502 thoughts on “Bad luck continues for Chennai

  1. Sunshine with awesome cool breeze and Pleasant in Chennai. Thanks to the TS which made this cool.
    Partly cloudy sky with cirrocumulus clouds Currently.

  2. Bengaluru city 16mm
    Beniganahalli 11.5mm. My area now almost 9-10cm behind city. East needs a 5cm+ day. Most parts of east got only 8 to 15mm yesterday

      • Varthur 45.5mm! Kumaraswamy layout 31mm. It has received 14cm in just 2 days!!

      • i have some doubts on whether kumaraswamy layout received 11cm day before yday…. ksndmc was not even showing it the prev night…. all RGs close to it (less than 1-2 km) have not even received half of it and it does not figure in BBMP daily report also….

  3. Bright and sunny now at bengaluru. Will we get storms today also? This has been one of the coolest summers in long time

  4. Kanyakumari get very heavy rains, Tamil Nadu Rainfall ending 8.30 am 17.05.2015
    The upper air cyclonic circulation over Lakshadweep area & adjoining Kerala coast extending upto 3.1 km above mean sea level persists. Entire Kanyakumari got good rains.

    in mm (min 40 mm)

    Kottar, Kanyakumari – 126
    Upper Kodayar, Kanyakumari – 124
    Nagercoil, Kanyakumari – 114
    Kulasekharam, Kanyakumari – 103
    Tiruparappu, Kanyakumari – 95
    Anaikidangu, Kanyakumari – 93
    Ponneri, Tiruvallur – 91
    Rajakkamangalam, Kanyakumari – 85
    Koliporvilai, Kanyakumari – 82
    Keeranur, Pudukkottai – 82
    Mylaudy, Kanyakumari – 80
    Vedaranyam, Nagapattinam – 79
    Lower Kodayar, Kanyakumari – 77
    Mambazhathuraiyaru, Kanyakumari – 76
    Trichy Town, Trichy – 74
    Kannimar, Kanyakumari – 73
    Mullankivilai, Kanyakumari – 69
    Mayiladuthurai, Nagapattinam – 68
    Karuthancode, Kanyakumari -67
    Nannilam, Tiruvarur – 65
    Muthupet, Tiruvarur – 64
    Aliyar, Coimbatore – 63
    Golden Rock, Trichy – 62
    Vettaikaranpudur, Coimbatore – 61
    Pechiparai, Kanyakumari – 57
    Kuzhithurai, Kanyakumari – 56
    Krishnagiri, Krishnagiri – 53
    Neyoor, Kanyakumari – 53
    Suralode, Kanyakumari – 51
    Nandhiyar Head, Trichy – 50
    Tozhudur, Cuddalore – 49
    Chinnakalar, Coimbatore – 46
    Killiyoor, Kanyakumari – 45
    Komaratchi, Cuddalore – 45
    Uthagamandalam, Nilgiris – 45
    Uttukkuli, Tiruppur – 44
    Tiruvarur, Tiruvarur – 42
    Chittar II, Kanyakumari – 42
    Tiruvadanai, Ramanathapuram – 41
    Adayamadai, Kanyakumari – 41
    Munchirai, Kanyakumari – 40
    Kulithalai, Karur – 40
    Perunchani, Kanyakumari – 40
    Navalaur Kottapattu, Trichy – 40
    Chittar I, Kanyakumari – 40
    Bhoothapandy, Kanyakumari – 40
    Tiruvallur, Tiruvallur – 40

    Kea Weather – http://blog.keaweather.org/index_current.php?id=1351

    Vagaries Rainman – http://tamilnaduweatherman.blogspot.in/p/2015-tamil-nadu-rainfall-data.html

    Tamil Nadu Weatherman – https://www.facebook.com/tamilnaduweatherman

  5. Cool weather in chennai…even humidty is high….no feel of sultry…. Pleasant conditions prevailing

  6. Yesterday Rainfall over Tamilnadu till 7.30am Today in mm

    Arani – 93
    Pechiparai – 84
    Nagerkoil – 79
    Tirumayam – 77
    Paiyur – 66
    Neyyoor – 64
    Denkanikottai – 43
    Viringipuram – 35
    Vedasandur – 34
    Yelagiri – 30
    Palacode – 30
    Tirukoyilur – 29
    Radhapuram – 22
    Dharapuram – 21
    Kollimalai- 21
    Manimuthar – 21
    Lower Kothaiyar – 21
    Vadippatti – 21
    Kanchipuram – 20
    Coonoor – 18
    Pudukkottai – 17
    Mailam – 16
    Hosur – 15
    Coimbatore – 12
    Periyakulam – 12
    Kallakurichi – 10

  7. Alert…there won’t be any rains anywhere except few places at Kerala. Severe heat wave will occur at many places all over India.

  8. Typical May weather today in Bangalore. A warm Morning. Wind direction change to W-SW will bring an end to the summer completely! and that will happen in a week’s time.

  9. short period of comfort over, kathri will show it’s real face from tomorrow, expecting gradual increase in temp. 100+ will be sure for another 4 to 5 days atleast.

  10. Blog’s dry spell also starts from today. no more rains excpeted until june 2nd week i guess..

      • I was talking about Chennai and chennaites in this blog won’t be so active for the next 3 or 4 weeks. May be if a system forms in BOB we can atleast track it eventhough it is out of reach for chennai

  11. Central BOB is picking up the system. It will be Minimal Depression atleast. If it forms there will be moisture pull from land will happen and there will be some dry spell before SWM starts. It will trigger the KATHIRI days of Temperature hovering around 40.
    Next 24-48 hrs Interior Tamilnadu will have the Effect of VS 😉

  12. Stroms started to tower very early to the NW of Chennai.
    Thunder Clouds formation around NW 🙂

  13. Sports discussions, Weather for newbies, Techinical Stuff. The moment a separate page was created for all these, all of us stopped posting about the same!.

  14. Flash News,

    ELNINO arrived.

    It was expected for the past couple of months that ELNINO will arrive surely during onset phase of SWM 2015 and the same has happened. The ONI value has to touch the threshold limit of +0.5C and has to maintain for 3 months, but it was +0.6C since February and till now it is getting maintained, hence ELNINO arrival has been confirmed by global weather bureau’s.

    ELNINO likely to continue until winter season.


      • Few El Niño years Indian monsoon were not affected. this is the case still now Indian metrologists were pointing. Let us see how far the SWM progress in June. Within such our bloggers place the other phenomenal reasons

  15. Tamil_Ramnad

    ELNINO is not the only parameter which you should look at for SWM 2015, there is an IOD, which is likely to be positive, this can supercede ELNINO and bring Normal monsoon this year. Positive IOD forecast very much promising, hence we will be in for good rainfall this year.

    Also there is signature that, in 2014 SWM was below par, hence 2015 will get normal, there is a history that SWM has never failed consecutively for 2 years, hence good prospect this time.

  16. KK district battered.

    Lower Kodayar – 169
    Lower Papanasam – 134
    Upper Kodayar – 132
    Papanasam – 48 mm

  17. To all bloggers regarding ELNINO emerging during SWM onset and its impact over Sub Continent Rainfall, the point to point comparison.

    ELNINO development during Onset of SWM.
    2015 ELNINO would be only the 07th time in the past 65 years that develops during or before the onset of SWM.

    Previously it was during 1957, 1972, 1987, 1991, 1997 & 2002. Now in 2015. If ELNINO sets in during Northern Hemisphere summer or before onset of SWM season, then the effect is Negative in terms of Rainfall.

    Even though Positive IOD was present in 1972, 1987 and 1991 SWM was Below Normal to Normal these years, since Positive IOD was emerging before the onset that is before May, but in 1997 the emergence of Positive IOD happened during June and July, hence SWM was successful.

    SWM rainfall performance all over India during these 5 years.
    1957 – Actual 898 MM, normal rainfall registered.
    1972 – Actual 697.4 MM, below normal, early emergence of Positive IOD
    1987 – Actual 774.6 MM, below normal, early emergence of Positive IOD
    1991 – Actual 828.3 MM, near normal, early emergence of Positive IOD
    1997 – Actual 927.3 MM, above normal, Positive IOD during SWM onset
    2002 – Actual 737.3 MM, below normal. Neutral IOD

    During these ELNINO development before onset of SWM, the most affected regions in India during SWM are

    North West India, South Peninsula and Central India. These regions get below or near normal rainfall.

    Regional Wise Data
    North West India
    1957 – 753 MM, excess
    1972 – 412 MM, deficit
    1987 – 371 MM, deficit
    1991 – 450 MM, deficit
    1997 – 660 MM, normal
    2002 – 434 MM, deficit

    Central India
    1957 – 866 MM, below normal
    1972 – 754 MM, deficit
    1987 – 683 MM, deficit
    1991 – 916 MM, below normal
    1997 – 994 MM, normal
    2002 – 829 MM, below normal

    NE India
    1957 – 1250 MM, normal
    1972 – 1106 MM, below normal
    1987 – 1684 MM, excess
    1991 – 1299 MM, normal
    1997 – 1473 MM, above normal
    2002 – 1353 MM, normal

    South India
    1957 – 732 MM, normal
    1972 – 573 MM, deficit
    1987 – 541 MM, below normal
    1991 – 820 MM, excess
    1997 – 728 MM, normal
    2002 – 506 MM, deficit

  18. North Western Pacific Typhoon Update :

    Typhoon Dolphin though not expected to make any impact over Japanese Mainland, the Ogasawara islands expected to take the brunt of it.

    Ogasawara islands also called as Bonus islands consist of many islands and few island names are very interesting.

    Chichijima – Appa theevu
    Hahajima – Amma theevu
    Anijima – Annan theevu
    Otōtojima – Thambi theevu
    Anejima – Akka theevu
    Imōtojima – Thangai theevu
    Yomejima – Marumagal theevu
    Mukojima – Marumagan theevu
    Magojima – Peran/Pethi theevu
    Nakōdo-jima – Kalyana Tharagar theevu
    Meijima – Sagodhari/Sagodharan magal theeve

  19. ELNINO during SWM Onset and Chennai Rainfall in SWM and NEM season.

    As i said below, 2015 is 07th time since 1951 that ELNINO setting in during SWM onset.
    Lets see the impact over Chennai Rainfall during June to September and October to December.

    Even though Positive IOD was present in 1972, 1987 and 1991 SWM was Below Normal to Normal these years, since Positive IOD was emerging before the onset that is before May, but in 1997 has given more quantum of rainfall for entire country, whereas for Chennai it was contrary, in 1997 we have registered below normal rainfall, during 1991 alone we have registered Normal rainfall.

    Overall Chennai is getting impacted by ELNINO directly even though we had Positive IOD years in the past.

    The 1997 situation is once again repeated this year, hence Chennai is likely to get below normal to normal rainfall.

    1957 – Actual 402MM, Normal
    1972 – Actual 328MM, Below Normal, Positive IOD
    1987 – Actual 278MM, Below Normal, Positive IOD
    1991 – Actual 405MM, Normal, Positive IOD
    1997 – Actual 282MM, Below Normal, Positive IOD
    2002 – Actual 351MM, Below Normal, Neutral IOD

  20. somehow mind wants 40 + degree as I feel humidity will reduce at that temperature. otherwise 36-38 C with high humidity will kill us.

    • Not for chennai and TN. It is right if you say it for kerala or karnataka. Our TS will start only by june middle. so no respite till june middle.

  21. not sure imd is coming up with thunderstorm for another 4 days…it never posted this 4 days back

  22. Pechiparai – 101 mm, Chittar I – 120 mm, Chittar II – 110 mm, Kannimar – 130 mm, Colachel – 106 mm, Suralode – 102 mm the list goes on. KK Rules again

    • Let’s have kea blog annual rainfall data then. What say ? We have the time and the sources and can do better than IMD

  23. CR Patna in Karnataka 101 mm and Huggiyam 107. Great days continues for Karnataka too.

    Karnataka, Kerala and TN have got a awesome Pre-monsoon season in recent years

    • nature never deceives us, it perfectly doing balancing act, it’s human being who deceives the nature, and in turn it punish in it’s own way

  24. So let’s take the annual RF data into consideration seriously. I have started compiling data for about 80 stations (maybe more I’m not sure) Only thing is I can’t do it all alone. Is anyone willing to help ?

    • Maddy its herculean task. It will kill u. We have to update daily. We tried this few years back with KAR. But cannt do for a month. I stored excel sheets of Chennai and surrounding areas for 30 stations and HRF around 100 stations. It took 4-5 hours daily including compiling daily rainfall.

      • Yea.. that’s true, but I’m willing to do it if IMD continues to report like this. PJ, neenga thaan unga influence ah vechi IMD a mathanum

  25. Guys can any one say approx price of anemometer (wind measurement) in chennai.?? we have optical pyranometer, im trying to extend the facility…

    • Yesterday it was a great miss for Ambattur PJ. It looked like it will pour like anything bit TS weakened suddenly.As expected Poonamalle got best of it. Ambattur has become nunga of North west chennai nowadays.

  26. Hi Sudharshan
    Count me in for Rainfall data collection. I can take ownership for say 10 sites and I will update. I agree with PJ that it is a back breaking exercise. Was doing it with Karthik Raghavan in 2011.

    My email is salem.iyer@gmail.com

  27. NEM 2015 Prospects:

    One more findings about NEM and ELNINO relationship.

    14 ELNINO years, NEM successful in 6 years.
    1951, 53, 57, 63, 65, 69, 72, 82, 87, 91, 97, 2002, 2004 & 2009

    1. NEM Failures – 1951, 1953, 1957, 1963 & 1965 ELNINO developed after May and before August and Neutral IOD.
    1A. 1982, 1991 & 2002, in these years ELNINO developed before May or After May and Before August.

    2. NEM Successful Year – Example – 1969, 1972, 1987, 1997, 2002 & 2009.
    A. If there is no Positive IOD during ELNINO year, then NEM Fails.
    B. If ELNINO set after or before May, even though we have Positive IOD then also NEM Fails.
    C. If ELNINO set in by May and if we have Positive IOD during onset of SWM or before July then NEM Successful.

    Bullet Points:
    1. In 1969 ELNINO arrived late in October, hence NEM was excess.

    2. 1972 & 1997 when ELNINO was arrived in May and Positive IOD superseded and gave excess rainfall during NEM.

    3. In 1987, since ELNINO has started in 1986 september itself and continued till 1987 december, it was an longer time ELNINO year, ELNINO started to weaken September 1987, Positive IOD emerged in August, hence it is an unusual year.

    4. In 2002 & 2009 ELNINO developed in August and was weak , hence there was no impact.

    To Summarize:
    Hence If ELNINO arrives in May and Positive IOD developed during the same period then NEM is excess or normal.
    If ELNINO develops prior to May or after May and before August then those years NEM Fails even though Positive IOD.

    2015 Prospect:
    In 2015 the same thing happening as ELNIN developing in May and Positive IOD likely by May or June. Hence NEM 2015 should be surplus.

    • thats a good analysis…when you say excess there may be mroe systems like 2005 and 2013 but they may have a near miss to tn..still feel NEM is so random and dynamic…
      Anyways lets your words come true.

  28. Last week’s report from IMD Pune makes a mention of vortices in near equatorial trough in the North Indian Ocean , were affected by cold & dry mid-latitude air in the wake of a slow moving, deep amplitude westerly trough to the west of the sub-continent. This was inhibiting organisation of the vortices …

  29. @parthasri35

    NEM was horrible in 2002 and 2004. No way you could count it as a success years.

    I did a research during my academic project between el-nino and SW Monsoon and found a 16% correlation ONLY.

  30. All India “Weather outlook” for today
    The UAC which has given TN, Kerala and Karnataka a summer battering now exists as an elongated trough with North-easterly tilt, running from Central TN till areas south of WB coast. Myanmar will see good rains along with isolated parts of Andaman and Nicobar islands.

    A mid-latitude cyclone(WD) with circulation extending from surface till ~2.7 km a.s.l exists. It will trigger isolated thunderstorms in eastern Bihar, Patna and western West Bengal. If the thunderstorms live long enough to reach central/eastern WB, they will explode in intensity due to abundant moisture

    Another WD with circulation extending from surface till 1.5 km a.s.l persists. There isn’t much moisture though, so only some isolated thunderstorm cells will be triggered in Punjab, Rajasthan and parts of Pakistan near the Indian border. But the isolated ones could be intense.

    The trough still exists near TN, so don’t be surprised to see isolated/scattered thunderstorms in the interiors of TN and some formation in S.AP and SI KTK. Some TS formations near east coastal AP and coastal Orissa.

    Chennai – Hot day with max reaching 37 C. Some thunderstorms could form in the interiors and move towards the coast but not too great chances.

    Watchout for TN ghat areas and SWM zones in extreme S TN.

    Btw, shall I put up forecasts for some prominent cities as well if you ppl don’t mind ?

  31. Partha, Elnino was there since 2014 ( JAMSTEC announced it in 2014) and continuing in 2015 (SOI never turned +ve most of the months with +ve ONI index). And IOD going to be +ve to neutral. Then can’t 2015 be as unusual year like 1987???

    • Rao,

      If you see ONI index it was having discontinuity in 2014 and there was no consistent above Normal SST over NINO 3.4 and NINO 1&2 regions and SST was just 0.5C above normal in October and came down, this is why 2014 was declared NON ELNINO year.

      SOI was never ever consistent below -8.0, just went below and came up. Dont see only Positive values, ELNINO-SOI threshold is below -8.0.

      This is the first time all models accept that ELNINO arrived.

      • But overall trend in 2015 looks similar to 1987 with lower intensity. Moreover QBO & PDO also in similar style.

      • I agree, but ELNINO is declared when ONI 0.5C and NINO 3.4 at 0.8C is achieved.

        Sometimes by averages ONI might reach 0.5C, but SST will be only above 0.5 to 0.6C, hence it is not an ELNINO, this is what happened in 2014.

      • But Global weather felt Elnino-like conditions in 2014, even carried that conditions in 2015 winter.

  32. Quite warm and sunny with clouds also here in bengaluru.. hope to get some strong TS later in evening

  33. Uac was a failure for core city….its better to in success side always….let’s have a super duper heat wave

  34. I am not depressed…. I am adapted to chn standards….. Only I can get shocked or wondered/surprised of sudden downpours

  35. Rise in day temperature by 2-­4 °C over Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh leading to development of heat wave conditions over Telangana and Coastal Andhra Pradesh from 21st May.

    – IMD Mid-Day Bulletin

  36. kerala rais till 8.30 am today

    Mannarkad(MKD) 122.0

    Manjeri(MJI) 118.0

    TRV CITY 96.8

    Varkala(VKL) 96.4

    TRV AP 92.4 mm

  37. I accept Vagaries of the Weather partially, but the progress of SWM over Kerala they say around first week only, i expect it by May month end itself, further progress may delayed as SST over Arabian Sea is not higher and progress in Bay will be faster than normal dates.

    Expecting MJO to emerge in Phase 2 by 23rd to 25th, this could trigger more moisture into Arabian Sea, hence this could trigger the Onset over Kerala, the same time weak Kelvin also arrives in Phase 2, hence delayed start over Kerala is unlikely.

  38. After enjoying a break , Chennai heat is likely to get back this week , with a mid level High Pressure rolling out eastwards and slightly south , temps. are expected to rise to upper thirties , especially in the mid week …….. coastal AP could be reeling under a severe heat wave ………

  39. Surface level vortex in N TN.. Thunderstorms might become super intense if there is a bit more moisture supply

  40. A nice joke indeed. But the Kathiri veyyil actually mean heat cutting like Scissor (Kathiri) and not Katharikkai 🙂

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