Chennai Nungambakkam records hattrick of 40+

After a slow start to the summer over Chennai, it’s finally rocking. 3rd straight 40 C was recorded in Saturday and many more expected until June end.

There is a slight chance of TS activity over the next 2 days. Will Chennai be lucky?


1,706 thoughts on “Chennai Nungambakkam records hattrick of 40+

  1. Let me start here.. Few years back ,a lady had set her body ablaze and dead In tis apartment. It was under construction tat time.she was the land owner actually

  2. Sel… you know one thing ? It seems if u take a photo of a ghost it won’t be there first time, you need to keep checking photo and it will randomly appear.. better u don’t sleep and do the same with the apartment pic.

  3. Romba ghost pathi pesatheenga .. apram nite uchhhaa porathuku kooda rooma vittu veliya vara mateenga

  4. what a karvad, what a karvad eee what a karvad eee what a karvad eee what a karvad eee what a karvad eee what a karvad

      • Temperature will be less only if cloudy conditions prevails or sea breeze sets early.
        Today its not possible for record breaking temp of this year. But chances to touch 40.

  5. sun has crossed andhra and into odisha. Thats why so many places in odisha have crossed 45 C. In the coming days when it crosses in tropic of cancer regions in madhya pradesh, entire north india will be roasted like chicken.

  6. Sun is at 20° 42 latitude, it will still go northward till 23 .5 degree i.e tropic of cancer on june 21st , a very important day for northern hemisphere called summer solastice.

  7. Guys whether you believe it or not, chennai is one of the greenest metropolitan cities. It has one national park within its city limits. Also recent survey show the city has 18 lakhs trees. Imagine our condition without trees.

    • 50 yrs down the line there may not be any trees given the rate at which buildings are constructed everywhere. So no wonder if the avg temp becomes 45 deg in 50 yrs time.

      • There should be immediate ban to city’s expansion and focus on tier II cities for the well being of chennai citizens. Our health is getting spoiled because of this extreme migration and congestion. We are really cursed by god to live this kind of congested and unhealthy life.

      • 50 years down the line there won’t be trees in any of the major cities.. not only chennai .. it’s high time we start thinking about it seriously

  8. Hottest months of metros
    Chennai – April,may,June
    Delhi – may, June..
    Mumbai – may, October, November
    Hyderabad – March,April, may
    Bangalore- April, may.
    Kolkatta – April,may,October
    Kochi – April,may
    Coimbatore – April,may
    Goa- April,may,October

      • Thanks a lot Sunspot15.Yes, we should have such boards. The problem is that, next day some political party will paste a poster on that claiming “Varalaare”

  9. Raining spiders in Goulburn? Entirely possible, scientist says

    Millions of baby spiders appeared to be raining from the sky in the Southern Tablelands earlier this month, with one astonished local fearing the region had been “invaded by spiders” and another reporting his home was “covered” in the creatures.

    Click on the link for more details and pictures.

  10. Hi sun, feeling you in this summer is not fun
    so many people are afraid you
    so many people died because of you
    we know we run fast in two stroke or four stroke
    but we may be paralyzed by your sunstroke

    All the food we eat is because of you,
    All the water we drink is because of you,
    You are in our bodies in indirect way
    but controlling our movement in every way

    so sun help us to tide over these summer months
    if it happens, we will give thousand thanks.

      • NO doubt. they are lucky as well unlucky. Unlucky because they dont have sea breeze to shoo away the pollutants. Living in bangalore will give us lot of lung diseases.

      • I am suffering from shortness of breath of late due to pollution. Taking anti allergic medicines.

      • Yes more polluted than Chennai.
        But eventhough we have sea breeze at this time its not a saviour for Chennaities.
        Ineffective Seabreeze.

      • no both cities are equally polluted but our pollutants are shooed away by sea breeze.

      • In Bangalore, its kinda smoky pollution. But, in Chennai, its a dusty one. That’s the difference!

      • i don’t know correct name there are some plants there that cause common cold like that problems

      • As sunspot says, many people here are prone to get lung problems. I should better shift to sub urban Bangalore areas to take care of my health.

      • Even Begur is thriving these days. Better to shift to places next to Kengeri, Anekal, Sarjapur, Jigani, Bannerghatta(A heaven in city limits!)

      • May be parthenium plant…its present in Chennai too but less comparatively…homeopathy could be a better option for treatment…

      • It happened to me all of a sudden. In evenings , it is Tough to sit inside bus on signals. You feel like you are short of oxygen. Mornings are okay!

      • better shift to chennai. I was told by my ex collegue that whenever they visited bangalore, his wife would get breathing problems whereas in chennai she is perfectly okay. Living in chennai is terrible especially in summer but we can reduce paying price on our health.

      • Yeah, will explore that option if there is one. The problem here is, one will hardly sweat. So all toxicants stay in the body itself.

  11. GFS picking up a strong Western disturbance over North India in long range forecast. If this forecast pans out then we can forget about SWM onset over Indian mainland for next two weeks and also CFS forecasting strong easterlies for TN beginning from 5th June due to el nino. These easterlies will also prevent SWM onset.

  12. Red alert in Telangana and Coastal Andhra…..
    Blazing heat wave in Machili and Vijayawada and Telangana
    Death toll reaches 700
    10 am temperatures
    Ramagundam 41 degrees
    Vijayawada 41 degrees
    Rentachintala 40 degrees
    Machilipatnam 40 degrees

  13. Sky is completely free from any sort of clouds.. get ready to see another scorching hot day.. no surprise even if it makes the record for tis year

  14. Look at Chennai MAX radar..bubble storms getting attracted to Bermuda from all four directions…wat a sight! lol 😀

  15. Hello Bijli….did u sleep well yday night after seeing those horror posts from Susu n Sel? 😀

  16. I feel people from AP should take enough precautions to beat this heat! All these deaths are due to lack of Government Warnings and lack of exposure to sun related dangers!!

  17. GFS shows 4th day of Intense TS. All 4 days the intense TS was shown at 18 UTC (11.30 pm) – Still waiting for Pure VS rains. Today IMD is falshing in Sun News about rains in Chennai. They did the same yesterday and now have they learnt or are we too intelligent ?
    What did we learn from last 3 days of GFS failure. We can boldly say dont look at radar. Nothing will form where GFS says. That can be the conclusin

    1. High lowlevel winds will not allow TS formation
    2. Less moisture at 500 hpa
    3. HPA at mid level and expecting Intense TS, u must be brave.
    4. Sea breeze front was very weak
    5. Yesterday convergence and divergence was good. I expected a pop-up based on this. But without moisture nothing is good.
    6. cloud cover, i wont agree to this point. Lets see today, no cloud cover today can TS form ?. Not small pop-up. Intense POP-up as GFS predict.
    7. Why GFS shows TS at 11.30 pm. Thats where we have to think, somewhere there is a fault.

    8. Moisture was not present in all levels. Which is key to confirm rains

    9. All show Pure VS rains credibility. Which i am waiting to see after all the debate. The Synoptic Team is leading the VS Team 3-0

    GFS Day 1 (21.05.2015) – It was 1st time Intense TS was shown in Krishnagiri. No Pop formed.
    reason was high speed low level wind from west not enabling cloud to towerup and less moisture as HPA was pumping dry winds with 30 knots intensity and sea breeze did not gain in height. Sky was clear though.

    GFS Day 2 (22.05.2015) – Same as Day 1

    GFS Day 3 (23.05.2015) – Intense TS shown in Krishnagiri / Vellore. No Pop formed. reason some say was cloud cover. The sea breeze was there too. But the actual reason maybe was less moisture. Yesterday there was less moisture in 500 hpa

    GFS Day 4 (24.05.2015 – today) Intense TS is predicted in Vellore / Thiurvannamalai –

    So Today no cloud cover, lets see whether TS forms. It will clarify that cloud cover is also one of the factor for TS formation. One more day to learn.

      • Yes this article fortunately in a vernacular daily , if it was in a English daily it may create issues

      • Read this comment in the blog very interesting /Rishabh Tatiraju
        May 22, 2015

        Your page is a disgrace to weather forecasts. Before making such wild forecasts of your own without a solid base, atleast refer to official warnings. Yes there was a low pressure system expected near Kerala in mid-May, but it never formed. The United States Joint Typhoon Warning Center has been stating “No Suspect Areas” in their website. IMD is doing the same, the IMD even released a press bulletin denying any such false claims about a tropical cyclone.

        Plus the satellite image you displayed, a little too big storm to form in the Indian Ocean. The creator maybe just morphed an Atlantic hurricane over the image :P?

      • அரபி கடல், வங்காள விரிகுடா கடலில், ‘அசோபா சூறாவளி’ ஏற்படுவதாக, சமூக வலை தளங்களில் தகவல்கள் வெளியாகி உள்ளன. இது, முற்றிலும் பொய்யான தகவல். அடுத்த ஒரு வாரத்துக்கு, இந்திய கடல் பகுதிகளில் சூறாவளி ஏற்பட வாய்ப்பு இல்லை. வடஇந்திய பெருங்கடல் மற்றும் வங்காள விரிகுடா, அரபி கடல் பகுதிகளை கண்காணித்து, எச்சரிக்கை விடுக்க, இந்திய வானிலை மையம் தான் முன்னோடி அமைப்பு. கடல் பகுதியில் மாற்றங்கள் ஏற்பட்டால், அதுகுறித்த முன் அறிவிப்பு விவரங்களை, இந்திய வானிலை மையம் வெளியிடும். வானிலை மையத்தின், என்ற அதிகாரபூர்வ இணைய தளத்திலும் வெளியாகும். இவ்வாறு, வானிலை மைய அறிக்கை கூறுகிறது.- This was forecast for posted by Xtremeweather forecast for laymen some time back

  18. meteo earth (ECMWF) still showing rains today evening but little far away from chennai…
    latest ECMWF (meteo earth) precipitation and pressure chart..

  19. I am not checking any models now a days when comes to localized TS they fail most of the time i rely only on local factors on that day.

  20. Live update from Ramnad palace- Weather- 34.2 at 12.00 .. Low level fast moving white clouds (no use! only blocking sun rays) … Winds speed reaching 8-10 kmph from S/SW consistently…

  21. As per the graph attached from imd chennai, yesterday temp didn’t touched 40°c. Is the plotting wrong or weather station is wrong?

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