1,223 thoughts on “Rain fails to keep date with city

    • congrats Susa!!

      it looks our bloggers slowly started commanding in weather-news over national media 🙂

  1. Congrats susa ! people will definitely start to forget IMD reports and look for our blog warnings..

  2. Kea Weather Experts dominate the English Dailies on Weather. There is not a single day weather column without the expert views from Kea Bloggers

  3. As per meteo earth (ECMWF) Current UAC is expected to intensify into very severe UAC and winds @ 500hpa level will be 60km/h,and winds @850hpa level willl be 40km/h. winds @700hpa will be 45km/h.and bulk of moisture and winds of this UAC is fully concentrating on NTN and SAP coast!! and uac is likely to end it’s journey in Nagapattnim

  4. Is there enough water in our reservoirs? With the monsoon predicted to be below normal, our reservoirs across the country are important as they are a source of drinking water as well as for irrigation and electricity purposes. Data from the Central Water Commission this year show that our reservoirs, thankfully, are in good shape. The 91 major reservoirs have about 45 billion cubic metres of water in them, which is about 28 per cent of the total capacity of these reservoirs. Data also show that reservoirs in the northern and eastern India are better filled than those in the south. – See more at: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-others/heat-wave-in-india-the-ready-reckoner/#sthash.2zHklVYZ.dpuf

      • ok, 10,70,250,are upper level winds? 500hpa levels are mid level winds ? and 850,900 are low level winds?

      • Yes , but u call them as pressure levels exactly …winds are seen at those levels .
        And yes the order u think is rite , but 10 and 70 hPa layers lie in the Stratosphere ,,and the rest in Troposphere …

  5. Clear day unlike an overcast day in Bangalore. Heat build will be more and probability of TS later in the day!

  6. Nice picture from DC to match Susa’s mention in the daily. Children having a rollicking time , taking the plunge into Kea Weather….

    The pic…are they not our PA group…:) :):)

    Congratulations Sudarshan..

  7. Congrats maddy. U Really deserve it. Congrats Novak. I assume u are the man behind this.

  8. Embedded UAC in East West Shear Zone brings massive rains to Tamil Nadu, ending 8.30 am on 28.05.2015
    The east-west shear zone now extends between 3.1 & 5.8 kms a.s.l. roughly along Lat. 9° N. Hailstorms were reported in Vellore and Virudhachalam.

    in mm (min 40 mm)

    Pochampalli, Krishnagiri – 126
    Kammapuram, Cuddalore – 109
    Peranampattu, Vellore – 107
    Illuppur, Pudukkottai – 106
    Manachanallur, Trichy – 106
    Sethiathope, Cuddalore – 95
    K.V.Kuppam, Vellore – 81
    Vanapuram, Thiruvannamalai – 79
    Thottiyam, Trichy – 77
    Kupppandam, Cuddalore – 72
    Papanasam, Thanjavur – 71
    Tiruppur, Tiruppur – 65
    Kodumudi, Erode – 66
    Virudachalam, Cuddalore – 64
    Thuvakudi, Trichy – 64
    Gingee, Villupuram – 64
    Bhuvanagiri, Cuddalore – 61
    Ayikudi, Tirunelveli – 61
    K.M.Koil, Cuddalore – 58
    Manelmedu, Thanjavur – 58
    Perambalur, Perambalur – 58
    Virinjipuram, Vellore – 58
    Upper Anaicut, Trichy – 57
    Komaratchi, Cuddalore – 56
    S.Pudur, Sivganga – 55
    Thiruverambur, Trichy – 55
    Vanmahadevi, Cuddalore – 54
    Annagramam, Cuddalore – 54
    Tirupathur, Sivaganga – 53
    Viralimalai, Pudukkottai – 53
    Trichy Junction, Trichy – 51
    Samayapuram, Trichy – 50
    Sivagiri, Erode – 50
    Kaveripakkam, Vellore – 49
    Trichy Town, Trichy – 49
    Kallakurichi, Villupuram – 48
    Lalapet, Cuddalore – 47
    Kandamangalam, Villipuram – 47
    Erode, Erode – 47
    Karamadai, Coimbatore – 46
    Grand Anaicut, Thanjavur – 46
    Karaiyur, Puddukottai – 45
    Budalur, Thanjavur – 45
    Musiri, Trichy – 44
    Tondi, Ramanathapuram – 43
    Trichy AP, Trichy – 43
    Ambasamudram, Tirunelveli – 43
    Madhanur, Vellore – 42
    Sendurai, Ariyalur – 41
    Mylam, Villupuram – 41
    Kummapati, Trichy – 40
    Golden Rock, Trichy – 40
    Natham, Dindigul – 40
    Penucondapuram, Krishnagiri – 40
    Panamarathupatti, Salem – 40

    Kea Weather – http://blog.keaweather.org/index_current.php?id=1351

    Vagaries Rainman – http://tamilnaduweatherman.blogspot.in/p/2015-tamil-nadu-rainfall-data.html

    Tamil Nadu Weatherman – https://www.facebook.com/tamilnaduweatherman

  9. Three UAC to come near TN Coast. Historic June to start. This june will end as wettest June since 1996.

  10. 1st-UAC (31st May to June 4th, much wont change as we are just 2-3 days away from the event) – http://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/gfs/2015052818/gfs_z500_vort_ind_21.png

    A long lasting 2nd UAC (June 6th – 12th) its a embedded UAC in a EW Shear Zone) – http://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/gfs/2015052818/gfs_z500_vort_ind_37.png

    2nd UAC getting intensified on 12th June – http://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/gfs/2015052818/gfs_z500_vort_ind_49.png

  11. Negative OLR on its way to Indian Ocean and Sub Continent, expecting it around 01st or 02nd over Indian Ocean.

    MJO likely in Phase 1 by Sunday and expected to emerge in Phase 2 by next week.

    SWM onset over Kerala likely around 03rd or 04th June.

  12. Today is the last day of this year’s kathri days. this year we witnessed all sort of weather in this 25 days, the turning point and highlight of this year’s kathri is sudden cloud cover, and heavy winds in chennai on Wednesday, bye bye Kathri.

  13. Central India to not get monsoon rains until June 20’

    The Pune-based autonomous institute under the ministry of earth sciences said although the rainfall is expected to increase around June 6 over the southern peninsula, it is expected to remain confined to North East and southern peninsula for next 10 to 15 days.
    “There would be weak northward progress of monsoon from southern ocean during next fortnight,” the scientist said.

    Read more at:

  14. @rsrao,

    Can you let me know where you posted the technical data that you are requesting? All forum posts are lost

  15. Usha abba already temperature soaring and two – one from Blore and and one from Perambur started enjoying, to add up to this – Captain America , Captain Cook, Uncle Sam – is there anything left

  16. ALERT⚠!
    El Nino gathering pace!!! SST west of Africa cooling down quickly! PDO becoming positive slowly. Central Pacific warming suddenly! Positive IOD remains good. West Pacific remains cool.

  17. Happy birthday Jupi..God bless u to lead a happy and successful life forever 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Pj sir pls read carefully….. circulation is likely to intensify in a great extent…. as per ECMWF

    As per meteo earth (ECMWF) Current UAC is expected to intensify into very severe UAC and winds @ 500hpa level will be 60km/h,and winds @850hpa level willl be 40km/h. winds @700hpa will be 45km/h.and bulk of moisture and winds of this UAC is fully concentrating on NTN and SAP coast!! and uac is likely to end it’s journey in Nagapattinam

  19. Maharashtra govt to provide weather reports to farmers:
    The state wants to provide such reports in simple, non-technical language to the state’s farmers.with the support of private Marathi television channels to provide information about weather conditions and rainfall reports to farmers. This will help them make changes in the crops they plan to plant

    • yes bulk of moisture and winds of this UAC concentrating fully in North Tamil nadu and South Andhra pradesh coasts!

  20. circulation likely to intensify greatly tonight and tomorrow winds likely to touch 60kmph!@ 500 hpa!

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