1,099 thoughts on “Chance of light drizzles during the day

  1. Good morning, steady drizzles started in the early morning and stopped now. Grey skies… As I am typing, drizzles are picking up. (Periyapalayam)

  2. OMG!! LPA off SW Gujarat coast has intensified and elongated.. Whole of Konkan & Goa and Maharashtra has been pounded with very heavy rains, much more than expectations !!!!

    Mumbai would have crossed 200 mm by now.

    Rains in mm till 6:30 am unless specified
    Mumbai Santa Cruz – 191 (2:30 am)
    Mumbai Colaba AWS – 178
    Murud – 134
    Dapoli – 132
    Marmagao – 127
    Thane – 119
    Ratnagiri – 98 (5:30)
    Ela – 97
    Canacona – 72
    Pernem – 69
    Aurangabad – 59
    Mulde – 49
    Devgad – 45
    Palghar – 36

    • It seems North east areas of the City has received lesser amounts compared to North West areas..Areas like Thane, Murud, Dapoli are more towards the eastern side of the region..The reason could be the position of the LPA off SW Gujarat coast..

      • They have heavily quarried and leveled the mountains in Navi Mumbai. My earlier office had several rain gauges and they confirmed that rains have decreased over a 3 year period.

      • Ohh..Navi Mumbai has grown like anything in the last 10 years. Areas like Ghansoli, Kopar Khairane. Nerul, Sanpada etc…Even Airoli and places like Rabale…The demand n need for water (Industrial n Hone) is ever increasing there.

  3. Flash…. .. .
    Ew shear zone @500hpa likely to form near sap coast by after noon and wind confluence likely to happen south of shear zone near SHAR. This could create intense TS.

  4. So the mega metropolis (Bombay) has begun its monsoon journey in the right earnest after a delayed start to it by 6 to seven days..

  5. Pelting in Mumbai (Mulund)..my cousin called and said Rain and Train (she goes to work by local train) are a terrible combination 🙂

  6. And the best part is, there’s no need to analyze complex models, wind shear patterns etc when predicting rains for a city like Mumbai. It just Rains. Period.

    Manaus, Brazil is the only other big Metropolis where it rains so much. But even there not as much as Mumbai. Mumbai is an as yet unexplained phenomenon.

    • Mumbai rains are not that much complex to predict. Very easy to predict. Only infrastructure need to be developed to face the grim situation rising from heavy rains.

      • I mean why it should rain so much given the complete lack of greenery and heavily polluting industries, no one has explained yet.

        Manaus is in the middle of the Amazonas..that explains it.

      • Expecting disruption of train services there. Particularly Western n Central Railway. Normally the first downpour causes heavy flooding if the quantum of rains is with good intensity and in a short time..Though BMC takes adequate measures to clean up the entire drainage system, the first heavy downpour always results in chaotic conditions. By July the city settles to the monsoon music and the show goes on uninterrupted..

    • Spot on ..Have said this few times here since I started blogging.. Irrespective of the conditions, (of course it needs conditions for rains) elsewhere, this city is well and truly blessed The city needs the downpour for it to mange year round water needs to homes and industrial use. The ever growing metropolis will somehow find a way to get its annual quota of rains. The monsoon magic is always special there..

      • Special..depends on how one looks at it. For a first timer, truly special. But then Mumbai has a special curse called Malaria (endemic zone, though not as bad as Chattisgarh)! And Gastroenteritis and everything else.

  7. “June rains have been good and we expect the same for the next 10-12 days. Despite that, July rains remain a concern. July and August are the critical months,” LS Rathore, director-general of the India Meteorological Department (IMD), told Business Standard. The distribution of rainfall would be crucial, he added.

    The IMD in its updated forecast earlier this month said rainfall in July would be 92 per cent of the long period average. The forecast has a model error of plus and minus 9 per cent.

    • With IMD expecting 92 percent rainfall for July, i think July month which is most critical for our agri productions, i hope we may tide over the expected crisis to some extent,


    96B INVEST As of 18:00 UTC Jun 18, 2015: Location: 16.7°N 85.8°E Maximum Winds: 20 kt Minimum Central Pressure: 1007 mb

  9. while Mumbai getting heavy rains, our neighbor Kerala having a poor monsoon so far.
    Two weeks after its arrival, the southwest monsoon recorded a deficit of 48 per cent in the state. Rainfall was ‘scanty’ in Idukki, Kozhikode and Palakkad, with a deficit of over 60 per cent.
    Compared to the normal rainfall of 34 cm, the state received only 17.7 cm of rain from June 1 to 17, according to the data from the Met Department.
    The rainfall in all districts, except Idukki and Kozhikode, fell in the ‘deficient’ category (deficit of 20 per cent to 59 per cent). While the rainfall in Idukki and Kozhikode recorded a deficit of 62 per cent, a deficit of 60 per cent was registered in Palakkad district.


  10. Cloudy and Cool day continues in Karaikal. Expecting some TS to happen in Evening and Chennai is expected to have light to moderate rains in night.
    Most of the Tamilnadu will record less than 35’C today as well.

  11. If you observe the radar image of Bombay closely, the entire south, south west, North, NW areas are getting pounded right now. The core city areas like Colaba, Dadar, Wadala. Matunga, Sion, Andheri and Santa Cruz, Navi Mumbai under intense rain spell. Thane too.

    • Yeah Paartha, I just cannot hide my excitement when it rains in that great city. The city deserves every mm of rains for all the noble souls of the metropolis. Same feelings I share when it rains here in Madras. Its not easy to forget all those years of my Bombay life and monsoon. Every monsoon, I dearly miss them.. Hopefully nature is kind enough for our city this NEM.

      • AsI told Jeetender, keep your fingers tightly crossed..let all shear patterns and models be demolished and let it simply Rain hard!!!

      • u seem to be so happily excited when it rains in Mumbai i observed the same as partha observed.
        u can share in the kea bloggers story too.
        we are eagerly waiting for evergreen real stories of Novakji.

      • Thanks a lot Grully. I’ve shared it few times here.I can share it again. But my only worry is, will bloggers get bored or it may sound repetitive..

  12. No one can stop SWM progress from now on, see the WV insat image, the WV has progressed up to Jaipur, Jodhpur and New Delhi latitude.

    The moisture is increase up to that latitude, hence SWM will progress and set in normal dates over those places.

  13. Fantabulous SWM morning here in Bangalore! Drizzles every now and then. Wonder, how these monsoon clouds still have something in them after crossing Western Ghats!

  14. Always felt a city like Bombay works on only one Weather model. That is EMNBM..(Exclusive Mother Nature’s Blessings Model)

    It may not rain some 35 or 40 kms from the core city areas. But the city is never deprived of its share whatever be the conditions ..

  15. Karaikal AWS only – 5mm But North and West of Karaikal would have got nearly 30 – 40mm.
    Places like Tranquebar, Sirkazhi, Kollidam, Mayiladuthurai, Peralam & Tirunallar got Good Rains.
    Stroms just Skipped part of Karaikal with Light Rains.

      • chances of some heavy shower in evening and latenight and but I think it only mod to light rains once the system move inland r weakened then our pure vs monstor will form nw of chennai or east of chennai:-)

  16. East coast’s first low pressure too weak to bring much rain

    The first low in the Bay of Bengal (BoB), which formed on Wednesday (June 17) over the west-central Bay off south Odisha and north coastal Andhra Pradesh, may not intensify into even a ‘depression’, the next stage of a low pressure, predict met experts.

    Weathermen from the India Meteorological Department (IMD) attribute the inactiveness of BoB’s low pressure to various reasons, particularly the spot of origin of the system.

    N Narasimha Rao, senior meteorologist, IMD Hyderabad Centre, said BoB’s maiden low pressure this monsoon originated too close to the coast between south Odisha and north coastal Andhra Pradesh where as the first low in the Arabian Sea originated far from the coast.

    “The survival rate of low pressures born very close to the coast is very less. The same principle will apply to the BoB low pressure. The chances of lows born very far from the coast transforming into cyclones is much higher as happened in the case of Ashobha.


  17. Would be interesting to our bloggers reaction when we (Madras city)get similar rains of 300 mm in about 8 hours or something like it as to what Bombay is getting right now..Wish and pray for such a scenario soon here.

  18. Just had a talk with sister in law now.. who is in Mumbai…. Its pounding there.. Local Train Services cancelled at many places..

  19. OMG,

    NEM mood has started now itself???

    Those days people would waiting SWM season to end to expect NEM rainfall, till that time there wont be joy. but now as soon as SWM sets in, peoples mood has started to talk about NEM right away, they don’t even wait for SWM progress itself.

    That is the voice of deprived people of TN, in terms of Rainfall.

  20. As i was saying, MJO has weakened further in Phase 4 and entering into Phase 5 as weakest one, since the impact could not be created in Phase 5 due to strong HPA’s presence and SST decrease.

    Also the blue line depicts the Negative OLR enhanced over India and especially over North Bay of Bengal. Another convection coming in from West Arabian Sea towards India, this blue line too depicts strong convection, hence the SWM progress will be faster from now on and more rain expected over West Coast and Central East Coast regions.

  21. Chennai
    Min Temp – 26.6
    Rain – 1.2mm

    Min Temp – 24.8
    Rain – 1.0mm

  22. Heavy rains hit train services in Mumbai

    “Services are suspended between CST-Kurla on main as well as harbour line. Thane-Karjat/Kasara, Vashi-Panvel and Transharbour services are running.”

    On CR, tracks are submerged at Kurla, Vikhroli, Sion and Parel. On harbour line, water level had reached the height of platform at Chunabhatti station.

    On WR, slow corridor services have been suspended due to heavy water logging at Matunga. WR officials said, “Fast line corridor were not suspended but trains were running at “snail’s place”.


  23. Expect the summer to return this weekend for Chennai
    It will be sultry this Sunday due to LPA moisture with highs of 38C.

  24. Chennai Corporation looks to wrap up first phase of cold milling of roads

    Under the first phase of cold milling, where the top layer is scrapped
    off, and proper slope created to drain rainwater, the Chennai
    Corporation has completed work on 36 km of 44 km of roads.

    Sources in the civic body explained that bituminous macadam has been
    laid on 36 km of roads and by the month-end, the fine layer of
    bituminous concrete will be laid.

    “None of these roads have proper slope so we are correcting the profile
    of these roads and newly forming camber or slope. Since we get police
    permission to undertake work only between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m., it is
    taking time. Also in one day only 1,500 sq. m. to 1,800 sq. m. of road
    surface can be milled.

    After that the blue metal is scrubbed and removed and then camber correction done,” the official explained.

  25. @ kalai
    Worse days of the year is over for chennai, hereafter rainy days will increase month by month and so frequency of ts

  26. 91W INVEST As of 00:00 UTC Jun 19, 2015: Location: 13.8°N 113.3°E Maximum Winds: 15 kt Minimum Central Pressure: 1004 mb

  27. 92W INVEST As of 00:00 UTC Jun 19, 2015: Location: 9.7°N 130.9°E Maximum Winds: 15 kt Minimum Central Pressure: 1006 mb

  28. 96B INVEST As of 00:00 UTC Jun 19, 2015: Location: 16.9°N 85.8°E Maximum Winds: 20 kt Minimum Central Pressure: 996 mb

  29. I just found a interesting observation .

    Mumbai flood occured on july 26
    Tsunami on Dec 26
    Gujarat Earthquake on Jan 26
    Chennai rainfall flood on oct 26

    There is some significance with natural disaster and the date 26 .

    • January 26th, 1531, Earthquake in Lisbon, Portugal. 30K died.
      January 26th, 1700, Earthquake at Pacific Sea. Popular with Mega Earthquake. Impact North and South America.
      July 26th, 1805, Earthquake in Naples, Calabria, Italy. 26 K died.
      August 26th, 1883, Mt Krakatau, South Sumatra, Indonesia erupted. 36K death toll.
      December 26th, 2004, Tsunami in Aceh, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. 230K people died.
      May 26th, 2006, earthquake in Jogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. Hundred thousands people death.
      December 26th, 2004 Earthquake in Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia.
      November 26th, 2010 Mt Merapi erupted, Central Java, Indonesia.

    • A catastrophic personal event in my life occurred on 26th, I’m yet to heal from it..also a decent event occurred on 26th..and also many birthdays in my family on 26th..that date..ennamo

  30. Dinagar & Kalai this is the Storm Movement in Karaikal Yesterday 🙂
    Circled places have received 15 – 20mm

  31. And Some more 26

    January 26th, 1531, Earthquake in Lisbon, Portugal. 30K died.
    January 26th, 1700, Earthquake at Pacific Sea. Popular with Mega Earthquake. Impact North and South America.
    July 26th, 1805, Earthquake in Naples, Calabria, Italy. 26 K died.
    August 26th, 1883, Mt Krakatau, South Sumatra, Indonesia erupted. 36K death toll.
    December 26th, 2004, Tsunami in Aceh, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. 230K people died.
    May 26th, 2006, earthquake in Jogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. Hundred thousands people death.
    December 26th, 2004 Earthquake in Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia.
    November 26th, 2010 Mt Merapi erupted, Central Java, Indonesia.

  32. Strongest ELNINO for sure, latest forecast suggest that all time heating of Easter Equatorial Pacific. Expecting the SST to touch 2.5C above normal by August.

    NINO 3.4 SST likely remain at 1 to 1.5C above normal which cannot be considered as strongest ELNINO.

    NINO 4 region SST will come down drastically and will become normal by August, which is a good and favourable sign for SWM success.

  33. ♦ The low pressure area over westcentral Bay of Bengal off south Odishanorth
    Andhra Pradesh
    coast, now lies over westcentral & adjoining northwest Bay of Bengal off north Andhra Pradeshsouth
    Odisha coast as well marked low pressure area. Associated upper air cyclonic circulation extends upto
    7.6 km above mean sea level tilting southwestwards with height. The system may concentrate into a
    Depression during next 24 hours

  34. today’s temp didn’t even cross 28 so far with no rains around..this is just amazing. could someone tell me, how many days approx. chennai had temp below 30 mark during SWM period ( Jun -sep) in the past. I think it will be 1-2 days. Also those 2 days will be wettest ( light rains all day)..

  35. Millions of red tuna crabs invade California beaches
    It’s a red tide along the Southern California coast as millions of red tuna crabs can be seen coming ashore. Scientists say it’s an unusual sight that could be a sign of big changes to come in the weather.

    The last time tuna crabs appeared like this was 1997 … right before a massive El Niño, a warming of pacific waters that causes changes in the atmosphere.


  36. Friday Mumbai will get heavy downpours , and may relent, ease out at night. But day time showers will aggrevate the flooding scene, as will measure around 75-90 mms by 8.30 pm. Night will see lesser rains.

    Saturday will see intermittent showers, but may measure less at around 45-50 mms in the day till 8.30 pm.

    Sunday, will also be similar to Saturday, but rainfall increasing on Sunday night.

    Saturday and Sunday (night included) may see around 200 mms accumulated till Monday morning.

    Report courtesy-Rajesh Sir, Vagaries..FB page.

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