UAC enters 6th day and the circulation extends upto North Tamil Nadu Coast

Its one of the long lasting UAC in recent times and the unusual thing is, it is in May. The UAC seen in 850 HPA Levels with the CEW flow is given below. Due to circulation the mosisture filled winds are diverted towards TN Coast, Else, they would have travelled to Andaman /Burma.

CEW 16th

Though the circulation looks weak, Today and Tomorrow are the best days for Chennai Rains. Hopefully, the Thunder Storm breach the Bermuda Triangle of Chennai. The ECMWF Precipitation chart of today for 15 UTC is given below. Today radars will test our dear bloggers. The UAC circulation movement was slow as it was stationary for a long time. Lets hope for the best and leave the rest to Nature. We have tommorrow also. Normally, i dont put quantum of rainfall. I am tempted this time, we can expect atleast 50 mm cummulatively in the next 2 days (ending 8.30 am on 17 & 18.05.2015).

ECMWF 16th May, 2015 - 4

1,688 thoughts on “UAC enters 6th day and the circulation extends upto North Tamil Nadu Coast

  1. Bright sunny day slowly comes to overcast now…More anvils can be seen over east & SE…Tiny red dots forming near chennai..Before the huge mass we will receive short spells of rains..

  2. Good morning friends! Saw the radar as soon as I woke up.. Tiny popups towards the E SE of Madras coast! And look at that storms in south east.. Massive they are.. The best radar show from this UAC.. Isn’t it?

  3. Very intense TS near Central TN & most of them nearing the chennai should reach us b4 10-10.30am…otherwise its intensity will get reduce..

  4. today we can expect very gudrains becoz new cells are continuously forming like yesterday but today moisture and wind direction is favourable

  5. Pouring here @ Nanganallur for the past 15 minutes. Easily would have crossed 30 mm by now. Roads are flooded πŸ™‚

  6. Now it has become very heavy @ Hindu Colony area in Nanganallur. Easily would have crossed 50 mm so far πŸ™‚

  7. Merciless downpour for the past 30 minutes here @ Nanganallur πŸ™‚ Still becoming very heavier every second. The sound of rain thrashing on the terrace is like ARR music to ears πŸ™‚ This year we can hope that there will be no water problem due to rise in ground water levels πŸ™‚

  8. congrats p.j
    Weather experts say that upper air circulation has been moving westwards at a slow pace. β€œChennai will continue to receive morning showers as the wind moves towards the north. Interior districts of the state will receive showers later in the day ,β€œ said Pradeep John, an independent weather blogger.
    today t.o.i

  9. Looks to be a slow moving one…Continuous rains to cover entire city in another 1 hour…expecting min 5 cm for all areas..

  10. Blohshah. Kudos.
    Sema flow in the day’s topic…Hope it transcends into a deluge like situation which every blogger is yearning for…

  11. Here in Adam, ppl are doing their routine wrk…roads busy and dry…unaware of the approaching deluge!!! :O

  12. Netru illaatha maatram enathu?
    Kaatru en kaathil etho sonnathu…
    Ithu thaan deluge enbadha?
    Boss of Bays pongivitatha?
    Thooral sindhivitatha?
    Sol blog’ehhhhhhh……

  13. Bermuda circle found!!

    Went to terrace and found clear blue sky over head +/- 2 Kms and dark clouds all over in a perfect circle shape — some 1/2 hour back.. Who challenged existence of bermuda circle.. !

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