Rains likely in Chennai and its Suburbs

Yesterday chennai temp was 41 C which was just 0.1 C from the All time Record in 1915. But today Chennai maximum temperature will slightly dip down and with the increase in moisture content, rains are likely to occur in the City/Suburbs during evening and night.

South Chennai and its suburbs will have widespread rains. Enjoy the rains as it will give much needed respite from the heat today.


1,383 thoughts on “Rains likely in Chennai and its Suburbs

  1. Think three typhoons is a way too much, and is enough to panic in knowing that the Global Warming is worsening up?

    As of now, we have currently three typhoons over the West Pacific region, namely Linfa (Philippine name: Egay), Chan-hom (Philippine name: Falcon) and Nangka.

    But in August 23, 1960, West Pacific actually saw five typhoons swirling at the same time.

    Perhaps satellite technology still a way too primitive at that time, with the first successful weather satellite launched by the United States just four months earlier, thus no satellite image of this rare phenomenon exists.

    Robert Speta, a meteorologist of the English-language NHK World, shared to the Internet of the screenshot showing this rare phenomenon, as depicted with a weather map and aired through the Japanese-language channel of NHK.

  2. Today the temperature is expected to be 37 – 38 at max 39 possibility. Some Clouds formations expected around noon which results to the Thunderstroms towards Evening.
    Rains could occur in Chennai, Tiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Tiruvannamalai and Villupuram Dists. Isolated places get Rains in Pondy and Cuddalore Dist as well.

  3. Over the last several years evening thunderstorms in Chennai yielded 10 to 50mm of rains per session. But because of weaker SWM flows the clash of sea breeze with westerlies have yielded barely 1 to 5 mm of rain. I hope this changes

  4. An average of 212 mm has fallen at Udupi district where 100+ stations are present..
    269 mm has fallen somewhere at Dakshina Kannada

    Mangalore has crossed 170 mm.

  5. Today’s Forecast by Vela

    Temperature will reach around 38 to 40

    Another Interesting day to watch Radar…

    Isolated rains at some places over Chennai ….
    North Chennai & South Chennai will record rains…

    Chennai to Karaikal coastal areas will also register rains…

    Vellore Dist will record isolated rains…

    Enjoy the Rains….

    • Under vigorous conditions, this rule can be broken. But real meaning of this rule is there won’t be similar type rainfall conditions at same place in 2 consecutive places.

      • For example you mentioned South chennai to receive wide spread rains. Reason is yesterday these places don’t have much rains, so today more chances. This is nothing but 24 hr break rule.

  6. There is abundant moisture at 700 and 850 hpa today. Probably the best day in the month so far and moreover minimal moisture at 500 hpa might help cloud towering as well so good chance for TS today

  7. As Deepak mentioned, Kolkatta getting battered.

    Seems the situation is Kol cut off…..

    Image courtesy..Gopal666.

  8. Lol… even the actual desert, Rajasthan, is getting rains. Hope Nunga learns from its desert counterpart and gets the same 😛

  9. Hii….my rg recorded 9.6 mm from yesterday spell….but by seeing it’s intensity and puddles on road I thought it would be above 20mm..

  10. A U.S. government weather forecaster on Thursday warned that much-watched El Nino conditions are likely to last another nine months, potentially roiling global crops and commodities prices.
    The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center projected a more than 90 percent chance that El Nino would continue through this winter and an 80 percent likelihood it would last into the Northern Hemisphere’s early spring.
    Last month, the CPC extended its forecast, saying El Nino was likely to last through the winter.
    Across the contiguous United States, the effects of El Nino are likely to remain minimal through the summer and increase into the late fall and winter, the CPC said on Thursday.

  11. Heavy rains in Odisha
    Surajgarh – 132 mm
    Ambhabhona – 119 mm
    Manindragarh – 93 mm
    Burla – 93 mm
    Saradhihi – 87 mm
    Basanthpur – 80 mm

  12. Rainfall in first week of July lowest in five years: IMD – See more at:

    During the same period last year, Colaba saw 134.6mm and Santacruz saw 230.7mm last year.

    After receiving the highest ever rainfall in June, the city has received the least amount of rain in the first week of July this year as compared to the past five years. According to the data from the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Colaba has received 9.2mm rainfall and Santacruz has received 1mm rainfall from July 1 to 9 this year. During the same period last year, Colaba saw 134.6mm and Santacruz saw 230.7mm last year. Even in 2013, Colaba saw 53.6mm rain and Santacruz saw 37mm rain in the same period – See more at


  13. Bangalore is known as Silicon Valley of India , One rain for 15 minute and it turns out to be SILYcon Valley of India

  14. Synoptic situation

    *Low pressure area over jharkhand adjoining bihar and west Bengal associated Upper air circulation extending upto 5.8km a.s.l presist. It is likely to become more marked during next 24hrs.

    *western disturbance as an upper air circulation extending upto 4.5km a.s.l presist over North Pakistan. It is likely to effect jammu and Kashmir.

    *west coast off shore trough is becoming active.

    Rainfall forecast.

    Heavy to very heavy rains with isolated extremely heavy rains would occur over jharkhand, bihar, and some parts of west Bengal. Heavy to very heavy rains would occur over oddissa.

    *Heavy to very heavy rains with scattered extremely heavy rains would occur over Coastal Karnataka, and heavy rains would occur over jammu and Kashmir and uttarakhand.

    *Heavy rains would occur over Kerala, and in some parts of North west India.

    Weather forecast for major cities in India.

    DELHI- Delhi could see cloudy skies with light rains would occur at some places. Max and min temperature would be around 30c and 26c.

    MUMBAI – Sky condition would be partly cloudy skies with light rains may occur. Max and min temperature would be around 31c and 28c.

    KOLKATTA – Kolkata could see interminated heavy rains with Max and min temperature would be around 30c and 26c.

    CHENNAI – Chennai could witness a scorching hot day with skies turning cloudy in evening and scattered thunderstorms resulting in water stagnent in puddles. Max and min temperature would be around 40-41c and 29c.

  15. No no, this isn’t the Niagara Falls.This is the Golf Course Road in the millennium city Gurgaon after overnight rains

  16. See This Tweet !!!

    Thought I had escaped Delhi and Gurgaon but now Calcutta is also a river! joy!

  17. Time Today Yesterday
    7 am 30.6 30.6
    8 am 31.6 31.6
    9 am 32.9 32.8
    10am 34.6 33.7
    11am 35.8 35.4
    1130 36.8 36.3
    temp not rising fast enough

  18. 8th july 1988,in the perumon Train tragedy.the Bangalore kanyakumari Island Express Train derailed on perumon bridge over Ashtamudi lake,near Perinad,Kollam,Kerala,India and fell in to the lake, kiling 107 people on july 8,1988.Officials say the cause for the accident is TORNADO.But still the cause of accident remain a mystery.

  19. Increase in Rainfall activity across the Country.

    Comparison of wind direction anomaly on 06th and yesterday, this is the difference which is bringing rain across the country and it has increase since yesterday.

    The wind so far was from NW over Arabian Sea (West Coast) and CEW was weak and not climbing up the latitude over Bay of Bengal due to strong system line up over West Pacific.

    Bay Branch Active,
    Since the system in West Pacific has moved above, this has taken the CEW over Bay of Bengal to above 20N latitude, this is why the LOW over North Bay is strengthening. The wind velocity at 850 HPA has been around 30 KM/HR yesterday, today increased to 40 KM/HR over North Bay of Bengal, hence the CEW is able to reach above the latitude.

    Arabian Sea Branch,
    The Arabian Sea branch was weak due to diversion from EQ IO towards the extreme of West near Somalia and moving across the coast of Africa and moving Northwards and returning to West Coast from NW direction, this is why the convective was weak. Since yesterday, that diversion has stopped, now the Wind blows from West of Lakshadweep and hitting the West Coast from West Direction, hence the moisture has increased and rainfall has increased over West Coast.

    This is what i was mentioning yesterday, you can go through the graph in the following link.

    The Red Arrow denotes the Wind Pattern over Arabian Branch and The Black Line from India across Bay to WP denotes the Axis of Bay Branch. See the difference in enclosed 2 pics.

    That black line has moved north since tropical storm in WP has moved north. This is why the system over North Bay and WB is intensifying. This system is likely to intensify further into a D or DD in next 48 hours time..

    • Yes, it’s obvious and interesting fact is that young organisation IITM also predicted deficit July, but it may end just normal as 2nd half July rains will be excess due to onset of MISO.

  20. Rami,

    The wind is still not perfectly Westward, it is still WNW over the country now.

    This is the indication that the SWM 2015 will be below normal. Don’t expect the Positive IOD too much, as it is not going to increase in value, since Kelvin already weakened to below 1 and ER wave has reached South India, this ER is a cooling agent, this should reach the West IO with same strength and cool of the SST.

    Frequent visit of ER wave is not good for monsoonal rains, since this wave dominates up to 700 HPA levels from above, hence 850 HPA will be weak.

  21. TOKYO: Typhoon Chan-hom lashed Japan’s Okinawa island chain on Friday as it pushed towards Taiwan and onto China, on Friday morning, with recorded gusts of 234 kilometres (145 miles) per hour, in the islands of Okinawa and Miyako.. First squall from typhoon in Miyakojima..

  22. சென்னை : வெப்ப சலணம் காரணமாக இன்று மாலை சென்னையில் பல்வேறு பகுதிகளில் மழை பெய்ய வாய்ப்புள்ளது என வானிலை ஆய்வு மையம் தெரிவித்துள்ளது. நாளை முதல் தென்மேற்கு பருவக்காற்று வீச வாய்ப்பு இருப்பதால் தமிழகம் முழுவதும் பரவலாக மழை பெய்ய வாய்ப்பு இருப்பதாக கூறப்படுகிறது.

    source: dinamalar

  23. Here it is..The famous typical July..CBE “Special Saaral cum Thooral”
    “Thooral irrukum, aana thareye nanaiyaadhu”

  24. July maximum for the dates for 6,7,8,9,10 respectively for last few years

    Really shocking july this was………..

  25. FLASH…!!!!
    good Sign… Humidity Struggling To Decrease Below 40%
    Minsara Suravali Probablity More

  26. 13 July (Day 4):♦ Heavy rainfall would occur at isolated
    places over East Rajasthan, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram & Tripura, south Konkan & Goa,
    South Interior Karnataka and Tamilnadu & Pudducherry.

    14 July (Day 5):♦ Heavy rainfall would occur at isolated
    places over Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Manipur, Mizoram
    & Tripura, South Interior Karnataka and Tamilnadu & Pudducherry….says IMD Mid-day rep

  27. Sure shot rains for Chennai today. Only question is the intensity. Hope Chennai receive its first major chunk of the year.

  28. 38.5°C
    Trend(Last 5 Minute) : 1.44°C/hr
    Max.(Since 8:30AM) : 38.7°C
    Min.(Since 8:30AM) : 32.3°C

  29. IMD aws: 38.9c..So today is 19th straight day of recording 100 degree fah..( june 22- till date)..
    19 straight centuries wouldn’t have happened in may months also & b4 many many years also..
    Sun showed his face..Record rains will reply to him in NEM..

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