Chennai summer resumes, Nungambakkam records 38.6

After a brief reprieve, Chennai’s summer has resumed. Yesterdays max temp was 38.6c. The same can be expected today also with a slight chance of evening Thunderstorms. Meanwhile Chennai’s long wait for a strong TS continues.


1,093 thoughts on “Chennai summer resumes, Nungambakkam records 38.6

  1. Good morning friends! One thing seems to be clear.. Swm along with the require moisture surge has not yet reached chennai! Still the limit is just under chennai latitude is what I feel.. Let’s hope it pushes further up and paves the way for our first TS soon..

  2. Without knowing the cross section of our weather-cycles (Hadley-tropical, Ferrell-sub-tropical and polar cycle), we can never be “masters” in weather-dynamics. Please view 3D-cross section of our tropical Hadley cycle.

    So mostly during seasonal rains, our weather will be confined to our Hadley-cycles. any changes in weather-dynamics within our Hadley cycles are interlinked within short-time lags.

    Please don’t think that our earth (Hadley cycle) is so big, then there will be lot of time-lags. Please don’t forget that earth (Hadley cycle) is too big for us, but not for earth (Hadley cycle) itself 🙂

    3D-cross section of our weather cycles:

  3. Pondy bus stand no drizzle even.. Jus 500m away pondy old bus stand to nagai belt received medium, some places heavy too..

  4. As I am proceeding to Bangalore (company forced me to go there for 2 days, my peer is on leave 😦 ) by 6 AM KSRTC Volvo, I can see gray skies and hint of a drizzle. I wonder how the Bangalore climate is today..Will update again from Anandam restaurant beyond Vellore..

    • As usual sun will shine all through the day and evening showers possible. This the Bangalore weather template 🙂

  5. Dont be surprised if Ashoba stays near the Coast and weakens due to upwelling and VWS and possibility of no landfall too is there. It may go as WML / LPA

  6. Great days to Chennai soon. The long wait for strong TS over Core Chennai will soon be a reality this week.

  7. @friends,
    When comes to Chennai rainfall prediction You are only taking leading role. All others are staying as “cat on the wall”. Great going PJ. He is our Chennai’s rain-star 🙂

  8. As long as chennai not touches 40 C in june, our summer is under control. we have seen 40s in many junes previously.

    • A tiny raindrop is a droplet. Any raindrop > 1/2 cm splits into several droplets by the time it hits the ground. Sleet (frozen rain, in TN we get sleet only in Ooty (Mukurthi) and Kodai upper reaches) can fall in several sizes though.

    • Sudden rise of clouds causes rapid cooling and produce large drops….whereas low level clods may cause fine droplets

    • Large raindrops mean that there are strong updrafts inside the clouds
      above your head. These upward blowing winds can hold raindrops inside
      the clouds for a longer period, allowing them to continue to grow in
      size until they finally become heavy enough for gravity to finally win
      the battle over the updraft, allowing the raindrop to fall to the
      That’s why thunderstorms tend to have large raindrops, as they tend to
      also have strong updrafts.

  9. No rain is on cards for chennai till most of the storms fail to reach… And as monsoons move north……henc better not to expect any rains

  10. CPC s latest outlook of Tropical hazards has stated in its report of a possible Kelvin wave related activity to have contributed to Cyclone Ashobaa s formation over the Arabian Sea ………..

    “The RMM-based and CPC velocity potential MJO indices indicate a strengthening signal since the beginning of June. The 200-hPa Velocity Potential anomalies are currently consistent with a coherent MJO, and an eastward propagation is observed during the past week. Other modes of tropical convective anomalies are apparent in the OLR field, including an atmospheric Kelvin Wave that likely contributed to the development of a tropical cyclone in the Arabian Sea.”

  11. On no…!!! CPC should not have made this mistake….mentions Cyclone Ashobaa to move towards Somalia in their written statement , and expects above average rains on its track, but the map shows correct area – Oman coast ..Lol…they could have gone for a proof reading once before letting this out….

  12. struggling ashoba ‘s cloud top temperature seen thru nasa satellite !! equatorward outflow is quite evident

  13. Ashobaa stalls monsoon’s advance

    An IMD official told TOI on Wednesday, “The monsoon current will strengthen again when the cyclone weakens in another 48 hours. The monsoon will then progress northward. Monsoon rainfall for June is already going to be less than normal in many parts of the country. And Ashobaa may cause a further rainfall deficiency this month.”

    Another senior IMD official said the cyclone basically began moving towards Oman, taking away all the monsoon moisture with it. “Conversely, had the cyclone re-curved and hit Gujarat, the monsoon would have begun advancing over the rest of the country. That, however, did not happen,” the official said. This ultimately resulted in the monsoon being drawn out of the country, except for the southern parts of India, officials said.

  14. Heat wave in India? It will only get worse in years to come: Study
    “From climate model projections, we have pointed out that there is a possibility of high occurrences of heat waves in South India in future,” Subimal Ghosh, associate professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, IIT-B, and one of the paper’s authors, told IndiaSpend.

    Under the most probable-case and the worst-case scenarios, 2070 onward, there could be an increase in intensity, duration and frequency of severe heat waves.
    In particular, a large part of southern India, east and west coasts, which have been unaffected by heat waves, are projected to be severely affected after 2070.

  15. Waiting eagerly for Cherrapunji Rainfall today…I am expecting some historic amounts.

      • closed stadiums will mitigate the effect of dew, and other weather parameters in the air, and the game will suffer, of course there is a stadium like this in Australia it rarely used for competitive cricket

  16. Rainfall In Tamilnadu & Puducherry till 8.30am in (mm)

    T.palur (Ariyalur) – 71
    Chengam – 67
    Muthupet – 63
    Tirumarugal ( Nagai) – 62
    Andimadam – 45
    Kumbakonam – 41
    Virudhachalam – 39
    Tirupathur (Vellore) – 39
    Kaniyambadi (Vellore) – 38
    Kalrayan Hills – 35
    Nallur (Cuddalore) – 33
    Sankarapuram – 33
    Pudupalayam (TVM) – 31
    Lalpet – 30
    Thalainayar – 29
    Yelagiri – 29
    Sendurai – 26
    Kudavasal – 25
    Alangayan – 22
    Panruti – 21
    Aduthurai – 20
    Kattumannarkoil – 20
    Chinnasalem – 20
    Sembanarkoil – 17
    Kammapuram – 19
    Tirukoyilur – 17
    Vaniyambadi – 16
    Ariyalur – 16
    Jolarpet – 14
    Papanasam (Tanjore) – 13
    Madukkur (Tanjore) – 12
    Arani – 12
    Hosur – 10
    Kallakurichi – 10

    • If at all the LPA intensifies into a deep depression and eventually hurricane, I’ll make sure I’m in Chennai,work or no work!!

  17. Nearing Krishnagiri, low hanging clouds and getting slightly darker. Of course, bus glass is tinted and might filter the light. Resembles cumulonimbus clouds..

  18. Today’s Forecast

    1) Madurai and South of Madurai will Get very Good Rainfall

    2) North Interior TN also get Good Rains

    3) Chennai – May be Cloudy and slim chances of Isolated Drizzles at Isolated Places

  19. East West Shear to form on June 17th and either side there will be UAC
    and Both sides they descend to sea level as LPA. Chennai falls under its
    influence. Great days ahead.
    i need this as featured comment please

  20. Still chennai is waiting for its first intense rain in swm, don’t know when it will materialise

  21. yesterday, entire east coast of andhra pradesh reported nearly 40c…..
    machillipatnam- 40.3
    nellore- 40.7




    Harur (Dharmapuri Dist)


    Thiruthuraipoondi (Tiruvarur Dist), Muthupet (Tiruvarur Dist), Mayiladuthurai (Nagapattinam Dist)

    6 each

    Karaikal (Karaikal Dist), Sirkali (Nagapattinam Dist)

    5 each

  23. The Northern Limit of Monsoon (NLM) continue to pass through Lat. 17.0°N/Long. 60.0°E, Lat.17.0°N/Long.
    70.0°E, Ratnagiri, Bellary, Anantapur, Chennai, Lat. 13.0°N/Long. 84.0°E, Lat. 16.0°N/Long. 90.0°E, Lat. 21.0°N
    /Long. 92.0°E, Lat. 24.0°N /Long. 91.0°E, Dhubri and Gangtok.
    Significant weather

  24. Got off at some junction under a bridge in Bangalore. Driver told me to take another local Volvo to ITPL Blr. Apparently, local Volvos charge close to Rs 100 in B’lore for around 20 kms. V pleasant weather, breezy and clouds interspersed with sunshine. Wish Chennai had such weather, minus B’lore’s mad traffic.

  25. Its time for experts to analyse correlation between W Coast rains in SWM and TS activity in Chennai and interiors!

  26. What a co-incidence : Yesterday Max temp :38.6°C (2:59pm) . & Min : 24.6 c( 2.59am)…Both happened at Time 2.59..

    • if sea breeze is delayed to 3 today, even 41 cant be ruled out. I doubt it would happen tough. Sea breeze will arrive within 30-45 min

  27. Sizzling heat wave is going in chennai, seems like we won’t escape from this heat until sea breeze sets in

  28. GFs forecasting wide spread rains for TN as they are expecting some weak feature to develop in SW bay close to TN

  29. The vorticty near the myanamr has got better in mid level.its creating quite lot of storms off the coast.

      • Myanmar circulation also has a role to play in the GFS forecast for coming days as it moves towards west.

      • its a combination of both which is expected to trigger rains in Tn.Expected weak one in southwest bay and the weak feature near myanmar which is moving west.

  30. Breezy with just a touch of clouds in Bangalore..took a walk after sweat no mess. But after 2 days, I will again be enjoying Chennai sizzler 🙂

  31. Rain Just Stopped in Fattullah Play Likely To Resume On 3rd Session That Is 2:30 IST

    • Your school leave because of rains in Fatullah? I thought only office goers like me have the right to enjoy during working hours!!

  32. Almost crystal clear sky not even a single cloud so I think something going to happen at the end of the day

  33. 1.40pm Finally, the inevitable. Play has been called off for the day. Join us tomorrow morning at 9.30 local time for (hopefully) the start of day three, with India resuming at 239 for 0. Until then, ta ta!

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