Monsoon sprints to cover the entire country ahead of schedule

Southwest Monsoon has covered the entire country on 26th June, 2015, 20 days ahead of its normal date. The seasonal Monsoon trough which usually anchors in North India has moved a little north, closer to the Himalayas. An efficient Low Pressure system embedded inside this trough will trigger heavy rains across east and north eastern states of India. Another off-shore trough near Kerala and coastal Karnataka will lead to heavy rains along these regions. Meanwhile, large parts of TN will have to look up the skies for a thirst quencher, and can expect a slight drop in day time temperatures. Isolated areas of Coimbatore and Nilgiris districts.


Chennai will have a cloudy/humid day with maximum temperature of 37 C. Chances of scattered Thunderstorms across city/suburbs during late evening/night.

Coimbatore will stay much comfortable at 31 C, with chances of isolated rains.

Madurai could see partly cloudy skies with a maximum temperature of 37 C.

1,897 thoughts on “Monsoon sprints to cover the entire country ahead of schedule

  1. சென்னை மற்றும் அதன் சுற்றுப்புறங்களில் இடியுடன் கூடிய மழை பெய்யக்கூடும் எனவும் வானிலை ஆய்வு மையம் தெரிவித்துள்ளது.- Dinamalar – (Chennai and surrounding areas will get Thunder Storm today – IMD)

  2. Sultry weather likely to continue

    Nights have been uncomfortable too with the minimum temperature around 30.7 degree Celsius.S.R. Ramanan, director of Area Cyclone Warning Centre, said: “Strong westerlies had delayed the onset of sea breeze. “On Thursday, the sea breeze set in only around 6.45 p.m. This is why city residents would have felt humid till late evening hours.”

    Strong westerlies are blowing because the southwest monsoon is vigorous in neighbouring Kerala and Karnataka, he added.

    Chennai will continue to experience sultry weather this weekend too and the maximum temperature will be around 38 degree Celsius. However, the meteorological department also predicts thundershowers in some parts of the city.

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  4. yesterday there was a heavy rain in west coimbatore near my college…..can’t believe it…..wonderful experience there……but there was no single drop in railway station except some few drizzles… back to tirupati for 2 days…will be in touch with blog for two days…..hope we all enjoy together

    • Sai swm will pour west of cbe city like will weaken drastically wen it enters cbe city..its usual phenomenon in every swm months in cbe. Gct is in west of cbe so it will get gud rains fr sure

    • Coimbatore is cocooned between the Western Ghats in the north and western side, the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Annamalai range, Munnar range and the western pass Palghat. As such, this location gives Coimbatore a peculiar rainfall pattern. It receives an average rainfall of 61.22 cms annually, spreading over an average of 44.5 days in a year.

  5. Elnino is the Reason for SWM is not Much Active after it sets. Now its going to be a Break of Monsoon Expected over West Coast.

    Elnino, Lanina and SOI Effects on Indian Monsoon

    El-Nino Effect:

    El-Nino is a narrow warm current which occasionally appears off the coast of Peru in December. It is a temporary replacement of the cold Peru Current which normally flows along the coast. This current is responsible for wide spread floods and droughts in the tropical regions of the world.

    Sometimes it becomes more intense and increases the surface water temperatures of the sea by 10°C. This warming of tropical Pacific waters affects the global pattern of pressure and wind systems including the monsoon winds in the Indian Ocean. Meteorologists believe that the severe drought of 1987 in India was caused by El-Nino.

    La Nina Effect:

    After an El-Nino, weather conditions return to normal. However, sometimes trade winds become so strong that they cause abnormal accumulation of cold water in the central and eastern Pacific region. This event is called La Nina, which in effect is the complete opposition of El Nino. A La Nina also marks an active hurricane season. But in India, the presence of La Nina portends exceptionally good news. It is the harbinger of heavy monsoon showers in India.

    Southern Oscillation:

    There is a strange linkage of meteorological changes often observed between the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. It has been noticed that whenever the surface level pressure is high over the Indian Ocean, there is low pressure over the Pacific Ocean and vice-versa.

    This inter­relation of high and low pressure over the Pacific and the Indian Ocean is called Southern Oscillation. When the winter pressure is high over the Pacific Ocean and low over the Indian Ocean, the south-west monsoons in India tend to be stronger. In the reverse case, the monsoons are most likely to be weaker.

  6. Agasthiya Malai Rain Shadow Region. All the Monsoonal Winds gets Blocked By the High Altitude Mountains.
    A semi-arid wasteland near Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. Monsoon clouds dump torrents of rain on lush forests that are only kilometres away in windward-facing Kerala, but are prevented from reaching Tirunelveli by the Agasthyamalai Range of the Western Ghats (background).

  7. Many El Nino years in the past began well but ended in a deficit, says IMD’s Laxman Singh Rathore

    India Meteorological Department Director General Laxman Singh Rathore said the financial markets should be cautious and told ET’s Madhvi Sally that he stood by the weather office’s monsoon deficit forecast. The global factors that have given the June-September season an unexpected boost of 24% are going to abate in the most crucial phase of the monsoon, he said, adding the surplus can be wiped out if there is a break in the rain. He added many El Nino years in the past had begun well but ended ..

    Read more at:

  8. Kerala SWM Giants Slowly Accelerating

    Kottayam-74 mm
    kochi-92 mm
    Allapuzha-72 mm
    Kannur-64 mm
    Kozhikode-71 mm
    Punalur-53 mm
    Trivandrum-28 mm

    Moderate Rains All Over Kerala!!!

  9. From Mountains Of Oman A Snap Of The Clouds Seen Below!!!
    Courtesy-Photographer and Social Media

  10. Can rainwater help save money?

    Collecting rainwater for vegetable irrigation could reduce water bills, and even provide a second source of income for people in India, according to a new study by scientists looking at NASA satellite data. While rainwater collection for irrigation resulted in fewer water bill savings, it did provide vitamin-rich food, profit from selling excess vegetables and a significantly shorter payback period for infrastructure, operation and maintenance required for the endeavour, researchers said.PTI

  11. Evacuation of stranded pilgrims begins in Uttarakhand

    The Uttarakhand government on Friday began rescue and evacuation measures for the stranded pilgrims hit by inclement weather during the annual Char Dham Yatra. The State has received heavy rainfall in the last 24-hours from Thursday morning and forecast indicate no respite from the monsoon showers. Indian Air Force choppers and many army personnel have been pressed into service to evacuate and to repair damaged bridges.IANS

  12. Today’s Forecast

    1) Conditions are similar like Yesterday

    2) Sea Breeze expected to sets in properly

    3) Isolated TS over Chennai (NOrth of Chennai will have more TS)

  13. Tis Pic Was taken in the southern Outskirts Of The City on Jun 11
    Courtesy-Rohit Ravindran From Social Media

  14. Residents of Kashmir Valley heaved a sigh of relief with a dip in the water level of the Jhelum easing flood concerns even as the river continues to flow above the danger mark in the south and central parts.

    Water level at Sangam in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district had receded to 23.80-ft at 11.00 am as against the 27.50-ft on Thursday. The danger mark at Sangam is 23-ft, an official of the Flood Control department said.

    At Ram Munshi Bagh in the city, Jhelum was flowing at 21.20-ft against the peak of 21.65-ft in the wee hours on Friday, an official said.

    The water level in the Jhelum and its tributaries rose sharply following heavy rainfall on Wednesday, which had prompted authorities to issue a flood alert for south and central Kashmir.

    Several areas in Anantnag district, including Nai Basti, Takia Behrampora, Shamsipora and Hassanpora, were inundated by the overflowing Jhelum and its tributaries. Some areas of Kulgam district, including Qoimoh, Mir Bazar, Asthal and Devsar, were affected by the flooding of the Vaishav stream.

    Several bridges and roads have been washed away in south Kashmir with the Tral area in Pulwama district bearing the brunt of flash floods. Minor breaches were been reported in embankments of water bodies at some places but these have been plugged by officials of the Flood Control department.PTI

  15. another day of chance for if sea breeze set in properly ,v may hav scattered ts rains around the city or else again v may b a spectator for another day!!

  16. Beauty of Ghats 🙂

    Tirunelveli Dist

    Nambi Kovil Hills

    Tirukkurungudi Lake

    Image Courtesy ; Jermiah

  17. The monsoon low over West Bengal is influencing wind patterns widely now. Coupled with thermal dip in trough clearly seen in isobars, we might see thunderstorms today as well as a few others have posted !!

  18. Good rains in the catchment areas of Tungabhadra and Hemavathi mainly in chickmagulur and Kodagu
    Waiting for the heavy rains in koppal, Raichur,Davangere,Hassan…So that Hospet dam gates will be opened and Tunga adds beauty to Kurnool and Raichur.
    Rainfall minimum 100 mm ( (H) – Hemavathi (T) – Tungabhadra )
    Kottigehra – 208 mm (H)
    Shantahalli – 177 mm (H)
    Surlabhi – 170 mm (H)
    Sanivar Santhe – 170 mm (H)
    Sringeri – 139 mm (T)
    Kigga – 123 mm (T)
    Kalasa – 102 mm (T)

  19. After the rain in catchment areas of Tungabhadra..the water fills Hospet dam, Narayapur dam and Jurala project and then Srisailam dam and Nagarjunasagar dam and then prakasam barriage ……LIFE OF AP AND TS
    The following ate Tunga dam, Jurala project,Sunkesula,Srisailam,Nagarjunasagar,Prakasam barriage

    • Beautiful. Enjoyed all your postings Kiran. Double Thumps up.
      wish we had some blogger from Konkan coastal area too.

    • In a way TN is not blessed this way except for Tamirabharani which has water throughout the year. Rivers like then pannai, palar have become dry. In a way cavery waters is hands KTK. Very pathetic indeed.

  20. Temperature now is 0.4c higher compared to yday same time.Get ready for a torrid afternoon.
    Yes,the trough dip increases the possibility of TS.
    Good heating of upto 38c and an early sea breeze can be the catalysers.

  21. @disqus_stdfSn8HSG:disqus
    I feel you should let everyone know who all have confirmed till now for the photography session

    • Yes,will compile the names by tonight and publish.Blogger still have time until tmrw night to confirm.

  22. @parthasri35

    You said today you will share the reason why it was suppose to rain yesterday evening. Can you share the reasoning please?

  23. Flash – Yet another feather in Kea”s cap. Celebrations from Ehsan piling up. Happy to share that Kea Weather Blog in Top spot in Google for Chennai weather blog search . In fact 5 of top 10 spots taken by Kea Weather . What an achievement. Now you all tell me are we not due for a big treat after Ramadan. Kea has taken Unassailable lead in this

      • I’m not a heat lover, I’m a opportunist…I expect and enjoy based on prompt conditions to the geographical locations

    • my blog TWM is coming 10th….What should i do to make it No.1. I dont have money to pay for google ads. I am ahead of Skymet

    • Its not a big achievement. There is hardly any good blogs in Chennai. Being in top ten is not that important for me, as we are a big blog anyways. Its important for the small players to be in top 10 and get more coverage. But hardly with any competition, I wont be surprised if KeaWeather takes up all 10 places soon.

      • Not really all of you said many thing as how you all got into this blog, for me , I have inherited looking at the sky from my father right from childhood- and was browsing for weather and stumbled upon this site in 2010, since then there is no turning point – For me Music, FB and Kea part of my life – keep enjoying – I do enjoy every posting here. Sometime this is more interesting than FB postings

      • One thing very clear – forget the competition part of it – there is nothing even to use that terms. but for me no other blog – I am talking about general, music, etc etc. – I repeat no other blog is so interactive throughout the day like this. A fact to be reckoned with

    • Boss, eppadiyavadhu avar kitterndhu treat vaangardhu nnu mudivu panniteengo..Vidradhaa illa avara 😉 😉

  24. Conditions with respect to Chennai Chitoor and other adjoining areas as of now and the probability of thunderstorms
    1.Checked with the real time data of chittor..there is a 3 degree dip in temperatures when compared to yesterday’s readings.This may be attributed by the Strong SWM winds at surface levels
    2.There is no great variability of wind speed in different hectopascal levels (Checked with the VVP of Chennai radar and assuming the same for the rest of the adjoining areas)
    3.Very less Relative humidity in 700hpa level and also the same conition with all the levels
    4 Sea breeze may set in late as the westerly winds have a constant 25 to 30 kmph.
    1.Due to the topography of the hills and steeps near nagari (chitoor) and adjoining areas there is some probability for development of popup in late evening but steering will be very fast and due to above factors it may not be favourable for convergence..
    2.If a popup happens due to local parameters , only Northern suburbs has a minute chance
    Over all today there will not be any rain in chittor Nellore Chennai (with 60 percent probability)

  25. Not much rains in shar region of Nellore from the thunderstorms in the past 2 days.Sriharikota received nearly 10 mm.

  26. Heavy rain continues in Kovai, Nilgiri and Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu Rainfall ending 8.30 am on 26.06.2015
    The offshore trough at mean sea level from south Gujarat coast to north Kerala coast persists.

    in mm (20 mm)

    Parsons Valley – 152
    Upper Bhavani – 110
    Porthimund – 100
    Avalanche – 98
    Emerald – 83
    Mukurthy – 80
    Chinnakalar – 80
    Valparai Pto – 69
    Sholayar – 65
    Periyar – 63
    Devala – 60
    Valparai Taluk Office – 50
    Papanasam – 44
    Gudalur Bazar – 42
    Naduvattam – 40
    Karupandhi – 40
    Upper Kodayar – 40
    Neyoor – 34
    Mullankivilai – 34
    Lower Kodayar – 34
    Valparai – 33
    Puthen Dam – 33
    Peruchani – 33
    Anaikadangu – 33
    Killiyoor – 33
    Suralode – 31
    Mukkadal – 30
    Thuckalay – 30
    Shencottah – 30
    Sandyanallah – 29
    Adayamadai – 27
    Balamore – 27
    Chittar II – 27
    Kulasekhsaram – 26
    Mabazhathuriyaru – 26
    Colachel – 26
    Kuzhithurai – 26
    Karuthncode – 25
    Nagercoil – 25
    Manomboly – 24
    Tiruparappu – 23
    Gundar – 22
    Chittar I – 21
    Eraniel – 20

    Kea Weather –

    Vagaries Rainman –

    Tamil Nadu Weatherman –

    • Being in SEO field looks like traffic to site comes from organic search which depends on factors like reach, keywords, word of mouth, back links from other sites. Search engine give weight age to quality of content when they crawl the site as a ranking factor. I’m not sure if u have integrated WordPress with analytics to track the monthly traffic.

  27. Raijin Weather. (thaiyur, kelambakam)

    Max since 8:30- 36.6c
    Min since 8:30- 30.0c
    Feels like 40.3c
    Hourly trend + 0.8c

  28. vadakara 163.5
    Kozha (KHA) 126.4
    Piravom(PRV) 122.6
    Vyttiri (VYT) 116.0
    Cherthala(CRL) 110.0
    Vaikom(VKM) 103.0
    Irinjalakuda(IJK) 100.4

  29. i have a doubt….
    during NEM in chennai it becomes dark in east first and rains heavily
    but in tirupati i see west becoming rather dark in NEM season and brings rains……what may be the possible reason guyzz????… there any orographic lift or any other reason

  30. The other Georgetown (Guyana) is a rain forest region which has two rainy season. One from Mid May till Mid August and the other one from Mid November till Mid January..Whenever a test match is played in Georgetown, it invariably get a affected by rain.

  31. forecast hav changed a bit and infact there is a diverging views on break phase. lull period may not b an extended one but it may last till 4th of july..and there is a probablity of lpa forming close to odisha coast and moving into w.coast twrds gujarat as per cfs..

  32. Possibly a typhoon/tropical storm effecting Guam on July 1st as per ECMWF.
    This TY/TS is getting embedded in a trough. It is going to bring heavy rains to those regions.

  33. MJO likely to enter phase 6 in western pacific with amplitude >3.this could help upcoming typhoon

    MJO forecast.

  34. Spot on Sel. Seasonal low over Pakistan has weakend to 1004 hpa and monsoon trough is weak. Break monsoon may last one week. then comes the low over NW bay with which Axis is seen moving down from 4th and seasonal low core deepening too 992 mb. So dont worry about the break monsoon for very long.

    did u see a low moving from BoB to Arabian sea as a Cyclone. Its too early though. Looks to be seen in coming model runs. Is it a Cyclone Yemin in 2007 though not comparable and September 2013 UAC in the making

  35. Conditions are very much fav today for a strong TS..once the breeze sets in ..we can expect popups..westerlies winds are not much strong now..

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