Rains to increase in chennai as UAC marching towards land

Chennai has got rains in past 2 days. And luckily Nungambakkam recorded 3.5mm yesterday. Rainfall is going to increase this weekend. Latest GFS showing some 4-6 cms of rains in chennai.


The intensity will be in higher side than yesterday’s rains. Kathri veyyil is expected to take rest for some more days as rain expected. so enjoy till this rains persists in chennai. Temperatures expected to increase as rains diminishes over chennai probably from Wednesday.

Topic courtesy: Ameenbijli

1,823 thoughts on “Rains to increase in chennai as UAC marching towards land

  1. Transition period will start in few days for TN winds frm sw to sea ๐Ÿ™‚ complete vice versa should be more intense??

  2. Susa, it looks Andaman UAC will desecend to lower levels due to highly favorable VWS. Arabian UAC will be weakened or swallowed by this Andaman UAC.

  3. It looks E/NE direction only very lucky direction for Chennai to receive heavy rains. I mean thunder storms entering chennai from E/NE will give exceptionally heavy rains.

  4. What a rains on June 9th, 2014 (date might be correct) over chennai from E/NE direction that guided by 500 hpa. Rainfall crossed over 100 mm.

  5. Madurai RF:
    Thirumangalam #2 – 109
    Kallikudi – 83 (63 mm in 1 hour)
    Madurai South – 74
    Thirumangalam #1 – 64
    Chellampatti – 45
    Sedapatti – 31
    Usilampatti – 31
    Kallupatti – 18

  6. Raining heavily right now in thiruporur but radar showing nothing..may be TS forming right above

  7. Very pathetic situation of convection on both sides of peninsular seas, a clear indication of Elnino-like situation??

    Reason (as per my observations):
    Both SOI (ENSO-factor) & IOD are in decreasing trend, which is the indication of “weak-strength” in trade winds travelling towards Indian sub-continent.

    (1) Any convection developed by passage of equatorial waves (like MJO, ER, Kelvin, MRG) can not survive for long time and subsequently delays in tropical systems related to pre-monsoonal and monsoonal systems.
    (2) Tropical easterly jet stream will be weakened???

    When the situation will improve?
    Either of SOI or IOD has to increase (as ONI index crossed above +0.5)


  8. Lot of thunder and lightning the rain was not heavy i was expecting heavy downpour ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  9. many popos happening sse and se of Chennai…. we can expect a decent radar @ 8 o clock for chennai

  10. Rains lashing from chengalpet to tindivanam.
    Maduranthagam should be battering very heavily.

    • Good chance of showers today! in chennai… many popos activity can be seen in radar! and it will increase

  11. Super title Ameenbijli – and I like your stressing the point “And luckily Nungambakkam recorded 3.5mm yesterday”

  12. Role of SOI (trade wind factor) regarding BOB-systems:

    Whatever the -ve value in SOI is not the most worrying factor. Its the trend in SOI that matters most.

    Even super Elnino with SOI values below -20 exhibits occasional increase in SOI values. This phases of occasional increase in SOI will strengthen the trade winds and related convection over peninsular seas (hence strengthening of systems).

    Recent 2 scenarios in 2014: (even present situation also we are looking)
    Example 1: SOI occasional increasing trend in between 2 dropping phases at the time of Hudhud-2014, October 7-14 (No single agency expected hudhud can intensify to cat.4 (still controversy is there regarding its cat.5 super cyclonic strength).
    hudhud-2014 (October 7-14, 2014): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_North_Indian_Ocean_cyclone_season#/media/File:Hudhud_2014_track.png

    Example 2: We have seen how pathetically died/blown off “the deep depression BOB 04 (November 5-8, 2014). Al weather models indicated that it will intensify to cat.3 or above cyclone. Even convection occupied entire BOB at early stage. But non-stop decrease in SOI slowly killed the system in the mid-way of strengthening.
    DD BOB 04 (November 5-8, 2014): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_North_Indian_Ocean_cyclone_season#/media/File:BOB04_2014_track.png

    (1) In both the cases IOD turned to dead “0”. But hudhud-2014 case increase in SOI makes the system so powerful. While in case of DD BOB04, SOI has decreased continuously in non-stop manner, hence it died off in mid-way without strengthening.

    This 2 quite controversial BOB-systems clearly tells the dominance role of trade winds generated by SOI.

    (2) Both BOB-systems initiated by combination of MJO & Kelvin waves.

  13. Rain chances bleak as of now and conditions not looks good too. Showers for Chennai will be possible if popups takes place towards ESE.

  14. New storms are forming to the east south east of Chennai core city areas will get something after 8 o’clock

    UAC has entered land as per 500 hpa earthnullschool……

  16. Super Rains continue in Kerala, ending 8.30 am 14.05.2015
    The cyclonic circulation extending upto 5.8 kms a.s.l. over Lakshadweep area & neighbourhood now lies over Lakshadweep and adjoining Kerala coast.

    in mm (min 15 mm)

    Chittur – 115
    Kollengode – 107
    Thariode – 87
    Vyttiri – 85
    Alathur – 82
    Mankara – 74
    Palakkad – 64
    Tavanur – 55
    Pookot – 54
    Ponnani -48
    Vellanikkara – 48
    Perinthalmanna – 45
    Manjeeswaram – 43
    Ottappalam – 38
    Irinjalakuda – 37
    Irikkur – 36
    Lower Sholayar – 32
    Kuttiyadi – 31
    Idamalayar – 30
    Taliparamba – 30
    Thrithala – 29
    Mattanur – 29
    Piravom – 29
    Thodupuzha – 26
    Mannarkad – 24
    Vadakkancherry – 24
    Peermade – 20
    Idukki – 17
    Aryankavu – 17
    Pattambi – 17
    Nilambur – 16
    Neeriyamangalam – 15
    Mananthavady – 15
    Pambla – 15
    Sengulam – 15

    Kea Weather – http://blog.keaweather.org/index_current.php?id=1354

    Vagaries Rainman – http://tamilnaduweatherman.blogspot.in/p/blog-page_2.html

    Tamil Nadu Weatherman – https://www.facebook.com/tamilnaduweatherman

  17. Bangalore wakes up to nice sunshine after 5 day of cloudy affair. Still Bangalore is waiting for its first real rains from this UAC.

      • This May is odd to Bangalore standards!! No meaningful rains thus far in May after a record April. At least, usual TS rains are welcome!

      • Yes, Usually Bangalore will have the Daily TS in May but still Westerlies has not yet Started there is no TS.

      • Spot on. If this scenario continues, Bangalore may record its driest May of recent times.

  18. Rainfall over Tamilnadu & Puducherry till 8.30am today in mm

    Cheyyar – 72
    Kanchipuram- 45
    Coonoor – 40
    Periyakalapet (Puducherry) – 31
    Vedasandur – 25
    Periyakulam – 24
    KVK Kattupakkam – 20
    Nilakkottai – 18
    Rasipuram – 18
    Andippatti – 17
    Kangeyam – 17
    Sathyabama University – 16
    Grand Anaicut – 15
    Arani – 14
    Cuddalore 13mm till 5.30am,
    Meenambakkam – 12
    Kollidam – 10
    Radhapuram – 10
    Manapparai – 10

  19. Already addicted to see the blog. now addicted to search the name of bloggers in the news papers. Why dont they mention the names of other bloggers also. super PJ

  20. congrats p.j and all kea bloggers, special thanks for kea for providing an opportunity to be with this rocking blog, day by day we are reaching new heights, way to go
    also congrats ameen

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