Dry Weather to continue in Tamil Nadu

The monsoon trough remains stuck over north India. The upper air cyclonic circulation over north Bay of Bengal will continue to give heavy rainfall to Odisha, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Sikkim. Excluding the eastern and North eastern states, the entire country will be getting below normal rains.

Tamil Nadu – Dry weather will continue in most parts of the state. North Tamil Nadu will be under the influence of mini heat wave with temp ranging close to 40 C in most places.

Chennai – Pleasant morning and getting hot as the day wears on. The maximum Temperature will be peaking around 39-40 C by late noon. Thunder showers are possible in Suburbs / City by evening/night
Coimbatore – Cool morning giving way to warm day with temperature hovering around 33 C. It will be mostly dry throughout the day.
Madurai – Another hot, dry and humid day with maxmum temperature hovering around 37-38 C.

1,068 thoughts on “Dry Weather to continue in Tamil Nadu

  1. Pleasant and cool morning. Today is expected to be hot with 39 – 40’C in north coastal and central interiors Tamilnadu.

  2. Yesterday Temperature top 5 places

    Pondy – 40.4
    Trichy & Nungambakkam – 40.1
    Chennai Meenambakkam – 39.1
    Nagapattinam & Palayamkottai – 39
    Cuddalore – 38.5

  3. BREAKING: Strong Earthquake Rocks Western China

    A magnitude-6.5 earthquake rocked southern Xinjiang province, China, on Friday morning, local time. The temblor occurred at 9:07 a.m. local time (9:07 p.m. EDT Thursday). The quake had a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles), the China Earthquake Networks Center (CENC) reported.

  4. I think today sea breeze expected to be weak but south of chennai it will sets in firmly, so it’s going to be tough day for us, we might hit 40c sure

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  6. Fine start for july month..with scorching hot & light rains for past 3 days..Temp touched 40c & failed to june month..Rain rec so far 5.6mm ( 3days)..

  7. Rainfall in metros

    Delhi- nil
    Chennai- 3.5mm
    Bangalore- Trace
    Kolkatta- 5.8mm

  8. Westward wave closing in towards south india, don’t think that it is far away in Maritime Continent, it will reach us by tonight or tomorrow.

    TS chances have been increase in Chennai, i would say from today but from tomorrow more chance…

  9. India Meteorological Department (IMD) in its Thursday forecast said rainfall activity would be above normal over the northwest, central and some parts of eastern India during July 6-10. Also, that rain might remain above normal over western India during July 11-15 and over the northern plains on July 16-20, though it might remain subdued over interior parts of peninsular India for many days.
    SkYMET- The monsoon might take a breather between Thursday and Monday but thereafter there would be rain in four distinct spells. The first one on July 6-8, then July 14-17, then July 23-26 and the fourth from July 30 to August 2.
    Pune-based Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology has stuck to a low rain forecast. it says in the next 20 days, the southwest monsoon will be subdued over more parts of India and be confined to the Himalayan foothills.

  10. Sel Sir,

    Based on your chart posted below, i bought one more from the same web. The low forming over North Bay or WB by 05th is triggering the somali current, this will bring heavy rainfall over Kerala Coast. As i was always saying that Kerala depends on Somali Current, if it strengthens, then sure that Kerala will get very heavy rain starting from tomorrow the 04th or day after 05th July.

    This also coincides with Westward Wave emerging in Bay and South India by tomorrow, this will bring heavy rain over rain shadow regions like South AP and TN.

  11. Recently there have been talks of abnormal warming in Indian ocean among various experts causing variability of Indian monsoon .. they were pointing out the changes in monsoon circulation ,changes in precipitation pattern and also shift in region of precip during swm. they concluded that in future air-sea interaction process may turn complex ,warm ocean waters would get heavy rainfall and land would get deficit rainfall.. seems what they said is right to good extent. we tried to see how the monsoon rains got unfolded as years passed with the OLR data of last 45 years SWM with 3 intervals (1960-1985)(1985-2000)(2000-2014). found that warm equ indian ocean getting increased rains after the year 2000 in alignment with increased sst.
    attached 3 images below..negative olr denotes precipitation..,more the negative ,more intense the convection

    • Central indian ocean warming results in basin wide warming, so el nino modoki like phenomena cannot take place in IO. This basin wide warming in IO adversely affects our SWM.

  12. London heat was supposed to help Nadal go deep in the tournament. But Brown had other ideas. Where r all the Nadal fans?

    • Its no surprise nadal has gone down this early in wimbledon.. 2012 – 2nd round.. 2013 – 1st round.. 2014 – 4th round.. 2015 – 2nd round.. All the players who beat him were all ranked outside top 100.. Its best if ppl expect less from him on Wimbledon grass

    • He is Dangerous Brown. It was mentioned in yesterday’s post. He will be the Nick Kyrgios of this year Wimbledon. Google about him and you will get some interesting facts.

      • He can’t be the next Kyrgios(who is expected to win wimbledon some day in future). Brown’s career record stands at 31-55 and his highest ranking is 78. He’s been on ATP circuit for 5 years. He played well yesterday but believe me its just one off match for him.

  13. While not reaching 39c yesterday, how come imd would announce as 40.1c..As per kea : 38.8c, & imd aws : 38.9 c.For imd..if it add +0.2-0.4c.. then it comes under 39.4c..40.1c is chance less..May be some tech error in equipments..

  14. WP systems dominating Indian Ocean. CEW is very weak and discontinued across central and easterly equatorial indian ocean. The pull effect of WP systems influencing the impact over IO’s CEW.

    Also those systems are influencing the wind pattern over West Coast too, were they receive NW winds, instead of SW. This pattern is bringing dryness over entire West Coast.



  15. Ambattur reported to got 14mm, as per Mouli, but IMD 8.30 Am rainfall data today, reports a big NIL for entire T.N, it is high time IMD should install more Aws in the widespread locality of Chennai, other wise all these rainfalls might go unreported,

    • Yes even in some places near avadi got good rains but no Aws unfortunately.
      Even places like takkolam needs Aws always SWM TS forms and pounds there but rains will went uncountable for that place.

    • Don’t know the difference between AWS and Telemetric Rain Gauge…. karnataka has some 2500 such TRGs across the state.

      • yes, i have also read an article about this already, i think it is in use for the past 3 years, as per the reports the readings are more accurate than others

  16. Coliform bacteria high in city water samples

    Presence of coliform bacteria, an indication of faecal contamination, has been found in drinking water samples collected from
    bore wells and surface wells of the city. It was during a water quality analysis that the presence of harmful organisms was detected. The analysis was carried out by the Water Institute of the School of Communication and Management Studies as part of a project for preparing water policy for the city.

    Trained volunteers of the Kudumbashree collected water samples from 148 bore wells and surface wells from the city areas. Two samples each were collected form the 74 divisions of the local body for analysis, said Sunny George, Head of the Water Institute. http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-kerala/coliform-bacteria-high-in-city-water-samples/article7381433.ece

  17. Horrible weather outside…the useless evening drizzles/light rains only worsens it..the only solution to this torture is a 11cm electric storm..

  18. El Nino to weaken monsoon, exacerbating drought in Pakistan, northwestern India: http://ow.ly/P7tsZ

    While parts of India received torrential rainfall during June due to the monsoon, El Niño will reassert itself, causing the monsoon to weaken, over the upper part of the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia. During a typical monsoon season, heat builds ahead of the phenomenon, then rounds of showers, thunderstorms and tropical systems bring torrential rainfall and cool India and many surrounding areas of Southeastern Asia……

  19. Elnino impact,

    Ants in my house returned with food inside my house wall. These ants taken their food and went out somewhere during first week of june, before swm onset.

    Now came back. They know its not going to rain that much and that will not create impact. Hence they dropped food storage plan.

    All elnino effect.

  20. What is a Rain Shadow Region?

    An area having relatively little precipitation due to the effect of a topographic barrier, especially a mountain range, that causes the prevailing winds to lose their moisture on the windward side, causing the Leeward side will be dry.

  21. The pic taken from Tirunelveli District. The Agasthiyamalai, part of western ghats, which blocking dark SWM clouds on the other side, clouds trying to cross that mountain. After that mountain lots of dry clouds and blue sky seen.

  22. Effect of no sea breeze is showing up in Kelambakkam

    Kelambakkam doing the Nunga today… Still making new high in temperature today… Now boiling at 38.2°C where as Nunga down by 4.2°C to 34.3°C from its max of 38.5°C

  23. I think we should start seriously adopting fahrenheit scale. This 35, 36 and all is not expressing our heat in proper perspective

    • Only 5 countries in the world follow Fahrenheit. And in the future they might also change to Centigrade.

  24. radar going to pick up few more T.S in another 15-20 minutes…lot of strong cumulonimbus visible in my naked eyes

  25. Finally my experiment has come good today.

    As i was talking about TS confined to West of Chennai or Coast yesterday.

    I summarized saying that sea breeze front should be near the coast so that when lifting of land warm breeze occurs, then the cumulonimbus forming over or above that front will reach the coast easily, not only that we can find whether the rain will occur in our area by observing the surface level wind, which will change from Easterly to Westerly.

    During the formation of Cumulonimbus the winds over West will push the sea breeze back into the sea, so keep watching the surface level winds.

    Now the front is near to the coast, approx 20-30 KM inside, TS formed and reaching coast. This is what missing so far in Chennai.


      • ants store their foods and eggs inside the nests which can be inside our house basement, it will be a long network for them, they sense the atmospheric changes and for safety they will come out with their eggs and food outside fearing mosture that could spoil their nests.

      • But so many dragonfiles and large birds flying top not seen yesterday or before that. so something is pending.

      • If that happens, we can have TSPM gifted by Partha! Already we have 2D Gyric model etc and one more will be added through KEA bloggers!

  26. As maddy says, today is the best chance for Rains. Can we better yesterday. I think so.

    TS Rainfall in and around Chennai ending 8.30 am on 03.07.2015. Avadi tops again.

    Avadi – 5
    Nungambakkam – 4
    Ambattur – 4
    DGP Marina – 4
    Tharamani – 3
    Meenambakkam – 3
    Poondi Lake – 3
    Puzhal – 2
    Kolapakkam – 2

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