Monsoon gets isolated within the Himalayan Range

The South West monsoon continues to shower along the Sub Himalayan West Bengal, Sikkim, Assam & NorthEastern parts. Temperature likely to increase across most parts of country, as monsoon rains takes a break. A Low pressure system may spin off West Bengal coast in the next 5 days which could revive the monsoon rains in eastern parts of the country. A Feeble offshore trough along the Kerala-Karnataka coast will cause rains along the West Coast for the next 2 days. Dry & Hot conditions will continue along North TN and South AP coasts.
02. Meteosat5
Chennai will see an uncomfortable day with hot dry winds. Temperature expected to touch 39/40C

Coimbatore’s temperature likely to be 33/34C with scattered thundershowers expected by late evening.

Madurai will stay hot and humid with temperature peaking at 38/39C

858 thoughts on “Monsoon gets isolated within the Himalayan Range

    • Air Pollution is an important issue also with so much urbanization we started using so much energy which will get accumulated within some small area, who knows what impact this would cause to the seasonal weather conditions.

  1. Today’s Forecast

    Chennai Temp will be around 39+, with good / high humidity…

    Chances of Good rain from Kovalam to Pondy

    Chennai will witness some TS at isolated places

  2. Happy with yesterday’s rains surrounding Chennai. Today expecting similar inside Chennai core city.

  3. Flash…ECMWF keep on indicating CHAN-HOM landfall over East China. If it doesn’t change track form present one, then ECMWF will lose to GFS. Again GFS came in alignment with 2D-gyric map model (targeting S-Korea).

    CIMSS again showing CHAN-HOM to intensify to category 4 typhoon.

  4. Dr. Rsrao, are you there?

    Can you please give me your 2D gyric map, I’ll post in fb and I’ll put your name

    • 2D-gyric map model track prediction by “DOUBLE vortex concept” (Figure 1):

      1. MOST PRECISE TRACK, drawn considering west-side vortex interaction and its merging with main-vortex of typhoon.

      2. So according to this track South-Korea will bore the brunt of this super-typhoon’s fury by its direct landfall.

      3. This south-Korean landfall predicted based on 2D-gyric map model in prior to ECMWF’s, which showed East-china or Japan Landfall in earlier run. Even later/recent runs ECMWF showing lot of uncertainty (might be due to multiple vortexes).

      4. Unsymmetrical extrapolated innermost convergence line arising due to double vortex concept.

      5. DILF drawn by fixing the innermost divergence line as there is “no near by land like BOB.”

      Figure 1:

      2D-gyric map model track prediction by “SINGLE vortex concept” (Figure 2):
      1. LESS PRECISE TRACK (compared to above double vortex track), drawn WITHOUT considering west-side vortex interaction.

      2. So according to this track JAPAN will bore the brunt of this super-typhoon’s fury by its direct landfall.

      3. This Japan landfall predicted based on 2D-gyric map model in prior to GFS’s, which showed East-china Landfall in earlier runs. Even later/recent runs GFS showing lot of uncertainty (might be due to multiple vortexes).

      4. Symmetrical innermost convergence line due to single vortex concept.

      5. DILF drawn by fixing the innermost divergence line as there is “no near by land like BOB.”

      Figure 2:

  5. Which area recording was showing as Chennai south in it airport ? or as per the wg – velachery..which one is correct ? any one..

  6. Graphical illustration of pan-#India 24-hour #Monsoon forecast for July 3, 2015. #Monsoon2015
    OMG!!! Skymet Showing Heavy Rain But Unfortunately Nothing Will Happen !!!

    • OMG. They must be joking. No chance. What is this crap from Skymet ? Byfar the worst weather company in the word

    • i think typo Error

      please change as
      Light Rain – Good Sun Shine with HOT
      Moderate Rain – Hot Sun Shine with Temp 39 to 41
      Heavy Rain – Cloudy Day….

      now u can check the same and compare . . . .

  7. SWM Toppers is back, Top 20 Rainfall stations in India from 01.06.15 to 30.06.15.
    Its Mawsynaram and Cherrapunji all the way, none had the chance to catch them. Agumbe has got only 1323 mm and Amboli around 1250 mm is not in the list. The surprise is 2 stations from Tamil Nadu has made into the list it is not Chinnakallar or Devala. Its Parsons Valley and Avalanche from Nilgiris district.

    in mm (min 1400 mm)

    1. Mawsynaram, Meghalaya – 4781
    2. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya – 4355
    3. Parsons Valley, Tamil Nadu – 2166
    4. Shiragaon, Maharashtra – 2076
    5. Lamaj, Maharashtra – 2057
    6. Talacauvery, Karnataka – 2033
    7. Naladi, Karanataka – 1910
    8. Hosanagar, Karnataka – 1892
    9. Kottigehara, Karnataka – 1826
    10.Bhagamandala, Karnataka – 1820
    11.Amgaon, Karnataka – 1738
    12.Patherpunj, Maharashtra – 1684
    13.Avalanche, Tamil Nadu – 1663
    14.Tapola, Maharashtra – 1596
    15.Yadur, Karnataka – 1481
    16.Sangave, Maharashtra – 1472
    17.Mulshi, Maharashtra – 1470
    18.Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra – 1443
    19.Kuttiyadi, Kerala – 1401
    20.Hulikal, Karnataka – 1400

    For those who missed yesterday night.

  8. Updated list
    Weather terms
    Ameenbijli (kea weather)

    NEM – Northeast monsoon
    SWM – Southwest monsoon

    MJO – Madden Julian oscillation SOI – Southern oscillation index QBO – Qusai bennial oscillation
    IOD – Indian ocean dipole
    NAO- North atlantic oscillation
    AO- Atlantic oscillation
    PDO- Pacific decadal oscillation EKW- Equatorial kelvin wave
    ERW- Equatorial Roosby wave

    TS- Thunder storm
    LWD- Line of wind discontinuity
    NET – Naked eye technology
    NBT- Naked body technology
    NFT – Naked feel technology

    CTT- Cloud top temperature
    SST- sea surface temperature
    WWB- westerly wind burst
    ENSO- Elnino southern oscillation

    ITCZ- Inter tropical convergence zone

    OTCZ- Oceanic tropical convergence zone

    SPCZ- Southern pacific convergence zone

    BOB- Bay of Bengal
    ARB- Arabian sea
    WP- Western pacific
    IO- Indian ocean
    GOM- Gulf of mannar
    NTN- North tamil nadu
    SAP- south Andhra Pradesh

    HP- High pressure
    UAC- Upper air circulation
    TOLP- Trough of Low pressure
    LPA- Low pressure area
    WML- Well marked low pressure D- Depression
    DD- Deep depression
    CS- Cyclonic storm
    SCS- Severe cyclonic storm
    VSCS- Very severe cyclonic
    SUCS- Super cyclonic storm

    STS- Severe tropical storm
    MTC- Maritime continent
    TY- Typhoon
    MB- Millibars
    HPA- Hectacal pascal
    TC- Tropical cyclone.
    TCHP- Tropical cyclone heat potential

    GFS- Global forecasting system

    ECMWF – European centre for medium range weather forecasts

  9. Ehsan, u never learn. Its not May for Temp to peak by 12. This is june. Be ready for 40.5 when IMD updates Nunga at 5.30 p.m.

  10. Looks like only in august month we gonna see our squall type intense ts, July doesn’t seems to be supportive but models suggest good rain for tn from second week let’s if that materialise

  11. According to foreca temp to hit peak 41c by Tuesday so our heat wave is going to increase from now

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    After setting records to the west, intense heat will expand across central Europe this weekend. A ridge of high pressure will remain the culprit for the heat that will spread into central Europe this weekend. Highs around 35 C (95 F) will bake Berlin both days this weekend with temperatures reaching the lower 30s C (lower 90s F) in Warsaw starting on Sunday. Higher humidity will worsen the situation by causing AccuWeather RealFeel® temperatures to exceed actual temperatures.

    • Agumbe Hulikal all getting bad start. Only Kottigehara, Bhagamandala, Talacauvery and Naladi have started with Bang.

      • No idea dont remember tat.. But we stopped on way few kms bfor bhag in a village for chai(also sold homemade wine) .. dnt kno the place

  14. A plane powered by the sun’s rays has landed in Hawaii after a record-breaking five-day journey across the Pacific Ocean from Japan. Pilot Andre Borschberg and his single-seat solar aircraft arrived on Friday at Kalaeloa, a small airport outside Honolulu after taking off from Nagoya about 120 hours ago.

    But the Solar Impulse 2 is flying without fuel. Instead, it’s 17,000 solar cells charge batteries. Mr. Borschberg and co-pilot Bertrand Piccard have been taking turns flying the plane on an around-the-world voyage since taking off from Abu Dhabi in March.

    After Hawaii, it will head to Phoenix.

    Mr. Borschberg broke the record for the longest non-stop solo flight on the way to Hawaii, the team organizing the trip said. He shattered the previous record set by the late U.S. adventurer Steve Fossett, who flew around the world in 76 hours in a specially designed jet in 2006. “Can you imagine that a solar-powered airplane without fuel can now fly longer than a jet plane?” Mr. Piccard said in a statement.

    “This is a clear message that clean technologies can achieve impossible goals.”

    The plane began its global voyage in Abu Dhabi in March. It has stopped in Oman, India, Myanmar, China and Japan in the months since.

  15. Sterling road right now can be called n named Sizzling Road..
    Just boiling heat here. Vehicular traffic n pollution adding to the misery.

  16. I think people trying to innovate/research new theories after grand success of BR theory…hope jupi got enlightenment from BRT

  17. Rains are going to pick up in East India near West Bengal thanks to an UAC. A western disturbance might trigger some showers over NW India and rains will continue over the Himalayan foothills and will turn heavy if the WD interacts with the upcoming LPA over land.

  18. Today might see some slight showers in the interiors, not much for Chennai. Dry days ahead as many others have stated

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