Atlantic or not??

  5. Good morning friends. Surprisingly madurai has reached 50 CM out of yearly quota of 85 CM as of now. Moreover it has got 131 mm since june 1st compared to chennai ‘s 86 mm only .way to go madurai.

    • Bone dry in Delta and surroundings. Just 4cms thus far this SWM in Thanjavur! With Mettur yet to get meaningful storage, situation looks brim.

      • There Is Huge NEM For You Don’t Worry!!!
        S.TN Will Get Meaningful Rain

      • For the farming activity to pick up, rains are so important now. If they sow now expecting Mettur water, they can harvest before monsoons! But in past decade or so, “Sambha” sowing has declined drastically!

      • Yeah, expecting something meaningful this August, September. Unless for the April May rains, CTN would have been nothing less than a desert.

  6. yesterday’s rainfall data at kk nagar!

    evening spell-3 mm
    2 nd spell- 27 mm
    3 rd spell- 2 mm
    4 th spell- 5 mm


  7. Attention!!!
    Today as said by rao sir widespread VS rains possible

    Mositure availabily @700hpa is 96%

  8. yesterday moisture availability at 700hpa was 94%
    today’s moisture availability ar 700hpa is 96%

  9. Here It Is
    2nd Para GTS in Paper
    Congratulations!!! GTS Anna!!!

    CHENNAI: The city is in for a wet week ahead as the Met office has predicted light rain, but the temperature is not likely to fall. The maximum temperature is predicted to hover around 37C.

    Independent weather blogger T Gokul said, “Rains will occur only after 3pm until about midnight. The downpour will be scattered through the city.” He added that there is likely to be thunderstorms accompanied by light rain.

    On Saturday, Nungambakkam recorded 2.1mm rainfall while Meenambakkam recorded 14mm rain. The maximum and minimum temperature was 37.4C and 26.4C respectively. The 14mm recorded at Meenambakkam is higher than last July which recorded its highest rainfall 10.8mm.

    The rainfall was brought on by the southwest monsoon which lasts until July before the north east monsoon takes over. On Sunday, the maximum and minimum temperature is predicted to be 38C and 27C respectively

  10. Moisture is excellent at 700 hpa level but winds are coming from nw which doesn’t have moisture when compared to sw winds so still I am doubt for today ws ts, anyhow isolated ts is definitely possible

  11. JULY
    2/7/15 – 6mm
    9/7/15 – 1.2mm
    10/7/15 – 35mm
    14/7/15 – 1mm
    17/7/15 – 42.2mm
    18/7/15 – 23.2mm

    Totally = 108.6mm since 1st july till today

  12. here 19 mm oly from yesterday spell

    July – 79 mm
    July – 1 (2 mm)
    July – 9 (6 mm)
    July – 10 (31 mm)
    July – 17 (21 mm)
    July – 18 (19 mm)

    Wettest Day Of The Year !!! – April 15 (69 mm)

  13. SWM is proving to be disaster for bangalore. The city is not getting rains like chennai. Hope the situation changes.

  14. Massive Rains in Kerala, the best day in their monsoon 2015 ending 8.30 am on 18.07.2015
    The off shore trough looks strong from Kerala coast to Karnataka Coast.

    in mm (min 50 mm)

    Vadakara – 192
    Kuttiyady – 176
    Quilandy – 135
    Chimoni – 119
    Kannur – 118
    Irinjalakuda – 115
    Vyttiri – 98
    Kozhikode – 95
    Vellanikkara – 94
    Taliparamba – 94
    Mattanur – 93
    Kodungallur – 92
    Kunnamkulam – 90
    Chalakudy – 86
    Cheruthazham – 84
    Ponnani – 82
    Vadakkancherry – 82
    Perinthalamanna – 78
    Irikkur – 74
    Alwaye – 73
    Kochi CIAL – 70
    Peermade – 68
    Kurudamannil – 68
    Ottapalam – 68
    Lower Sholayar – 64
    Enamakkal – 62
    Angadipuram – 62
    Munnar – 62
    Idukki – 62
    Piravom – 61
    Vaikom – 60
    Mancompu – 60
    Kochi IAF – 59
    Ernakulam South – 58
    Thodupuzha – 55
    Poringal – 55
    Manantoddy – 54
    Neeriyamangalam – 54
    Thritla – 53
    Cherthala – 53
    Pattembi – 52
    Hosdurg – 51
    Pambla Dam – 51
    Alapuzha – 50
    Idamalayar – 50
    Madupattey – 50

    Kea Weather –
    Vagaries Rainman –
    Tamil Nadu Weatherman –

  15. Monsoon circulation(anticyclone) at altitude of about 14km…tis one mainly get forced by the intense,deep convection over india and bay of bengal

  16. Pradeep John, Anna Nagar West43 minutes ago

    Rao today the best day ah ? we are no where the best…See the coming days

    Looks like PJ expecting big things coming days

  17. Good morning everyone, it’s going to be a super Sunday with conditions looking awesome for rain.
    Small correction. Yesterday I would’ve told the total for the last 2 days in Adyar is 62 mm. There was a calculation error, it’s only 57 mm. 37 mm yesterday + 20 mm the day before

    • 1000% there is going to TS today knocking Chennai. Will it converge like yesterday. Decoding the trick in models, it may……

      I think today i have to go with Rao,

      Rao, after seeing the models, i take back my words, another massive TS expected today too. But its not the peak for the coming days. Thats sure.

  18. IMD ‘s outlook for next 15 days: Overall rainfall situation is likely to be normal over India. However, normal/above
    normal rainfall is likely over eastern and northern belt and Gangetic Plains whereas below normal
    rainfall is likely over western parts of central India during next fortnight…and tis is gonna be the status at the end of july

  19. Tamil Nadu is all set to get a major share in the Smart Cities Mission and Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation.

    The State government, which had submitted a proposal to include all 12 Corporations, including the newly-started Corporations such as Thanjavur, Vellore and Dindigul in Smart Cities project, has sent a team of officials, led by G. Prakash, Director of Municipal Administration, to New Delhi to press the demand.

    Highly placed sources told The Hindu that all 12 Corporations, including Chennai, Coimbatore and Tiruchi had been shortlisted for the Smart Cities scheme. Twenty-nine cities and towns, with a population of over 1 lakh in Tamil Nadu, were likely to be included in the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation programme.

    โ€œTamil Nadu is likely to get due share in both programmes, as the proposed cities and corporations will meet most of the parameters for selection. We are trying very hard,โ€ a senior official of the Directorate of Municipal Administration said.

    As per the plan, 100 cities will be developed under the Smart Cities project and 500 cities and towns will be renewed under the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation.

  20. Moderate Rains are back in Tamil Nadu after a long break, ending 8.30 am on 18.07.2015
    Coimbatore, Nilgiris, Kanyakumari and Chennai districts got good rains.

    in mm (min 20 mm)

    Upper Nirar – 73
    Peruvaripallam – 66
    Valparai PTO – 58
    Chinna Kallar – 57
    Thunnakkadavu – 57
    Sholayar Dam – 55
    Valparai Taluk Office – 46
    Devala – 46
    Avalanche – 42
    Lower Nirar – 42
    Aliyar – 41
    Thuckalay – 40
    Kottar – 38
    Parsons Valley – 34
    Thriuvattar – 34
    Anaikadangu – 31
    Upper Bhavani – 30
    Suralode – 30
    Mambazhathuriyaru – 30
    Chennai Marina DGP Office – 30
    Nagercoil – 29
    Lower Kodayar – 29
    Tiruparappu – 28
    Chennai City – 28
    Vettaikaranpudur – 27
    Upper Kodayar – 26
    Periyar – 24
    Colachel – 24
    Mancadvu – 24
    Chittar I – 23
    Chennai Anna University – 22
    Thekkady – 22
    Mylaudy – 21
    Puthen Dam – 21
    Sholinganallur Sathyabama University – 21
    Alangudi – 21
    Kolapakkam – 20
    Eraniel – 20
    Chembarabakkam – 20
    Kattukuppam – 20
    Pollachi – 20
    Kuzhithurai – 20
    Kannadiyan Dam – 20
    Adavinayanar – 20
    Perunchani – 20

    Kea Weather –
    Vagaries Rainman –
    Tamil Nadu Weatherman –

  21. KEA,

    My Small Suggestion!!!

    In Kea Metsite

    Under Extremes There is:
    Temp High
    Temp Low
    Why Can’t You Add Highest 24 Hour Rainfall For The Month
    and Highest 24 Hour Rainfall For The Year
    This Is Just A Suggestion
    No Offence

  22. massive rains lashing western MP

    indore records 100mm within 3 hrs today (between 5.30 and 8.30am)

    130mm since yest evening

    bhopal records 150mm ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  23. This is my 10000 comment in site and i want it to be a special comment with rare stats. Just looked at the stats 10000 comments and 16500 likes. So much trust, love and affection here in this blog. This blog is special to me since 2009. I wake with this blog and before i go to sleep kea blog will be last page i visit.

    Guest11k and Rao,

    Here is the super NEM years for Tamil Nadu in last 150 years (Normal around 450 mm) Here i have compiled years where it has crossed 600 mm

    1877 – 665 mm
    1880 – 637 mm
    1884 – 859 mm
    1887 – 689 mm
    1884 – 584 mm
    1896 – 615 mm
    1898 – 678 mm
    1902 – 639 mm
    1913 – 612 mm
    1914 – 584 mm
    1920 – 613 mm
    1922 – 651 mm
    1925 – 587 mm
    1930 – 705 mm
    1931 – 657 mm
    1940 – 609 mm
    1944 – 595 mm
    1945 – 802 mm
    1966 – 645 mm
    1969 – 592 mm
    1977 – 751 mm
    1978 – 612 mm
    1979 – 629 mm
    1993 – 744 mm
    1996 – 592 mm
    1997 – 810 mm
    1998 – 619 mm
    2005 – 773 mm
    2008 – 692 mm
    2010 – 642 mm

  24. Kodagu is receiving heavy rains from morning.

    Bhagamandala 57 mm so far in the past 4 hrs.
    Madikeri too seems to get good rains.
    Karike in madikeri received 67mm in the past 4 hrs

  25. Temp now is 36.2c with a trend of 1.1c/hr, with on and off sun show I think it is difficult to cross 37c today

  26. PJ anna, I found the source for annual rainfall of Hulikal and such places (Something like 7900 last year), but the daily report shows only main sources.. Is it the same source ??

  27. Non stop rain continues in kodagu.

    Bhagmandala so for 74mm in the last 5 hrs.
    Karike in madikeri received 78mm in the past 5 hrs

  28. OMG…action started too early today? Actually I wanted put time also based on today’s satellite picture (indicative of high clouds with moisture).

  29. tirupati facing a summer like condition…..but chennai for 2 days receiving rains…….hoping for a TS today!!!!…..will it come for today guyzzz.?????????… sky almost clear with patches of clouds

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