1,132 thoughts on “40+ streak still on

  1. Gaje ji, idhu ok va ….
    Sel showed me this video first ….I found it interesting , sharing it here …hope u like it ……

  2. I’ll be in Kochi from May 30th to June 2nd, very close to Kochi A.P (not the one 30 km away from city).. Will monitor rainfall from there !! :p

  3. Today there is a possibility of TS as like yesterday. Today temperature could be another record breaking will hover around 41 – 42°C. Lets hope for early Sea Breeze.

  4. when will NW wind stops and SW wind pick up? All the prediction went wrong. We can also get cyclone in the month of may which moves to TN coast.

    • That shift in wind pattern can only be seen when the northern limit of the Monsoon crosses over TN …Until then winds from WNW/NW/W have a good chance to persist ….
      But which prediction failure are u talking of ?/

      • Onset over Kerala might be close to its normal date , but its further movement might be delayed as per forecasts …..

  5. Some of the greatest TS to hit Chennai in last 25 years
    89 mm in Nungambakkam on 25.08.2014 (75 mm fell in a hour)
    89 mm in Nungambakkam on 11.09.2013
    156 mm in Nungambakkam on 25.08.2011 (60 mm fell in a hour)
    74 mm in Nungambakkam 06.06.2011 (74 mm fell in a hour)
    82 mm in Nungambakkam on 23.02.2011 (62 mm fell in a hour)
    98 mm in Nungambakkam on 20.08.2006 (66 mm fell in a hour)
    72 mm in Nungambakkam on 28.07.2007 (60 mm fell in a hour)
    72 mm in Nungambakkam on 25.07.2001 (68 mm fell in a hour)
    163 mm in Nungambakkam on 11.09.1996 (94 mm fell in a hour – Its the all time record for Chennai rainfall in a hour)
    68 mm in Nungambakkam on 25.08.1992 (60 mm fell in a hour)
    95 mm in Nungambakkam on 25.09.1991

    June 29th 2014
    September 13th 2013
    September 6th 2011
    September 27th 2007
    May 29th 2002

  6. Despite positive start, monsoon may arrive late in Pune: IITM report
    A recent forecast by the extended range prediction’ group of the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) has said that there is no clarity as of now as to how the monsoon will advance. The forecast showed that monsoon’s advance may even be weaker than usual for some days following its onset in Kerala, though the report does not say exactly when it will hit central India, which includes Pune.
    Recent predictions by the extended range prediction’ group set the monsoon onset date in Kerala on May 31. “Though the monsoon onset seems to be on the normal date in Kerala, its advance does not seem that normal thereafter, which means that monsoon seems a little weak after the onset as per recent predictions. More, however, will be known only in the coming days,” said anscientist. The forecast also added that the rainfall activity will be mainly confined to north-east, west coast and southern peninsula for the next 10 days after the onset.

  7. It was an horrible day and night yesterday, could not see the sea breeze effect.

    Water from tap was very warm till 10.00PM, even though i did not went out, i could sense that sea breeze has not arrived till that time, this is why the water was warm. I had this warm water experience in my village, which will not have sea breeze, so till midnight the water will be warm. I came out at 11.00PM and saw that even a leaf was not waving, trees were standstill, this is the best days of summer in Chennai.

    Somehow we require TS evening or night, so that every thing will change and even though we have summer till September, we can manage inside our house atleast.

    It was a horrible weekend, and now i am afraid of weekends, it is better to be in office all the time.

    • yes partha atleaset we have a respite by being in office.
      but people in home face the heat.
      yesterday morning until 11am it was very windy(not too hot) i was travelling from maduravoyal to tbm in bye pass ,wind direction was from south to north.
      evening around 430 there was drizzle and i think there was rains near padappai -kandchi stretch.
      hot days to continue.

  8. As of now everything is fine for chennai to hit record high temps for this year….hope there shouldn’t be any hazy clouds or early strong sea breeze to ruin that chances

  9. Not even 10 am , temp. @ 37.3 deg C ..>>>>>>
    Westerlies/ WNW lies are blowing quite stronger….Symptoms clear and sky is also clear ……

  10. Met dept warning, Dinamalar Flash:

    ஐதராபாத் : கடும் வெயில் மற்றும் அனல் காற்றுக்கு பலியானவர்களின் எண்ணிக்கை
    432 ஆக உயர்ந்துள்ளதால் ஆந்திரா மற்றும் தெலுங்கானா மக்கள் வெயிலில் நடமாட
    வேண்டாம் என எச்சரிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளனர்.

  11. 38 C at 10.15 AM itself is very high. very hot winds blowing outside. childeren and elders should not venture out now.

  12. I think most of the schools are reopening in june 1st but seeing this condition I think government has to postpone the reopening date due heat wave in chennai

  13. Massive Rains in Assam, Arunachal and Meghalaya, ending 8.30 am on 24.05.2015
    The upper air cyclonic circulation over Sub Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim and neighbourhood now lies over Sub Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim and adjoining Eastern parts of Bihar and extends up to 1.5 km asl.

    (min 10 mm)

    Cherrapunji RKM – 151
    Cherrapunji – 106
    Baghmara – 38
    Basar – 24
    Rongara – 13
    Nongostin – 13
    Williamnagar – 12

    (min 25 mm)

    Panbari – 150
    Haflong – 60
    Amarpur – 60
    Harinagar – 57
    Badarpurghat – 51
    Mushalpur – 51
    Matunga – 50
    Dibrugarh AP – 46
    Tezpur – 45
    Dholai – 44
    Silchar – 42
    Chenimari – 41
    Dhollabazar – 40
    Dhemaji – 40
    Mathanguri – 40
    Moran – 40
    Beki-Mathanguri – 40
    Tinsukia – 39
    Morang – 39
    Annapurnaghat – 39
    Karimganj – 38
    AP Ghat – 38
    Rangia – 36
    Amraghat – 36
    Maranhat – 36
    Bahalpur – 32
    Dillighat – 32
    Naharkatia – 30
    Kakopather -29
    Naharkatia – 28
    Kajigoan – 27
    Dhekiajuli – 27
    Goalpara – 26
    Mazbat – 25
    Chouldhowaghat – 25

    (min 10 mm)

    Arzoo – 126
    Passighat – 89
    Etalin – 85
    Passighat – 82
    Khupa – 82
    Tezu – 48
    Yupia – 42
    Wakro – 41
    Itanagar – 39
    Tuting – 38
    Bordmusa – 21
    Geku – 19
    Bhalukpong – 12
    Kibithu – 10
    Seppa – 10

    Kea Weather – http://blog.keaweather.org/index_current.php?id=1354

    Vagaries Rainman – http://tamilnaduweatherman.blogspot.in/p/blog-page_2.html

    Tamil Nadu Weatherman – https://www.facebook.com/tamilnaduweatherman

  14. Hope that private agencies will maintain some high profile during forecasting. On Saturday there was a news in tamil news paper that people are getting confused in difference in forecast between private and government agencies forecast, there were wrong forecasting given by an agency that last week about a cyclone formation in Arabian Sea, which we all know, but finally IMD intervened and said only that they have the authority.

    People now started to ask IMD that why not they ban private agencies, if they find them wrong. So our interests are under threat.

    If these things continues then people will lose hopes in private forecasters and also on us as we give lots of forecasting through news dailies. They have to be more responsible in giving forecast henceforth, so that our interests in weather will be protected in future.

    From now on we have to be very careful in giving forecasts and if we have even a small doubt then we should not go further and stop there, so that these kinds of incidents will not happen. However whenever we give info in news papers, those forecasts have become the reality, hence we can be proud of that, still caution is required in future.

  15. It is no surprising chennai is burning because andhra is burning. Andhra has such a thick relation with chennai, its original city.

      • if one dates back the history, the erstwhile Madras presidency, then it was called like that, had in it’s fold part of kerala, part of then Andhra including coastal and rayalaseema, lakshadweep islands. and some districts in karnataka, and some districts in orissa too

  16. Gfs metrogram expecting some Rains tmrw and Wednesday, even mighty foreca expecting a ts Wednesday hope it materialise out to give some respite from heat

    • That’s great, it is good to know that it seems to peak just about the time of NEM onset, atleast as of now it seems that way

  17. Today 45 is on the cards as we have touched 40 by 12 itself. Another two to three hours are there before sea breeze will shows its head.

  18. only if chennai reaches 47 -48 like vijayawada, government people will understand that expanding chennai further by cutting trees is a foolish and self defeating effort.

  19. like government is constructing inner ring roads, why doesnt the government think about inner ring of trees to cool hot chennai. yes, if do , they cant make money by real estate. sick of this attitude.

  20. Chennai temperature wont go beyond 42.8 today this is my expectation.
    Will record between 42.2 – 42.8.

  21. When i was in my childhood, i use to go to my Village during summer holidays. My Village is in Chennai-Bangalore highways. I use to go by bus from Guindy those days, since the bus stand was in Broadway. When i cross Porur, the highways will be under thick shadow of trees on both the sides, bus will be under the shadows. My Village is situated 40 KM away from Sriperumbudur and on the highways.

    After the expansion when i went to my village for the first time, i just crossed my village and went 5 KM’s, since the speeding has increased i have missed to locate, then came back, but i was very much disappointed the cutting of trees, it is like the road on a desert now. I am sure that we are not going to get back to those days, since people and government will never realise the importance of planting trees. Instead freebees they can concentrate on basic infra and environmental protection.

  22. UV index warning for chennai region is very high >11 in the forthcoming days… Protect urself while roaming outside, Be careful guys… UV-B (very low wavelength) will get directly absorbed by DNA, may cause severe damage… Safe to stay indoor in peak hours…

  23. Sea breeze setting in so early. Two days back it was 3.30pm, yesterday around 1.30 pm. Today 12.20 pm.

  24. I think sea breeze has set in. It is really a good news. WInd is trying to come from seastern direction. I think god saved us today.

      • Hi sunspot2014,

        How do you say that sea breeze reached ponneri..

        I am in ponneri and I am not seeing any humidity… it is still dry.. and very silent, no wind flow… occasionally some wind from west or NW..

  25. At least the westerlies have lost strength. Not a single leaf Is moving. Hopefully sea breeze makes its approach soon. . A sign of it setting in probably

      • selva see the graph and the drop. Humidity increased suddenly by 12%, but not like yesterday (50%). Then it vanished.

      • Oh..tday v have escaped but generally it’s been a trend wen sea breeze sets in.. another one crucial hour 2.30 to 3.30 waiting

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