Cloudy and Pleasant day awaits for Chennai

It looked perfect but as usual for UAC, the massive Thunderstorms missed Chennai. This is the 6th time a UAC has missed Chennai. Only Ennore managed to get 6 mm rainfall. The rain may have left us dissapointed but it is going to be a pleasant day with maximum temp expected to be around 35 C.

The morning rains may have failed for Chennai. But the day is not over, expecting rains in evening/night as one last hope from the UAC. Else, enjoy the pleasant NEM like cloudy day.

Radar of Chennai


1,246 thoughts on “Cloudy and Pleasant day awaits for Chennai

  1. Finally Heavy rains in kurnool kadapa.Kurnool deficit reduces from minus 70 to minus 40
    krishagiri – 109 mm
    kamalapuram – 106 mm
    Veldurti – 105 mm
    markapur – 101 mm
    panyam – 100 mm

  2. Update on Tuesday evening forecast by Vela

    Before Wednesday Morning 8.30am (IMD Reading), Chennai will witness good amount of Rains, Peak time for the rain is after 3am.

    Wednesday’s Forecast

    Thanks for the UAC & Cloud Cover, Temp will maintain around 35.

    Heavy rains at time, mostly drizzles and cloud cover expected over Chennai and Coastal Tamilnadu.
    South AP will record very good wide spread rains…

  3. Chandra Mouli, Ambattur Rsrao 13 hours ago

    Yes. Something tells that it may miss chennai and curve from Pulicat to BOB to the east of Chennai.

    Chandra Mouli, Ambattur 13 hours ago

    My expectation is SHAR & Pulicat will get Rains and North Chennai receives Drizzles and Cloudy Morning expected in Chennai Tomorrow

    Forecast wins exactly πŸ˜‰

  4. Ehsan day is not over…..morning rains may have missed Chennai. Lets see. As of now dry team is on Top not won the battle.

  5. Unusual wind pattern prevails across the country..moist sw winds skipping entire indian landmass ,and northwest winds seen dominating!!

  6. This is the pattern which i believed yesterday while forecasting it. This steering confirms the TS path today and Moisture is good along that path.

  7. Some 24 drops (Dot balls) since morning…

    .New Opening Batsman ( R.G.Wirelessman…Right Handed)-

    Took guard, surveyed the field, moved the sight screen, changed his batting gloves,, adjusted his helmet strap, did some pitch gardening…got into his stance position…

    Umpire calls “play”… Batsman playing a real test match innings.. Patience personified..
    4 overs up..Yet to get off the mark….

    Eager to see him just do that..

  8. Good News,

    Kelvin back in Phase 2 today, and likely to emerge into Phase 3 tomorrow.
    Moving very fast and it is not at all useful for SST to increase in WIO.

    Negative OLR likely to emerge in Phase 2 from Friday or Saturday. In the second pic shows blue line over Africa, moving towards IO.

  9. Tamaraipakkam – 7
    Ennore – 6
    Poondi – 5
    Minjur – 5

    Core city barrier left dry again.

  10. I am following this from midnight. Chennai pushes away rains bands which trying to enter Chennai from midnight .not vice versa. So rain prediction is correct. It is Chennai faults only.

    • Lol, how chennai pushes rain bands?
      Stroms where formed and its path is according to the wind confluence

      • See below i posted Earth Null pattern of 700hpa that confirms the TS path.

      • If Wind confluence is the key point.try it to predict next time. I am going to Vadapalani. See you latetr

      • As PJ says Wind Confluence is the Key to predict Rains. If Wind Confluence is little bit south then Atleast North Chennai would have got some showers.

      • As PJ says Wind Confluence is the Key to predict Rains. If Wind Confluence is little bit south then Atleast North Chennai would have got some showers.

    • Lol, how chennai pushes rain bands?
      Stroms where formed and its path is according to the wind confluence

  11. Something is not ok. UACs cannot miss Chennai 6 times in a row. We need some serious insight as to what is preventing Rains from entering the 50km circle

      • then both SWM & NEM rains will favor Chennai. Even more number of cyclones will cross at Chennai only due to concave-modification.

      • then both SWM & NEM rains will favor Chennai. Even more number of cyclones will cross at Chennai only due to concave-modification.

    • Again early morning rains in kochi ap today seem hvy rain instore there unfortunately i m landed in chennai 😦

  12. I will wake up in the morning, feeling chill, stretching my
    legs to floor from bed, it chill feel on my leg. Opening the window curtain,
    could see smoky glass window. Opening the shutter got the sprinkles of rain
    water in my face along with heavy and cool winds pushing me behind.

    Sitting in Balcony and having hot coffee, by seeing rain.

    Since the climate is cold, raring to go for bath. Finally
    made my mind and bathing in warm water, since the tap water will be colder. Now
    dare to keep my feet on the floor, since it will be chill.

    Dark and wet evening. Having Hot Tea and Bajji by seeing rain.

    Now in the night, going to sleep, we will forget the AC,
    will reduce the fan speed, covering ourselves with bed sheet and sleep with
    comfortable and cooler night. Again waking up next day morning will be tough

    When we will see this atmosphere, when we will be into NEM
    season. Waiting anxiously.

  13. Mouli, the TS came much down than the confluence line at mid night. I am watching confluence line for long time. Everyday it wont be the same too.

    It is easy to say like ehsan no rain. what is the purpose of weather blog if we are going to say that all 365 days. Someone has to bell the cat. I am willing to predict rains even in remote possibility.

    TS formed and towered up. Why blame the UAC again.

  14. Bangalore 11.00am, Cloudy skies, pleasant breeze., it drizzled yesterday night around 10.00pm at Malleshwaram area.

    • Bangalore 1.45pm, Dark passing clouds from Western direction., it is drizzling at the moment @ Sarjapur area

      • Significant land-breeze circulations is responsible for associated transport of heat and moisture over land. It is a shallow system which gathers moisture over land and results in rainfall in rain-scarce areas. A Koppen climate classification of tropical dry and wet savannah implies significant land breezes over a particular area.

      • Land breeze circulation needs source, what kind of a source it has, very simple is that it should be the monsoonal trough, which will strengthen as a base for any circulations.

        We are not talking about monsoonal circulations here, the UAC is due to atmospheric changes, it will not have any relationship with lower level steering winds, no need to worry about the concept of moisture over land, it is the atmospheric moisture which is required at this time.

  15. prime factor elnino and suppressed phase of mjo collectively responsible for tis sluggish swm over india during first fortnight of july- CPC NOAA experts

  16. Selvan,

    Normal 200 HPA wind direction during SWM season is from East to West or NW to SE, correct me if i am wrong. The wind direction shown in below graph was from North to South.

    This will not allow the tropical wave’s impact to reach mid latitude, hence monsoon will be weaker.

  17. When will this Useless air Circulation move away from Chennai? Atleast with heat we have better chance of rains

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        Why can’t the judge open the envelope? What’s stopping him?

  18. atleast this UAC should trigger evening TS…not the torrential downpour from systems..nothing is happening…frustrating wait really. Thinking of going to office a bit late bcoz i gave my forecast yest’y

    • Elnino unfavourable condition was nullified by fav mjo phase during june… unfavourable elnino condition +unfavourable mjo phase —??? tats what v had seen in the first week of july

  19. Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu, Uthiramerur– temp 26c. Humidity 82%
    Chennai — temp 32c, humidity 62%

  20. Guest 11K, IMD gfs indicating good rains over chennai tonight.. More than 35mm.will that happen?

  21. Large area of heavy rains moving towards TN coast as per imd gfs on 23rd July due to new UAC

  22. People who does not know the Dynamics properly, will surely not understand UAC.

    UAC does not require the lower level support, UAC does not mind the ENSO conditions. UAC formed due to interaction of warm and cold air at mid latitude. Due to this interaction a Wave is formed, this is called Rossby.

    If an year has more UAC during monsoon time, especially during SWM, we should know that SWM might fail, since the upper level temp varies more than lower levels. This is the first indication of weak monsoonal wind flow. But this weak monsoonal wind flow will help east coast of india, again don’t ask me about Chennai.

    Once again go through my comment posted few months back in the following link.

    I am still confident on today’s rain.

  23. Glad to note some people still have trust in IMD. Our gov’t wants us to trust the IMD.

    In Qatar (and the entire GCC, I suspect), the weather gauges never show temps > 45’c, even if it is 55’c. Acc. to int’l Labor standards, 45’c is the max temp for humans to work in.

  24. Flash news!

    Heavy to very heavy rainfall alert for chennai city today!
    Land circulation likely to form today.
    And it will enter into sea.
    Wind confluence is happening in pulicut lake
    .! Will bring severe Ts To chennai! imd gfs forecast will come true of 35>mm to chennai!

    Don’t worry about moisture…. Moisture is extremely high @all levels … Ts will tower up!

  25. If Chennai did not receive good rainfall from UAC it does not mean it is a failure. For example UAC in June this year gave 100mm and above rainfall to many places in SAP and CTN. So next UAC around 24th July can give good rainfall to Chennai. In the past Chennai has got good rainfall from UACs.

    • UAC is not a failure. but we surely need to study y it is failing with chennai continuously. there will be a reason

      • If the factors which is supporting S.AP as of now the same if it prevails here we would have got. Nature is Unique

      • UACs which forms before SWM season, tend to give good rainfall to N/NE quadrant of the UAC. This year most of the time Chennai came under SW quadrant of the UAC,i.e, it was above Chennai latitude. So it did not get good rainfall from previous UAC.

      • If only N/NE quadrant provide Rains means the UAC should be over Interior Tamilnadu for Chennai to get Rains is it!

      • Not all the time. UAC which forms before SWM onset gives good rainfall to N/NE quadrant and the ones which forms in SWM season gives good rainfall to W/SW quadrant and during NEM gives good rainfall to E/NE quadrant of the system.

      • Now the UAC is over Central BOB then how South AP gets Rain it didn’t falls under W/SW quadrant though. I feel only the Wind Confluence helped for Rains in S.AP

      • UAC which forms before SWM onset gives good rainfall to N/NE quadrant and the ones which forms in SWM season gives good rainfall to W/SW quadrant and during NEM gives good rainfall to E/NE quadrant of the system.

  26. Only core city missed UAC west, south and Northern opart of Chennai fgot good Rainfall from UAC which was formed around May Mid.

    Ponneri – 91mm i remember

  27. ♦ The upper air cyclonic circulation over westcentral Bay of Bengal off Tamilnadu & south
    Coastal Andhra Pradesh, now lies over westcentral Bay of Bengal off north Tamilnadu &
    south Coastal Andhra Pradesh coasts and extends upto 5.8 km above mean sea level.

    • “under its influence ,rainfall to happen in so &so places ..”.anywhere mentioned like tat in the report?

      • Sel, we will get pounded tonight! As confluence happening just North of chennai

      • Atchu ,,,
        check this ..
        Warning section contains nothing :
        15 July (Day1):♦ Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur at a few places with extremely heavy falls over SubHimalayan West Bengal & Sikkim. Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur at a few places over ArunachalPradesh and Assam & Meghalaya. Heavy rainfall would occur at isolated places over Bihar, Nagaland, Manipur,Mizoram & Tripura, Coastal Andhra Pradesh, Coastal Karnataka, South Interior Karnataka and Kerala.

        16 July (Day 2):♦ Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur at a few places over SubΒ­Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim, Assam & Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh and at isolated places over Bihar. Heavy rainfall would occur at isolated places over Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, East Uttar Pradesh,Gangetic West Bengal, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram & Tripura, Coastal Karnataka, South Interior Karnataka and Kerala.

        17 July (Day 3):♦ Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur at a few places over Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and East Uttar Pradesh and at isolated places over Jammu & Kashmir, West Uttar Pradesh, Coastal Karnataka and Kerala. Heavy rainfall would occur at isolated places over Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal & Sikkim, Odisha, Assam & Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and South Interior Karnataka.

  28. IMD

    Trend(Last 5 Minute) : 0.48Β°C/hr
    Max.(Since 8:30AM) : 33.9Β°C
    Min.(Since 8:30AM) : 27.9Β°C

    Below Normal Temperatures atleast due to this UAC

  29. mouli, r u comparing may month UAC with tis one? tat system is a very different had an impact at surface level reduced teh surface pressure, lower level winds were from east. Tis one is completely different one.. moreover tat system was due to a wave activity

    • Convergence is stronger winds moving into weaker winds in the same line of action (straight line). Confluence involves winds approaching each other with different angles.

  30. Today morning its pleasant in marina winds from the north east with drops of rain but cannot be termed as drizzle and not disturbing the morning walk , i enjoyed it

  31. Time now is 2:30 pm, but nothing in radar, I know this is too much from my side to expect rain at this time but anyhow let’s see

  32. Wide Spread heavy rains in Rayalaseema , Telangana and Coastal AP
    Rainfall minimum 50 mm till 8 :30 am today
    Pullampeta – 111 mm
    Krishnagiri – 109 mm
    Veldurti – 105 mm
    Markapur – 104 mm
    Hayathnagar – 100 mm
    Panyam – 100 mm
    Podili – 85 mm
    Vikarabad – 84mm
    Simhadripuram – 72 mm
    Srisailam – 72 mm
    Achampet – 72 mm
    Garividi – 69 mm
    Cheepurupalle – 66 mm
    Srikalahasti – 65 mm
    Nandigama – 65 mm
    kanakanamitla – 60 mm
    Pitlam – 58 mm
    Muddanur – 56 mm
    Kondapuram – 53 mm
    Prakasam barriage – 54 mm
    Jurala project – 54 mm
    Marpalle – 52 mm
    Bhuvanagiri – 51 mm
    Mangalagiri – 50 mm

  33. @selvanfun
    Here’s the reason for above normal NEM forecast from UK Met office! El Nino will continue to strengthen and a weak Positive IOD is the reason here! Indeed welcome news for us! πŸ™‚

  34. Now the sun is entering in low solar activity phase. So for next few years we can expect good rainfall in both SWM and NEM and la nina and cool neutral conditions in enso.

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