1,190 thoughts on “Chennai city records light rains

  1. IMD AWS – 22 mm
    Kea station which is less than 1 k away records 4.2 mm
    We definitely need to wait for official readings

  2. hoping to see cloudy sky with light to moderate rains until 10am and temperature may settle over 35 to 36 degree, if cloud cover is reduced by afternoon

  3. Don’t expect any rains today break rule persists but some rains possible based on bays disturbance

  4. Many many happy returns of the day Power Paul. Hope Chennai gets good rains on the occasion of your birth day. Wish you and Chennai good luck for the year ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Looks like overnight Chennai has got Decent Showers Good Days Ahead for Chennai.
    It was Cloudy here in Karaikal only light Rains overnight only Cuddalore to Kollidam got good Showers.

  6. wide-spread heavy rainfall will occur over Telangana, Vidarbha, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, NAP & S-Orissa from today evening onwards.

    However SAP, Rayalaseema & NTN will receive isolated heavy showers.

  7. If the ts direction is e to west it wud be bice..but unfortunately direction is from NW TO SE…new stroma developing in land too

  8. Ah ah. As expected….Big ball near Chennai. Nunga rocks ahead of Meena. I am sure KEA site which is 1 kms from IMD would have missed the rains. Yesterday evening was also the same case.

    Nungambakkam – 22
    Puzhal – 10
    Madhavaram – 7
    Meenambakkam – 5
    Poonamalle – 5
    Ennore – 5
    Taramani – 5
    Chembarabakkam – 5
    Kolapakkam – 5
    Avadi – 5

  9. Happy to wake up to a pleasant and wet morning. Rain in chennai has only added joy to that happiness. Cheers bloggers

  10. On that day kea got 11.2 mm but imd got only 6 mm.( june 10)… Then how this is not possible????? Rains are compensating

  11. As usual 3.4 mm from this spell… 1.2mm till midnight and 2.1mm after midnight and takes the monthly tally to 9.6mm only

    2015/06/09 – 3.2 mm
    2015/06/10 – 0.2 mm
    2015/06/14 – 2.8 mm
    2015/06/16 – 1.2 mm
    2015/06/17 – 2.2 mm

  12. Heavy drizzles here I guess.roads are already wet ๐Ÿ™‚ finally some rains seen around city!

  13. yearly rainfall :
    average rainfall yearly(1971-2014):1023mm
    average rainfall yearly(1971-2014):1133mm
    poor rainfall in SAP last 2 years extreme drought conditions…..even chennai crossed 1000 mm last year….if this year drought repeats what will be the spate of tirupati
    some areas like rayadurgam receiving 145mm as average rainfall…..no water available in kalyani dam aqnd dams near tirupati….a bulk amount water problem…hope this NEM helps us to overcome this problem……

  14. As of June 16, India as a whole has reported 12 percent above-normal rainfall for the month, according to the India Meteorological Department. While this is a positive start to the monsoon season, a turn to drier weather during late June and July could still result in a below-normal monsoon season with negative impacts for much of the nation

    source: Accuweather

  15. Clouds might wrap up soon.We’ll get sunshine from afternoon onwards and as usual can expects pop ups everywhere!

  16. Official readings are out. I went via nunga to check the rainfall it was dry. I was surprised it was not 22 mm.

    Nunga 3.8 mm and Meena 5 mm. Meena wins today

  17. Fantastic day, with rains in the night and drizzles now. happy birthday to all birthday boys.. ๐Ÿ™‚ my wishes.

  18. If I’m not wrong, Tambaram also has a weather station..wondering what the readings for Tambaram and surroundings are

  19. With good rain, govt may meet kharif output target of 130 million tonne
    With rainfall since June 1 in key grain producing areas being significantly above normal, sowing of kharif crops, namely paddy, oilseeds and pulses, could get a boost, making the government confident about meeting the kharif output target of 130 million tonne. With all major rice-producing states โ€” Punjab, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chhattisgarh and Odisha โ€” having received excess or normal rainfall, any fall in the grainโ€™s output, if at all, could not be too much, agriculture secretary Siraj Hussain said.


  20. v wont get a similar image more often during swm ..tis happens only when lower level winds and upper level winds strengthen simultaneously and get super imposed on each other!! one of the best indication of monsoon strengthening

    • Upper and lower level winds working together to give an impression of clouds rushing in with jet speeds towards South Asia ….

  21. Heavy rain forecast for Telangana and North Rayalaseema…..
    Today till 8 30 am
    Nizamabad 45 mm
    Hanmakonda 21 mm
    Hyderabad 7.3 mm

  22. Friends,

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  23. Ehsan for contest – Here are the results.

    Select stations from Chennai which will record rain ending 8.30 am on 17.06.2015

    a) Nunga IMD OBS – 4 mm
    b) Meena IMD OBS – 5 mm
    c) Ennore (IMD AWS) – 5 mm
    d) Tharamani (IMD AWS) – 3 mm
    e) Redhills (Chennai Metrowater) – 7 mm
    f) Madhavaram (IMD AWS) – 7 mm
    g) Guindy (IMD AWS) – 3 mm
    h) Puzhal (IMD AWS) – 10 mm
    I) none of the above

  24. Happy Birthday to PowerPaul and Kea Junior (the only person who knows Tamil in Kea’s family ๐Ÿ˜€ )

  25. For the first question in kea contest…
    Visakhapatnam may be highest as I found nearly 90 mm rains…but not sure about rainfall in karnataka kerala and tamilnadu

  26. Good thing about KEA management is he is ready to accept ideas. He allows others to play the game more compared to putting his thoughts everywhere. That is the hall mark of this site’s success. He works from behind allowing other to play a bigger role. Even when some of his rules were tough, he changed it later based on bloggers opinion. Hope KEA continue to do his yeomen service for weather / rain hungry chennai and tamil nadu people.

    • Chennai is not always hot and dry city. After june, definitely city’s climate changes for the better. I was surprised when one north indian tourist commented that chennai has lot of hariyaali meaning lot of greenery. Also chennai looks really beautiful when it is overcast with less humidity.

  27. Mumbai and Coastal Maharashtra and Konkan and Goa should be watch out for massive rainfall starting from Thursday or Friday morning. This rain will be very heavy and likely to continue for 2 days time.

    Mumbaikars please plan accordingly.

    Also places like south maharashtra and marathwada likely to get very heavy rainfall starting from tomorrow.

      • we should get few drizzles all day today, think the trough is tilting towards SAP, hope some showers like yesterday can’t be ruled out

  28. current satellite image will deceive anybody and many from other parts of india will be thinking heavy rains in coastal TN. Actually we only know the exact situation.

  29. Hurray…my home town kurnool tops in deficit rain in entire AP and Telangana

    Deficit rain from june 1 :: nearing 40 percent..

  30. IMD, Skymet and Weather Express see jump in traffic on their websites due to drought fears

    The India Meteorological department continues to see a huge traffic in the month of June, similar to the previous year. From June 1-16, it had over 5.76 visitors on its page this year, which is expected to cross 10 lakh by the month end say officials. Private weather forecaster such as Kolkata based Weather Express and Noida based Skymet have also seen a rush of people on their websites, seeing a growth of 35 per cent and 600 per cent respectively in the past one month.

    Read more at:

  31. if you verify who are watching kea site right now, surprised to see people from pakistan, japan, sweden, sydney etc.

  32. A contest of different kind: Which Tamil movie has captured the rains to its full glory?
    i think it’s “Kadhal Kottai”

      • I am a fan of Pasanga film song, “Oru Vetkam varudhe varudhe”. Total Delta areas during NEM shown in that song.

      • Yes absolutely it will be superb I used see the song often for the sake of rain itself which shows classic nem

      • but in Kathal kottai last 20 mts film revolve around cyclonic Chennai rains, i saw that movie again for that rain sequence only.

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